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A Part of Us

BOOK: A Part of Us
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A Part of Us

By Eviant

2011 Eviant

Smashwords Edition


16 years ago

Samantha Raney took a deep breath and
followed her DSS caseworker into the group home. She shoved her
fear deep down and told herself over and over again that this would
be a better life, even if she was passed around the system. Her
mother died from a drug overdose a year ago and left her in the
hands of her junkie boyfriend, Earl. Her mother was never going to
win mother of the year, but at least she made sure that Sam had
something to eat and clean clothes to wear. Earl was always gone
and Sam had to fend for herself, which was difficult since no one
was going to give an eight year old a job. She ate as well as she
could on the free lunches at school and did her best to make it
through the weekends without shoplifting a piece of fruit here and
there. She finally reached her wits end and turned herself into the
Department of Social Services.

As she stepped through the doors, the noise
assaulted her first. She took in the drab but fairly clean living
area and scrunched up her face at the smell of feet. A pair of
little boys who looked to be about five were fighting over which
cartoon to watch and a pair of pre-teen girls were chasing each
other around the room squealing and laughing.

Sam sighed and stood quietly while her
caseworker introduced her to Ms. Smith, the home director. She was
shown her bed, which was in a large room with about 8 other girls.
She immediately curled up with a book and tried to block out some
of the noise.

About a month later, she walked into the
living area and found that the incessant noise was louder than

The majority of it was coming from a boy of
about 10 who was yelling at a harried, defeated looking Ms. Smith
about it not being his turn to wash dishes.

“This is bullshit! I shouldn't have to wash
fucking dishes or sweep floors or any other chores you want to
throw at me. You people get paid to work in this hell-hole.”

“Derrick Watts, you watch your language,
young man! You know that the chores are rotated. That's just how
things work. If you don't watch it, you're going to get moved
again, and there aren't many places left. Do you want to end up
some place where they keep you sedated and make you live in

“It would damn well be better than this

Sam had heard enough. She marched over to
Derrick and yanked him away from Ms. Smith.

“Let's go,” she said fiercely.


Derrick was flabbergasted and didn't resist
when she dragged him in the direction of the kitchen.

“I'll wash, you dry,” the little girl

He stood frozen for a moment before his
speech came back to him.

“Who are you?”

“Samantha Raney,” she said, holding out a
now-soapy hand, “but you can call me Sam. I'm 8.”

Derrick looked down into bright green eyes
and wondered why such a fierce little thing was in a place like
this. At her look at the dishes and then back at him, he
automatically started drying the dishes as she passed them over. He
didn't know why he was following her lead...he didn't follow
lead, but there was just something about her.

“I'm Derrick.”

“Yes, I gathered that from your lovely
conversation with poor Ms. Smith, as well as every other yelling
match you've had with just about all of the adults here.”

Derrick actually felt a pang of guilt and
looked over his shoulder to find Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith was watching
and actually smiling. A warm feeling started filling him up. He was
always the bully. That was his insurance that someone actually
him. Maybe that was the wrong tact.

He looked down into Sam's green eyes and gave
her a slight smile. She grinned back and bumped his hip with


It wasn't an instant transformation, of
course. Derrick's bullying tendencies still came out and Sam would
have to reign him back in, except when he was protecting Sam
herself, which he did need to do occasionally.

The years passed and Derrick was never moved
again and Sam requested not to be moved into a foster home. It
worked for both of them. At 18, he went to a local community
college and got his own apartment. Sam spent almost all of her time
there. They loved each other like brother and sister and supported
each other in all things. When she turned 18, she moved in with him
and started college herself. If their feelings for each other
started to change, neither mentioned it.

Chapter 1

Present Day

“Ugh,” Sam groaned as she walked in the door
at 3am on Saturday morning from Friday night's shift. Her feet were
killing her after bar-tending for eight hours at club Jade, a local
GLBT friendly hang out. She collapsed on the couch and reached for
the TV remote.

She heard the telltale creak of Derrick's
door before he appeared, yawning and scratching his stomach.
Derrick's appearance had changed drastically since they were kids.
He had funneled his bad-boy tendencies into his appearance and was
now covered in tats and piercings. Body art was as far as it went
though, and was quite at odds with his job as an English professor
at a local university.

“Long night, Sammy?” he asked before making
her scoot over so he could stretch out next to her on the couch.
She immediately cuddled into his embrace and sighed.

“Yep. It was packed in there tonight and the
new guy quit, so I was by myself.”

“Asshole. Meet any hot bi-guys or girls?”

She elbowed him and giggled. “Meet them? Yes.
Was I interested in any of them? No.”

“Where's Annie tonight?” she asked. Annie was
Derrick's girlfriend of about six months. Unfortunately, Sam's
tactile relationship with Derrick scared off potential partners for
the both of them. Annie seemed to be the exception though.

“I'm right here,” Annie replied as she padded
into the living room and launched herself right on top of Derrick
and Sam. At no more than five feet tall and 100 pounds, Annie was a
pixie personified. She accepted Derrick's relationship with Sam for
what it was...two best friends that grew up together who were like
brother and sister. She occasionally detected undercurrents of
something more serious, but didn't feel threatened. She loved Sam
and enjoyed spending time with her and Derrick together. In fact,
she seemed to be developing feelings for Sam on her own.

She nuzzled into Sam's neck and playfully
licked her. “Mmm, beer.”

