A Forbidden Love (The Forbidden Series)

BOOK: A Forbidden Love (The Forbidden Series)
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Forbidden Love







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All rights reserved.

book may not be reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without written
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This is
a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are used in a
fictitious matter or are products of the author’s imagination.

This book is not recommended for readers under the age of 18 due to the use of
strong sexual language, adult content, and violent situations.

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book is dedicated to
, for pushing me to finish this project even
though it was just a crazy fantasy I had written down in a single red notebook.

my girls
for putting up with mommy being stuck behind a computer
screen for hours at a time and still loving and accepting me.

To my sisters,
Coco, Dee,
Mishoo & Ruppster
Thank you girls so much for making me do this! You never stopped believing in
my story for one second and stood behind me every step of the way!



I thank you
girls, for being brutally honest with me and being the best beta testers a girl
could ever ask for!

I am forever grateful for you
re-editing this book for me and pushing me to my full potential. I’m so happy
that you were 1000% honest with me and didn’t coddle me. It certainly helped me
become a better author and story teller!

To my
girls, I love you all for putting up with my constant postings, messages, and
annoying pictures and for standing behind me 100% with this project.

To the
rest of my
and close
, I appreciate all the support
you guys have given me, whether it was supplying me with pens, helping me with
the girls, or just checking in to make sure I was writing. I appreciate the
faith you all had in me!


Chapter 1
Have I Done?



did I just do? I’ve only been here a few hours and he’s already attempted to
fuck me.”
My heart raced as he firmly held the door shut, preventing me from leaving.
Releasing my grip from the doorknob, I backed away, staring at him in a
complete daze. It felt as if I were under a spell gazing into those solid green
eyes of his. The profound dimples in his cheeks, sexy lips and his thin, neatly
trimmed goatee, also complimented his infectious smile.

While grasping my not so tiny frame
with his thick, strong hands he tossed me back onto the mattress, gently
caressing every curve of my spine with his fingers, as he proceeded to unhook
my black bra, and rip off my red t-shirt.


worry, there won’t be any more interruptions,” he reassured me.

felt the warmth of his tongue gliding around my breasts, hardening my nipples
as he removed my khaki shorts and black lace panties. I watched his hands
closely as he anxiously removed his pants, exposing his large hairless
erection. He teased and taunted my sex with his massive tool, deliberately
stroking it against my clit and making me wet as fuck.

burned between my legs craving him inside of me, wanting him to pound my slit
until I couldn’t bear to stand. He finally relieved my need after sliding
himself inside of me, lifting one leg into the air and placing my foot over his
shoulder; sending tiny waves of pleasure throughout my entire body as our hips
moved together in harmony. After hours of intense bliss, I could feel my eyes
start to roll into the back of my head.

body quivered uncontrollably as he brought me to orgasm, which was a feat no
other man had accomplished until now. Sweaty and covered in my juices, he slid
off my naked body and left the room briefly to clean himself up. Upon his
return he gave me a warm kiss goodnight, while I
their panting, trying to regain my composure. I couldn’t resist the temptation
to stay the night, not now, not after the way he made me feel.

rolled over and faced the wall, tightly clinching the sheet around my torso,
wondering why it was so easy for me to let myself go with him? Was it his
insanely large sexy back tattoo? Those thick, toned, delicious legs?
His sweet semi-southern accent?
Or was it the fact that I had
been crushing on him for so long, that I felt this would instantly make him
mine? Either way this wouldn’t be the first, nor the last time I’d succumb to
him sexually.

the next morning to the flash of golden sun rays beaming directly in my face, I
glanced between the blinds, feeling a gentle breeze blow through the bottom.

shit Allan! Was that open the whole time? What if someone heard us?”

what if they did? Who cares?” he said.

right,” I said hesitantly.

off the single queen-size mattress onto the floor, I pulled my long, flow-y,
brown sun dress out of the bag and slipped the straps of my tan wedge shoes
over the heels of my feet. While clutching the small black bag close to my
body, I strolled down the narrow hallway towards an old wooden door with a
weird navy blue mail slot; to take my walk of shame to my car.

swiftly snatched me by my arm and gave me a long passionate kiss goodbye. “Text
me when you get home Ice.”

will,” I said sweetly as I crept down the slightly broken brick stairs to the
passenger side door of my car.

named the car Tina after my late grandmother; she passed it on to me just
before she fell ill with cancer. It was an old red Chevy Malibu, decorated with
random rusty blemishes under the gas cap, all four door frames and my front
right headlight. She wasn’t pretty, but we’ve been through a lot together! I
opened the door and dropped my duffel bag in the front seat.

