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A Couple of Forevers (This Time Forever Book 2)

BOOK: A Couple of Forevers (This Time Forever Book 2)

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rights reserved.  This is a work of fiction.  Names of characters, places, and
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This book
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Renee, Elliott and E looked at Liza in astonishment.  Before
saying anything, Renee gave Elliott a quick glance and then said, “What do you
mean when am I due?  I am looking into the possibility of opening up a salon or
two but no date . . . “

 Liza cut her off, “Renee, please.  I knew the minute I saw
you.  You’re not showing yet at all, but you know that I know.”  E clapped
Elliott on the back and said, “She’s never wrong about these things, man. 
What’s up?” 

Renee looked at Elliott and neither of them could keep from
smiling.  “Okay.  Yes, Oh Wise One, it’s true.”  Both ladies started to squeal
and jump up and down. 

“Okay, okay you two, settle down.  Baby, be careful,”
Elliott said to Renee.  “Why don’t you go into the house while we bring in the
bags and then we’ll head out for dinner?” 

Liza had a million and one questions, and E teasingly said,
“Didn’t waste much time, huh?  Congratulations.”  He gave Renee a hug and went
back to removing luggage as Liza and Renee walked into the house. 

Liza followed her into kitchen and sat at the bar, still
beaming from the news.”  Liza asked again, “So, when are you due?”  Renee went
over to the refrigerator and got them both a bottled water.

 “I think May or June.  We’re going to the doctor’s office
tomorrow for a sonogram.  Liza, I’m so glad you’re here.”  Liza stood up and
gave her very best friend a hug. 

“I’m always going to be here, babe.  Anytime you need me,
and even when you think you don’t.”  Renee’s eyes started to mist over and Liza
smiled and said, “Oh, boy.  Are you already starting with the hormone shifts?”

 They were still laughing when Elliott and E came in with
the luggage.  “So, are you two sure you don’t mind us staying here?  We could
stay at a hotel close by . . . “ 

Renee was looking at Liza as if she had just sprouted
another head.  “You most certainly will not.  There is plenty of room here and
you even have your own bathroom and everything else you need and want.”  She
stood up to show Liza and E to their room.

 E said, “This place is really nice.  You been here long?” 

Elliott replied, “Only about a couple of years.  These
houses around here really go fast.  Maybe you want to look at something out

E glanced over at Liza who looked hopeful that he would say
he would, but instead he said, “I don’t know man, California?  Too much to
think about right now.” 

Elliott shrugged and told him to at least give it some

Renee said, “Okay, we’ll be waiting up front, if you two
want to freshen up before we head out.”

When Elliott and Renee got to the living room and sat on the
couch, Renee leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips.  “Thank you,” she

He said, “I love you, baby, and you’re welcome.” 

When Liza and E walked into the living room, Elliott and
Renee were basically having a full-blown make-out session. 

Liza said, “Um, before you two get naked, would you mind
taking us somewhere to eat, please?” 

Elliott stood up and took Renee’s hand as she stood up from
the couch.  Renee said, “Sorry.  I was just telling Elliott thanks for getting
you two out here.” 

E said, “So that’s how people say ‘thanks’ these days? 
Liza, I’m going to start giving you a lot more reasons to be thankful.” 

Liza draped her slim arms around E’s neck, kissed him and
said, “You already do, baby.”  She then turned her attention back to Elliott
and Renee and said, “Let’s go so we can get back here and these two can finish
what they started.”  Renee led the way to the garage with Elliott close behind.


At dinner, Renee explained that they were only ones who know
about the pregnancy.  “I wanted to wait until after the sonogram.” 

Liza said, “Oh, okay.  But what about the wedding though? 
How are you going to manage that?”

 Elliott told them that he had already arranged for a judge
to perform a civil ceremony and that they would tell everyone about it later. 

Liza shook her head, “No.  That’s not going to work.” 

Elliott smiled and said, “What?”

 Renee and E knew better than to say anything.  Once the
wheels started turning in Liza’s head, there was really no turning back.

“I understand about not wanting to have some huge
society-type circus, but come on now.  We can do something more special than a
judge’s chamber.”  Liza outlined how they may have to move the date out in
order to give her and Renee time to locate a small wedding venue, find a dress,
contact a caterer, etc. 

