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A Taste of Rome



Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian
Hurst have traveled to London and Paris on their gap year adventure before
starting university. Now it’s on to Rome.

The American girls they met in Paris are
along for the ride, providing lots of sexy fun for the boys. But as none of the
foursome are looking for commitment, there’s still plenty of scope for hooking
up with the locals. Voyeurism, cougars, risky outdoor sex and threesomes abound
in the Italian leg of the boys’ European adventure.


EC for Men
contemporary erotica
story from Ellora’s Cave


A Taste of Rome
Lucy Felthouse


Chapter One


Ryan came to the conclusion that perhaps this journey wasn’t
so horrendous after all. He’d been a little miffed that the American girls,
Shanna and Taryn, had wanted to tag along from Paris to Rome with him and
Kristian. He’d been keen not to end up with any chicks who wanted more than a
one-night stand, figuring that any romantic entanglements would screw up their
footloose and fancy-free gap year trip. Their last year of freedom, without
commitment, before they went to University and had to grow up, buckle down.

In the here and now, however, Ryan decided that Shanna
actually wasn’t that bad. It seemed she was determined to spice up the
never-ending coach trip from Paris to Rome. Eight hundred and seventy miles,
thirteen hours. They’d known when they’d booked it that it would be nigh on
intolerable, but it was the cheapest way to travel. And having sat in the
increasingly stuffy, tiny coach, Ryan could see why. It made cramped seats in
coach class on a flight feel like first class.

Shanna had removed her jacket as the crap air-conditioning
was utterly failing to cool down the cabin. It had been draped over her lap for
a while before she slid it across so it covered part of his too. Ryan frowned,
wondering why she thought it was a good idea to make him warmer. He was already
melting in the heat. Then she slipped her hand beneath the jacket and moved it
over his crotch. She squeezed his flaccid cock, making her intentions
absolutely clear. He realized that if he continued to stare down at their laps
it would be painfully obvious to anyone who glanced in their direction what
they were up to. So he leaned over and kissed Shanna’s cheek, nuzzling her red
hair out of the way to murmur into her ear.

“I’m going to try to act natural.” Then, remembering what
had happened to him back in London when he’d ended up with cum-filled boxer
shorts, he added, “Can you, uh, catch it in a tissue?”

Grinning, Shanna revealed the flimsy white material in her
other hand. It appeared she’d already thought of that. Saucy wench—he liked her.
She was a fun girl, gorgeous-looking and a great lay. Had things been
different, he might have considered pursuing something long-term with her, but
it wasn’t going to happen. He and Kristian had this one chance, this few months
to live life to the fullest, do what they wanted, do
they wanted, go
where they liked, and he wasn’t going to throw it away for a green-eyed, cute-accented
chick. No way.

He wasn’t worried about upsetting her, though. He knew that
she and her friend had a similar pact and outlook on their European travels.
They too were hooking up, having a good time and moving on.

Ryan grinned out of the window. Life was good. A sexy girl
was about to get his cock out on a coach and toss him off, and he was heading
to the third destination on his gap year adventure. The Italian capital awaited
and he couldn’t wait to see what it had in store.

Before he got there, though, he was going to have another
orgasm on public transport. First the toilets on the Eurostar, now beneath a
jacket on a coach. God, what was it with women and doing it in cramped, risky
places? And Blanche—the French bird on the Eurostar—and Shanna weren’t the only
ones he was thinking of. He was beginning to forget what it was like to have
sex in a bed. Not that he was complaining—Christ, no. If a sexy woman
propositioned him, who was he to refuse?

By now Shanna had undone his belt, button and fly and
released his cock from his boxers. It had taken a while as she’d had to keep
her movements slow, subtle, so no one realized what was happening. As a result
of all the fumbling, his dick was rock hard by the time she got it out, and it
sprung eagerly into her hand.

She leaned her head on his shoulder and he slipped his arm
around her, pulling her close. Anyone who looked now would just see a couple of
young people having a cuddle. Or possibly a hot redhead sleeping on the
shoulder of a young man who could either be her boyfriend or a total stranger.

Carefully, she began to stroke him, getting into a rhythm
that would drive him to climax without anyone knowing.

