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Stunned he sat up quickly and looked around

, did I fall asleep?”

Selange lay beside him in a fetal position with her ass poked out. He did a double-take when he saw what she wore. She had these gold nipple covers on
an Egyptian headdress
. He chuckled and rose
from the bed to shower which didn’t take long because his mind was on food and sex.

He checked in with Estefan. “Everything alright?”

The bodyguard must’ve risen early because he looked clean-shaven and refreshed. “Sí senor Diaz.”

Alfonzo smelled coffee. “You made coffee?”

“Yes, I thought you might need it today.”

“You thought right.” Alfonzo
replied and entered the rustic kitchen adjacent to the sitting room. He removed a cup from the cupboard and poured himself a caffeine eye-opener. After two long sips, he said, “Ah, that’s good. Mucho gracias!”

Estefan nodded, “I will check around outside, sí?”

“No problem.” Alfonzo said. He took another
gulp of coffee before gathering bre
akfast for Senorita Sleepyhead.

He carried the tray to the room and placed it on the nightstand
and sat on the edge of the bed. He watched her sleep, decided he’d let her rest
until he finished his exercise, but she woke up before he left the bed

“Morning.” She said, slowly sitting up.

Alfonzo’s eyes raked her over and he tried not to laugh. Her crown sat lopsided in her tousled hair. One of her nipple covers made a getaway and she looked like a hung-over college student playing dress-up. “Buenos dias nena.”

She rubbed her eyes, “You fell asleep.”

“I apologize. I had a long day.”

“I know.”

He pointed at the food nearby
“I brought you something to eat.”

“That’s nice
, but I planned to cook for
,” she answered and received a smile in return.

tried not to laugh at her appearance but he couldn’t stifle the chuckle. He reached for the
areola shield lying near her pillow to examine
. “

She giggled
“Everything I’m wearing is edible.”

He tapped her headgear
“And this?”

“No, this was for the effect.”

Masculine long lashes shadowed his blue eyes taking in the string around her waist. “You do look edible.”

“Oh my surprise was going to be a whopper.”

He became attentive, “Yeah. Tell me what you had in mind.”

She reached for the orange juice holding her finger up and drank half the glass, “Ummm…I’ll show you.”
She took the nipple cover from his hand, licked it and stuck it on again and set the crown straight before getting out of bed
. She told him t
o l
down. He
removed his shorts and got comfortable. She might want to demonstrate and he
took away any impediments.

Selange relit the candles, locked the door, closed the curtains and hurried to a wicker basket she hid on the shelf in the closet. He was watching her with a smirk and she winked and then cleared her throat and said, “Okay, this is a role play. You’re the
ing and I’m your sex slave.”

A sharp eyebrow ascended, “Really?”


“What’s in the basket?”

“Honey, oils
and your favorite,

He nodded. “Alright chica. I’ll play.” He pointed at his sex
slave and gestured for her to come forward.

Selange obeyed with her eyes downcast to the floor, “Yes my King.”

When she bowed he snickered quietly. She had really taken on the part, hadn’t she? “Rise
. R
honey on
my dick and suck it off.”

“Yes my King.”

Hot damn, he loved

She came to the bed with her
basket and removed her bottle of honey and a wooden spatula to spread it evenly on his staff. It was sticky and heavy, but he liked it. His body became heat the moment she set aside her thingies and climbed on the bed, lowered her head and those lips attached.


Honey clung to his engorged flesh. She suckled and licked from
base to
crown, so slow and firm his breathing became shallow. Her tongue flicked and circled his head and he lifted his ass off the bed. “Okay chica,
ing wants to eat,”
he said in a rushed breath and
flexed forward to bring her down on the bed. He wanted to give her pleasure and the edible barrier is where he began. He bent over
now and
lowered his head. W
hen his
t her out she cried in joy in response to how quickly the gelatin underwear dissolved in his mouth. He devoured it like a beast and the
fruity ones covering her
nipples before
them over and she was
back on top. He was the King and he gave the orders
isn’t that what she said?

Drunk with power he took advantage of his willing slave, especially when she
his every command

ide me nena and when you’re done
we do this shit again!”

