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Authors: Randi Alexander

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All Hat No Cattle: A Red Hot and BOOM! Story (7 page)

BOOK: All Hat No Cattle: A Red Hot and BOOM! Story

He kissed her fingers and picked her up in
his arms. “There’s a lot of hours between now and breakfast, Red.”
He tossed her on the bed and she bounced a couple times, sliding
along the satin comforter.

“Red, huh? Not very original.”

He bent and pulled off his first boot. “My
brain wasn’t fast enough that morning in town to ask your name. I
had to call you something.”

She loved that he admitted it. Not a cocky
cell in that hot body of his. Her gaze drifted over his solid
length as he bent and pulled off his other boot. Working the oil
field evidently did wonderful things for a man. Bulging biceps,
ripped pecs, defined shoulders, and a six-pack that she needed to
taste. Her breathing grew ragged as her brain switched off all
conscious thought and turned on her primal desire. She wanted him
hard and heavy on top of her, pressing her into the mattress.

His hands went to his belt buckle. Her eyes
followed. Slowly he undid the belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and slid
the zipper down.

Her mouth watered and her hips started
circling, needing to see what came next, knowing it was going to be

He dropped his jeans, bent over to take them
and his socks off, and came back up wearing only his black
boxer-briefs and the sexiest smile she’d ever seen. His long, thick
cock pulsed in the stretchy material.

“Cowboy.” She held out her hand to him.

He nodded. “Red.” He strolled to the bed.
What had she said about him not being cocky? He was confident and
bold as he hit the bed, rolled on top of her, grabbed her wrists in
his calloused hands, and settled his hard staff in the vee between
her legs.

An explosion of desire raced through her and
her hips tipped up, welcoming him as cream trickled from her pussy
lips, hot and slick.

His nose nearly touched hers and their breath
mingled. The brown of his eyes had turned dark, nearly black, and
his jaw set in a stubborn clench. “I want you. I’ve never wanted
anything this bad, Harper. I’m into you, more intensely than I know
is good for me.” Between his eyes, a wrinkle formed.

His words threw her heart into a gallop. To
have a man admit something so personal made her want to...

“I want you too, Shaw.” Shivers coursed down
her spine. “I want you pulsing inside me, hot and thick and long. I
want to scream your name.”

His hips jerked and his hard erection tweaked
her clit. “Harper.” He shut his eyes for a few seconds then locked
gazes with her. “I gotta taste you first.” He sucked her earlobe
into his mouth and whispered, “Everywhere.”

Her back arched and through her bra, her
nipples dragged across his chest. “Don’t wait. Do it now.” She was
a greedy woman. Greedy for his hard loving.

As his lips trailed along her neck, nibbling
and sucking, his hand went to her back, easily unfastening her bra.
In seconds, he had it off and threw it across the room. “Aw, Red.”
He stared at her breasts.

She shivered and her nipples puckered, hard
and aching for his touch.

“You’re perfect.” He cupped his palms around
her C-cups and massaged.

Harper slid her hands up his arms, loving the
sexy, hard muscles, then threaded her fingers through his hair.
“Taste me.” She arched up as she pulled him down.

He didn’t hesitate. Ravenously, he kissed and
suckled her nipples, licked each mound like it was candy, and
tweaked her needy points with his thumbs.

Flares of heat shot straight to her belly,
making her slit quiver and juice for him.

“I can smell your cream.” He lapped at her
nipple, his eyes intent on hers. “I’m gonna lick up every drop and
make you lose your mind.”

Her breaths came in pants, her head thrashed
back and forth, needing release from the sensual ache. “Please,
Shaw. I’ll do anything you want. Just make me come.”

“Anything, huh?” Easing down her body, his
lips and tongue left a wet trail across her belly button and to the
top of her panties. “I’ll have to think on that.”

“No time for thinking.” She lifted her head
to watch as his teeth nipped at her skin then snagged the elastic
on the little scrap of pink. Throbbing lust convulsed in her core
and her ass cheeks tightened until they cramped.

Using his teeth, he made fast work of pulling
off her panties. A second later, his mouth fastened on her ankle,
nipping and licking. Making a swirling pattern with his tongue, he
crawled up her body on his hands and knees. A sleek predator ready
to eat his prey.

