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Authors: Ellie Jones

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Arousing Amelia

BOOK: Arousing Amelia
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Ellie Jones






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All characters
are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is



Amelia so wanted to look efficient.
None of her other outfits looked quite right, but a tearful little
Jenny had covered her sole business suit in orange juice. If David
had been alive he would probably have told her it didn’t matter,
but men rarely saw the importance of things like that.

Pondering on
David caused her thoughts to drift to sex. One way and another,
she’d been thinking of sex a lot just lately. It wasn’t surprising;
more than eighteen months had passed since her hands touched skin,
real skin.

In the night,
she had been awake for ages thinking about David, masturbating;
fingers touching, finding delicate tissue, moving; achieving wet
pleasure for a short time. It hadn’t truly satisfied. Perhaps the
thought of the interview had made her too much on edge, or maybe
she needed a thorough screwing to put it right.

David had
known how to do it. He had used his fingers and tongue to full
advantage. Foreplay was a ritual he never skimped on. He would
provoke her pussy even after she became soaked, and then fuck her
until she yelled with pleasure.

wasn’t the same, it only brought temporary relief.

She missed
having a penis to caress in the night; missed sucking testicles and
cock; missed those superb fucking-sessions that made her head
almost burst with pleasure. Most of all, she simply missed

She sighed,
fastened her skirt, and finished her makeup. If she couldn’t look
business-like, she might as well look attractive.

were hateful at the best of times, and she was afraid that staying
home with the children had turned her stale. Interviews needed
particular techniques, sharpness, clarity, but her mind behaved
like treacle. Would she be a dreadful failure? It had been a long
time since she’d done anything like this.

The drive to
the office distracted her a little, but she still found time to
worry. Would the children be okay with her working or would they
play up; was her outfit acceptable; would she make a fool of

In the foyer
to the huge complex, she paused, her palms sticky. She located the
washroom, ran cold water over her hands and wrists, and applied
last minute touches to her makeup. Did it look subtle?

Amelia tried
to control the turbulence in her stomach. David had left them well
provided, so there was no financial reason for her to work,
nevertheless she had her needs. She and the children were
comfortable enough, but she was a person with drives and she had to
fulfil them.

It seemed a
bit egotistic now she stood inside this once-familiar building.
Above her would be dozens of people going about their daily tasks.
They would be proficient, eager. What could she offer?

She approached
the reception desk, heart beating loudly, shoes clacking. The
uniformed man behind it remembered her from years ago, and gave her
a special smile as he directed her to the elevator.

As she walked,
she looked around at the army of bright young people beavering at
their desks. So much was going on, how could she cope? One or two
of them glanced without curiosity as she passed… so many new faces,
young faces. She’d always thought of work as a friendly place;
there had been lots of people of her age then. Where had they gone?
Few people knew her now. It seemed strange to walk through there
without a friendly wave, or nod.

This place was
a world away from the comfortable nest she and David had built. The
children were all at school though, and she’d always promised
herself that at this point she would return.

Amelia steeled
her mind. If she couldn’t muddle through, so be it, but she had to
try. She once told David she had business in her blood; that
nothing else would do. How could she have been so naive?

The problem
was most people thought of her as sophisticated woman. They were
wrong. Inside she was a confused girl, whose only attribute seemed
to be she could convince others she wasn’t.

A young man
approached. “Hello,” he said. “I’m Karl. You look lost. Can I help
in any way?”

Amelia sighed
with frustration. “I’m looking for the Chief Executive’s office.
I’m afraid it’s all changed since I was last here.”

“You’re here
for the interviews for Personal Assistant?”

“That’s right,
but I hardly know where I am. The man on reception seems to think I
still remember, but it’s been too long.” She thrust out her hand.
“I’m Amelia, by the way.”

“Hi Amelia.
From that, I presume you’ve worked here before?”

“I have,”
Amelia smiled, “Several years ago. But it’s changed so much.”

“I suppose so.
Things don’t standstill.”

“I hate
feeling like the new kid on the block. I’ve busied myself bringing
up the children, but the youngest started school recently, and I
sort of promised myself I’d return.”

Karl glanced
at his wristwatch. “You’re rather early for the interviews. But
I’ll take you up if you like. I’m on lunch break at the moment so
no one will miss me.”

“That’s very

“I’m fairly
new here myself. I’ve only been in the job four months, so I know
what a maze it can be.”

“So,” Amelia
said, “What do you do, apart from showing lame dogs around?”

“Me? I’m a
nobody, filling in time as a hack until something crops up… In
fact,” Karl said wryly. “I wondered at one point whether to apply
for the Personal Assistant’s job. It certainly has a ring to it.
People would know who I was then.”

There’d been a
time when everyone in the building knew Amelia. Being
, definitely mattered. She raised her brow. “So
what’s stopping you?”

Karl laughed.
“You’re a fine one; you’re not supposed to drum for the opposition.
Are you trying to talk yourself out of the post before you’ve got

though. Why haven’t you applied?”

Karl shrugged.
“There’s no likelihood of me landing a job like that. I don’t have
the experience. Possibly in a year or two, but not yet.”

They stopped
outside an office.

“I’m told it’s
new. The Personnel Manager has apparently reinvented everything.”
Karl held open the door for Amelia and they went into a small
reception room. Opposite them was another door; polished, imposing,
a gleaming brass plate announcing ‘Mrs Trentham, Chief


“It will
probably be ages before anyone arrives. Would you like a cuppa
while you wait?”

