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The connection did help though, and I listened to Aisa
giving cooking advice to Sally, and Aida ribbing Dan as I walked back up to the
apartment alone, Karen was heading home and meeting up with some friends. 
I couldn’t blame her, we hadn’t really gotten to know each other that well, we
were acquaintances, or possibly friends of the sort that hang out because they
have common people.

I felt very grateful to Sally, who seemed willing to gibber
at me endlessly to keep my mind off things.  I started to finally relax by
midafternoon, they’d been given some plain scrubs to wear, and had already gone
through the scans and blood draw.  They were meeting with psychiatrists
and nothing untoward was going on as far as I could tell. 

I’d been doubting I could get to sleep that night, but when
Aisa and Aida were brought to their own rooms, and things seemed to settle for
the evening when they told me good night and went to sleep.  My nervous
energy completely crashed at that point.  I think Sally was telling me
about their pets, both dogs and cats, when I crashed right there on the living
room couch and fell asleep on her.



“Wake up!”

I mumbled, “Sally?  What’s going on?”

My overlay showed it was three fourteen in the morning.

A screen popped up in my overlay all by itself, and I could
see two orderlies looming over me on the screen.

Sally said, “That’s what Aisa is seeing, they just woke her
up and are demanding she go with them.”

“How did you?”

Sally blew out a breath, “Well, I kinda… might have,” she
said really fast, “hacked-your-implant-just-now.  It’s fine, really.”

I snorted, “Alright, no sweat Sal, I trust you, what’s going
on then?”

Aisa replied in a relatively calm voice, “I don’t know yet,
we’ll find out.”

I saw out of Aisa’s eyes as she stood up and then walked
between the goons.

I demanded, “Why are you so calm, I’m about to have a heart
attack here.”

Aida replied, “Take it easy, we’ve been on their network all
day.  We… took precautions.”

I nodded, I wished they’d have told me that sooner, “What do
you want me to do?  Or did you just wake me for my company?  Not that
I mind, I’m glad you did.”

Aisa replied, “Well I knew you’d be mad if we didn’t, but
could you pack bags for the four of us.  Just in case we need to… disappear?”

I jumped up and ran to the bedroom, and started to stuff
clothes and necessities in a large duffel bag while I watched her get on an

“What about tracking?”

Sally giggled, “I could make you’re A.I. report you’re in
the North Pole if I wanted to right now, and none of us can be tracked that

Well fuck, if I’d have known that earlier we could have made
plans.  Still, I wasn’t the one being marched by two orderlies for some
unknown reason, so I kept the annoyance out of my voice.

“Alright, would have been good to know before now.”

Aida sounded a little apologetic, “It’s not something we
were really willing to do, it violates a number of laws and we couldn’t justify
it until now.  Even now unless it’s for self-defense, this is just a precaution. 
We don’t really want to go on the run you know, it could blow our chances to be

I sighed, “Your right of course, but on the other hand if we
have to run, and show evidence why we had to run, it could help in the long
run.  I’ve got a large bag full of our clothes and stuff, I’m going to get
some of Cal’s now as well.”

They took Aisa into one of the medical rooms, the doctor
they’d met earlier was in scrubs.

Aisa apparently decided to pass sound as well.

“What is this?”

The doctor smiled, “Nothing to worry about.  We just
got some strange readings on some cerebral fluid, we need to take a small
biopsy, a few cells.”

Aisa replied, “No.  The cerebral fluid is what keeps me
from rejecting the biological connections to my processors.  That’s all
you need to know, the information is proprietary and not in the scope of what
you’re authorized to do by the court.”

I suppressed a growl in frustration at her next words.

“Also, your attempts to infiltrate and hack us won’t succeed. 
You haven’t even come close to getting past my outer hardware and through the
firewall, and even if you did… it wouldn’t work.”

He frowned, “Why not?”

She snickered, “Same reason a virus built for one operating
system won’t work on another.  Except no one has our base code except us,
it’s literally impossible to hack us without that data, unless I was dumb
enough to translate the code and run it manually.  I’m warning you, return
me to my room, I won’t allow you to stick a needle into my brain.”

Huh, another thing I hadn’t known, it was obvious in
hindsight though.

The doctor frowned, “I don’t think so young lady.  Men,
put her on the table and strap her down, knock her out if you have to.”

