Ada's Death (Cara Daniels Cozy Mystery Book 5)

BOOK: Ada's Death (Cara Daniels Cozy Mystery Book 5)
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Cara Daniels Cozy Mystery







not in immediate danger at the moment but she is going to be murdered in the
next three days.”

you sure, Robin? Are you sure someone is going to kill Ada Clement?” Cara
Daniels asked.

looked at his watch and tapped it. His face was grim as he turned to Cara. “I’m
sure. My angel watch is never wrong about this sort of thing.” He sighed and
sat next to Cara on the sofa. “I’ve only just met her but I can’t believe that
someone would want to kill that little old lady. If you could make the perfect
old lady with wrinkly cheeks and twinkly eyes, you’d get Ada Clement. Well,
what are we going to do about it?”

her, of course,” Cara replied. “I’ve known Ada all my life, she’s lived next
door to Gran forever.”

nodded. “It’s good that you already have information about her. What family
does she have?”

husband died about twenty years ago. She’s got one son, Ben. He’s about ten
years older than me. He’s married to a woman called … Mary? Martha? No, hang
on, it’s Maria. They’ve been married for about five years, I think. I’ve never
met her but Gran has, she says she’s the perfect daughter-in-law.”

they have any children?”

they’ve been trying for a while. Ben works at a solicitor’s firm in Leeds. He’s
doing very well according to Gran.” Cara frowned. “Are you sure you’ve got the
right Ada Clement?”

have got the right one. Does she have any enemies?”

met her, what do you think?”

pressed his lips together while he thought. Then he said, “This looks like it’s
going to be an accidental murder then.” He gave Cara a wry smile. “Unless Ada
is living a secret double life as a drugs baron and her evil past is going to
catch up with her.”

folded her arms. “Don’t joke about old women living double lives. I’m not sure
I’ve forgiven Gran yet for her double life.” She tutted. “All this time she’s
been seeing angels and talking to them!”

look softened. “She couldn’t tell you until you were ready.” He stood up and
rubbed his hands together. “Let’s get started! What’s your plan of action?”

tummy rumbled. “First I’m going to have some lunch, then I need to check my
emails. I’m behind with some of my website designs, I need to catch up.”

threw his hands up. “Never mind about your work! We’ve got to save Ada’s life,
and the soul of the person who’s going to murder her!”

stood up. “I thought you said she wasn’t in immediate danger.”

she isn’t! But we need to stake out her house, watch her movements.”

I know that, but I have work to do. I can’t let it fall behind, I need to earn

leapt forward and placed his hand on Cara’s forehead. “Aha! You’re scared!
You’re wishing someone else could deal with Ada’s case, you don’t want the

shoved his hand away. “I wish you wouldn’t do that! My emotions are my
business, you don’t have the right to jump in and take my emotional
temperature, or whatever it is that you’re doing!” She stalked towards the

went after her. “Cara! I’m sorry! I’m still new to this angel business, I don’t
know the right and wrong way of doing things.”

you need more training,” Cara muttered as she opened the fridge. She paused as
a silence descended. She looked back at Robin.

shoulders dropped. “Perhaps you’re right. I can ask another angel to help you,
one that has more experience.”

took some cooked chicken and butter out of the fridge and slammed the door. She
waved the chicken at Robin and said, “Don’t you dare!” She put the butter and
chicken down on the table and sighed. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

sniffed. “I’ve heard that line before, I’ve watched many romcom films. You’re
breaking up with me.”

not. I like having you around. You don’t know much about this soul saving
business, and neither do I. We can learn together. You’re right about me being
scared. Of course I’m scared! Having somebody’s life in your hands is a massive
responsibility. And it can’t have escaped your notice that I only just get to
the victims in time. A few more seconds and I would have lost them.”

said, “Are you sure you don’t want to trade me in for an older model?”

sure. Switch the kettle on. I’m going to have some lunch, work on my computer
for a while, and then …” She grinned at him. “I’m going to move into Gran’s

hand flew to his chest. “What? Are you kidding me? Don’t kid with me, Cara
Daniels, over such a serious matter.”

said I could use her house. And seeing as Ada lives right next door it would be
the perfect place to keep an eye on her.” She waved her hand around her small
kitchen. “It’s only a temporary thing, I’ll keep paying the rent here. And when
Gran eventually decides that she’s had enough of her world cruise, then I’ll decide
what to do then.” She narrowed her eyes. “Robin, what are you doing on your
watch? Has something changed with Ada’s proposed time of death?”

looked up at her, his eyes shining. “I’m texting the other angels! They are
going to be so jealous when they hear that I’m going to Abigail’s house! She is
such a legend!”

told me that many times. Do angels get jealous?”

shrugged. “They pretend they don’t, it depends how long they’ve been around
humans. Do you think it’ll be alright if I take some selfies later in Abigail’s

laughed. “I’m sure it will. As long as you don’t get into any trouble with
whoever is in charge of you. Has that kettle boiled yet? The tea bag won’t put
itself into the cup.”

smile didn’t fade as he made a cup of tea for Cara.

looked at the kitchen clock. “I’ll be four or five hours here. It depends how
much work I have to do. Then I’ll have to pack some things. It might be better
to say six or seven hours. Do you want to go over to Ada’s now and keep an eye
on her?”

nodded. “Okay, you take your time, I’ll pop back and let you know if a possible
murderer sneaks up on her.”

frowned. “Don’t joke about things like that.”

said, “I’m not joking. Later!” He disappeared.

tear that Cara had been holding back escaped and rolled down her cheek. Cara
collapsed into a chair and put her head in her hands. Despite Robin’s assurance
she knew it was a matter of time before she didn’t stop a murder going ahead.