When he reached her pussy, he buried his nose
in her trimmed curls. “Red. I knew it.”

She laughed, but quickly stopped when he
sucked her lips into his mouth. Her body stiffened and a wild race
of tingles traveled up her spine. Her brain turned muzzy as she
gripped the comforter.

His big hands pressed against her thighs and
she opened for him. With a groan, he slid his tongue deep inside
her core.

“Shaw.” It came out on a breath. His rhythmic
lapping set her hips jerking, needing more. He trailed his tongue
up her pussy to find her clit hidden beneath its hood.

“You taste fucking fantastic.” His voice
rumbled. He sucked her clit into his mouth and teased it with his

The shot of lust that ran up her back clicked
off every thought and sent her spinning upward, toward the

“Come. Now.” He pushed two big fingers inside
her canal as his tongue circled her clit. “Come for me,

She flew into the heavens, stars spinning
around her and through her. Her skin flushed hot and her muscles

He pumped his fingers into her, dragging them
out and pushing into her again while his tongue found a wicked
rhythm on her tender bud.

She sailed in widening circles in her own
universe, knowing he was with her, but unable to even speak his
name. Slowly she descended, her body twitching with the intensity
of the release. She floated back into reality and forced open one
eye, then the other.

Shaw softly kissed her clit, her pussy lips,
then, looking into her eyes, he withdrew his fingers from her canal
and sucked them clean of her juices.

A fast aftershock raged through her and her
hips bucked as her head went for another quick spin.

He climbed up the bed and wrapped her in his
arms. “You’re beautiful, Harper. Your body responded to me like
we’d done this a hundred times.”

She snuggled into him. She’d love to do this
with him a hundred times, but right now he was toasty warm. She
wanted him to heat her from the outside the way he’d done on the

“You’re cold.” His hand gripped hers, then he
leaned down to touch her calf. “Are you okay?” He looked at her

Harper smiled to keep her lips from
quivering. “I just took a little chill at the rodeo, I guess.” She
shivered. “And I’d left the air on high, I guess. I need your body
heat to keep me happy.” She kissed his shoulder and nuzzled her
nose in his chest hair, squirming further underneath him.

“C’mon.” He slid off the bed, his cock still
at full throttle in his shorts, and held out his hand to her.
“Let’s get in the shower and warm up.” His crooked smile told her
they would be doing a lot more than just standing under the hot

Chapter Seven

As he held out his hand to Harper to help her
off the bed, Shaw’s cock grew so hard, he could barely stand up
straight. He’d never tasted anything as sweet as Red’s hot pussy.
And he’d never been as crazy about anything on a woman as he’d been
when he saw the short, red curls between her legs. A fantasy come
to life.

He’d barely gotten started licking her,
sucking her, finger-fucking her, when she’d exploded like a Brahma
bull out of the chutes. Damn, his woman was sexy as hell. He
blinked. His woman? Where had that come from?

She reached up and took his hand and he
helped her from the bed. Shaw turned the air conditioner off as
they walked past it. He brought her with him into the fancy
bathroom he’d spied as they came into the room. A tiled, walk-in
shower with a big showerhead hanging from the ceiling. His favorite
sex took place in a shower, and with this exceptional woman pressed
up against the tile wall, today would be the best of his life.

He turned on the water. “Are you sure you’re
okay, Red?”

She nodded, a tiny smile on her lips. “I’m”

“I’m going to grab a condom.” He watched her
face. “If that’s okay.”

She shivered and her smile widened. “More
than okay. I need you, cowboy.” She walked up to him and pressed
her hands on his hips. “I want this.” One hand slid across his
belly and pulled his briefs down to mid-thigh.

He jerked, his balls tightening and heat
pooling in his gut. Her small hand gripped his rock-hard cock,
packing one hell of a punch to his tightly-controlled lust.

She stroked him, looking at his shaft as if
she’d never seen anything that interesting before. When her hand
cupped his balls, he tried to speak but it came out a long groan
instead. She looked up at him. “You like that?”

“Hell yeah, I like that.” The words shot out
of him like a bullet.