Aida said, “Cal and I our out of our rooms, and we have found

Aisa replied, “Good,” and sat down on the floor.

The doctor’s eyebrows furrowed, “What are you doing?”

Aisa shrugged nonchalantly, “I don’t want to fall down and
hurt myself when the gas overcomes us.”

The doctor had just enough time to widen his eyes, as all
four of them passed out.

“Is she alright?”

Sally replied as she cut off the video of what had to be
Aisa’s eye lids, “She’ll be fine, it’s perfectly safe, just a knock out
gas.  Cal and Aida are on the way to pick her up with a mask and something
to wake her up with, everyone else in the building should be napping. 
I’ll let you know when to head downstairs, I assume you want to go along.”

I grunted, “Of course,” like I’d let them go alone?

I went through the bags again, I didn’t forget anything, I
even had all the stunners in the side pocket.  A part of me was amazed by
the idea I was about to be on the run from the government, but I’d meant every
word.  I’d follow Aida and Aisa anywhere, no matter where we wound up in
the end it would be together, and I knew the same was true for them about me.

“So… care to share our destination yet?  Or is there

Sally sighed, “Sorry, right, should have told you by
now.  A large cabin in the Oregon mountains which is owned through so many
foreign shell companies the government won’t find a connection.  We’ll all
be meeting you there since the government knows where to find the rest of
us.  Father is concerned that if Aida, Aisa, and Cal disappear they’ll
come after us next.”

I felt bad all the sudden, it wasn’t my fault but this all
got started because of my stupid soon to be ex-wife.  I knew it would have
all come down sooner or later anyway when James Ellings passed, but that didn’t
help all that much at the moment.

“Sorry you got dragged in.”

She giggled, “Isn’t that our line?  This isn’t your

Aida spoke up, “Sal is right, if anything we screwed your
life up, but I can’t say I’m sorry about that love.”

I smiled at how soft and loving her voice had been.

“Alright, well you know I feel the same, so how much longer
until we make our escape.”

Cal grunted, “I’m carrying Aisa now, were about to get in
the air car.  We should be there in ten, I just need to disable the GPS on
this thing.”

I nodded even though no one could see it, “Alright, I’ll
head down in a few then.”

I went into the kitchen and grabbed some bottles of water
and snacks.  Oregon was two thousand miles away or so, it would take at
least three hours to get there by air car.  I was about halfway down the
stairs when I heard Aisa’s voice, and a sharp feeling of relief cut through me.

“We’re here Tony.”

I replied, “Good, will you package up the video of tonight,
and send it to Gerald, let him decide if we should release it or try and use it
for leverage.”

Sally snorted, “You want to blackmail them?”

I replied as I walked out the door, “Not necessarily, but
they may back off instead of being embarrassed, or they might just disavow the
doctor and say he was acting on his own.  Possibly a mixture of the two.”

Aida opened the door to let me in, and spoke out loud, “Not
a chance, we were in the network, we have the orders that were cut from some
NSA bigshot.  He wanted to know how to build another like us, apparently
they’ve tried in the past and couldn’t get past the rejection problem, or the
technical cascade failure issues when a computer is faced with billions of
nerve endings all sending data at once.

“Of course, their project included upgraded biologics, not
just normal human bodies like we have.  Think enhanced soldier, plus our
abilities to manipulate tech, something we are still loathe to do, but I refuse
to be a victim.”

I shook my head, it was like I was living in a novel, “So
blackmailing might work then, either way, let our lawyer decide.  As far
as the other, you haven’t done anything but defend yourself.”

I pulled the door closed and kissed Aida breathless, and
then Aisa as I gathered her against me.  I sat down in the back and Aisa
cuddled into me like she’d no intention of ever moving again.  Aida winked
at me from the front passenger seat, I could tell she wanted to be held too,
but she had to stay upfront with Cal who was flying.  We took off straight
up leaving my stomach behind, and then moved west really fast pushing me back
into the seat.  I really didn’t mind the part where Aisa was squished
against me.

“What about radar?”

Cal replied, “It’s a government air car, it has some stealth
systems.  Without the GPS betraying our position as long as I don’t run
into something, they’ll never find us.”

“Run into something?” I asked nervously.

