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Authors: M.L. Forman

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Adventurers Wanted 1) Slathbog's Gold (48 page)

BOOK: Adventurers Wanted 1) Slathbog's Gold
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5. Alex is told that where there is power there is also accountability. What kinds of things in your world could be considered power? What kind of accountability is there for the powers you’ve been given?


6. It takes a long time for Alex to really believe in magic. Are there things in your world that you find hard to believe in? Are there things you believe now that you didn’t believe when you first learned about them?


7. When Alex fights the three-legged troll everything turns out well, but he is still punished. Is it fair for Alex to be punished? Have you ever broken rules to do something you know is right?


8. Iownan tells Alex that she can only see possibilities. Do your friends and families sometimes see your possibilities better than you do?


9. Iownan asks each of the adventurers to promise to return the lost crystal of the tower to her. Why do you think Iownan would make that request? Have you ever had to keep a promise that somebody else made?


10. Eric Von Tealo can only give his word that the story he’s told the adventurers is true. Would the people who know you be willing to accept your word? How important is it to have a reputation for being honest?


11. When Alex faces the wraiths at the ruins of Aunk he is tempted to do what they say. Have you ever been tempted by someone? Have you ever been tempted by something you wanted?


12. The wraiths tell Alex that they are his friends, and that they will help him become great if he helps them first. Has anyone ever promised to be your friend if you did something for them first? Are they still your friend?


13. Alex crosses the wall into the dangerous shadow lands to help his friend Tayo. How far would you be willing to go to help your friends? How far would your friends go to help you? Should there be a limit to how far you go?


14. On the journey home, Alex and his friends take the time to remember Eric Von Tealo. They make sure that his grave is marked and that his name will be remembered. How important is it to remember people who have helped you? If the people who helped you aren’t around any more, is it still important to remember them? Why?


15. When Alex returns home he is surprised to discover that his own father was once an adventurer. Have you ever discovered things about your parents that surprised you? Have you ever tried to find out about things your parents did when they were your age?


16. Arconn tells Alex that all words have power. Words can sometimes hurt us, and sometimes words can make us feel good. How do you use your words? Have you ever hurt someone with your words?


17. How is reading a book like going on an adventure? How many book adventures have you been on? What have you learned from your adventures?




BOOK: Adventurers Wanted 1) Slathbog's Gold
10.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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