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——— Fantastic (a) June9

——— Writing Lessons (a) August10

——— Steamed (a) Oct/Nov10

Kessel, John—

Clean (nt) March12

Kopaska-Merkel, David C.—

Science Fiction Haiku

(with Kendall Evans) (p) September105

Kowal, Mary Robinette—

Kiss Me Twice (na) June60

Kress, Nancy—

A Hundred Hundred Daisies (ss) Oct/Nov132

Kansken, Derek—

To Live and Die in Gibbontown (ss) Oct/Nov123

Landis, Geoffrey A.—

Five Pounds of Sunlight (p) January25

The Spirit Rover Longs

to Bask in the Sunshine (p) March31

Galileo's Ink Spots Fade

into Twilight (p) Oct/Nov105

Liu, Ken—

The Countable (ss) December58

Ludwigsen, Will—

We Were Wonder Scouts (ss) August63

MacLeod, Ian R.—

The Cold Step Beyond (nt) June12

Malzberg, Barry N.—

Eve of Beyond

(with Bill Pronzini) (ss) February74

Mamatas, Nick—

North Shore Friday (ss) Apr/May62

McAllister, Bruce—

The Messenger (ss) July83

McAuley, Paul—

The Choice (na) February80

McDaniel, Tim—

Brother Sleep (ss) February62

The List (ss) December42

McHugh, Ian—

Interloper (ss) January46

Melton, Erick—

Shadow Angel (nt) September44

Mirabelli, Eugene—

The Pastry Chef, The


The Aerobics Instructor,

and The Plumber (ss) Oct/Nov84

Moore, Fiona—

Stone Roach (p) September69

Neube, R.—

Grandma Said (ss) September70

O'Brien, Jack—

Ballad of the Warbots (p) Apr/May45

Owomoyela, An—

God in the Sky (ss) March50

Palmer, Suzanne—

Surf (nt) December10

Phetteplace, Dominica—

The Cult of Whale Worship (ss) Oct/Nov55

Preston, William—

Clockwords (nt) Apr/May69

Pronzini, Bill—

Eve of Beyond

(with Barry N. Malzberg) (ss) February74

Purdom, Tom—

A Response From EST17 (nt) Apr/May112

Randall, Jessy—

I Have a Remote in

Each Hand (p) September33

Reed, Kit—

The Outside Event (nt) Oct/Nov68

Reed, Robert—

Purple (nt) March90

Stalker (ss) September82

Resnick, Mike—

The Homecoming (ss) Apr/May50

River, Uncle—

Flicker (p) February61

Roseman, Josh—

Bring On the Rain (ss) July60

Rucker, Rudy—

The Fnoor Hen (ss) Apr/May94

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn—

Killer Advice (na) January66

Becalmed (nt) Apr/May152

Dunyon (ss) July37

Stealth (na) Oct/Nov14

Sargent, Pamela—

Strawberry Birdies (nt) December 25

Schweitzer, Darrell—

Monsters of the Stratosphere (p) Apr/May49

Shoulders, Felicity—

Apocalypse Daily (ss) June44

Silverberg, Robert—

Reflections: The Ruin (ed) January6

——— The Plot Genie (ed) March6

——— A Relic of Antiquity (ed) February6

——— More About the Plot

Genie (ed) Apr/May8

——— Nothing New Under

the Sun (ed) June6

——— The Fantastic Voyages of

Sir John Mandeville (ed) July6

——— Earth is the Strangest

Planet (ed) August6

——— The Reign of the

Retired Emperor (ed) September7

——— A Writer's Diary (ed) Oct/Nov6

——— The Strange Case of

the Patagonian Giants (ed) December6

The End of the Line (nt) August13

Skillingstead, Jack—

The Flow and Dream (ss) Apr/May146

Free Dog (ss) Oct/Nov96

Spinrad, Norman—

On Books: Urbi Et Orbi (r) Apr/May183

——— Inside/Outside (r) Oct/Nov182

The Music of the Sphere (ss) July49

Steele, Allen M.—

The Observation Post (nt) September12

Steinmetz, Ferrett—

"Run,” Bakri Says (ss) December70

Stewart, W. Gregory—

Entanglement, Valentines, and

Einstein (p) February34

Page Twentyfourhundredand-

seventythree (p) July81

Strauss, Erwin S.—

The SF Conventional Calendar (a) January112

——— February112

——— March112

——— Apr/May192

——— June112

——— July112

——— August112

——— September112

——— Oct/Nov192

——— December112

Swanwick, Michael—

An Empty House With

Many Doors (ss) Apr/May46

For I Have Lain Me Down on

the Stone of Loneliness and

I'll Not Be Back Again (ss) August52

Tem, Melanie—

Corn Teeth (nt) August30

Tem, Steve Rasnic—

Visitors (ss) January36

Ephemera (nt) December44

Wall, Alan—

Burning Bibles (nt) September90

Watkins, William John—

Black Hole (p) Apr/May181

Red Eye (p) June33

Williams, Sheila—

Editorial: Martin Gardner (ed) January4

——— Ay, Caramba! (ed) February4

——— Neal Barrett, Jr. (ed) March4

——— Rose-Tinted Goggles (ed) Apr/May4

——— Enter a Future (ed) June4

——— What's in a Title? (ed) July4

——— The 2011 Dell Magazines

