A Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother: Complete Box Set

BOOK: A Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother: Complete Box Set
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Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother

Box Set

Sharon Cummin

2016 Sharon Cummin

Rights Reserved

This story contains explicit sexual content that is not intended for
those under the age of 18. All characters appearing in this work are
fictitious and the age of 18 and older. Any resemblance to real
persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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of Contents

Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother, Part 1

Rachel had been away from her best friend Karen for three whole
months. It was the longest they had been apart since they were
twelve. Rachel remembered moving in across the street like it was
yesterday. Her mother had been offered a job in the area. When Karen
ran across the street to introduce herself, they became best friends
instantly. The girls would visit each other after school and sleep
over almost every weekend. When they were accepted to colleges on
opposite sides of the map, they were devastated. They talked and
emailed every day, but it wasn't the same as being face to face.

It was
Thanksgiving break, and they were both home for four days. They had
been on the phone making plans for their time off. Karen was flying
in one day earlier but made Rachel promise to come over as soon as
the cab dropped her off.

Rachel felt tired
from the flight, as she stepped out of the cab. She grabbed her bags
and looked across the street to her best friend's house. It would
only take her a few minutes to take her bags in and freshen up. She
wanted to grab a drink and something small to eat before running
across to see her friend. They had so much to catch up on. She wanted
to talk about school, her dorm, and of course the boys she had met
since she left. Quickly, she pulled her phone out to text Karen.

Rachel: I'm home
but need to do a couple of things. I'll be over in a few minutes.

She shoved her
phone into the back pocket of her jeans and went to the kitchen. When
she was finished with her drink and snack, her friend still hadn't
text her back. She was probably watching television downstairs or
something, Rachel thought. She had seen Karen's car in the driveway,
so she knew she must have been home. Rachel hurried to her room and
got ready. She pulled her ponytail holder out of her long, brown hair
and brushed it, as she left it down around her neck. Then, she put on
a little makeup. A pair of jeans and t-shirt were good enough. They
weren't going out right away, and she could run home and change if
they did. She stood in front of the mirror and thought.

Karen had one
brother. His name was Brad. He was a complete ass. Rachel couldn't
stand him. When she had first moved in, she thought he was really
cute. He was two years ahead of her in school and star of the
football team. The better he got at the game, the bigger his head
became. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body. She could
see why all the girls liked him. Brad was extremely good looking, but
his personality was the worst. He was so full of himself and thought
he was God's gift to women. She was surprised that he kept his grades
at such a high level as much as he was out with friends all the time.
He was sarcastic and extremely cocky. She made sure to stay away from
Karen's house when her brother was home. He made jokes about the two
girls and seemed to enjoy calling them names around his friends. She
couldn't stand to even look at him, not anymore.

She hadn't always
felt that way about him. When she was thirteen, she thought he was
the cutest boy in the world. He loved football and worked hard to the
best he could be at it. She watched him practice and play in the yard
with his friends almost every day. He had passion for the game, and
she looked up to him. They shared a moment once, but she made sure
never to tell her best friend. Rachel was sleeping over their house
and woke up in the middle of the night. When she walked past his
room, she noticed he was still awake and went in to talk to him. He
was sixteen, and she thought he could do no wrong. She couldn't even
remember how it happened, but they shared a very passionate kiss. It
was her first kiss, and she felt so special. He was in high school
and so grown up. She couldn't believe it had really happened. Rachel
felt so good, but neither of them ever mentioned that kiss again.

When she started
high school, she realized he wasn't who she thought. He thought he
could get away with whatever he wanted because of his status on the
football team. She had seen him move from girl to girl his entire
senior year. He wasn't that sweet guy she remembered. He was someone
completely different. When he got a football scholarship away from
home, she was thrilled that she wouldn't have to see him anymore.

Brad was in his
third year of college and away most of the year. He played football
and spent most of the summer close to school. The only time he went
home was for holidays, and Rachel had managed to avoid him, every
single time, since he first left. She hadn't seen him since she was
fifteen. His parents turned his room into an office, so he slept on
the couch when he was home. Rachel knew his sister missed him, but
she sure didn't. Who knows, she thought. Maybe she'd get lucky and he
wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving. A girl could dream, right?

She snapped out
of her thoughts and took one last look at herself. Her t-shirt clung
to her body nicely, but she made sure her belly ring wasn't showing
through. She had gotten it when she first got to college. It was her
way of showing the world she was an adult and could make her own
decisions. She shook her head and laughed as she thought about it. If
Karen's parents saw it, they would freak. She knew her own mother
wouldn't care, but they would give her the lecture of a lifetime. Her
jeans were tight and made her ass look plump but tight. If she had to
see Brad, she wanted to make sure she looked good but not like she
had planned it. If she had dressed up, she knew it would have been
obvious that she was trying to impress someone. Why she cared what he
thought, she wasn't sure. She was hoping to completely avoid him for
the four days she would be there. Her plan was to get in, say hello
to Karen's parents, and get out. There was no way she needed to see
the ass and be reminded of what she felt for him years ago. She had
no interest in being friends with him.