Ryan turned back to the window, giving the appearance of
looking out at the darkening sky. Shanna’s grip tightened, her movements grew
faster and he grew closer to coming. He dug his teeth into his bottom lip in an
attempt to regain some kind of control. It didn’t help—his hormones raged and
the familiar tingle at the base of his spine was a dead giveaway.

Looking as chilled out, as casual as possible, he turned to
Shanna and whispered, “You’d better get that tissue ready—otherwise I’m going
to make an awful mess.”

She gave a single nod of understanding and moved her other
hand beneath the jacket, slowly, languidly. It probably looked as though she
was just changing position, rather than anything naughtier. Ryan, however, was
at the stage where he didn’t care. If anyone happened to look across, happened
to confront them, he’d hold a hand up to keep them quiet until he finished.

Nothing of the sort happened. Shanna’s hand brought him to
the edge then teased him over it, leaving him with clenched fists and a
tightened jaw as he shot his load into the tissue she’d cupped over the head of
his cock.

After a few seconds, as his prick ceased its leaping and
twitching, he finally relaxed, giving Shanna a brief nod to let her know he was
done. He began to get his clothes straight again. She grinned, carefully
pulling away from him, then murmuring that she was off to the on-board toilet.

He hoped for her sake that there wasn’t a queue. Standing in
line holding a spunk-filled tissue would be far from pleasant.

Closing his eyes, he told himself it was just for a moment,
just a few seconds of rest.


The next thing he knew, there was a load of commotion as
everyone prepared to disembark the coach.

“Come on, sleepyhead.” Shanna nudged him. “We’re here.”

He gave her a dopey smile and followed her out into the
aisle, then helped her to get her bag from the overhead storage before grabbing
his own. They exited the vehicle, finding Kristian and Taryn waiting for them.

“Hey,” Kristian said, giving Ryan’s shoulder a playful
punch, “took some waking up, didn’t you? Were you having sexy dreams or

Ryan rolled his eyes. He’d had real-life sex—well,
foreplay—before he’d fallen asleep. Why on earth would he then have hot dreams?
No unconscious activity, however erotic, could beat the real thing. “No, I just
dropped off, that’s all. Now shut up. Let’s go. The hostel is across town.”

Ryan, Kristian, Shanna and Taryn pulled their respective
bags onto their backs and made for the nearest Metro station. The girls were
staying at the same hostel as them—as organized before leaving Paris—and they’d
probably go for dinner together that night, but after that they’d made no
concrete plans. Ryan, for one, had some culture on his itinerary. It was his
first time in Rome and he intended to make the most of it.

They arrived at the shared dorm late—so late that they
murmured good nights to one another to avoid waking the other inhabitants and
carefully made their way to their respective beds in the darkness. After
changing, Ryan fell asleep almost instantly, into a deep and dreamless slumber.

He awoke to the sensation of a body pressed against his—a
curvy, feminine body—and a hand around his shaft, teasing it to tumescence.
Letting out a gasp that sounded more like a groan, he found his mouth
immediately covered by a hand.

“Shh,” the voice said. The hand continued stroking his cock,
which was almost fully hard, “it’s me.”

In his still half-asleep state he came to the conclusion
that Shanna was tossing him off in a mixed-sex dormitory and they could be
caught at any moment. The chick really was addicted to crazy, risky sex. Just
then she began to shift positions and he heard a slight crackling noise before
she rolled a rubber down his cock, then straddled him and slid onto it. She was
wet, red-hot and eager. Rocking slowly on his dick, she pushed her hands under
the T-shirt he slept in and caressed his torso, occasionally letting her nails
scratch the naked flesh. He wanted to moan, to cuss, to grab her hips and buck
roughly up into her until they both yelled their climaxes, but he couldn’t. Not
unless he wanted to wake up a room full of people. He wasn’t sure if there was
a law against this kind of thing, but he didn’t want to take any chances and
end up in an Italian jail.

So he made do with a hand on her hip and a hand between her
thighs, rolling, pinching and rubbing at the swollen nubbin of flesh there.
Shanna did a remarkable job of keeping quiet, though he noticed she’d begun
breathing more heavily when he started touching her there.

