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BOOK: Aquamaxitor
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ong ago beast and man
shared one world. Then they began to battle.

After many battles the world was split in two. Beasts were given Beastium. Man was given Earth.

A border-wall was made. It closed the two worlds off.

he beasts tried to get
through the border-wall many times. The Border Guards had to stop them. Border Guards were trained to defend the border-wall. Battles won by beasts made beasts stronger. Battles won by guards earned them new battle gear. And they got new upgrades. Then their battle gear could do more.


ive guards now defend the
border-wall. Their work is top secret. They battle and learn. One day they will become Border Masters. Just like their dads. But first they must learn and become Border Captains.

Their dads were also Border Guards once. They kept learning until they became Border Masters.


nd now they make up the
Bordaria Master Command. The BMC. The BMC help the Border Guards during battle. They show them how to defend the wall. They give the Border Guards new battle gear.

The guards must earn their new battle gear. They need to learn from their battles. And from their mistakes.


ai Masters is a Border
Captain. He must work with others and win his leader's badge. Kai must learn more about the beasts. He cannot fail.

The Outlands was a large beast park. The park was closed off from Beastium by a fence and gates. The BMC created the park so they could learn about the beasts.

Border Guards put the mutant beasts inside the park.
They didn't know then that the Outlands was a BMC research park. Now that Kai Masters is a captain he knows. He also knows that the BMC put a computer chip in each beast's neck. The chip collects data on the beasts.

Kai Masters must use the beast data to learn more about the beasts. He must use what he learns to battle smarter.

It was a clear winter night. Kai Masters was sky watching. He was on the observation deck of his lighthouse. ‘I can see all the stars tonight, BC3,' said Kai to his robotic dog. ‘There's not a cloud in the sky.'

‘Yes,' answered BC. ‘But it's still cold!'

Kai peered through his telescope. ‘I'm looking at the moon,' he said. ‘All I can see is white.'

BC turned to look at the moon and said, ‘All I can see is yellow!'

Kai turned and looked at BC. ‘That's not the moon,' said Kai. ‘There's something on your telescopic eye lenses. And it's glowing! It's some sort of yellow glowing mud. Toxic mud!'

‘Is it from the mud land?' asked BC.

‘The mud in the mud land isn't toxic,' answered Kai. ‘Well, it wasn't the last time we were there. This isn't good,' he said.
‘I think some toxic slime from the water land might have mixed with some mud from the mud land.'

‘Is it the work of a mega-mutant?' asked BC.

‘I hope not,' said Kai. ‘I'm going to take a sample of this mud.'

Kai took his orbix from his pocket. He hit a button and the screen flashed.

Then a flat metal rod came out from the orb. Kai ran the rod through the toxic mud. ‘That's plenty,' he said to BC.

Kai hit the button again. The metal rod with the mud went back inside the orb.


Then data began loading onto the screen.

‘I was right, BC,' said Kai. ‘It is a mix of slime and mud. I'll clean your eye lenses and then we …' Before Kai could say any more his orb beeped.

‘And here's an alert from the BMC,' Kai said. ‘Come on, BC. It looks like we have some beast-battling to do.'

BOOK: Aquamaxitor
13.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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