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Can the love of a human restore the memories stolen from him before their connected lives kill them both?

When Nikalye wakes in the middle of nowhere, unable to remember even his own name, he has no choice but to trust the only person who remembers him—a human woman—to help him find his way back to the only thing he remembers—a beautiful and deadly warrior—Layla.

Despite being attacked by vampires in the past, Belia Garcia Sanchez tries to help Nikalye, feeling as though she owes him after he saved her life. She knows that in order for him to remember what he forgot she needs to help him get back home but doesn’t know how. She lives in the middle of the South Pole and trusts no one to help her.

Belia is attacked by vampires again, and after saving her, Nikalye knows he has to get to Layla in order to save Belia and everyone he loves from the danger he can’t see before it’s too late.

When he’s reunited with Layla and his memories are restored, a man he thought to be dead makes his appearance. When he threatens Belia and Layla’s life, Nikalye must choose between the two women he loves.

Who will he choose?

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A Dark Desire

Copyright © 2013 Natalie Hancock

ISBN: 978-1-77111-432-5

Cover art by Angela Waters

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A Dark Desire

World of Darkness book One


Natalie Hancock

To everyone who loves Nikalye as much as I do.

Chapter One

Belia trudged through the thick snow, pulling her black scarf over her face and kept her head down to avoid the sting of the cold wind that blew against her.

There were no buildings around for miles apart from her little house, which sat in the middle of nowhere. Belia liked being alone, knowing that no one could come and disturb her. No one she couldn’t handle anyway.

Squinting against the snow and the sun shining down brightly, a smile tugged against her lips. She loved the sun, liked being in it, knowing that no one could hurt her while she stood in it. She liked knowing that the sun wasn’t going to go anytime soon. It would always be there to protect her.

She was safe.

Hunched down, Belia shivered against the cold while she made her way towards home. Suddenly a small moan, carried by the wind made her stop in her tracks. The strong wind blew against her, forcing her back a step before she pushed against it. Keeping herself upright she searched the area, trying to see through the snow. In the distance where her little house sat, something moved.
What’s that?

There were no animals where she lived. No life except herself. It got pretty lonely when she was alone, but she didn’t mind. The only other person she saw was the guy who gave her firewood, food and water.

Moving as quickly as possible, Belia rushed towards her home. The closer it got, the more she realised that it was an injured man.

The wind swallowed her gasp as she dropped her bag full of firewood and ran towards him, heart hammering in her chest and fear settling deep in her stomach. There was no one for miles and Belia knew her little snow bike couldn’t hold both of their weights up.

He lay face down, completely naked and covered head to toe in snow.

Belia’s hands shook as she pulled off her gloves and touched the man gently. He was freezing.
Oh no.
She turned his large frame over with difficulty and exhaled with relief when his chest rose and fell quickly.

Keeping her hands on his chest, she put her face closer to his, brushing some of his icy hair away from his face so she could see his eyes. “Hello? Can you hear me?”

No response.

Belia shook him slightly, her teeth chattering as she tried to rouse him.
Come on, wake up!

Still, there was no response.

Belia pulled his eyelid up and was surprised for a second when she saw him staring back at her. Then he moved, faster than he should have been able to in his state, flipped her over and slammed her into the snow. The air left her lungs and the cold from the snow underneath her seeped through her clothes, stinging her skin as she stared with wide eyes.

A growl erupted from his chest and he bared his teeth.

A vampire. He’s a vampire.
Belia held her breath, unable to turn away from him as he inhaled deeply near her neck.
Oh God no, he’s going to bite me. I thought I escaped from them all?
She didn’t even question the fact that the sun shone brightly on them both.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Belia waited for the sting of the bite she was about to receive as the vampire tilted her head up, exposing her neck to the cold wind and to his fangs.

Nothing happened.

Opening one eye slowly, surprise flitted through her when the man watched her through the icy sheet of his long hair. Belia didn’t speak.
Why isn’t he attacking me?

“You have been attacked by a vampire,” he spoke in Spanish, his sensual voice washing through her senses, causing her heart to beat hard.

Slowly, afraid to do anything more, she nodded her answer and jumped when his touch warmed her neck, despite how cold he was.

He ran his thumb over the spot she had been bitten.

How did he know?

“I am sorry.”

Belia swallowed, still feeling his touch, rubbing gently. “Why?” Through the curtain of his hair, she saw his eyes widen and his eyebrows rise. Was he surprised that she spoke in Spanish? Or that she spoke?

“I am surprised you speak my language.”

Belia’s mouth gaped open, her pulse raced.
How did he know what I was thinking?
“I am Belia G…Garcia Sanchez. My birthplace is Madrid, Spain.” Her eyes wondered across his body, taking in the colour of his golden tanned skin that reminded her of her father’s colour. “Is that where you are from?”

The man turned away, his eyebrows drawing down. “I…I do not know.”

He doesn’t know?
Brows furrowed, Belia swallowed hard. “Who are you?”