I walked around the back of my car to the driver side door, with a huge grin
streaming from my face, I heard an unfamiliar voice say, “Looks like you had a
good time last night!”

cheeks flushed with embarrassment, as I opened the door. Glancing over the roof
of my car, I locked eyes with a mysterious stranger. He was about six-feet tall
with short, dark, spiky hair, covered in random tattoos, standing directly
behind my car. His face was similar to Allan’s minus the dimples and goatee,
his skin wasn’t as tanned and his voice was a lot deeper without an accent.

Jake, Al’s brother. I’m here to give him a lift to work, is he up?”

to meet you Jake, and yea he’s definitely up,” I nodded.

shut the door behind me, clicked my seatbelt, and drove toward the highway.
While approaching the on ramp, traffic was at a complete stand-still. Cars were
bumper to bumper and there seemed to be an endless amount of brake lights for
“Great, gridlock traffic-whose bright idea was it to leave at 8:30
A.M again?”

waiting, my phone vibrated underneath the center console, making my body
slightly jerk in fear behind the wheel. I turned the mini Bluetooth device on
in my ear and proceeded to answer with caution.


have you been? I’ve been calling and texting you all night!”

from the traffic jam, and clearly not thinking straight, I asked who it was.

Nikki!” she shouted back at me. Nikki was my best friend from childhood. She
lived right next door to me and we were pretty much inseparable. I’ve known her
all of my life and no matter how much time has passed between us over the
we’ve always seemed to make our way back to each

hey- I was out.”

you ‘out’ with Mr. Allan?” she said sarcastically.

I chuckled, as a warm tingling sensation radiated from beneath my dress. I
started reminiscing about the wall shattering sex I had last night.

me call you back, I’m stuck in horrible traffic right now.”

bye!” she snarled back at me.

three grueling hours in traffic, I finally made it home and immediately texted
Allan, like a thirteen year old school girl would after her first encounter
with a crush.

: I’m home, thanks for the
wonderful night!

hours passed, and I still hadn’t heard back from him. I wondered if he was
ignoring me on purpose, or did he simply not give a damn that I made it home?
Whatever, it’s time for me to go to bed, not dwell over some one night stand.

the middle of the night, I was suddenly awakened by an annoying vibration
coming from my night stand. I looked back at the clock and in bold, bright red
numbers it flashed one A.M. Who in their right mind would be messaging me at
this time of night? Of course being a nosey person by nature, I crawled out of
bed to check the message. It was from Allan, but I saved his number under the
name “Lover.”

: Hey my sweet, sorry it took me
so long to get back to you, I had a rough day at work and I’d like to see you
again... tonight.

man must be insane! He lives an hour away and it’s extremely late!”
I sat down on the edge of my bed
and imagined his hands all over me again. Firmly cupping my breasts with his
palms, as he gently sucked on my neck and explored the inside of me with more
than just his fingers. I decided to take the trip and urgently messaged him

: I’m getting dressed, and I’ll
be on my way!

officially gone crazy for this man, and I couldn’t figure out why! I quickly
packed my overnight bag, freshened up, and made my way out the front door.

hour drive to Auburn felt like an eternity, but I knew I would be safe in his
arms once again. I pulled into the long, dark driveway, parked by an old tree
that rested at the end of the pavement, and sent Allan a text.

: Hey babe, I’m outside. There
was no response, so I decide to call, and there was that unfamiliar voice


can you let Allan know I’m outside. It’s Alecia.”

not here right now, but I can let you in. It’s Jake, by the way.”

would he ask me to come all this way and not be home? This makes absolutely no
sense to me.”
Jake appeared at the door shirtless, wearing a long black pair of basketball
shorts, that stopped just below his knees, and a pair of black sneakers.

can take that bag for you, just head on upstairs.”

confused by the situation I asked, “Where is Allan, and why are we going
upstairs? His room is on the first floor.”

know that but I didn’t want to leave you there by yourself. He knows you’re
here and he’ll uh, be

had a feeling “soon” wasn’t actually going to be soon enough. I anxiously
walked up the wooden stair case, cringing as each step slightly caved under my
feet. I went through the white door, and spotted an old wooden backless stool
in the corner of the room. Jake placed my bag on the floor in front of me while
I sat down.

you like a drink?” he asked.

BOOK: A Forbidden Love (The Forbidden Series)
4.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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