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A Council of Betrayal (7 page)

BOOK: A Council of Betrayal

Making my way out of the room, I collapsed
into the navy chair, closing my eyes. “Jerry, any chance you have
that healing potion for head injuries?”

“I do. But are you sure you want a witch’s

I smiled, keeping my eyes closed, leaning my
head against the high arms, “You’re a mage, Jerry, and my friend.
That makes you far superior to the fucking witches.”

He laughed, “Don’t let them hear you say

“Ugh, I guess that’s one benefit of being
attacked so soon. All my mingling time got canceled.”

Jerry pressed the mixture into my hand and I
gulped it down, cringing at the taste.

“Thanks,” I muttered, before heading back to
my room. I needed sleep for my body to heal, especially given there
was a very high probability that tomorrow I’d be fighting for my
life or the lives I was responsible for.

I was being shoved over in the soft cocoon of
blankets. I huffed, blinking up at Logan, surprised I hadn’t woken
up instantly when my door opened. Either I had misjudged my
injuries, or the potion Jerry gave me was more powerful than I

“What are you doing?” I grunted.

“Checking to be sure you are alive,” Mark

“Mark, what are you doing here?” I asked,
refusing to open my eyes, letting Logan check the bump on my

“I think I gave you the wrong potion,” Jerry

“Fuck, how many of you are in here?” I
hissed, pulling away from Logan’s hands.

“You’ve been asleep for 14 hours, Olie. It’s
time for the first meetings,” Logan informed me, running a hand
through my hair.

I groaned, “My head still hurts. Fucking
hell, Jerry.”

I fought for control to open my eyes, feeling
pretty sure sand should be pouring out given how dry they felt.

“Sorry,” he offered meekly.

I huffed, “What did you give me, anyway?” I
sat up with help from Logan.

“A heavy relaxation aid. I made it for myself
in case I was too stressed.” He shrugged.

I huffed, “I feel confident in saying it

He smiled before putting his hands in his
black pants pockets.

“Fuck, you all are dressed? How much time do
I have?”

“Twenty minutes,” Grams announced at the open
doorway. “Breakfast is waiting until you smell better.”

I pulled my hair down, giving it a sniff.
“Fucking Dijnn,” I muttered, before heading to the shower

Fifteen minutes later I was inhaling a cream
filled donut while Jerry tried to blow dry my hair into something
presentable. Grams had laid out a pinstriped pant suit for me with
a silk shirt. Apparently I was no longer dressing myself, either.
Whatever, there was food.

“Look up, Olie,” Jerry instructed, coating my
lashes with mascara. “There, that’s all the time we have.”

I nodded. “So help me if you wipe your hands
on your pants!” he scolded me, throwing several napkins at me. I
smiled, carefully cleaning my hands. “Gah!” He complained.

Mark smiled in the corner. “What’s on the
agenda today?” I asked, checking the clock. It was approaching
noon, but since most Supernaturals were more active at night, this
was our morning.

“Meet and greet,” Logan announced.

I groaned, “Didn’t I miss that last

Logan laughed, “No one stayed around last
night. The smell was hard to handle for many.”

“You’ll get to say hello to the witches,
Olie,” Jerry informed me with glee.

“Fucking hell,” I groaned.

The ride down the elevator was a silent one.
I was still half asleep, as evidenced by my head lolling on Logan’s
shoulder. The sudden jerk at the lobby had me wiping my drool away.
I wasn’t even looking at the asshole for a comment.

Jerry led the way, winding past the
restaurant from last night, which still had a very distinctive odor
coming from it, past the lobby, down another hallway, until we
finally arrived at a massive conference room. Tables had been set
up similar to last night and there was a breakfast buffet.

“Mmm, come to mama sugar goodness,” I
crooned, making a beeline for the food.

Logan laughed, corralling me easily against
his body and leading me to a seat. The tables were larger than last
night and our entire group was able to sit together, shifters and
council members.

We had just made it. The speaker in the
middle of the room watched us settle with a disapproving gaze. I
lifted my arm to flip him off, but Logan covered my hand, smoothing
a laugh under a cough. The speaker raised an eyebrow and I glared
at him, trying to pull away from Logan.

