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99 Stories of God

BOOK: 99 Stories of God
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99 Stories of God
By Joy Williams

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All rights reserved


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Table of Contents

1. Postcard


2. Noche


3. Aubade


4. Cavity


5. Nevertheless


6. See That You Remember


7. Not His Best


8. Hedgehog


9. Clean


10. Wet


11. Arrangement


12. No


13. Moms


14. Cozy


15. Story


16. If Picked or Uprooted These Beautiful Flowers Will Disappear


17. Dresser


18. This Is Not a Maze


19. Perhaps a Kind of Cake?


20. This Time


21. Coat


22. Some Difference


23. And You Are …


24. Nid Duw Ond Dim (Without God There Is Nothing)


25. Veracity


26. Satisfaction


27. A Good Reason


28. Abandon All Hope


29. Ignorance


30. Satan’s Leathery Wing


31. Society


32. Shaken


33. Irreducible


34. Tragedy Has Obligations


35. Just a Rumor


36. Dearest


37. The Brain


38. Actually


39. Buried in Colorado All Alone


40. Señor Xólotl


41. Jail


42. Pretty Much the Same, Then


43. Her Eyes Were Set Rather Close Together, Which Gave Her an Urgent Air


44. The Individualist


45. Numbers


46. Preference


47. Get Out As Early As You Can


48. Participation


49. Naked Mind


50. Buick Le Sabre


51. Significance


52. Doll House


53. Peggy


54. Divine


55. Neglect


56. Giraffe


57. Dew


58. Sartre to Camus


59. Looking Good


60. Party


61. Museum


62. Essential Enough


63. Apropos of Nothing


64. I Pity the Fool


65. Dull


66. Rebirth


67. Forgiveness


68. ) (


69. Inoculum


70. Driveshaft


71. Fog


72. Whale


73. A Little Prayer


74. Walk-In


75. Transition


76. Whatever Is Happening?


77. Elephants Never Forget God


78. The Fourth Wife


79. Example


80. Opportunity


81. Businesswoman


82. Polyurethane


83. Crazy Injuns


84. Winter


85. Early Practice


86. Infidelity


87. Plot


88. A Flawed Opinion


89. Phew


90. Compline


91. Mr. Sandman


92. Distinction


93. Fathers and Sons


94. If You Feel You Must


95. Sibling


96. Plenary


97. Bread


98. A New Arrangement


99. The Darkling Thrush


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A woman who adored her mother, and had mourned her death every day for years now, came across some postcards in a store that sold antiques and various other bric-a-brac. The postcards were of unexceptional scenes, but she was drawn to them and purchased several of wild beaches and forest roads. When she got home, she experienced an overwhelming need to send a card to her mother.

What she wrote was not important. It was the need that was important.

She put the card in an envelope and sent it to her mother’s last earthly address, a modest farmhouse that had long since been sold and probably sold again.

Within a week she received a letter, the writing on the envelope unmistakably her mother’s. Even the green ink her mother had favored was the same.

The woman never opened the letter, nor did she send any other postcards to that address.

The letter, in time, though only rumored to still exist, caused her children, though grown, much worry.


The breeder of the black German shepherds said her kennel was in Sedona, a place known far and wide for its good vibrations, its harmonic integrity. But the kennel was actually in Jerome, thirty miles away, an unnerving ghost town set above a vast pit from which copper ore had been extracted. The largest building in Jerome was the old sanatorium, now derelict. The town’s historian insisted that it had served all the population in the town’s heyday, not just the diseased and troubled, and that babies had even been born there.

In any case, the dog coming from Jerome rather than Sedona was telling, people thought.

Another something that could be the basis of the dog’s behavior was the fact that her mistress always wore sunglasses, day and night. Like everybody else, the dog never got to see her eyes. When the woman had people over, she placed a big bowl of sunglasses outside the front door and everyone put on a pair before entering. It was easier than locking the dog in the bedroom.


A noted humanist was invited to take part in a discussion about the dangers and opportunities which would arise if intelligent life forms on other planets were discovered. His remarks, though no one disagreed with them, became so heated that the producers later, in light of what had happened, decided to edit him out of the program.

BOOK: 99 Stories of God
6.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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