Award (ed) August4

——— Twenty-Fifth Annual

Readers’ Awards Results (ed) September4

——— Send in the Right

Reviewer (ed) Oct/Nov4

——— Sliding Doors (ed) December4

Willis, Connie—

All About Emily (nt) December78

Wolven, Nick—

Lost in the Memory Palace,

I Found You (ss) March80

Yolen, Jane—

Tower (p) February79

Garden Fairies (p) Apr/May111

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by Erwin S. Strauss

November is a busy month. My picks are WindyCon, TusCon, OryCon, NovaCon, LosCon, PhilCon (where I'll be), ArmadaCon, SFContario and ChambanaCon. I'll also be at DarkoverCon, mainly for the music and old friends. Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans. For an explanation of con(vention)s, a sample of SF folksongs, and info on fanzines and clubs, send me an SASE (self-addressed, stamped #10 [business] envelope) at 10 Hill #22-L, Newark NJ 07102. The hot line is (973) 242-5999. If a machine answers (with a list of the week's cons), leave a message and I'll call back on my nickel. When writing cons, send an SASE. For free listings, tell me of your con five months out. Look for me at cons behind the Filthy Pierre badge, playing a musical keyboard. —Erwin S. Strauss


11-13—WindyCon. For info, write: Box 184, Palatine IL 60078. Or phone: (973) 242-5999 (10 am to 10 pm, not collect). (Web) (E-mail) [email protected] Con will be held in: Lombard (Chicago) IL (if city omitted, same as in address) at the Westin. Guests will include: author Catherine Asaro, artist Joe Bergeron, musician Frank Hayes, Hugh Daniel, M. Brotherton, C. Ready.

11-13—TusCon. Hotel Tucson City Center, Tucson AZ. Patricia Briggs, Ed Bryant. SF and fantasy.

11-13—OryCon. Doubletree Lloyd Center, Portland OR. E. E. Knight, editor Scott Allie, Jim Pavlec, musicians Tempest.

11-13—Anthology. Best Western Wynwood Hotel and Suites, Portsmouth NH. Imaginative literature and art.

11-13—OmegaCon. Siren WI. Low-key SF and fantasy relax-a-con.

11-13—NovaCon. The Park Inn, Nottingham UK. John Meany. General SF and fantasy convention.

11-13—ArmadaCon. (44 0 1752) 267-873. Plymouth UK. General SF and fantasy convention.

11-13—New England Crime Bake. Dedham (Boston) MA. For fans of mystery fiction.

11-13—IzumiCon. Midwest City OK. Anime.

11-13—Anime Vegas. Las Vegas NV. Anime.

12—MarsCon. 651339-0397. Bloomington (Minneapolis/St. Paul) MN. Masquerade ball.

12—Le Bal des Vampires. (510) 522-1732. Elks Lodge, Alameda (San Francisco) CA. Le Theatre des Vampires. Dance.

12—DotCon. Toronto ON. Anime.

12-13—HalCon. World Trade and Convention Centre, Halifax NS. SF, fantasy, comics. Actors, authors, comics people.

12-13—FAN:dom. University of West Florida, Pensacola FL.

18-20—PhilCon. Crowne Plaza, Cherry Hill NJ. Doctorow, Vallejo & Bell, Tucker. The oldest con, celebrating 75 years.

18-20—SFContario. Ramada Plaza, Toronto ON. John Scalzi, editor Gardner Dozois, Karl Schroeder, musicians Toyboat.

18-20—Pure Speculation. Edmonton AB.

18-20—Anime USA. Hyatt, Crystal City VA (near DC). Laura Bailey, Trina Nishimura, Travis Willingham, DJ Sisen.

18-20—TeslaCon. Madison WI. Steampunk.

18-20—Midwest FurFest. Rosemont (Chicago) IL. Anthropomorphics.

18-20—AniMaine. South Portland ME. Anime.

18-20—Gobble-Con. Stamford CT. Anime.

25-27—LosCon, 11513 Burbank Blvd., N. Hollywood CA 91601. LAX Marriott, Los Angeles CA. J. de Chancie, J. Hertz.

25-27—ChamBanaCon, Box 2908, Springfield IL 62708. Urbana IL. Low-key Sf and fantasy relax-a-con.

25-27—DarkoverCon, Box 7203, Silver Spring MD 20907. Near Baltimore MD. Music and alternative spirituality.

25-27—TARDIS. Lombard (Chicago) IL. Doctor Who.


1-4—TomodachiFest. Boise ID. Anime.

2-4—SMOFCon. Park Plaza Victoria Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Where convention organizers meet to talk shop.

9-11—Starbase Indy. Indianapolis IN. T. Todd, J. Acovone, J. Billingsley, D. Downey. Commercial Star Wars con.


30-Sep. 3—Chicon 7, Box 13, Skokie IL 60076. Chicago IL. Resnick, Morrill, Musgrave, Scalzi. WorldCon. $175+.


29-Sep. 2—Lone Star Con 3, Box 27277, Austin TX 78755. San Antonio TX. The World SF Convention. $160.

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