Shifting slightly faster on his cock, grinding harder onto
him, it seemed the redhead was growing closer and closer to orgasm. Part of
Ryan wondered if perhaps he was dreaming—a delicious, sexy, dirty dream. But
the sounds—despite their quiet nature—the sensations, the fact his balls were
about to explode, made him think otherwise. He really did just have a bit of a
nymphomaniac as a temporary fuck-buddy. He was an incredibly lucky man and he
made the decision that, before the four of them parted ways, he would pay
Shanna back somehow. Maybe he’d fuck her in the Colosseum or the Vatican. That
ought to appeal to her penchant for danger shags.

His thoughts—however shallow and sordid—were soon wiped out
when his orgasm approached. The pleasure centered on his cock and balls
radiated throughout his body, leaving him with a sense of euphoria before
pulling back into his crotch once more. He managed to hold out for just a few
seconds more, and as soon as he sensed Shanna was teetering on the knife-edge
of her own climax, he allowed himself to come, continuing to rub her clit as he
did so. Heaven knew how he managed it, but he did. He pressed his lips together
tightly to stop himself making a sound, which grew even more difficult as Shanna’s
cunt began to ripple around his shaft, gripping and releasing him with strength
and speed.

Soon—too soon, in his opinion—he finished coming and the
blissful feelings dissipated. He relaxed, sinking more heavily into the
mattress beneath him. He had no idea what the redhead planned to do next, but
he didn’t mind either way. Cuddle or scarper, he was really too tired to care.


For the second time in two days, he awoke to the sound of
other people moving around. He opened his eyes, stretched languidly, then
glanced down to see if his bottom half was covered up. He couldn’t quite
remember what had happened after he and Shanna had fucked, and for all he knew
he could be flashing his morning-glory-hard cock to everyone in the room, still
encased in the rubber.

Thankfully that didn’t seem to be the case. The thin sheet
was pulled up to his bellybutton, and a subtle hand down his shorts revealed
his hard-on was free of protection. So she’d fucked him, taken off the condom
pulled his shorts up. What a woman!

Sitting up slowly, he looked around to see who out of their
little group was still asleep. It seemed the girls were up and out. Kristian
was firmly in the land of nod, his mouth wide open, snoring a little. After
waiting for his erection to go away, Ryan slipped out of bed, walked over and
gave Kristian a nudge to wake him, then grabbed his stuff and headed out to
queue for the bathroom.

Chapter Two


Half an hour or so later, he was heading to the café where the
four of them had agreed to meet for breakfast. It was directly across the road
from the hostel and was a bar-cum-restaurant type place. A bit of a mish-mash,
but they didn’t care.

His stomach rumbled—he was definitely ready for something to
eat. He pushed the door open and walked in, and a shiver went through him as
the air-conditioning unit pushed freezing air right down the back of his neck.
They were expecting a hot day, then, if they had the air-conditioning on

He looked around and spotted Shanna and Taryn, already
tucking into some food. He made his way over to them.

“Morning, ladies,” he said, slipping onto one of the spare
stools. “How are you both today?” He glanced at Taryn, then fixed his gaze on
Shanna, waiting for some kind of acknowledgment of what had happened the
previous night. Or earlier that morning—he wasn’t sure what time it had been.

She grinned back at him. “I’m good, thanks. Sorry we didn’t
wait for you guys, but we were ravenous and we’re heading over to Castel
Sant’Angelo today. We’ve heard it’s best to get there early to avoid the
queues.” There was nothing other than fondness, than politeness in her words or
her gaze—she was obviously very good at keeping a straight face.

He nodded. “Sounds great. I’m not sure what I’m going to do
yet—there’s just so much!” He glanced at Taryn now and was surprised to see a
huge smile on her face—much bigger than he’d have expected given what he was
saying. She looked as though he’d just told her the funniest joke ever written
and she was holding back a hysterical laugh. He smiled back uneasily, and it
was only when she gave him an outlandish wink that the penny dropped.