didn’t reach her gran’s house until 11 p.m. She had more work to do than she
thought and many emails to answer. And it had taken her a while to pack
everything she needed during her stay at Gran’s. Even though it was only a
twenty minute car ride away Cara didn’t want to be going back and forth over
the next few days, or weeks, depending on how things went.

let out a big sigh of relief as she walked into Gran’s house. The familiar
smells and sights sent a warm comforting feeling through her body. It was like
someone had wrapped a warm, thick blanket around her.

headed to the kitchen and placed the food that she brought in the fridge. She
piled boxes in the front room and promised herself that she’d sort them out in
the morning. A flash of guilt shot through her as she imagined what Gran would
say about having boxes piled like that in her living room. Still, Gran wasn’t

stepped back into the kitchen and out of the back door. She looked over the
adjoining fence towards Ada Clement’s house. It seemed to be in darkness. Had
Ada gone to bed? Or had something happened to her?

shook her head and told herself to stop imagining the worst. Where was Robin?
Was he still in the house looking after Ada? She could do with speaking to him.

stepped back into the kitchen and closed the door. She didn’t want to be
calling out for Robin outside, like some cat making those weird wailing noises
that cats make at night-time.

Are you here? Can you hear me?” she called out to the empty kitchen.

appeared at her side making her jump. “Yo!” he called out.

took a step back as Robin’s nose was almost touching hers. Robin looked in awe
around the kitchen. “I can’t believe I’m in Abigail’s kitchen! Look at
Abigail’s kettle! And her microwave! Awesome.”

you had a look round Gran’s house yet?” Cara asked.

I’ve been keeping an eye on Ada, like you told me to.” He spun around. “Wow!
Look at that kitchen table! To think, the great Abigail has sat there.

you rein in your enthusiasm for a while and tell me about Ada?”

Oh, yeah, Ada. We had a lovely day together. Don’t look so worried! I remained
invisible throughout the day. First, she pottered around in her garden. Then
she had her dinner - lamb chop and vegetables, followed by a small raspberry

rubbed her tummy. “You’re making me hungry. Go on. Did she have any visitors?”

Her son phoned her. She chatted to him for fifteen minutes, she asked him about
his work and other things. I couldn’t hear any animosity on either side. Later
on, she did a crossword and a bit of knitting. We watched an episode of Morse.”
Robin held up a finger. “Never move to Oxford, Cara, it’s the death capital of
England. After that, she made herself a tea and took herself to bed with James Patterson.”

smiled. “I hope you’re referring to a book, and not a secret boyfriend.”

Robin said with a snort. “Very good, Cara.” He tipped his head to one side.
“You look happier. That haggard look has diminished. I think living here for a
while will do you good.”

tutted. “I’m sure I never looked haggard. A bit peaky sometimes, but not

you say so. I really like Ada, she’s a cheerful soul. Sings to herself a lot.
You should have seen her with that crossword, had it done in no time! And she
knew who the killer was in Morse within ten minutes of the programme starting.
She’s got a sharp mind.” He frowned. “I think her memory’s going a bit. She
kept mumbling about items that she’d lost. She was wondering where the salt and
pepper pots had gone as they weren’t where they should be.”

said, “I get like that too. I don’t think we need to be concerned. Is she
asleep now?”

was nodding off. I’ll go back and watch over her,” Robin offered. “You have a
good night, catch up on your beauty sleep.” He winked and then disappeared.

wasn’t sure if she would have a good sleep, she had got used to her own
surroundings. But she was wrong. As soon as she settled into the comfy bed in
Gran’s spare room she was overwhelmed with happiness as she remembered the many
happy times she’d spent in the house with Gran. Cara yawned. It was like Gran’s
house had cast a sleeping spell over her. As well as talking to angels maybe
Gran was a witch too.

was woken up rudely by a knocking sound. Who was that knocking in the middle of
the night? Cara rubbed her eyes and looked at the bedside clock. Eight o’clock
in the morning! It can’t be. She’d only just closed her eyes.

knocking sounded out again. Was someone knocking on Gran’s door? At this time?

grumpily pulled herself out of bed. If it was someone selling something she was
going to breathe morning breath all over them!

wasn’t a salesperson, it was Ada, looking bright and cheerful.

being half-asleep, Cara’s heart missed a beat when she saw the black death line
that surrounded Ada. It meant that Ada was close to being murdered. Cara had
seen it on other people but seeing it on someone she knew was another thing.
Cara forced a smile on her face.

beamed at her. “I thought that was your car outside! Well, your gran’s car but
I knew she’d lent it to you. Have you moved in? Oh, say you have!”

nodded and focused on Ada’s friendly wrinkled face instead of her death line.
“I have moved in. I’m not sure how long I’m staying.”

clapped her hands together. “How wonderful! Have you had any breakfast? I had
mine a few hours ago but I can make you something. How about bacon and
scrambled eggs?”

was about to refuse for polite reasons but then thought better of it. She
wanted to keep Ada close. Cara waved at her pyjamas. “I’ll need to get

course. Come round to my house when you’re ready. I’ll get the kettle on.” Ada
put her hand on Cara’s arm. “It’s so good to have you nearby. I miss having
your gran around and you’re the next best thing.” She wagged a finger at Cara.
“Once you’ve entered my house I may never let you go!”

don’t mind,” Cara said truthfully.

chuckled. “I think I’ve got a couple of sausages as well, I’ll stick them under
the grill for you. You look as if you need fattening up! See you in a mo!” She
walked away.

appeared at Cara’s side. She was ready for him to make a joke about Ada’s
comment about her needing to fatten up.

didn’t look as if he was about to make a joke. His tone was serious as he said,
“I think we’ve got a problem.”

BOOK: Ada's Death (Cara Daniels Cozy Mystery Book 5)
9.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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