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A Very Ménage Christmas



Members Only, Book Three


Skye has spent her life being the perfect daughter for her
prominent, wealthy parents. She says all the right things, wears all the right
clothes…and lies through her teeth about the kind of sex she needs. The bland
“gentlemen” she dates don’t know a thing about what gets her going—and when
they find out, they run screaming. In her deepest, naughtiest dreams, she finds
a man…or two…who knows just how to tie her up and tease her until she’s begging
for more. But those guys don’t really exist, do they?

Jackson wants one thing for Christmas, and her name is Skye.
He’s watched her from afar for ages, biding his time, waiting for his chance to
give her the kind of pleasure she craves. And this Christmas he’s going to get
his way. He’s enlisted his buddy Nick and the two of them are going to give
Skye a holiday treat she’ll never forget.


Inside Scoop:
This holiday threesome features bondage
and spanking benches…and creates whole new uses for Christmas lights and candy


BDSM erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave

A Very Menage Christmas
Jennifer Kacey



To my boys—Christmas is my favorite time of year because I
get to share the magic of it with both of you.

To my parents—thank you for Christmases past. What a gift to
be given my entire life. I am proud to be called your daughter.





Carrie Jackson—thanks for asking me to write this one! You
delight me and I’m pretty sure you’re one of Santa’s little elves.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a naughty night…


Chapter One


“Jesus, Skye, put your coat back on. This is an apartment
building, not a strip club!”

I stood outside my boyfriend Payton’s door in four-inch
strappy red heels and nothing else. It was my last hurrah to save our
relationship before calling it quits.

“It’s not a monastery either but it sure changed into one.”
It damn sure wasn’t what I’d signed up for.

Was showing up covered in nothing but a trench coat extreme?
Probably. And shedding the coat in the hall right outside his door drastic?
Especially with my last name being Weston? Definitely.

Forcing the issue of our sex life went against my common
sense. If anyone found out I’d disrobed in a public hallway, I’d be disowned.

All the effort was evidently a complete waste. Payton
scrambled on the ground like a bug to grab the material lying in a pool at my
feet. He couldn’t wrap it around me fast enough. I barely got my arms shoved
into the sleeves before he yanked it closed, glancing up and down the hallway.
He was so far away from alpha male he wasn’t even recognizable on the
Cro-Magnon chart.

“Good grief, Payton. I’m just trying to spice up our sex
life. You act so damn uninterested. I’m not a supermodel but I’m no two-bagger.
What’s up with you? Are you sleeping with somebody else?”

A shocking pause chased the echo of my voice down the
hallway and back until it landed in the pit of my stomach.

“You rat bastard!” I turned to leave, knotting the belt on
my coat, but he caught my elbow.

“Now hold up, Ms. High and Mighty. You didn’t let me

I jerked away and glared. This was exactly what I should
have expected from one of the “nice young men” my elitist parents approved of.
“You’re guilty. You can’t even look me in the eye.”

“What do you expect?”

“You want a fucking list? Hmm, let’s start with honesty,
trust, fidelity…” I ticked them off, starting with my thumb, ending on my
middle finger. Which was about to get a workout.

“You’re one to talk about fidelity.”

“Me?” I counted to ten to keep my voice from creeping higher
and higher along with my volume. If luck was on my side, his neighbors wouldn’t
be home. The last thing I needed was an audience—or, God forbid, the paparazzi
getting wind of a scandal.

I should have realized sooner the relationship was FUBAR. It
was abundantly clear, given the fact I couldn’t bring myself to feel anything
but anger.

In case anyone lurked around the corner, I took a step
closer, right in Payton’s self-righteous pie hole. “I have never cheated on
you. I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life. Not once. So don’t you dare
accuse me of something you know for damn sure never happened.”

I’d thought about it. Fantasized about being sandwiched
between his neighbors Jackson and Nick but never acted on it.

Good thing he didn’t know I used to help out at a BDSM club.

“It’s your fault anyways.” He’d been flapping his gums but I
only tuned in at the very end.

The blood rushing past my ears subsided below flood stage
but steam should have been pouring off my crimson hair. He was about to see
exactly what a redhead’s temper looked like.