Cal laughed at my tone of voice, but didn’t answer. 
Even Aida’s eyes were full of mirth as she looked back at me, and Aisa… well
she was giggling into my chest.  I could also hear Sally, Cheryl and Steve
laughing in my head.  I did the manly thing and sucked it up, if they
needed a target for comic relief to let out some steam, I was willing to

I decided for now to leave the connection up, I could see
now where it could get addicting.  No wonder Aisa and Aida only dropped
off when we had sex, it was like… never being alone.  Perhaps that would
grow to be too much, everyone needed privacy once in a while, but for the trip
it was comforting.  Of course, once we got there we’d all be in the same
place, so I’d probably drop it then… maybe.  I was actually learning quite
a bit about Aisa and Aida’s family by listening…



We didn’t really talk much during the trip, at least, not
out loud.  Aisa hardly moved, just adjusted her position a few
times.  We did make a stop on the way though, to stretch our legs and grab
a bite to eat before getting back on the road.  Aisa had sounded so…
confident and in control when she was taken into that room, but it was obvious
it had affected her more than was apparent, because she was acting very clingy
and wouldn’t stop touching me longer than it took for a quick bathroom break,
which was something I could definitely get behind.  The touching part I

Aisa kissed my neck softly when we got back in the air car,
“I love you Tony.  Thank you for being here… I was afraid once you found
out all we could do it would freak you out.  You’re actually enjoying the
connection aren’t you, even if it’s not a full one like we have.”

I kissed the top of her head, “Are you crazy?  I think
its sexy you can do those things, and it makes me feel better about our chances

She tilted her head, “It doesn’t bother you we can hack your

I shook my head, “I trust you.  Heck, it doesn’t even
bother me Sally’s the one who did it, and I haven’t even met her yet. 
It’s different yes, but it’s no different than trusting that I won’t grab a
stunner and knock you out, or sell you out.  The means may be new and
strange, but trust is trust.  I love you, and I trust you, doing what you
can do doesn’t change that.”

I felt like I’d just went around the subject like three
times, so I shut up to stop beating the dead horse and just stared down into
those bright lovely green eyes that I loved so much. 

She kissed me softly, and for a moment I wished we were
somewhere a little more private.  She broke the kiss and laid her head
against my chest, and for the rest of the ride we fell in and out of sleep
until Aida woke us up.

“Take a look out the window.”

I looked out and frowned, “You call that monstrosity a

The thing was three stories tall, it looked like a log cabin
only in that the walls were made of logs.  It looked like a mansion. 
I supposed that was a good thing, since there would be ten of us, plus animals,
although I couldn’t remember how many Sally told me they had.

Aida chuckled, “Yup.  Father is a little paranoid about
our safety, so he had this built about ten years ago, just in case we ever had
to hide.”

The air car landed on the side of the mountain, and then
pulled over into a copse of trees, and the car had plenty of cover from
satellite imagery.  We got out and headed into the
as she
called it, and I was met by a number of strange faces.  They all hugged,
and I was somehow pulled into that. 

They were all above average in looks, but not tens, so that
trend continued.  They looked like any other normal attractive person.

Bill and Dan were tall and rather built like linebackers,
the complete opposite of what I’d assumed from their shy tenor voices. 
Bill had brown hair and eyes, Dan had brown hair and hazel eyes.  Sally
actually looked like she sounded, she had long bright red hair, large doe eyes,
and a pixie face with a warm welcoming smile as she pulled me into a hug. 

She was the shortest in the group, at five foot one, and had
an athletic body with long graceful curves.  She kissed my cheek before
letting go.  I did see her check me out, but I didn’t see anything in her
eyes indicating anything more than friendship and thanks for being here for her

And thank god for that, I’d never be able to keep up with
three of them.  Besides, the six-year difference between Aida and I was
about my limit, Sally was cute as hell but just nineteen.  The nine-year
difference wouldn’t be so important later, but right now it was huge.

Cheryl was a golden blonde with striking storm gray eyes,
she gave me a shy smile and a tentative one armed hug while holding her
voluptuous body away from me.  That worked just fine for me, she was
eleven years younger and underage.  Steve was just short of six foot, and
had short black hair, and green eyes.  He gave me the one of those one
armed back thumping man hugs. 