As she made her
way across the street, she was nervous. Karen still hadn't text her
back yet. Rachel wanted to know for sure that her friend was there.
She wasn't sure if Brad was home already and didn't want to run into
him. Rachel tried to talk Karen into meeting at her house like most
holidays, but Karen's parents were determined to see both of the
girls. They were like a second set of parents to her. How could she
say no? If she had to see Brad, she would just ignore him like she
did when she was younger. There was no way Rachel wanted her best
friend to know her true feelings about him. She took a deep breath
and took the step up to the door. It was going to be so awesome to
see her friend again.

Just as she
leaned forward to knock, the door flew open and she fell forward. Her
fall was broken, as a set of arms caught her. She looked at the two
very muscular, sexy arms, and her stomach dropped at the feeling that
shot through her body. Oh shit, she thought. Rachel hurried to pull
herself out of his arms.

She stood up
straight and brushed her hands down the front of her clothes. Her
phone chimed, and she hurried to pull it out of her back pocket.
There was a text from Karen.

Karen: I'm not
home. My parents insisted on taking me out to dinner. I'll be back as
soon as I can.

Really, she
thought? That text couldn't have come ten minutes earlier so she
could have avoided the very uncomfortable situation she was standing

sorry,” Rachel whispered. “I thought Karen was home.”

She turned to
walk away when he grabbed her arm to stop her.

he said.

She still hadn't
looked up at him but knew it had to be Brad. He was the only one that
would have been left to open the door. She knew his voice, even if he
only spoke one word. Slowly, she looked up to see the man in front of
her and her body froze. What the fuck, she thought? The person
standing in front of her was not the boy that left for college over
two years ago.

he questioned.

She didn't
respond. Her body and her mind were fighting each other. He was such
an ass. How could he be so manly and look so good, she wondered? He
was the hottest man she had ever laid eyes on. What the hell was
going on?

“I can't
believe it's you,” he whispered. “You're beautiful.”

She rolled her
eyes and laughed. Wow! He had never been short on words before. Where
were the cocky remarks she was used to?

she replied.

“Come in,”
he said, as he held the door open for her. “I just got home.
They left a note that they would be back in a couple of hours.”

thanks,” she answered. “I'm going to go and wait for her
at my house.”

he said nicely. “I haven't seen you in over two years. Come in
and wait for them.”

“I don't
know,” she answered. “I'm fine with another two years.”

She turned to
leave, but he pulled her into the house and closed the door.

“What the
fuck is that supposed to mean?” he snapped.

Rachel was
shocked at his reaction. His big hand was still on her arm, and she
could feel so much heat from his touch. She jerked her arm from his
grasp and looked directly into his eyes. He had the most beautiful
blue eyes. She thought he looked good before. That guy had nothing on
the one standing in front of her. He was tall, and she could see the
outline of his muscles through his t-shirt. Football had been very
good for him. She thought she saw a tattoo through his white shirt
but wasn't positive. His brown hair looked so soft. She could see his
jawline tense, and her eyes moved to his lips. They were so sexy and
inviting. The light stubble covering his chin was adorable. Her mind
wandered to a picture in her head of her fingers in his hair and his
stubble brushing against her face. Shit! She snapped out of her
thoughts and stared into his eyes as she stood confident.

“It means
that I've been able to avoid seeing your cocky ass for two amazing
years,” she said with a smile.

“Are you
saying you've purposely avoided seeing me every time I've been home?”
he asked, as his eyes became a darker shade of blue.

“It looks
that way,” she snapped. “I'd have been just fine doing it
now too, but your parents were strict on the fact that I needed to
come over while I was back. I didn't know you were here already.”

planned on avoiding me this time too?” he asked. “Why?
What did I ever do to you?”

“I have to
go,” she snapped.

“Tell me
now,” he snapped back.

Something inside
of her broke. She didn't want him or anyone else to know how she
really felt about him, but she couldn't hold it in any longer. He
needed to know what a jerk he was. Her plan of ignoring him wasn't
working. She would speak her mind and be on her way. He would leave
her alone next time for sure. She took a deep breath and stood as
tall as she could to him. It wasn't easy. He towered over her.

“You want
to know why I avoid you?” she asked, as she took a step toward
him and pulled her shoulders back.

He stepped back
and his eyes widened.

“You are
the biggest ass I know. I can't fucking stand the way you treat
people. You think just because you're some hot shot football player,
you can treat everyone like shit,” she said, as she poked her
finger into his chest. “I watched you treat girls like crap in
high school. I've watched you treat me and Karen like we were less
than you for a long time. You went through high school thinking you
were the most important person in the school because you were captain
of the team. Big fucking deal! Being on the team was more about what
you could get away with or which girl would fall at your feet. It
wasn't about the game anymore. You weren't always like that. I
remember when you played with passion. You loved what you did. I
fucking looked up to you back then. You used to play in the yard for
hours and hours just to play the game. There wasn't anything in it
for you. You did it because you loved it. You were different. Then,
everything changed in high school and that guy disappeared. A giant
ass took his place. That's the guy I avoid.”

BOOK: A Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother: Complete Box Set
7.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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