“Ugh, that reminds me. A very drunk twink
tried to come behind the bar and walked smack into me with a full
glass. I need a shower.” She wriggled out from beneath the warm
bodies. “Be good, you two!”

Derrick snuggled with Annie and threw a throw
pillow at Sam. “Go away,” he said teasingly.

Annie started nibbling on Derrick's ear and
slipped her fingers into his boxers, lightly teasing his balls.

“Mmm, it's like that, is it?” Derrick ran his
hand up her tiny body and tweaked a nipple before sneaking into her
panties and rubbing lightly over her clit. “Damn, baby, you're wet
already. Did laying on top of Sammy turn you on?”

She wriggled and thrust her hips into his
hand and took his lips to avoid answering. Their tongues twined
together and Derrick entered her with two fingers, pegging her
g-spot immediately. She whimpered and rubbed against his erection
with her hip, making him groan.

“You want some of that, baby?” He continued
to torment her with his fingers as her hips bucked into his

“Please,” she said with a groan, feeling her
orgasm approaching.

Derrick quickly removed her panties and his
boxers and moved so that he was over Annie, looking into her eyes.
He teased her clit with the head of his cock and grinned when she
wrapped her legs around his hips and squeezed with a surprising
amount of strength, forcing him into her channel.

He groaned and dropped his head to her neck,
licking and biting the soft skin he found there. He started
thrusting slowly, being sure to grind into Annie's clit every time
he bottomed out.

Annie's whimpers turned into grunts and she
feverishly moved with him, fucking herself onto his cock. “Come on,
baby. Give it to me. You're gonna' make me come and you've gotta'
go first.” He reached back and teased a finger into her anus while
biting her just below her left ear. Annie's entire body stiffened
and she screamed silently as spasms wracked her body.

Derrick slammed into her twice more and came
with a long, deep groan.

Neither realized that the shower hadn't
started yet.


Sam's room was adjacent to the living room
and she could hear everything through the paper-thin walls. She
panted from her own orgasm as she heard Derrick come, wishing she
could find someone to connect with. Her BOB wasn't the best
companion. At least she always had plenty of sound-track to get off

Chapter 2

The following weekend, Annie used her key to
enter Derrick and Sam's apartment. “Hello?” she called.

“In here,” Sam's voice called from the

Annie wandered in to find Sam cutting veggies
for a salad, wearing nothing but panties and a bra.

“Mmm,” she said, slapping her hand over hear
mouth when she realized what had escaped.

“I've got enough for two; want some?”

Annie sighed with relief internally,
realizing that Sam thought she was talking about the salad.

“Ooh, yes please.”

“You're so lucky to be so tiny. No matter
what I do, I can't get rid of these damn hips.”

Annie ran her gaze along Sam's body. “Sam,
you're gorgeous. Your hair is long and shiny, you have incredible
curves that I would kill for, a flat stomach and eyes that anyone
would love to get lost in.”

Sam sighed, holding out a piece of yellow
pepper. “You're a sweetheart. You're the gorgeous one, though.”

Annie snorted. “Please, I'm flat as a board
in the front
back. I have to look up to everyone and
will be carded until the end of time.”

Annie took the offered pepper and popped it
into her mouth before dragging over a chair and climbing up onto it
and then the counter to reach the bag of Oreo's that Sam had put
out of her own reach on top of the cupboards.

“Dammit, Annie, I could have gotten those for

“Eh, such is my life. I'm part spider

She climbed back down, sat on the counter and
took a bite out of the heavenly chocolate and cream cookie. “Want

“No, that's why I put them where I couldn't
reach them. And damn you for asking,” she replied with a smile.

“Here, just a little taste.”

She surprised Sam by pulling her forward and
pressing her lips to Sam's. Sam gasped and stiffened.

“Annie,” she whispered, “what are you

Annie looked into Sam's eyes and then focused
back on her lips. She slowly leaned in again, giving Sam a chance
to pull away.


Sam's head was full of contradiction. On one
hand, Annie was so delicious and sweet that she would do anything
for another taste. On the other hand, this was Derrick's girlfriend
and most likely his ONE.

She must have taken too long to try to decide
because Annie's lips were again on hers and this time, her lips
were being laved by a soft tongue.

Sam groaned and opened her mouth, losing
herself in Annie's sweet flavor. She ran her hands up Annie's back
and into her chin-length, dark hair, tugging gently. She nipped at
Annie's lips and ran her thumbs along soft cheeks. Annie was making
the sweetest whimpering sounds and Sam was about to lose her mind.
She felt her clit throbbing in her panties and she pulled Annie off
of the counter, her hands supporting the pert little ass as Annie's
legs wrapped around her waist.

“Honey, I'm ho..whoa!”

Sam tore her mouth away from Annie's and
almost dropped her but lowered her gently at the last second. She
covered her face with shaking hands and felt the tears start to
pour out. “Derrick, I'm so, so sorry. It will never happen again.
Oh my god.” She ran frantically to her room, threw on clothes that
she could wear to work that night and ran out the door. A part of
her knew that she was being irrational, but the bigger part was
terrified that she had just fucked up the best thing in her

She drove recklessly to her friend Ben's
house and pounded on the door.

Chapter 3

Derrick stood speechless in the kitchen, his
mind running rampant. He walked over to the kitchen table and sat
down heavily.

“Derrick?” Annie asked hesitantly.

He looked into Annie's tear-filled eyes and
tried to work out what he was feeling. He didn't think it was
jealousy. He was aroused, sure, but what male wouldn't be?

BOOK: A Part of Us
11.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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