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A Angel


By: Dawn Davis




The sweetest love I’ve ever known is by a seven year old angel girl. She is forever my hope, light, and passion when I have no sight in a dark room. The best part of it all is that she calls me Mommy!









Table of Contents:


1) Panicked

2) Free will my butt

3) Go with what I know

4) Welcome to the building

5) Deep in thought

6) Emotional energy

7) Time flies

8) Only time will tell

9) Late nights

10) The sad story

****Diary Entry 1 ****






An angel’s job is simple. Watch our case and catch them right before they fall. Things can get difficult when you fall in love with your case. The only thing worse than that is watching your case fall in love with someone else, and realize there is nothing you can do about. So the real question is…….


………..Who catches the Angel when she falls?







Panicked...... Mayice


I woke up in panic, eyes wide and glued to the bluest sky I've ever seen. The only word that comes to mind is panic. What humans feel when they don't know what's going on. But how was I feeling this? It makes no sense and this pulsing pounding in my head is no help in getting my thoughts together. Let alone the smell of salt and water that is some how relaxing. I must be near the ocean. I sit up to take in my surroundings and realize I'm completely naked. Good thing no one’s around because God's sense of humor has struck again. But why am I here? The last thing I remember is.....


" Wait!" Is the last thing I yelled..... "OH MY GOSH, I yelled at God!" But he wouldn't? Would He? I cover my mouth and pace this gorgeous beach that has no sign of another form. No birds, no little crabs walking about, and no humans. Nothing but me, the sun, the ocean, the waves and sand. This can't be good.


At that moment I feel a gust of wind and I feel cold. Like, really cold. Like, the wind blows and I can feel it. I need to sit down.  I walk over to a nearby rock and right before I get comfy,
bam! I felt it. The scratch that brought me my sad reality. I would have cried from the pain but I was too amazed by the blood that fell from the wound. I've seen blood before but never from an Angel.


God turned me human! Like mortal. I can't be mortal. I'm a Angel. Like, wings and what not. I'm to pretend to be human on earth but no. No!" He wouldn't? "


                         * * * * * * *

"Calm down Mayice." Austerity appeared. Wings and all. He always was a show off, but when you're created in beauty
, why not. Long blond hair, midnight blue eyes, and olive skin. He always looked like a midnight dream.

"Don't tell me to calm down. Have you seen me? I'm naked, on a beach, no wings, and I scratched my legs on this huge rock." I looked down at my wound again and made a sigh. I've never been hurt before let alone felt anything. I only feel joy and sometimes glee. "Take me to God!" I demanded.

Austerity almost fell laughing at me. Really? I scolded my eyes at him, and he noticed. At least I haven't lost the look I could give him since we were Angels in training. "I'm sorry Ice but I can't do that." He said using my nick name to soften the blow. " See God is teaching you a lesson and we have work to do."


"Work, what work and what lesson? I mean I'm human and that can't be a lesson. Why would I need a lesson? I always follow the rules, and the code. I always do as I'm told. I would never go against God, so why? Why do I feel like He is punishing me?" I was ranting as I often do when I don't understand something. I've been an official angel agent for 3 years. O.A.A is what we call ourselves. Assisting God in teaching man lessons is what we do. He gives the orders and we follow through. So why am I being punished? "Aussy, tell me what's going on?"


Aussy took my hand and I felt an immediate calm washing over me. I felt warm. " Don't you use that trick on me Mr. I took that class with you, ya know. I just don't understand how and why I'm here. Like this." I gesture to myself and my nakedness.


Aussy laughed again while pulling his hand away. Then he snaps his fingers and bam! Clothes. Blue skinny jeans, red ballet slippers and a white top with red polka dots appear on me." I figured red would bring out the highlights in your hair. Plus why not? " Aussy snapped his fingers again and there was a mirror in front of me.


I took myself in for the first time since I got to earth this way. I still looked the same. Curly Gray and red hair, silver eyes and my skin was still a deep tan with red freckles. Only thing different was my clothes Aussy snapped on me. I was used to changing clothes to fit in on earth when I had assignment but I always did long flowing gowns and gorgeous high heeled shoes. At that moment I stood next to Aussy and screamed, "He made me shorter?"


"Yeah. Kinda hoped you didn't notice, but hey you're still you. Sorta speak." Once again with another snap the mirror was gone. " Don't focus so much on how you look but on the chance some angels secretly wish for. You're human. I mean you get free will and a chance to be free of what you do and how you do it. That should be fun huh?"








2) Free will my butt...... Aussy


She had no idea what God had planned for her but I must admit she was going to freak when she found out. While Ice was always by the book, I myself liked to play on the edge. That could be why I got the punishment of watching over her and her new assignment. What a lucky angel I was. Yeah right.

Yet, nevertheless she was my best friend and if Angels could marry another it would be her I would pick. Of course that would be breaking the rules, and she would never do that.

"Aussy do you hear me?" She yelled me right out of my own thoughts. "Why am I here?"