The speaker cleared his throat, averting his
gaze as he began to speak.

“Thank you everyone for attending this year’s
Conferences. We are pleased to announce this year the human
government has decided to send an ambassador. Governor Hash, will
you please stand?”

Ice ran through my veins as I turned sharply,
staring holes into Grams. Son of a bitch! Is this what the no good,
twisted asshole had been doing in her office when I arrived with
Mindy, Mercer’s granddaughter?

Logan’s fingers clamped down around my hand,
currently gripping my dinner knife in a chokehold. I cut a glance
to him. I didn’t appreciate the slight shake of his head telling me
to calm the fuck down. Grams had lied, monumentally, and I wasn’t
sure our relationship could be repaired. I wasn’t sure I wanted it
to be.

Hash stood, raising a hand, buttoning his
jacket as he gave a princess waive.

The speaker continued, “Governor Hash has
been sent here to assist the government in drafting their
legislation regarding our rights in the human realm as

Several individuals shifted uncomfortably in
their seats, watching Hash closely. He was off limits and any death
matches would have to be conducted behind closed doors. I wondered
where he was last night.

I let my gaze wander from Hash, anger
pressing against my shields, wanting an outlet, wanting to destroy
Grams. Pain was a close second. She knew he was going to be here
and said nothing—hell, she might even be the reason he was here in
the first place. It was another strike against her and while I was
willing to forgive a lot, it had to stop. We had to be on the same

When my brain started registering what my
eyes were seeing, I almost laughed at the protection he had
gathered. From my vantage point I counted ten humans packing heat
and high tech earpieces, watching the group of killers surrounding

I blew out a breath. At least while in Hash’s
company I was safe. Too bad I wouldn’t be staying there.

The speaker was still going on when I tuned
back in, “…please enjoy breakfast and continue the meet and greet
that last night’s unfortunate sewage leak called a stop to

I laughed. “Sewage leak?” I asked Logan.

He shrugged. My gaze cut to Grams, seated
three seats down from me. She met my gaze this time, her steel gray
eyes against my own sea green ones.

I wanted to ask her what she had done, what
she had used my organization to do, but there were far too many
ears listening.

Jerry broke the tension at our table. “Let’s
eat before the witches take all the good food.”

I nodded, following him and Logan to the
already growing line. The vampires had little use for food, and the
drink being served to them was undoubtedly warm blood. I touched my
neck absently, thinking back to Blake.

Hudson slung an arm over my shoulders,
leaning down to whisper in my ear, “Now that you’re cleaned up, my
dear, I’d be happy to help you over those anger issues.”

I watched Logan’s shoulders stiffen, but he
didn’t turn around.

I moved forward with the crowd, picking up a
warm plate with gold trim. “You watch the video again?”

He had the decency to pretend to be slightly
ashamed, and I do mean ever so slightly with that wide-mouthed
grin. “Let’s just say it’s not every day one gets to try out the
succubus who ruined a vampire.”

I piled donuts, waffles, maple syrup and a
giant glob of butter before I answered him. I gave thought to being
an asshole and denying once again the claim that Blake needed my
blood to sleep with Angelina, but I was done carrying around that
shame and that pain.

Instead, I smiled. “I’m thinking of making my
own web series. ‘How to Fuck Like a Succubus.’”

Hudson roared laughing, throwing his head
back and almost upsetting his precarious stack of bacon and
sausage. He unapologetically bumped into the witch behind him. She
sent him a murderous glare before clearing her throat and turning
to me.

“Actually, I’d like to discuss a business
opportunity with you,” she began.

My mouth hung open and Logan turned, raising
an eyebrow.

“Um, what opportunity would that be?” I
asked, moving aside from the table with my full plate.

Logan and Hudson followed me closely.

“I’m aware of your dance establishment,
Kitten, and I’m opening a similar business venue. It’s a hotel, and
the rooms are magically charged to enhance a couple’s

My eyes widened. “That’s kinda brilliant, but
it would need to be well controlled.”