“You can’t keep your dick in your pants and it’s my fault?
I’m the one who’s been trying to liven up our sex life while you talk about
having a big meeting the next day, or a headache. You might as well say it’s
your fucking time of the month.”

“You’ve got a mouth like a truck driver—”

“A few weeks ago you said I had a mouth like a Dyson. I
didn’t hear any complaints about it then.”

“Why does everything have to be about sex with you?”

“It doesn’t. But I like sex. Going without for over a month
sucks. Forgive me for suggesting some things.”

“Spanking you? Tying you up? Those are your suggestions?”

“You didn’t mind my offer to paint your wang with chocolate
sauce and lick it off. Amazing how interested you were when the suggestions
revolved around your junk.”

He looked down his nose at me, grinding his teeth. “And
bringing someone else into bed with us. What were you thinking?”

“Ah. There it is. Your ego got bruised so you decided to hop
in a different bed. To prove what? We’re not married. We’ve only been exclusive
for a few months. Well, minus the exclusive part obviously. Oh, and don’t for a
minute believe I buy your charade about being disgusted at the idea of a
ménage. Love how you’re grossed out by another guy in the picture but if I
suggested Jenna join us? You would have tripped all over your schedule to make

His nose went in the air but the flare of lust gleamed in
his eye at the mere idea of my best friend in bed with us.


“I’m not into kinky stuff. We aren’t in college anymore.
We’re grown-ups and you need to start acting like one. Like getting a real job
instead of painting all day.”

Lying hypocrite!

I barked out a brittle laugh. What a crock of bull. His
lecture grated on my last damn nerve. Reprimand me? I don’t think so.

“I’ll pass on your version of ‘grown-up’. I never said we
had to do any of the stuff I suggested but at least I tried. Sex is important
and hopefully it still is until the day I die.”

“Payton, are you coming to bed?” The softly spoken question
from inside the apartment ground our conversation to a resounding halt.

He glared at me warily.

I rolled my eyes. “She can have you.”

The urge to knee him in the balls twitched up my leg but I
used the impulse to leave. My heels clicked against the floor on every angry
step, making my ass swish from side to side.

“You should have told me you wanted these things from the
beginning. Considering who you are…it’s disappointing.”

He had to get in one more dig. Had to be the one to have the
last word. I hated that it hit its mark. It dug its way under my shield of
indifference and struck close to home.

Instead of being a girl about it, getting all weepy and
throwing a tantrum, I did what any self-respecting ex-girlfriend would do. I straightened
my spine, stalked down the hall like I owned it and flipped him the bird over
my shoulder.

Trying to find someone my parents approved of, and I could
tolerate for more than a blind date, sucked. Their constant reminders, their
apologies for my behavior, ate into my hide like poison ivy.

Anxiety clawed at my insides. Not for ditching Payton, he
was just one more in a long line of trust-fund pricks my parents thought I
should commit to. What made me want to dig into a pint of Häagen-Dazs was the impending
international phone call to Mother. Her sigh of disappointment could traverse
an ocean. Maybe my cell phone would forget her phone number…for a month.

I didn’t want to be the black sheep of the family anymore.
Single, unmarried, childless at the ripe old age of twenty-seven. Oh, the

My parents and grandparents acted as if the end of the world
loomed above us since I still had to tick the single box on my income taxes.

Taking my time to find a husband to love, honor and cherish
surely wasn’t that bad.

I couldn’t help whom I was attracted to. But my chemistry
with a potential mate wasn’t nearly as important as their last name or the size
of their portfolio, at least according to my family.

Rounding the corner, I stumbled over my own feet, catching
myself on the wall.

Less than ten feet away, the blond god—Jackson—filled the
doorway of 2D. I almost purred as he gave me a panty-dampening once-over. Maybe
I should have worn panties.

“Trouble, sweetheart?” The rough cadence of his voice kicked
off a round of thump, thump, thump between my thighs.

His tone, his inflection, even the hint of concern licked me
straight up the middle.

Bet he tasted better than my pint of Rocky Road.

I moved closer.

Chapter Two


“Gorgeous” was a despicable understatement when it came to
the star of my wet dreams. His golden hair appeared sexily tousled as if he’d
just climbed out of bed. His wide chest sported muscle definition normally only
glimpsed on magazine covers.