Amelia nodded
gratefully. “Tea please. Black, no sugar.”

“How about
taking it in my office? It will be better than sitting here all by
your lonesome.”

“That’s very
kind. Thank you.”

She followed
him into the maze of corridors again.

They turned a
corner but Amelia’s heel slipped and she stumbled off balance. Karl
put out a hand to steady her, and caught her fresh white top in a
fist. In turn, she grabbed his shirt, and for an instant they
became a motionless montage on the verge of teetering.

revolves around such moments. Gladiators have won and lost battles
in the fraction of a second it takes for the mind to catch up with

His shirt
suddenly split open and a rain of white plastic buttons flirted
between them.

Her buttons
remained intact, but her top opened wide and her breasts bounced
free. They were large, magnificently formed, with wide areolas
framing tight nipples that protruded proudly.

Karl ignored a
primeval instinct to grasp them, to squeeze them and touch each
wonderful nipple. Instead, he reached and pulled her top together,
hiding the beautiful display from view.

clutched her white top a split second later, tucked her breasts
carefully into place, and fastened the buttons. Why the hell hadn’t
she worn a bra? Her eyes never left his as she did so. The moment
was extraordinarily sensuous, and sharing it with him made her
abdomen clench.

She smoothed
her top into place, not daring to look down, knowing her newly
rigid nipples would be standing out like doorstops.

“I’m so
sorry,” she said. “It was entirely my fault. I’ll replace your
shirt, of course. Meanwhile, let me try to repair it. I always
carry a needle and thread in my purse.”

“No problem. I
have a spare shirt in the office in case I mess up. I guess now is
as good a time as any to use it.”

“I feel

“At least no
one saw what happened… except me.” He reached to the collar of her
white top and straightened it. Their eyes locked again.

She followed
him to a tiny, windowless office, on the floor below. He was a
good-looking guy, possibly ten years her junior, with dark hair, a
strong jaw, and eyes that laughed as he talked.

“So what does
Hubby think about you wanting to work?”

Amelia shook
her head. “I’m afraid I lost my husband more than eighteen months

“Jeez… I’m so

“That’s okay.
You didn’t know.”

“It must be
hard for you.”

She nodded.
“Harder for the girls.”


“Two. Jenny
and Paulette. They’re great kids.”

Karl smiled.
“Two sounds absolutely right.”

Amelia looked
up. He was a beautiful young man, with smiling eyes that danced in
the light. Without warning, her stomach lurched again.

“They must
miss their Daddy. You, must miss him as well.”

Her voice
suddenly sounded husky. “Very much.” She cleared her throat. “Do
you have any children?”

He shook his
head. “I don’t even have a girlfriend. She dumped me a few weeks
ago for a more expensive model. He owns a business. Better


He took a new
shirt from a cupboard, tore the wrapping off, and shrugged the torn
one from his body. Amelia gazed with fascination. He had wide
shoulders, powerful arms, and was full of gorgeous skin. He seemed
completely unselfconscious as he slipped on the new shirt and
tucked it into his trousers.

What an
exquisite thing that would be, to put her hands down his trousers
and tuck in his shirt…

“Okay. I’ll
get that drink now.”

Amelia watched
him leave through the door. His ass looked tight and muscular,
delightful. He came over as vibrant, so full of life that her blood
pressure shot up. Right now it was probably through the roof. He
exuded something totally raw and exciting, and it caused her head
to spin in a crazy way. She couldn’t remember the last time someone
stirred her like that.

In a short
while, Karl returned balancing a tray with two cups and a plate of
cookies. “I thought something to chew on might help you feel
better, especially considering its lunchtime. I always feel better
after a custard-cream.”

“You’re very

while he was out, Amelia had gathered up her short skirt so it
draped scarcely below the line of her bottom. She suddenly realised
how skimpy her panties were. As she bent to choose a cookie, he
probably had a good eyeful of the bare cheeks of her ass. She was
also aware her cleavage could be visible as she leaned over. He
might even be able to see her nipples, but of course he’d already
had a perfect view of them.

It dawned on
her that she had become very sexually charged. Impishly, she stayed
low, allowing him to study her as much as he desired. Amelia all at
once wanted to indulge this beautiful young male.

She eventually
straightened and walked past him, noting that he hadn’t taken his
eyes off her the whole time. Being small but attractive, she often
elicited reactions from people, but this appeared to be different.
The air seemed saturated with sexual chemistry; something she
hadn’t experienced for a long time.

He cleared his
throat. “I’ll bet it feels odd to be back here again after all that
time away.”

“I must say
I’d have been a lot better if the kids hadn’t splashed juice all
over my business suit.”

Karl shrugged.
“What difference does an outfit make providing you’re smart; what
matters is the person inside. You look simply fine, very
attractive; very sexy if I might say.”

She shot him a
glance from beneath her lashes. He was a gorgeous young man, slim,
tapered to the hips, good hair, dark eyes that had somehow stopped
laughing and started to smoulder. He made her belly scrunch with
craving. How long had it been since she had eye candy as striking
as this in her arms? Mischievously, she decided to push things.
“I’ll make out.” She looked at her wristwatch. “I guess we have
about forty-five minutes before the show is due to start.”

BOOK: Arousing Amelia
7.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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