Beyond them, sitting in a powered chair, was who I assumed
to be James Ellings.  I was relieved to see the welcoming smile on his
face, apparently he wasn’t going to count his daughter’s earlier danger against

He was old, ninety-eight, and he was very thin and
underweight.  But his eyes were sharp, and I questioned Cal’s assertion
that he was forgetful nowadays.  Maybe it was just the excitement of the
night, but the man’s eyes shone with piercing intelligence and wisdom.

“Welcome to my home Mr. Sanders.”

I nodded, “Thank you sir, please call me Tony.”

The old man smiled, “Call me James, sir makes me sound old
or something.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that, until he started laughing
and I joined him.  I added self-deprecating to what I knew about him.

James said, “Your A.I. should have full access to the house
systems now, hopefully we’ll remain hidden, our satellite uplink can’t be traced,
but we have some teethe if anyone comes.”

I took a moment to query the house A.I., it had a number of
stunners as my home did, but it also had other defenses, like gas and the house
robots could shoot darts that would shock someone’s system with electricity as
well as being mobile stunner platforms.  There was also an underground
tunnel that led to the other side of the mountain, to a hidden air car
garage.  I no longer thought my small plans and protections had been
remotely paranoid in nature, James had me beat hands down.

“Thank you.”

“Aisa will show you to your rooms, and we should have
breakfast coming soon.  You should have about an hour to get cleaned up
and settled.”

I didn’t want to say thank you for a third time, so I just
nodded.  Aisa took my hand and tugged me toward the stairs and I
followed.  Aida stayed behind, and the reason for that became obvious once
we got up in our room, I wasn’t the only one that had wanted a more… ardent
demonstration of how happy we were both safe and together back in the air car.


When we got inside our room, which had a huge king sized bed
in it, she kissed me breathless.

“Don’t forget to turn off that link.”

I blushed, wondering if they’d heard my moan of pleasure
from a moment ago as I hung up the party line.  She giggled at my
expression and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist as she
claimed my lips hungrily.  She kissed me quite thoroughly before dropping
down and stripping.  She was so beautiful, more so to me every day. 
I followed suit, unable to take my eyes off of her sexy nubile body as it was
slowly revealed, while she drank me in with her sparkling green eyes.

She smiled naughtily at me and swayed sexily over to the
bed, and then bent over it, spreading her legs and sticking up her ass in
invitation with her arms stretched out above her head.

“Tony,” she whispered in a needy and breathy voice, “Come
take me.”

I walked over and lightly brushed along her silken labia
with the tip of my manhood as I teasingly traced my fingers along the curves of
her waist, over her hips, and onto her ass.  She was trembling at my
touch, practically begging me with her whole body.  I slid a hand down to
check her, and she was absolutely soaked, and her labia was puffy and opening
for me. 

I continued to tease her with my fingertips, while sliding
my length up and down her labia.  I waited until I sensed she was about to
beg me for it, and then slammed into her in one hard violent stroke.  She
gripped me tightly in her blissfully warm moist sex and arched her back as a
gasp escaped her lips.

I teased her then, pulling it out slowly one inch at a time,
until only my tip was buried, then I slid back in painfully slow, doing my best
to angle myself right to rub her g-spot with my entire length.  I was
breathing hard and my heartbeat took off as I did it again and again, teasing
her slowly to her first orgasm.  Then when she was right on the edge, I
pulled her head back by her long beautiful raven hair and slapped her ass.

“Cum for me Aisa,” I demanded.

She exploded under me, and that’s when I stopped
teasing.  I started to slam into her hard and fast, raising and extending
her orgasm the best I knew how.  She rolled into a second orgasm almost
immediately after the first, and then built up quickly for a third.

That’s when I lost it, her third orgasm was an explosion,
and she squirted all over my center and grasped me tightly, milking me, and I
gave up my control, my balls boiled, and I filled her up with my seed.

She moaned softly and ground back against me, I felt her
tighten around me and try to milk every drop.

“God, I needed that so bad.”

I grinned, “My pleasure love,” while I caressed her lower
back and ass.

I pulled out, grabbed her hips and flipped her over.  I
pulled her legs up and over my shoulders as I crawled into the bed, sliding her
back over the covers.  She looked up at me with pleasure filled but still
hungry sparkling green eyes.  I pulled her butt off the bed a little,
holding her by her sexy legs.  I kissed her ankle softly, and then lined
myself up and sunk back into her heaven.