“Yes my King








Shanda heard the howling wind. The house actually shook and poor Gee began barking like a hound from hell. How Giuseppe snored
the racket is anybody’s guess. She pushed his heavy arm to set herself free and eased out of bed. Hurriedly she brushed her teeth, took a record
because if the water pipes burst at least she wouldn’t stink. She dressed in equal haste
peered out her bedroom door and saw Giuseppe’s flunkies wide awake walking around. When she emerged from the room they looked at her like she’d killed their boss and one even went inside her room to check without asking permission. She ignored the robotic fools and whistled for Gee. She fed her dog
and made something to eat and didn’t offer them a damn thing because neither one said good morning, with their rude asses.

Um hum, she sat at the table eating breakfast and watching their uncomfortable faces until the guy in a brown shirt asked, “Excusi, can you make breakfast, we are hungry

Shanda stared at him. Obviously, he’d been misinformed. He was not a welcome guest, but an intruder in her house. She finished her orange juice without answering, collected her dishes and put them in the dishwasher, skipped right on past and
said, “Help yourself
, you have hands

Somebody u
pstairs must not have liked that because the roof squeaked, the wind
cried in chorus and no shit, the transformer blew. She heard the loud explosion and saw the sparks flash across the window outside. She high-tailed it to the bedroom and shook Giuseppe.


One eye opened, “What is it donna?”

“There’s a tropical storm coming


get up and put on some damn clothes!”
She shout
at the naked man in her bed.

He leisurely stretched his long limbs peering at her frightened face with amusement, “
A pit-bull and his ferocious master afraid of wind and rain, tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“Stop playing, this is serious. We have to go to the cellar.”

Giuseppe sat forward. He pat the space beside him, “Come, sit.”

Shanda’s ears were like radars sucking in the torrential rains
pounding the roof
. The wind’s
squeals were screaming witches in her mind flying overhead on their brooms.
She crawled
close to Giuseppe
without rebuttal

When I was a boy, I was afraid of lightning.
My father said to me
that nature send
reminders of its strength to arrogant people who believe they have power. He said, storms, earthquakes and other natural occurrences are meant to teach humility to men. Do you believe this?”

Shanda shook her head, “No
, I don’t
u’re far from humble, in fact you’re arrogant.

Then w
hat do you believe bella?”

“Not that.”

“Then present another
. What will you tell your son when he fears what is natural?”

“I’ll give him a hug and tell him
it’s okay to be afraid, but he’s
in mommy’s arms

Giuseppe put his arms around
for comfort.
“You are safe.”

She leaned her head on his shoulder

This weather is scary

“There are storms in New York.”

“Not like this…trust me.”

“Tropical storms occur more frequently in
warm climates near the oceans. Perhaps you should have thought on this more.”

“Wow thanks.”

He chuckled. She smelled nice. “Kiss me.”


His eyes were on her mouth
“Your lip is trembling.”

Shanda realized he wasn’t lying, but would kissing him
kill the
anxiety? “No.”

He held her chin and kissed her
, anyway
. She tried pulling back but couldn’t. His mouth was a seal, his tongue a pleasurable weapon
certain of her surrender. Her body cheated. The damn thing told her secret, pressing itself against his skin like a beggar.

The tempest outside was weak compared to the storm raging in her flesh. He had begun undressing her and she encouraged him by saying his name.

“Yes, tell me, you like.” He mumbled in her mouth.

“I like.”

Giuseppe placed her down to strip away what remained, rubbing and kissing her tenderly.
His touch was the
caresses because he did not want to be rough. Her body glowed; the sight of her nude and another of nature’s power humbled him. The child in her womb would know he loved it, through touch. His mouth suckled her swollen breasts
, loving their taste,
enjoying her hands rubbing his waist. He carefully avoided her enlarged stomach, taking great care not to crush her with his body.

Shanda felt awkward. Her stomach was in the way, but Giuseppe appeared to have more experience in pregnant love-making and whispered Italian endearments she didn’t understand, yet the sexy way in which he spoke
relaxed her completely.

He tried to prolong taking and failed. He went to his knees on the bed and brought her
over his thighs. His strong hands supported her spine as he gently eased upward sending her arching backward
in ecstasy simply from
the tip
of his dick touching her lower lips. When he surged further his head lowered to one of her succulent breasts loving the way the juices flowed across his staf
f and the tightness. Her hands were in his hair, frantic pleas
he kiss her and he did. She expanded wider when he applied pressure with his forearm to the base of her spine until she clutched him around the neck breathing hard. Her face rested there, the pleasure he brought while taking had her kissing at his neck. He moved with firm loving strokes
closing his eyes at the
. It was indescribable and exhilarating and he wanted to stay in there.

BOOK: Affirmation
7.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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