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Prixy hugged me the minute we were inside.

“You took so long, I thought you weren’t coming. I thought for sure Stadden had put you in a cell.”

“He almost did,” I replied on a gasp.

Manik had let go of my hand as we’d entered the shuttle. He rushed forward and sat in front of the controls of the ship.

The shuttle’s engines were already running, the whine loud in the confined space. Our bags were pushed up against one wall, taking up most of the spare room in the shuttle.

“Ellie, find a seat. The shuttle’s ready to go,” Manik called from the front of the shuttle, his hands moving over the controls.

Prixy and I grabbed a seat each, me beside Manik and Prixy right behind us.

“Computer, release docking clamps.”

Manik’s deep voice shimmered through me, sending a needy pulse through my core.

The minute we got to his ship, I was dragging him off to ravish him. He was my mate, and I needed him with a desperate kind of urgency.

The shuttle jerked slightly as the docking clamps released, and then we were away. My heart was still pounding in my ears, my breath coming out of me in little pants, but we’d made it. We were free, and we’d be on Manik’s ship soon enough.

Manik twisted in his seat and grabbed me around the back of the neck. I was pulled forward by a rough hand and kissed by fierce lips that stole the last of my breath.

His lips softened and eased from mine. I stared into his blazing eyes and felt scorched to my soul.

“You are everything I could have wanted and more, Ellie. How did you get to be so perfect?”

I felt my heart melt and knew that whatever happened, wherever we ended up, I’d made the right decision waiting for him. After all, he was my mate, and destiny said we were perfect for each other.




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About the Author



Lee-Ann Wallace started writing stories as a way to give voice to the characters in her head that turned up every time she sat down to read a book. Discovering a passion for writing love stories, she now spends her time listening to the voices instead of trying to ignore them.

From an early age Lee-Ann knew she wanted to do something creative. She tried her hand at cooking, fashion design and a multitude of handcrafts, before turning to writing.

Based in Brisbane, Australia her mother’s response of “Read a book,” to her complaint of being bored at the age of ten led her to the shelf and her mother’s romances. Her mother’s frustration led her to a passion for love stories that’s yet to abate.

Now the question is should she read or should she write. Throw in some chocolate and a cup of coffee and either option suits her just fine.

BOOK: A Perfect Bond
9.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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