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Angel's Redemption

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"Angel, I'm out of cigarettes and beer. I'm just going to run up to the store for a few minutes. I'll be right back."

His boyfriend, Ken's, deep voice resonated through the closed door. Angel couldn't bring himself to answer, although there really wasn't much to say.

Angel honestly didn't have much to say about anything anymore.

When he heard the front door close, Angel slowly slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom. This was the opportunity he'd been waiting for. Ken didn't trust him and he wouldn't leave him alone long, especially since Angel tried to escape a couple of weeks ago.

Angel was tired of the hell that that had become his life. Everyone he knew—from Ken to his so-called friends—wanted something from Angel, and he was sick of it.

For years, he had been used and abused by everyone in the porn industry. Even the man who
he was his boyfriend, and who also happened to be his manager, really didn't give a shit about him. Ken had proven that time and time again by his refusal to allow Angel to leave the industry. Ken also took every opportunity he could to abuse Angel in some way. His physical abuse and the vile words he would call Angel didn't even hurt that much anymore, because Angel managed to disassociate himself from it most of the time. Now he was numb.

As long as Angel did what he was asked and was fucked by anyone Ken saw fit, everyone that pushed themselves into Angel's life was happy. It didn't matter that he hated it and often begged for it to stop. As long as he remained the most popular twink and continued to bring in the money, Ken and his goonies were happy. He was nothing more than a cock and ass to everyone he knew. The fact that Angel had a young and innocent-looking, pretty face was just a bonus to all of them.

Angel thought back two weeks ago, to when he tried to run away. He had saved up enough money to buy a bus ticket to the middle of nowhere. He remembered shaking with fear and excitement while he waited in the dirty bus station. Just the thought of getting away from all the ugliness in his life and starting over made him feel hope for the first time in eight years.

But just as he boarded the bus and had finally begun to believe he might achieve the freedom he so desperately wanted, he had been caught by Ken and some of his posse and was practically manhandled back into the life he couldn't escape from.

So they thought.

He was going to show them once and for all.

Angel was determined to get away, and this plan would ensure no one could stop him from obtaining freedom again.


Angel turned on the bathroom light and deliberately avoided looking at his reflection in the mirror. Many people would say his face and body were his fortune. At the moment, he hated both. He grabbed the large container of body wash off the shower shelf. As he unscrewed the top, he smiled at his ability to actually fool Ken and the cronies who surrounded him. They knew he had been going through a depression and thought they were so fucking clever when they removed the sharp objects from the house.

Or so they thought.

Little did they know he had been preparing for this moment. He managed to sneak a small paring knife from the kitchen without anyone noticing. It had been hidden safely out of sight for over a week, and now it was calling Angel's name.

He dumped the contents of the body wash into the sink. He shook it until the small knife fell out with a loud clank. Angel hummed his favorite song as he turned the water on and washed away the thick soap that coated the knife. Soon the soap was all washed away, and the knife wasn't as slick to the touch.

Angel wanted this to be perfect. He had been waiting to do this for so long. It was time to leave all of the pain and suffering he had in this life and sink into a blissful nothingness for eternity. His hands shook with nerves as he firmly grabbed the wooden handle of the knife and raised it over the greenish-blue vein on his wrist.

Taking a deep breath, he pressed the blade against his skin. The sharp pain felt good as he scraped it down his vein, and warm, wet blood quickly eased out of the wound.

In the distance, he heard the front door slam.

"Angel! Where the fuck are you? I'm hungry; fix me a sandwich, will ya?"

Ken's voice sounded as if he wasn't that far away.

Angel clumsily switched the knife to his other hand and swiftly slid it across his skin. He tossed the knife into the sink and leaned his back heavily against the door. His legs suddenly didn't have the strength to hold him up any longer, so he slowly slid down.

It's happening. I'm finally going to get some peace

"Angel! Is that blood? Fuck! Open the goddamn door!" Ken's voice sounded angry and frantic as he banged against the door, but Angel didn't care.

It would be over soon, and that was all that mattered.

As Angel drifted in and out of consciousness, a smile formed on his face.

BOOK: Angel's Redemption
3.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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