Renee said, “See, Liza, that’s exactly what we want to
avoid.  I don’t want to do all that.  Besides, we want to do it as soon as
possible, not move dates out.” 

Liza smiled at her and said, “Not to worry, I can take care
of it for you.  Kayla, and Elliott’s mom maybe can make some calls, too.  You
might not have to move any dates out.”

Sensing Renee’s hesitation, E said, “Liza, just let her
think about it, okay?”  

Renee looked over at Elliott who said, “If you’re able to
make all that happen, say within the next couple of weeks, then okay.  The
sooner, the better.” 

Liza nodded in agreement and said to Renee, “You should call
your dad and let him know.  I mean, he and Sharon will want to be here, too.” 

Renee, feeling somewhat defeated, said, “Okay.” 


Once they got home and said their good-nights to Liza and E,
Renee and Elliott went into their bedroom.

 “You okay?”  Elliott asked her. 

“Yeah, I’m fine,”  Renee sighed. 

He pulled her close and said, “You know, we could just go
ahead with the plans that we already made.”  He knew that she was feeling
somewhat overwhelmed at Liza’s plans. 

“I know.  I just don’t want her to feel disappointed though. 
I mean they came all this way, and she really does love doing this sort of
thing, and she’s really good at it.  I’m just looking forward to being your
wife, having our baby and living our lives.”

He kissed her and said, “Me too.  We’ll talk to her tomorrow
after the appointment, okay?”

She agreed and was turning around to get sleepwear from a

“Speaking of which, what time do we need to be there?”

“Two o’clock.  The appointment doesn’t start until 2:20, but
I have to fill out paperwork, so they said to come in 20 minutes early.”  She
found the sleepwear she was looking for and turned to go into the bathroom to
brush her teeth, wash her face, and take care of her hair. 

After Elliott finished brushing his teeth, he got into bed. 
Renee took a little longer, but joined him shortly.  She snuggled herself close
to Elliott’s warm, strong body and placed her arm over his stomach. 

She looked up at him and kissed his lips.  “Thanks again for
getting them here.  It’s so good to see them,” she said. 

He pulled her closer so that he could kiss her deeper.  He
positioned himself so that he was laying on his stomach, while Renee
repositioned herself so that her back was against the headboard.  He said, “I
know.  And she’s so excited to see you, too.  That’s probably why she’s in
wedding planner overdrive.”  He rolled onto his back, taking her with him. 

She smiled down at him and asked, “Elliott, whatever are you

He laughed softly and said, “Renee, why did you put this on?”
 He slipped her sleepwear over her head.  He continued, “Since we don’t have to
be up too early in the morning, and since you still have me worked up from
earlier, I just thought we could unwind.”  He took her hardened nipple into his
warm mouth. 

She moaned softly as his lips sucked and teased her nipple
to an even harder state. 

“Mmmm, Elliott, but what if Liza and E hear us?  And
remember, we said no more until wedding night” 

He tugged at her panties and she stood on her knees so that
he could remove them. 

He said, “Well, if they do, so what?  But they won’t.  And
if they do, I don’t care.  That whole waiting until the wedding night thing was
your idea.” 

She was sitting on top of him again, his hardened erection
massaging her sensitive clit and making her wetter and wetter as he sucked on
her other nipple.  He adjusted himself so that his sex was touching her

“Aaah, baby, you feel so good,” he said as he slowly entered

Renee moaned softly and said “Ohhh yes, Elliott, feels so good.” 
He started slowly and continued with a slow pace that was intense.  Renee’s walls
gripped him tightly. 

He switched positions with her, and now he was on top of
her, splaying her legs wide and entering her slow and deep.  Renee’s back
arched as Elliott licked and sucked her nipples.

He said, “I wanna do this to you all night.  You feel so
good, so hot.” 

Renee was writhing and softly moaning his name while her
nails lightly traced his back and buttocks.  He was slowly entering and almost
withdrawing himself from her wet tightness.  Each stroke took Renee higher and
higher.  As far as she was concerned right now, nothing else existed.  Only she
and Elliott, their bodies and the unspeakable pleasure that they were giving to
each other.  His strokes were getting more intense, not quite going all the way
into her, taking her very close to the edge of madness.