It hadn’t been Shanna who had seduced him in
the night at all, it had been Taryn. His cock stirred beneath the table as he
thought about what happened, relived it in his mind. Now he thought about it,
he probably should have known. He’d slept with both girls—at the same time, in
fact—and there were no exclusivities between them, no secrets. It was just that
he was more often with Shanna and Taryn went with Kristian. She’d obviously
fancied a change—either that or she couldn’t wake Kristian up so instead he’d
gotten lucky. Either way it didn’t matter. It had been an intense lay—so hot,
so quiet, and ever so slightly different to Shanna. He couldn’t quite put his
finger on the differences, especially since he’d been half-asleep at the time
and not exactly paying attention to detail, but they were there.

Taryn’s grin had dimmed somewhat, until he returned it with
a wink. That seemed to please her and, job done, he reached for the breakfast

Just then, Kristian ambled up to their table and sat down,
totally oblivious to what was going on. Ryan would fill him in once the girls
had gone. Or maybe not. He didn’t want to seem like he was bragging or

“Morning, mate,” Ryan said, clapping his friend on the back.
“How you doing?”

“Morning, Ry. Morning, ladies. I’m all right. You?”

“Splendid. I’m going for the biggest breakfast they do. I’m

“I won’t bother looking at the menu, then. That sounds
great. And so does coffee.”

“Yes, coffee.”

A waiter arrived at their table, pen and notepad poised.
Ryan and Kristian spoke almost no Italian, so lots of pointing at the menu and
making gestures commenced.

“Christ,” Ryan said, running a hand through his hair, “we
could end up with anything, here. It’s a good job I’m hungry.”

Taryn waved a hand dismissively. “He did just fine with our
orders. We are in tourist central, after all. I’m sure he understood you.”

Ryan nodded. “Yeah, I’m sure you’re right. So you two are
going toCastel Sant’Angelotoday. What about you, Kris?”

His friend shrugged. “Um, as long as you’re not going to
another bloody art gallery, I suppose I’ll go wherever you’re going. You’re
quite good at the itinerary malarkey.”

“Gee, thanks. And you make it sound like I’ve been to a
million art galleries since we left home. I’ve been to
Kris, just
one! Stop whinging, otherwise I’ll leave you to fend for yourself.”

Kristian rolled his eyes. “I did all right getting to Paris,
didn’t I? I’m sure I could manage.”

“Well, whatever. I can’t be bothered to discuss this with
you anymore. But as it happens I was thinking of going to Ostia Antica today,
not one of the many, many galleries in Rome.”

“What the hell is Ostia Antiques?”

Ryan caught the look on his friend’s face and wasn’t sure if
he was joking or not. “Ostia
is an ancient Roman settlement—it’s
what used to be the port city. They used to send goods like grain and stuff up
to Rome on barges. But the sea level has retreated and the river has changed
course, so it’s no longer at the mouth of the river. But I’ve heard it’s really

“Actually, that does sound pretty good. Though it’s beyond me
how you remember all this stuff. I bet you know how old it is, don’t you?”

“Maybe. What can I say? I’m not just a pretty face.”

Ryan was saved from some ribbing from his friend by the
arrival of their breakfast. It was indeed what they’d asked for, and was joined
seconds later by their coffee.

“Oh, yum,” Ryan said, rubbing his hands together. “This
looks delicious.”

“It’s huge, though. We might be here until lunchtime
finishing it all.”

“I’m sure we’ll manage. Plus we can’t hang around too long
if we want to get the train out to Ostia.”

“Hey, guys,” Shanna interrupted their exchange. “We’re
leaving now, but here’s the money for our food, okay?” She held up a bunch of
euros and put them down in the middle of the table. “That should be about
right, but if it’s more we’ll give it to you in a bit. Catch you later.”

They exchanged goodbyes and both men watched as the women
walked across the restaurant and out of the door. “Bloody hell,” Kristian said,
turning to his friend, “those girls are so hot. If circumstances were

“Yeah, I know. I’ve thought something pretty similar myself.
But they’re not, unfortunately. Come on, eat up.” He didn’t want to continue
that particular conversation any longer. It sounded as if it might ruin their

“Yeah, yeah,” Kristian said, stabbing his fork irritably into
a sausage, as though wishing it were Ryan’s head. “I’m eating, I’m eating.
Bossy fucker.”


After another half an hour or so, the boys were fed and full
of coffee, and headed to the nearest Metro station. “Right, we need to get to
Piramide on the Metro, then there’s an overground station pretty much next
door. One of those lines should take us directly to Ostia.”

