A Business of Ferrets (Bharaghlafi Book 1) (32 page)

BOOK: A Business of Ferrets (Bharaghlafi Book 1)
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About the Author

Beth Hilgartner is a writer, an Episcopal priest, a classical musician, an avid gardener, a serious knitter, an enthusiastic equestrian, and the founder and executive director of CAMEO Arts Foundation. She has published nine books, most of which have made their way into e-book format. She lives in Orford, New Hampshire with her husband and cats.


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Other Books by this Author

Discover other books by Beth Hilgartner, all of which (except as noted) are available as e-books.


Children’s/YA Fiction

Great Gorilla Grins
(A picture book with Leslie Morrill, illustrator; not available as an e-book.)

A Necklace of Fallen Stars

A Murder for Her Majesty
(Currently in print. Contact the publisher to request e-book format.)

Dreamweaver series

Colors in the Dreamweaver’s Loom

The Feast of the Trickster


The Bharaghlafi series

A Business of Ferrets

A Parliament of Owls


Cybercats series

Cats in Cyberspace

PKP For President
(Currently in print. An e-book edition is available.)

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BOOK: A Business of Ferrets (Bharaghlafi Book 1)
5.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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