After several more times like this, Renee said in a voice
that was something between ecstasy and pleading, “Elliott, please, I can’t . .
. “ 

She didn’t need to say anything else.  Elliott withdrew out
of her one last time and went back into her so deep and so good that she lost the
ability to form coherent words or thoughts.  The only sounds that were made
were that of the squeaking bed and the sounds that are made during white-hot


Meanwhile, a few steps down the hallway, Liza and Joe were
unpacking their bags and getting ready for bed. 

Liza said, “I’m so glad you and Elliott arranged all of
this.  Thank you, honey.”  Even though Liza was considered tall by most at 5
feet 10 inches, she had to stand on tiptoes to meet Joe’s lips for a sweet,
soft kiss. 

Joe was pulling her closer to his body, but Liza pulled away
and said “It’s been such a long day.  Don’t you want to get some sleep?” 

He groaned softly as he looked into her dark, almond-shaped
eyes.  “Mmmm, I was a little tired when we got back, but now, I feel real

She laughed and said, “Well, since you feel so good, I’m
going to let you finish unpacking while I go get in the shower.”  She gave him
another quick peck on the lips and disappeared into the bathroom. 

Joe quickly finished unpacking their things.  He went into
the kitchen to get a couple of bottles of water from the refrigerator and then
returned to the bedroom.  He took his clothes off and went into the bathroom
where Liza was already in the shower, lathering up.  She didn’t see him when he
walked in, as her back was to him.  He stood there for a few minutes, his eyes
raking over her slender frame.  Her creamy brown complexion glistened from the
water and the soft lighting in the bathroom enhanced her beauty.  Her hair had
grown out and she had it secured on top of her head in a messy ponytail.  A few
tendrils had fallen down around the nape of her neck.  When Joe first met
Elizabeth Herrera, she was a 22-year-old young woman who had a love for
interior design.  She loved shapes, colors, and textures and putting them all
together to create something beautiful and unique.  She was pretty then, but
now, at 41, she was downright stunning - grown woman sexy.  Joe brought himself
out of his thoughts, walked over to the shower, undressed, and got in with

She was getting ready to lather herself again when he took
the bottle of body wash from her, squeezed some of the contents into his hands
and started to lather her. 

She smiled up at him and said seductively, “What?  You don’t
think I can get clean on my own?” 

As he was applying the soap to her breasts, making her moan
in response, he said, “Oh, I know you can get clean by yourself, but I thought
maybe we’d get a little bit dirty together.”  Now it was her turn to take the
bottle and apply some soap to his dark brown skin.  She started with his chest
and worked her way down to his ripped abdomen, stopping just short of touching
his hard, veined erection.  He smiled wickedly at her, pulled her close and
their lips parted for a hot, wet, fiery kiss that caused her to sway.

He went back to touching her, teasing her nipples lightly
with his lips and tongue and then sliding his fingers into her wetness, finding
her clit and rubbing it gently. 

“Si, Joe,” Liza said softly as his fingers became more
persistent.  She moved her legs apart slightly so that Joe could slide his
finger into her tight little opening. 

He was stroking his finger in and out of her, making sure he
covered her clit with her juice.  She wrapped her slender fingers around his
throbbing shaft and began stroking it in an upward motion, moving to the tip
where precum was forming.  She slid her thumb over the slippery tip, making Joe
thrust his hips forward.  She put her arms around his neck, bringing him closer
to her, crushing her hardened nipples against his chest.  She pressed her hips
to his, feeling his erection pulse between them.  He reached behind her, turned
off the water, and carried her into the bedroom. 

They were kissing feverishly as he placed her on the bed,
their bodies still wet.  He stopped long enough to look into her dark eyes and
said, “Still tired, baby?”  His body totally covered hers, except for her legs,
which were wrapped around him.  She softly moaned his name and Joe took that as
his answer.

He kissed his way down her body, stopping first at her full,
firm breasts, taking his time to lick, tease, and suck each nipple as she
softly moaned his name.  He worked his way down to her flat stomach.  Then, he
found his way to her soft mound.  Her lips were wet, glistening, open.  His
warm breath heightened her arousal.  He licked the length of her throbbing sex
and then tongued her opening, sending shivers of pleasure throughout her whole
body.  He moved up to her aching clit and circled it with his tongue. 

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