Rippled pecs, covered with a smattering of dark-blond hair,
made my mouth water. He had his arms crossed, bisecting the narrow line of
chest hair that ultimately disappeared beneath the waist of his jeans. They
were zipped but unbuttoned—taunting me. His feet were bare and if I were a
betting girl, I’d wager both of us were going commando.

What tantalized me most was the way he watched me. He made
me light up inside with nothing more than a heated glance. His attention was
addictive and one of the many reasons I’d avoided him.

My brain scrambled, desperately to convince the muscles in
my legs to stride past. But I was doomed. The scent of warm male and some kind
of delicious musky cologne paralyzed me several feet past his open door.

The click-clack of my heels faded. My auburn curls settled
against my coat while I inhaled his glorious scent. I faced him, and every
deep, dark fantasy I’d ever wished for stared back. A sharp yearning of
unfulfilled need shot straight to the tops of my thighs. Wetness slid from my
core, coating the lips of my sex in anticipation of being rode hard and put up
wet. It reminded me of my state of general undress and why I’d come there to
begin with.

Remembering the ass several doors down made my temper flare.

My breasts jiggled and swayed beneath my coat and the hard
tips scraped against the fabric until I stood directly in front of him. “What
the hell are you staring at?”

He cocked an eyebrow. “A single woman, if I hazarded a
guess. Did you at least rack him in the nuts?”

A snort escaped then I shook my head. My anger morphed to
nerves and I had to concentrate not to fidget. “I figured I’d be the bigger
man. It didn’t take much.”

The sides of his lips curved into a grin, highlighting
dimples that put him in league with fallen angels.

He took in every detail. Including my breasts, which I
prayed weren’t visible through the fabric of the coat. The moist, tingly place
between my legs clenched, reminding me how long it had been since I’d had sex.
He scanned his way to my feet and back up.

“You show up bare and he what? Freaks out because he can’t
man up? He couldn’t give you what you need.”

His last words implied so many things I had to clear my
throat. “That about sums it up.”

Tension stretched between us in the silence that followed.

With the tips of his fingers he traced the lapel of my coat.
“Take it…off.”

I opened my mouth to tell him where he could shove it but he
jerked me inside the apartment and slammed the door.

“Stop thinking. I’ll be damned if I let you walk away
without a taste of what I can give you. I can smell your sweet pussy. I’ve
wanted to drown myself in it from the first day I saw you. Don’t storm off
because it’s what you believe you’re supposed to do. Stay because it’s what
you’ve always wanted.”

He towered over me. I should have been terrified but
something in his angry voice called to me. Calmed me. It made no sense but I
didn’t care.

With shaky hands, I worked the knot free on my belt,
shrugging the coat off with a twitch of my shoulders. It slithered along the
upper curve of my ass, landing with a billow of air.

The dips and curves of my body flared to life beneath his
hungry stare. I spent several hours a week in the gym working out. I was
well-toned from head to toe, except my breasts, which had always been a tad on
the large side.

He skimmed the outer swell of one with his knuckles. My
nipple tightened in the cool air and my knees weakened at the thought of what I
was willing to do with him.

“We’ll choose a safeword for you. How about…trench coat? You
say it and playtime’s over…but don’t say it because you’re scared. You can
learn a lot about yourself if you’re afraid.”

We were strangers but when he looked at me…it settled
between my thighs. The real me was buried so deep even I was too scared to dig
for her. Yet he’d found her. Seduced her.

I scowled and replayed what he’d said. “We…you said ‘we’.”

“He sure did.”

My stomach bottomed out. The other slice of my fantasy stood
no more than a few feet away. I’d been so preoccupied I hadn’t noticed Nick.

He closed the distance between us and my pussy creamed at
his heated perusal. Nick was tanned, tall, muscled like Jackson, but with dark,
almost-black hair and piercing dove-gray eyes. He wore black sleep pants with a
bright-white drawstring.

“I’ve seen you around but never got a name. You are?”

I knew their names because I’d peeked on their mail slot.

Embarrassment made me blurt out the first thing that came to
mind. “Naked.” A blush heated my cheeks and I slapped a palm over my mouth.