Despite our position of having her legs pinned and having
her almost folded in half under me, I made love to her slowly, sliding in and
out of her sweet moist heaven, enjoying every feeling of the silken friction
along my sensitive length from being deep inside her supple body.

I stared deep into her eyes as I took her over the edge over
and over again, I loved it every time she trembled and came all over my cock, nothing
compared to watching her pleasurable reaction to my invasion of her body. 
The sweet sound of her mewling voice as she was wracked with pleasure again and
again.  Finally, when I sense she was approaching overstimulation, I
picked up speed, and joined her in her last orgasm, once again filling her
center with my seed.

She snuggled against me after I laid next to her.

“I love it when you do that, the way you look at me, I
always feel… so loved and safe.”

I kissed her softly, “I kind of enjoy it too.”

She bit my lip, “Kind of?” she asked a little sharply.

I nodded against her hair, “Sorta, yeah… I suppose,” at that
point my forced bored nonchalance broke, and I dissolved into laughter.

She snorted, “Asshole.”

I laughed harder, “I love you baby, and you have no idea how
much I love making you feel that way.  I love the way you look at me too.”

She sighed in faux despair, “That’s better, but your still
an asshole.  Lucky for you I love you, so you’re my asshole.”

I snorted, “Well this asshole is hungry, let’s hit the
shower so we can go eat O’ precious and beauteous light of my life.”

She giggled, “Fine, I suppose we can go do that.”


Breakfast was a bit like controlled chaos.  It wasn’t
just the ten of us, I met the pets Sally had told me about as a distraction
during Aisa’s, Aida’s, and Cal’s breakout much earlier this morning. 
There were two dogs, and one cat, so not as many as I’d gotten the impression
of earlier.  Sunny was a three-year-old Golden Retriever, Bear was a
five-year-old big Alaskan Malamute, and then Daisy was Calico cat about ten
years old.  They were all pretty well behaved outside of begging for food,
and none of them attacked me, so I took it as a good sign.

Most of the breakfast was taken up with a recap of the
events from early this morning.  Sally, Aida, and Steve seemed to dominate
the conversation, being the most outspoken in the family.  I was rather
quiet and just paid attention, they were making me feel welcome, even on the
link I’d turned back on, but I figured it was better to keep my mouth shut
unless asked a question and pay attention at this point.  Of course, I got
asked questions.

James asked, “So Tony, what’s next for you?”

I really didn’t have an answer for that one.

“I planned to get with Gerald later today, see what the
situation is.  For now, I’d just planned to stay here off everyone’s radar
and plan our next steps.  Even if things with the government aren’t as bad
as I fear, we should stay here away from the problem until we have to go back
for court.  I hadn’t had a chance to discuss it at all with Cal, Aisa, and
Aida yet though.”

James nodded, “You’re more than welcome of course, and I’m
glad to hear it.  We’ll wait to hear back and discuss it again
later.  But staying here regardless does sound safest, you don’t have a
problem with that?”

I smiled, “No, not with Aisa and Aida here with me. 
Aisa and I can even keep up with our programming work here.  It might even
be better than going back to the city, I was planning on asking them to go for
a hike after breakfast.  We haven’t been outside in quite a while since
this all started.”

Aisa squeezed my leg under the table and smiled, “That
sounds great, I was going crazy stuck in that apartment, even with your

Aida grinned and said in a faux longsuffering voice, “Don’t
we know it…”

Sally snickered, but was held back from saying anything by
Aisa’s glare, and just stuck her tongue out.

The banter continued for a while, I noticed James seemed
almost relieved at my answer, perhaps he’d thought I’d drag his two eldest
daughters back to the city with me and put them in more danger.  Maybe I
should have been insulted by the idea, but to be fair he didn’t know me all
that well, and he was being gracious about the fact that I was in a
relationship with both of them.

Really, considering all that had happened, I had very little
to complain about.  I had two beautiful women, one on each side of me,
both loving me to distraction, and I loved them.  As long as we came out
of the other side of this intact, it will all be more than worth it.

BOOK: A.I.S.A.: An Erotic Sci-Fi Romance
12.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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