He gazed down again, as though searching for the answers inside of her. “I do not remember.”


“It is possible.”

Belia’s heart stopped for a second before thumping hard.
He can read my mind.
Belia didn’t think he knew what he was doing. Was it all natural for him to answer her thoughts as though she spoke them aloud?

Swallowing once again, Belia inhaled deeply before reaching up slowly. She moved his hair away from his face and stilled once more, her eyes taking in his high cheekbones, straight nose, full lips and blue-white eyes ringed with red.


Chapter Two

“Nikalye?” His brows turned down. Nikalye? What was that?

“It…It’s your name, who you are.” The woman underneath him shook, her eyes wide, darting around. The scent of fear washed through his senses.

Did she think he would attack her? He was not a monster. He would never strike a woman. Even a human.

“Nikalye?” The name rolled off his tongue but didn’t spark any recognition. It was his name? Nikalye?

“Yes…Nikalye Rodriguez. Don’t you remember?”

He shook his head slowly, still repeating the name in his mind.

He definitely has amnesia. I wonder what happened to him to make him forget everything.
“Okay, h…how about we get out of the cold? I can tell you what I know about you.”

Nikalye turned his face towards the small home. Completely white, it almost blended in with the snow surrounding them.
Why live in the middle of nowhere?
His attention went to her neck and he focused on the puncture scars covering her skin.
Who attacked her?

Belia shivered more violently, her teeth chattering loudly.

“Okay.” He slowly pushed himself off her and pulled her to her feet as he got to his.

A blush spread across her cheeks as her gaze swept over him before she averted it.
Ooookay, oh my God. Whoa. Need to get some clothes.
She fumbled in her pocket.
He’s as hot as I remembered him being. Oh God, I’m in trouble.

Nikalye tilted his head to the side, listening to her thoughts with great interest.
She’s met me before?

Belia pushed open the door and dropped her keys in a small bowl that sat on a small table against the wall.

Nikalye was surprised by the warmth that seeped out of the small home. Obviously it was well insulated. Though the layout was bricked on the outside, the inside was made from wood.

He stepped further into the room as Belia ran up the stairs that curved along the back wall. He watched her go until she disappeared.

The house was cosy. A simple rectangle with a single settee faced at an angle in front of a small TV. Bookcases lined the wall at the back and counters took up the space in an alcove next to them.

A small wooden table took up the space in between the wall and the back of the settee, two chairs placed either side.

The entire floor was also made from wood, surprisingly warm under his feet.

“Um…here. It’s not much but it should fit you.”

Nikalye took the clothes from her as she continued.

“If you go upstairs, there’s a door on the left. It’s a bathroom. You can wash and change there. I’ll make some food and drinks. Do you like tea? Coffee? I have water if you don’t like either, so that’s not a prob—”

Nikalye placed his hands on her shoulder to stop her talking. “I can’t remember what I like.”

“Oh! Oh of course. Okay, okay. You dress. I’ll figure…something out.”
Oh God, I’m babbling. Shut up, Belia!
She turned away and headed across the room.

What a strange woman.
Nikalye watched her open the cupboards before he went up the stairs. There was no hall at the top and only a door on either side of him. Nikalye pushed open the door to his left and walked into the hot and steamy room, made from the already running shower.

It was a small room. A shower, toilet and sink taking up most of the space. Towels hung on the racks on the wall, some on the radiator.

After putting the clothes on the closed toilet seat, Nikalye stepped under the spray of water. It warmed him instantly and he felt relieved as he began to clean himself. Not wanting to stay in the shower long and waste the hot water, he did so quickly, using Belia’s body wash, shampoo and conditioner.

The scent of chocolate washed through his senses, his fangs throbbed with hunger. When was the last time he had fed? How long had he been in the snow? How did he get there?


He shook the questions from his mind and stepped out from the shower after turning it off. He opened the door.

“Oh!” Belia turned away quickly. “Um…could you put some clothes on please?”

Nikalye smiled and grabbed a towel from the wall to dry before slipping on the clothes. Lose jeans and a black shirt. He left the buttons undone and pulled on the thick fleece socks.

“You may look now.”

Oh if only I could.
Belia exhaled hard. “Okay, so I’ve put out different drinks for you to try. Maybe we can jog your memory with taste and scents.”

Nikalye nodded without a word and followed Belia down the stairs. He let his eyes take in her curved shape, long legs and round ass that swung from side to side as she walked. Her long, platinum white hair, hung straight down to the lowest part of her back.

When Belia sat on the settee, tucking her legs underneath her and eyed him expectantly, Nikalye sat next to her as astonishment shot through him. While outside, and covered in layers of clothes, he never noticed the beauty she radiated. He was too caught up in the hunger raging inside to notice.

She had low cheekbones, her skin was lightly tanned, smooth and flawless, making him wonder about her heritage. Her eyes were big, olive green, her lashes thick. She had a small, straight nose, drawing attention to her full pale lips.

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