“Yes, you are. Why don’t we see what we can do about that?”

“My room, bring her coat.” Jackson picked me up and I
wrapped my legs around his waist. He didn’t ask. He took—and I wanted him to.
That scared me the most.

Could I do this?

The mound of my pussy smashed into the hard ridge of his
cock, making me moan.

“Yes,” slipped free.

He swiped my bottom lip with his tongue, consuming my mouth
as if he were living on borrowed time and I was his last meal. My uncertainty

Their apartment passed by in a blur. I felt drunk on his
kiss before we reached the bedroom. His fingers tunneled into my tight sheath.
I tugged his head back by his hair, crying out at the delicious invasion.

“You’re sopping wet. I’m gonna make you scream.”

If any other guy said that, I would have laughed, but not
these men. If Jackson even thought about touching my clit, I’d go off like a

“Put her down, I want a taste.”

Jackson nipped my earlobe. I shivered when he withdrew his
fingers and unhooked my ankles from behind his back.

He set me on the bed, on my knees, retreating with a knowing

Nick ripped off his pants and toppled me back onto the
pillows close to the headboard. His naked body stretched out between my thighs
and I grabbed his head as he buried his face against my slick core.

“You taste like candy,” he growled, fucking his tongue
inside me, tugging at my sensitive lips over and over.

“I’m gonna come. I need—”

“We know what you need,” Jackson countered. He climbed up
next to me. My mouth watered at his hard-on staring at the ceiling. He wasn’t
super long but he was thick, with a pearly drop of pre-cum sitting at the top,
waiting to be consumed.

He dropped a few condoms on the bed and straddled my rib
cage, trapping my arms along my sides. “Snap your fingers.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him but did what he said.

“Safe sound. If you snap, everything stops.” He tapped my
chin with the belt from my coat. “Open.”

My jaw fell open as if he’d pushed a button and he used the
belt as a gag. He tied it behind my head and I started to panic. What was I
doing, following his commands?

I wiggled and torqued my body below him until he drizzled
cold lube in the valley of my chest. He crammed my breasts together, stuffed
his cock between them and fucked my cleavage with a groan.

Flames licked every erogenous zone in my body. I lay gagged
and caged beneath fantasy men. Tough, rugged guys I’d shied away from.
Somewhere deep inside I knew I wouldn’t be able to tell them no.

“You’re so fucking sexy.”

I wanted to get mad at being manhandled but lost my
concentration. Nick shoved my legs wider, rimmed my ass with his tongue, then
worked it inside. He replaced it with his thumb, shoved wet digits into my
clenching sex and blew across my clit.

I screamed. An orgasm flashed through me like an electrical
shock. I arched and heaved beneath them but Jackson held me down with his
weight. I bit down on the gag as wave after wave of blissful release swept over
me. The tsunami of pleasure tumbled me inside my own skin and sucked me into a
place I’d only glimpsed while dreaming.

Nick worked my pussy, coaxing some wonderful spot inside
with his fingers, and lit the fuse on another orgasm. I moaned, thrashing my
head from side to side, begging incoherently for them to fuck me.

The bed moved. Nick knelt between my thighs, crinkling a
condom wrapper. Jackson swung his leg over my torso and freed my arms. I
latched on to his erection as if it were my last chance to feel it.

“I didn’t say you could touch.”

I tried my best innocent expression but his flash of teeth
told me he didn’t buy it.

“Your belt’s gonna come in handier than I thought.” He
grabbed one of the long ends of the belt tied behind my head and bound my
offending wrist with it. I grabbed at the knot but Nick snagged my other arm.

I blinked. That’s how long it took them to restrain me. My
nipples peaked from their dominant touch but I didn’t want to like it.

“You bastards! Let me go.” It came out muffled but I had
another way to get the message across. I kicked at them with my spiky heels.

“Damn, she’s a live one, Jackson. You know the feisty ones
do it for me.” Nick scooped me up and lay flat on the mattress, hugging my back
to his chest so I faced the ceiling. He grasped beneath my thighs and held them
wide for Jackson, who stood at the foot of the bed.

