A Mate to Share [Wolf Pack Mates 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: A Mate to Share [Wolf Pack Mates 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Wolf Pack Mates 2

A Mate to Share

Werewolf shape-shifters Morgan Hemming and Jett Kenyon want Eve Lang, but she won’t agree to anything formal until she finds out what secrets are being hidden from her.

The craft market run by best friends Taige York, Ginnie Thomas, and Eve in the old schoolhouse is an enormous amount of work, but is going really well, and Eve’s sold some wall hangings. But the men are struggling to balance pack safety against their love for, and determination to have, Eve.

Within the pack are wolves concerned mating with humans will result in the death of their species, led by Sard Varg. But others say it’s the only way the pack will survive. Either way, Morgan and Jett set to work to convince Eve that they love her and will care for her forever – in and out of the dungeon.

BDSM, Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal

34,145 words



Wolf Pack Mates 2






Cara Adams










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Wolf Pack Mates 2



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Chapter One


Something was going on in the neighborhood and Eve Lang really, really hated that she didn’t know what it was. She wasn’t the least bit jealous of Taige and the two men who were most definitely chasing her. No, that was fine by Eve. She’d been friends with Taige quite long enough to know she was more than capable of deciding whether or not she wanted them and saying yes or no at bedtime. That wasn’t the problem.

So what exactly was the problem? Eve couldn’t quite put her finger on it. But something was off. Something wasn’t quite right. Also, she was almost certain a tall, blond man had been following her. At first she’d assumed she was imagining it, but he seemed to be in the vicinity of her an awful lot for it to be simply coincidence. Then she wondered if he was going to kidnap her. Except no one would be able to pay her ransom. All her savings were tied up in this new venture to establish a craft market with Taige and Ginnie. And it wasn’t like her parents were rich either.

Besides, how did these men get so friendly with Taige so fast? She’d only been living here for a week. They’d only owned the old schoolhouse for two weeks. Sure, lust could happen in a minute or an hour. It didn’t take a week. But there were no houses nearby for the men to be neighbors, so how did they even meet Taige?

Ugh! Fortunately the three women had decided to keep the doors locked, and the windows were very high up on the walls and not the kind that opened, so she was perfectly safe, but it was annoying not to be in control. Not to know what was going on.

Even though it was late, Eve decided to do some more of her current wall hanging. This one had been commissioned by a rich, retired couple who had chosen the colors and the pattern they wanted. Effectively, it was more a rug than a traditional wall hanging, but Eve liked the design so she was happy to make it for them. Besides, money was money. She was a craft worker and this was a commission. It was all good. Eve sat down in front of her loom, the pattern taped to the bench beside her. Her hands got to work all by themselves, the yarn flowing and the steady work soothing her until she was ready to go to sleep.

She was still certain there was a secret in this neighborhood. Something quite important that she didn’t know. But right now she was safe and relaxed and ready to sleep.


* * * *


“I want her, too. We’ll have to share her, like the Alpha with his new mate.”

“What?” Morgan Hemming looked up from his computer, forcing his jaw to snap shut so he didn’t look like an idiot in front of Jett Kenyon.

“Actually, who, not what. The gray-eyed, blonde human. Tall, slender, wears her hair tied back. Always looks neat and organized even when she’s painting lines on the ground to mark out parking spaces. I’ve seen you following her, watching her. But I insist on having her jointly with you.”

Morgan stared at Jett. Jett was a good man. He hadn’t been involved with any of the stupidity caused by Cinnabar Rudd’s machinations. Cinnabar had encouraged a number of the wolves to try to scare the humans away from the schoolhouse, but all that had happened was they’d infuriated the Alpha and were lucky not to be rounded up and shot by Animal Control.

However, Jett was not just another wolf from his pack. He was also another Dom in the BDSM scene. They wouldn’t just be two men—well, wolves—sharing one woman. They’d be two Doms sharing one sub.

Morgan stood up so he was on a level with Jett. “I will share with you only if you promise there will never be anything—no romancing, no sex, no BDSM—unless we’re both present. This will be a completely equal ménage, not a competition in any way,” he said.

Jett nodded. “I agree. We’ll be absolutely equal partners and we’ll take turns planning the scenes, or plan them together. I trust you, and can assure you that I won’t betray your trust in me.”

“Deal.” Morgan stretched out his hand and the two men shook hands. Then Jett perched on the edge of Morgan’s desk. “So now we’d best decide when we’ll invite her out, and where we’ll take her first.”

Morgan grinned at Jett. Oh yes. This was going to be fun!


* * * *


Taige had returned mid-morning the next day, bursting with news.

“I’m getting married.”

“To which one? And what does the other one think about that?”

“To both of them. It’s a ménage.”

Eve was glad she was already sitting down. A night out, yes, sure. And she wasn’t a child. She knew what staying overnight with a man, or two men in this case, involved. If Taige was happy with that, it was none of her business. But marrying two men? Two men she’d only just met? That was kind of…

“Is that even legal?”

Taige just grinned. “Probably not, but it’s what Jasper and Cornelian want to do. A ceremony at their community late this summer. You and Ginnie are invited of course.”

Eve sat and listened while Taige talked happily about living with her two men in Jasper’s house, but spending each day here at the schoolhouse working on their crafts. It all sounded good and fine, except that everything had happened so fast. Taige was really happy and Eve didn’t want to say anything to dampen her joy, but she still wondered about this “community” Taige spoke about. It sounded weird. What if it was a cult and they were grooming Taige to be part of the cult?

Hopefully there’d be weeks yet, if not months, before Taige moved in with her men and that should provide Eve and Ginnie with more than enough time to check out the community and make sure Taige would be safe and cared for there.

With the date of their first craft market swiftly coming closer, the two women settled down to produce some small items which could be bought cheaply, yet would advertise their products and hopefully entice customers to come back again and bring their friends in future.

“Impulse buys,” Eve called them. Small cute things that cost only a couple of dollars, but that people would either display in their homes, or carry in their purses and show others. While Taige started painting some resin pendants, Eve wove iPhone and iPad holders out of brightly colored yarn. This was a double bonus for her. A way of using leftover small quantities of yarn, yet blending colors in unusual ways to try to demonstrate her talents with colors and patterns.

She was just starting to feel hungry and trying to decide whether to finish the holder she was working on or stop now for lunch, when the school bell rang. Just one clang, but it was a big bell that made plenty of noise.

“My hands are all covered in paint. Can you get it?” asked Taige.


Eve knew they weren’t expecting any deliveries, so assumed this would be Jasper and Cornelian for Taige, so she opened the door wide, only to be confronted with her stalker. Even as she moved to slam the door in his face he said, “Please let me speak to you. My name’s Morgan Hemming. I work for Jasper Lyall and Jett and I would like to get to know you better.”

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