"Well remember how we were summoned to O.A.A headquarters while bringing an fallen angel to purgatory..." Purgatory was no longer for man since Jesus did his part so we used the realm for those angels who no longer wanted to serve God. Some Angels wanted to be human or at least have the best of both worlds. I would never go against the All Mighty but others wanted to take the chance.
" ..... Eritrea wanted you to take a case that you refused. Next thing I knew you were gone and I was summoned by God himself. He told me to take you to Carva Springs, Fl, and don't return until your lesson was through. So let's go! "


To be honest it wasn't the whole truth but I couldn't tell Ice she was about to go through emotional hell. No to mention God told me not to. "So I'm just supposed to go there and do what?" She asked me with what she thought was her scold eyes but they only made me like her more, so I let her get her way.


"You're supposed to get a job, find a home and start a life. Oh and no one can know you’re an angel. See fun." Even I didn't believe that but we have no choice, well I have no choice. She was human now and if she was going to get through this well she better get through this right. I had to think fast so I snapped my fingers and everything changed.



Birds, waves, and people everywhere. Yeah we were in Carva Springs. "So, what now?" She was asking me? I was hoping she knew. We had to be on a busy street seeing as there were tons of shops and buildings lining both sides of the street. A perfect place to start.

We walked into a busy cafe that had a hiring sign in the window, and just like that she had a job. I'm sure the manager who said his name was Rell; was impressed as Ice had no experience but was willing to give it her all. Even the cashier watching knew it was all lust in his eyes. I almost laughed out loud just thinking about what Ice would do to him if she knew what he was thinking. Thank God he took away her mind reading abilities. "Well, that was easy. What are you smirking about?" She asked raising that gray eyebrow. She had no clue how beautiful she was. Her name should have mean humble instead God named her love. She was that too.



3) Go with what I know...... Mayice


Before he could answer me, I turned and kept walking. I had to find a home and quick. It looked to be almost evening by the look of the sky and I knew Aussy wasn't going to be with me for long. While he played on the border of crazy, he was stern and focused. God named us after our personalities and boy He never got it wrong. Plus I knew how assignments worked. We get our case, find our charge, get them to point "A" and leave. We give them free will and guidance to point "B". Nothing more nothing less. "Aussy, do you know any homes nearby that I can crash in? This human form is exhausting."


He looked to be off in his thinking mode again, but he looked handsome nonetheless. "Let's see." He snapped his fingers and without a halt we were in a studio apartment fully furnished. Cool. "This should be okay but maybe spruce up the place a little
" he remarked, lifting up a pillow on the bed without linens. The place really wasn't bad. A small kitchen, full bathroom, walk-
in closet, a love seat sofa in front of the bed, Plus a TV. I never watched TV before but it was nice that he thought of that. I walked to the kitchen, which was only ten steps from the door and opened the fridge. The empty fridge.


I sighed, then walked over to the tall window and found a seat on the windowpane. As I gazed out, I felt scared. "Anything you can tell me will help." I know he couldn't tell me everything but at this moment anything would help.


"Just do your best and live a little. Make a life and I'll visit soon." And just like that he was gone. I wouldn't even bother yelling, he wouldn't come back if I did.


I had to get a plan together. I don't know what he meant by live a little but I do know I have to survive. I got a job. Check! A home. Check! But what else, maybe a shower? I lifted my arm and felt like a shower was definitely a great idea.


* * * * * * * *

It only took moments after a hot shower for me to realize I had no clothes, no hygiene products, and no idea what I was doing. If it weren’t for the soap in the bathroom, the washcloth and towel would have been for nothing. A knock on the door made me jump. Who knew I was here and should I even answer?  "Who's there?" My voice was shaking, and so was my body. Do humans always feel fear because it was getting old real quick. I looked through the peephole and saw a kid standing there. I opened the door. "Hi. Are you okay?"


"This is for you!" A little girl no more than 8 years old, handed me a box. She had a pink jumper on with pink tennis and her hair pulled up in two puff balls. When she looked up at me her eyes were the prettiest blue with a wonderful white smile. She was definitely well cared for, and her tan skin looked like it was kissed by the sun. She was simply adorable.


I took the box from her and said, "Thank you dear." I looked down at the box and noticed my name was on the box. 'Mayice Angels,' I had to smile because only if she knew. "I like your name, mine is Kayla but my dad calls me K'. He told me to bring this to you cause when it came you weren't home. When did you move in? And why are you only in a towel? My dad says 'a lady never leaves the bathroom with
out clothes on!" This little girl was down right cute.


"Well Ms. K. Thank you for bringing me this. And tell your dad thank you as well. I just moved in today. I'm sorry about the towel but when you knocked I was just getting out of the shower. I had a feeling an amazing person was at the door and didn't want to keep them waiting." So I fixed the truth to make her smile a little and it worked. She turned on her heels and ran to her door just cross the hall waving bye. Down right cute.


I closed the door and locked it placing the chain on for good measure. Who sent me a package? There was no sending address and no name. Duh! O.A.A care package, or Aussy. Either way I hope it had food and clothing cause I was hungry and once again naked. Once opened, the box contained a cell phone, reload minute cards, one outfit, a pair of black tennis, a pj set, a gift card to a market; my guess close by, and a purse with stuff inside. I opened the purse to find a roll of cash, hygiene stuff, an id, bus pass, comb, brush, and business card of the cafe I would be starting at tomorrow. They always did cover all the basics.

BOOK: A Blessing & A Curse: A Angel
12.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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