Jackson rolled on a condom and jacked his cock, watching his
friend work his shaft inside me. I was wetter than I’d ever been and it was
still a tight fit.

Another orgasm built in my pelvis but deflated when Nick
slid free.

“Ye of little faith.” Nick bit my neck hard enough to leave
a mark. The pain shot to my pulsating clit, ramping up my arousal.

Jackson climbed on the bed between our legs, hugging the
backs of my thighs to his abdomen. “Ever had anal, gorgeous?”

I stiffened. Nick’s slick finger breached my anus. He added
another and I sucked in a shallow breath.

He scissored his fingers inside me, stretching my rear. I
nodded stiffly.

“Thank fuck,” Nick ground out as he fit the head of his
erection to my still tight hole. He pushed in a couple inches and then withdrew.
Shoved in farther but not enough.

I watched Jackson and the arousal written on his face. He
tried to hide it but his clenched jaw and twitching muscles gave it away. The
curse that slipped from his mouth ratcheted up my need for them.

Nick got to the ring of muscles inside and pushed steadily
past them. I willed my muscles to relax but they violently contracted when he
sank inside.

“Your ass is so fucking hot. It’s been too long. I’m not
gonna last.”

“You’ll last, she’s got at least another couple in her.”

I murmured nonsense around the gag. Jackson grabbed under my
knees, pushing them against my chest. He bent to my pussy, working my clit with
his tongue, and bit down.

Stars shot across the insides of my eyelids as I came again.
Nick used my hips, pistoning me up and down on his shaft.

My lids flew open when Jackson nudged his cock head against
my quivering bud then lined his dick up with the entrance of my pussy.

He stared at me, filling more than my pussy as he penetrated
me. There was no enter and retreat. One long thrust and they were both buried
to the hilt.

Every thought inside my head ground to a halt. Sex had
always been…sex, nothing more. This was different. It awakened something inside
I feared would never be confined again.

“Watch me,” Jackson ordered.

I couldn’t look away. Didn’t blink. Jackson pounded my tight
cunt. They set a rhythm I couldn’t predict.

Nick rubbed my clit in tight circles and my body imploded.
It was like a supernova. That moment when a star is born. A tiny ember of heat
exploded in my womb, creating a ball of energy. It engulfed both men. I
tightened around their shuttling impalements, causing them to tighten their
holds on me.

Nick’s harsh shout filled the space surrounding us. He came,
pumping erratically inside my ass. He continued to strum my clit and tweak my
nipples in turn with his other hand. My orgasm didn’t ebb, it gained speed,
racing up a mountain of pleasure I hadn’t known existed.

Jackson thrust inside over and over, fucking into me until
he touched my womb. I wailed as he came. His muttered curse echoed inside my
head. At the top of the roller coaster we rode, I went screaming down the other
side. All the tension floated free of my limbs and my bound arms collapsed,
tugging at my head.

Jackson saw too much in that instant. He saw what I’d tried
to hide. The person I didn’t know how to accept. For the first time, I was
thankful for the gag.

Long moments later, they pulled free and we all groaned.

Jackson moved me to the middle of the bed and they got me
untied. They massaged my wrists with their strong hands. Seeing the
indentations in my skin made me shiver.

Nick went into the bathroom, disposed of his condom and came
back with a washcloth. He cleaned my thighs and juicy slit.

“I’ll let you two be,” Nick said. “Hope this isn’t the last
time we meet.”

He lifted my chin and kissed me. A chaste meeting of lips.
He ran his nose along mine, pausing to inhale my scent, then left. Jackson
hugged me tight to his chest and I wanted to purr. He touched my wrists where the
restraints had been, feeling his mark on me.

“You call to the Dom inside me like no others have. I’m
going to own you.”

I wanted to smile, which pissed me off because what
self-respecting woman would enjoy that? I sat up and stared him down. “Well,
you don’t own me—”

“Not yet.” He grabbed the hair on the base of my skull and
kissed me.

Whatever I was going to say dissolved in my brain. His
possessiveness curled my toes, changing my self-righteous anger to arousal. He
did nothing but whet my appetite…then he was gone, sauntering deliciously naked
to the bathroom.

BOOK: A Very Menage Christmas
8.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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