Her eyes widened then she laughed. “Wow. I
love that response.” Her palm continued its long strokes, her other
hand massaged his sac. “You’re probably going to like this too,
then.” She knelt and took his cockhead into her mouth in one fast

“Oh, damn it.” Flames raced from his cock,
through his balls, and up his spine, begging him to let go and
shoot his load into her hot mouth.

As her tongue swirled around his knob, she
used her hand to stroke the length of him. The combination nearly
made him pop. “Harper.” He didn’t want to come in her mouth. Not
this time. He wanted to be inside her, pumping hard and making her
scream with her climax.

The room filled with steam from the shower.
“You have to stop.” He eased his shaft from the intense pleasure of
her mouth and pulled her to her feet. “I want to take you, Red. In
the shower, both of us wet and slippery.”

Her face turned pink and her eyes darkened.

He opened the glass shower door, tested the
water temperature, and gestured for her to enter.

She trailed her fingers along his abs as she
stepped in. Tipping her head back, she let the water glide over her
hair and down her body, running over her breasts and off her
nipples, down her belly to slide between her legs.

She was absolutely beautiful. His balls gave
a warning squeeze. His body needed release. He wouldn’t be doing a
marathon this time around. It’d be a sprint. He jogged to the
bedroom while stripping off his briefs then pulled a condom out of
his wallet, opened it, and rolled it on.

When he stepped into the bathroom, Harper had
her back to him. When she saw him, she pressed her hands to the
wall and arched her back, plumping her ass up for him. “Hard and
fast, cowboy.”

Fuck. He was right on the edge. He closed the
shower door behind him and took a firm hold on Harper’s pale ass

She wiggled and tilted her hips, offering him

He slid his fingers along her ass crack down
to her pussy. Slick and hot, ready for him. “I usually have more
endurance, but Red, your sweet body is making me lose control.”

Licking her lips, she watched him over her
shoulder. “Good. I want you to lose it.”

“Aw, Harper.” He stepped between her feet,
lifted one of her legs and secured it in the crook of his arm, his
hand pressed flat on the wall. With his other hand, he grasped her
other thigh and lifted her a foot up the wall. His cockhead pressed
into her tight slit and he dropped her onto his shaft.

Her cry of pleasure echoed along with his
moan. Hot and slick, she took him all the way in, stretching to fit
his heavy length.

“Shaw, oh God, that’s good.” She sucked in
uneven breaths. “Let me ride you, cowboy.”

Razor-sharp jolts of desire ran up his spine
where they demanded his brain shut down and let his body have its
release. He fought for every second of restraint. “Ride me. Make it
wild.” He lifted her, jerking his hips to pull out of her, then
dropped her again, pumping his rod deep inside her. “You’re so
tight.” He wouldn’t last long.

“Fuck me with your big cock, Shaw.” Her voice
was deep and breathy.

Neither of them could hold on much longer.
“We’re gonna come together, Red, fast and crazy.” He pistoned into
her as he lifted and dropped her. “I promise I’ll make it up to
you, slow and hot, later.”

She groaned. “I’m there, Shaw. I’m coming

Around his cock, her tight pussy clamped and
released, over and over, forcing his cum from him as he snapped
into oblivion, sending explosions along his spine and into his
balls. He pounded into her as his brain reached critical mass and
spikes of pleasure hit each nerve ending in his body.

As he shot his cum into her, he pressed close
to her, kissing her neck and stroking her pussy, drawing out one
more minute of her orgasm. Slowly, feeling returned to his muscles
and thought reentered his mind.

Their breathing synchronized as they stayed
pressed tightly together, her body giving tiny shivers. She’d taken
a chill, so being pressed against a tile wall was probably not her
idea of afterglow cuddling.

He withdrew his still-hard shaft from her
tight canal and set her on her feet, pulling her with him under the
warm water. He dealt with the condom and rinsed them both off, her
body nearly boneless, but her smile reflecting her

Turning off the water, he found a towel and
covered her hair while she just stood there smiling and sighing.
After wrapping a big bath sheet nearly twice around her, he picked
her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Pulling back the
sheets, he laid her down and tucked her in, then went back to dry
himself. When he slid in next to her, she dropped her towels to the
floor and rolled half on top of him, resting her head on his

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