She smiled under my unintentional praise. She
was a witch, and I had no love for that brand of Supernatural after
my run in with Destiny and her brand of crazy. I couldn’t help but
agree, though, it was a good idea. I kinda wish I had thought of it

“Our grand opening is Thursday. I was hopeful
you would be able to attend. If you like what you see, I’d love to
discuss teaming up to build a location in St. Ann.”

I nodded, “I’d like that.” I wasn’t averse to
branching out to additional sources of income. Jerry would be an
excellent choice to manage it.

She pulled a business card from her pocket.
“I’m Gretchen.”

I took the card and muttered, “Olivia.” Shit,
was I supposed to be carrying business cards around?

“I know who you are. After the trouble with
Destiny, I think everyone does.” She smiled and I groaned. “Do you
have any free time Thursday?” she asked.

I turned to Logan with a shrug. “Do I?”

Logan gave me a half smile. “Yes, we have
time around 11 p.m.”

“Wonderful, I’ll text you the address,”
Gretchen beamed as Logan handed her his card.

I turned and Logan walked next to me. “So,
branching out into brothels?

“Hmm, hotels, I believe. Enhanced hotels. But
for you, Logan, I’ll throw in company if you can’t find your own.”
I winked, smirking at my own joke.

I wanted to call him Kitty. Since Becky had
outed me about calling him that behind his back, I found immense
joy in it. However, he had made it very clear that I was not to do
that in public. Besides, I didn’t really feel like having to get
into yet another fight this early. The day was young, it would

Hudson covered his laugh in a cough when
Logan sent him a glare. I shrugged, digging into breakfast.

I hadn’t forgotten Grams’s betrayal, but this
public setting was not the time to confront her.

“Okay, Logan, what’s on the schedule for
today?” I turned to him, sipping coffee.

“Hudson, get her a to-go cup,” Logan asked,
as my cup was pulled from my hands.

I huffed, “You are all fucking lucky I am

Logan nodded, checking his phone. He laughed,
not looking at me. “Actually, this needs to be a surprise.”

Hudson slipped the coffee back into my
waiting hand. I glared at him. “Logan, I do not like

He slipped a hand behind my back, guiding

I grunted, following his lead.

The day and evening passed quickly. Logan and
I met with the European packs, and while everyone had been
introduced to me, I wasn’t remembering names, aside from Hudson. He
was much-needed comic relief amid the veiled threats and fake

I cracked my back while waiting in our suite
for Grams. Logan had checked her schedule; she would be coming
back. I shouldn’t have been there, but didn’t care for the hair and
nail appointment she had made for me. I let Jerry go instead.

“You sure about confronting her now?” Logan
asked around a mouthful of rice as he sat on the couch.

“Yes,” I told him yet again, crunching down
on a delicious bowlful of fake orange chicken. I had expected tofu,
but the fake chicken was actually deep fried cauliflower. “Leaving
things to fester has never been my style.” I was on the floor,
sitting in front of the glass coffee table.

“How did you meet Grams, anyway?” he asked,
picking up a piece of my cauliflower.

“It’s good,” I told him. He popped the bite
in his mouth, making a disgusted face. “I was stealing a car
after…” I hesitated. How much was I telling Logan? I had told Blake
too much. I needed to be careful.

He reached out, resting a large hand on the
back of my neck, his thumb rubbing circles under my ear. “You can
trust me, Olie, if you want to.”

Setting down my dinner I turned to face him,
meeting his caramel gaze. He didn’t remove his hand when I turned,
letting his calloused palm rest against my neck.

Was I capable of trusting him?

My mouth decided before my brain could catch

“I was running for my life. She was with this
guy out on a deserted road and I needed their car,” I began,
letting the memory swallow me in…

“Four, leave me,” Seven grunted softly.

“Fuck you,” I replied, keeping my body low in
the dense underbrush. I had just blown up everything we had known.
If the whiny bitch thought I was losing her as well, she was
delusional. “Stay here.”

The truck had been parked here for twenty
minutes. I didn’t know why they were out here, but I was fairly
certain I would have to kill them both. Staying crouched, I waited
a moment, reaching up to rest my hand on the door handle of the
truck. Lord Master was always trying to get me to remember makes,
models and years. I never could. I found it useless

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