Kristian dug around in his pockets. “Okay. Let’s go and buy
some tickets, then. You got your camera?”

“Yep.” Ryan patted the bag slung over his shoulder. “Though
I’m gonna have to charge it at some point later on. I should get a few hours
out of it. You got a drink, hat and so on? Sorry to sound like your dad, mate,
but even the guidebook says to take sun cream and drinks. It sounds like
there’s going to be no shelter when we get there.”

Kristian nodded. “Yes, Dad. Though if it’s that hot, I’m not
sure how long this bottle of water’s gonna last.” They walked in the already
warm air toward the nearest station.

“I reckon there’ll be a café there. It’s quite a way out, so
they’ve got a captive audience. They’d be crazy not to cash in.”

“Let’s hope so.”

They passed into the darkness of the Metro station and
quickly figured out, using the maps on the walls, where they needed to be. It
was a fairly uncomplicated journey, so they relaxed a little and went to queue
up to purchase tickets. A few minutes later they were on the relevant platform,
shuffling uncomfortably in the stuffy air. Just because the sun couldn’t get
down here, it didn’t mean the heat didn’t. When the next train arrived, they
hopped on, more than ready to be carted to their next destination.

A little while later, they’d emerged from Piramide station
and quickly worked out which overground train they needed to be on and boarded

“Seems a bit weird,” Kristian said, “coming to Rome, then
the first thing we do is bugger off out of it to go and see something else.”
They sat down, and people filed in around them. One woman immediately pulled a
bunch of stuff out of her bag and started doing her makeup. Ryan had to stop
himself rolling his eyes.

“I know,” he replied, “but we can stay here as long as we
like and see everything we want to see. There’s no rush to leave, is there? So
we can check everything off our to-see lists.”

“True. I wouldn’t have minded staying longer in Paris, to
tell the truth. You don’t realize quite how much there is to do in places until
you try to do it all!”

“There’s nothing stopping us going back, mate. Either on our
way home or whatever. Remember the whole point of this trip is to go and do
what we want. Other than going home for Christmas and New Year, our schedule is
totally fluid.” Their conversation was temporarily halted as the train began to
move, pulling out of the station and starting its journey. “Keep an eye out for
the station names. If we miss our stop we’ll end up at the coast. Not the end
of the world, obviously—we’d just have to jump on the same train in the other
direction—but I’d rather not take any detours today. I reckon we’ll be there a
good few hours.”

“Really? How exciting can a bunch of old ruins be?”

“I haven’t a clue but I guess we’ll find out.”

“Cool. And yeah, I agree with what you said about our
schedule being fluid. I guess I’m just trying to cram too much in all at once.”

Ryan shrugged. “Stop worrying and just have a good time.
That’s what we’re here for.”

They fell silent, then, watching out of the window as the
train trundled out of the city and into the Italian countryside. The journey would
only take about half an hour, so staring outside and people-watching would be
plenty of entertainment. The journey felt as if it was over in a flash and the
boys disembarked the train and headed out of the station. It was immediately
obvious where they had to go—a bridge would lead them over the main road, and
Ryan suspected the only tourist attraction in the place would be well
signposted. He wasn’t wrong. Even before they hit the bridge, they were pointed
in the right direction. They climbed the steps, headed over the walkway, then
back down the steps on the other side. Then, following a surprisingly quiet
road, they soon came across their destination.

Kristian pointed to a water fountain on the pavement. “At
least we’ll be able to fill up on the way back.”

The other man looked up at the sky, the sun beating down on
them. “Yeah, I think we’re going to need it.”

A few more minutes’ walk found them at the entrance booth,
where they were delighted to note that as under-twenty-sixes they’d get a
discount. Armed with their tickets, they headed in to the attraction. They
immediately noted that it was colossal.

“Ah,” Kristian said, “I guess that answers my question about
how exciting a bunch of ruins can be. This place is
I can’t
even see where it ends. I wonder how many acres it covers.”

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon. It’s bound to tell us on one
of the boards.”

With that, they headed into the vast, ancient port city,
eager to see what secrets it held.

BOOK: ATasteofRome
11.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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