A Wolf of Wall Street (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance) (4 page)

BOOK: A Wolf of Wall Street (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)


“But you work seven days a week and will I be able to do it too?”


“How are you able to talk right now?”


I scraped my nails across his nipple, eliciting a hiss and an extra forceful thrust.
Oh yeah.


“Guess you better work harder. So you can read minds? Is that how you got to the top of your company so fast?”


Justin flipped me over to my stomach lifting my hips as he thrust in again.


“Well is sure as hell wasn’t just my business management skills.”


His thrust slowed and he reached down to turn my chin towards him.


“But that part of my life is over. No more working seven days a week. Now my full time job is plying my mate with lots of babies.”


His thrusts lost a little control with the mention of babies. Yeah, he was digging this pregnancy thing. I grunted as I tried to press back on him but he had too good of a grip on my hips. “Well we better get right on this. You know I’m not getting any younger.”


The brilliance of Justin’s wide grin burnt out any remaining brain cells that
doubted this relationship.


A Wolf of Wall Street
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Growing up, Marty and Mila were inseparable, so much so that people called them M&M. But one day, Marty moved away without word or reason and Mila thought that he had left her behind.
But what Mila doesn't know is that Marty is a werewolf who was forced to leave to protect those around him. What she especially doesn't know is that he was her wolf, and she was his mate. 
When Marty suddenly walks back into her life, Mila--now engaged--isn't quite sure what to think. Can she find it in her heart to accept the lost love he promises to return or will her responsibilities to her new life give her no choice but to deny him?



Every few years there are two full moons in the span of a single solar month. Humans call the second full moon a ‘blue moon’. For werewolves, it heralds the time for mating and sends them into a lustful frenzy.
Iliana is waiting for a light to change when she notices a blurry shadow move quickly around her. What she doesn't know is that she's been selected to mate, not with just any member of the pack, but with the Alpha himself...



Sapphire’s idiot brother Mark has gone and got himself in a heap of trouble...again. To save him from certain death, Sapphire must travel across country to meet the Alpha who Mark crossed and hope he's in a forgiving mood.
But complications arise when Sapphire finds herself launching her body at Alpha Blackwater, a wolf conveniently named Sin. Caught between her own carnal desires and her responsibility to help her brother, Sapphire must make a choice, and fast.
Will she save her brother's hide and leave Sin? Or will the Alpha's pull be too strong for her to break?.



Cassandra awakes one night amidst the howls of wolves. Dazed and confused, she discovers that
they've found her for a single purpose: to become the mate to the future Alpha.
But this time, there are two contenders for the position: the brothers Lycanthus and Tartus, two impressive physical specimen who arouse a desire in Cassandra that she's never felt before.
And as the two future Alphas slowly approach her bed, each radiating with raw sexual energy, Cassandra will find it harder and harder to resist the fate that awaits her...




Sylvia Roden is the secretary to billionaire Solomon Kohler, a wickedly handsome outdoorist and one of the youngest billionaires in New York City. Every time Sylvia looks at him, she can't help imagine the powerful tight body beneath his well-pressed suit and the naughty things she want to do with him.
When a late night assignment turns hot and steamy, Sylvia finds out a shocking truth: Solomon is actually a werewolf who has been eyeing her curves for quite some time now.
Sylvia is faced with a dilemma. Her body wants Solomon more than anything else in the world but her mind isn't quite sure. But when Solomon's breath flushes hot on her skin, she may find it more and more difficult to argue with the pleasures that her own flesh demands.




Jesse and Jamie couldn't have been more opposite. Where Jamie was sensible, Jesse was hotheaded. But nevertheless, Jamie's family took Jesse into their pack on the reservation. In time, like opposite sides of the same coin, the two slowly found themselves completing each other in every sense of the way. 
The years have only made Jesse wilder and when Jamie learns that her parents have chosen Jesse to be her mate, she couldn't help flooding her mind with images of writhing limbs and tangled sheets. But when Jesse shows an interest in another girl Jory, is Jamie willing to do whatever it takes to reclaim her promised mate's love?




Naomi has loved Stefan since she was a little girl. But their paths drifted apart, seemingly never to cross again. 
But when her car breaks down on her way upstate for the weekend in the midst of a storm, she runs into Stefan once again. But there is something different about him now. Something wild. 
Their reunion has Stefan revealing to Naomi why he left her: he is a werewolf fighting for a position to become the Alpha of his pack. 
When Stefan reveals that an Alpha candidate must bring forth a cub of his own on the next Blood Moon when the ceremony takes place, will Naomi find it in her heart to yield to him? 



Sarah is a Mormon girl going to college in New York City on the hunt for a roommate. When the only person who answers the call is bad boy Hunter who smokes, drinks, and basically everything sinful that she is taught to avoid, Sarah isn't sure what to think.
She can't deny Hunter's wicked handsomeness and slowly, she finds her desires snaking into every fiber of her being, poisoning her mind with tantalizing thoughts of naked writhing bodies.
But Sarah doesn't know that she is Hunter's mate, destined to be his. When Hunter catches her changing in the apartment, will Sarah finally give in to her wolf's carnal hunger?




When Blake, the Alpha of a well-known wolfpack,walks into the upscale flower shop where Angelina works, her dull day starts heating up in more ways than one
But the flowers Blake is looking for aren't the ones lining the shelves but the one between Angelina's legs. One brooding stare from Blake and Angelina can't resist even if she wants to
Though Angelina's body craves for the Alpha wolf's touch, rumors of his insatiable appetite makesher hesitant to yield. But Blake isn't one who's accustomed to taking no for an answer and he's stepping closer by the second

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