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Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories

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A First Lesbian Experience Erotica Story
by Nancy Brockton

all rights reserved copyright 2012 by Naughty Daydreams Press

Jen had never been a sun worshiper like so many of her friends growing up. Having red hair and fair skin meant almost guaranteed sunburns. Anytime there was any kind of party, whether it was a beach or pool, Jen had to make sure that she brought her hat, over shirts, and had plenty of sunblock. Once when she was about sixteen, she made the mistake of forgetting to take her sunblock to a pool party at her friend’s house. She regretted it later that night and for a couple days after. She had such bad sunburn her parents almost had to take her to the hospital. Thankfully, she didn’t start to blister, or they would have. After that experience, she was always extremely careful about being out in the sun. Not being able to get a tan was one of the biggest drawbacks to having such fair skin.

A number of her friends had suggested to Jen that she try spray tans over the years, but she refused. Too many times, people ended up looking orange after a spray tan or worse, it wasn’t even and odd patches of the body looked tan while others looked white. The idea of having red hair and orange skin did not really appeal to Jen in the slightest and neither did being some kind of splotchy experiment. She was more interested when a couple of her closest girlfriends suggested she go with them to a tanning salon. The beds offered a more even tan and nobody ended up orange. It evidently only took a few minutes depending on how dark a person wanted to be. Jen told her friends, Tiffany and Julie she would consider it and let them know.

After doing a bit of research, Jen finally agreed that she would go ahead and try the tanning beds. What could it hurt?  If she didn’t like it she didn’t have to go back again. Whatever kind of tan she got would fade and she would just be satisfied with her fair skin and her routine when going to a pool or the beach.  The three friends made plans to get a tan on a Monday, early in the day while most people were either at work or at school. That would ensure that they would not have any problem getting each of them a tanning bed.

Monday when Jen got up, she was actually looking forward to this attempt to get a tan. When she checked her phone, she had a message from Julie, she couldn’t make it because she got called into work earlier than expected but Tiffany would still go with her. Jen shrugged it off, got up, and took her shower. She looked through her dresser and found her pink bikini. It was the smallest she had and would help with minimal tan lines. She put it on and then slipped shorts and a t-shirt over it, put her hair in a ponytail, and headed to the tanning salon. When she got there, she met with Tiffany in the parking lot and they went in together.

The lady at the counter was really friendly. She recognized Tiffany right away and took her back to her tanning bed. As Jen stood there, another woman walked out from the back room and introduced herself. Her name was Tina, and Jen could tell when you looked she loved to be tan. If it wasn’t for her blond hair and green eyes, Jen could have mistaken her for some exotic ethnicity with the caramel color of her skin. She was definitely much darker than Jen wanted to be.

Tina walked her back to the tanning bed. She gave Jen a pair of goggles to wear while she was tanning to protect her eyes. She explained how the timer worked and tried to put her at ease. Jen thanked her and told her that she knew this would go fine but she was definitely nervous about it, afraid she would burn.  She didn’t like the idea of being in pain for days again. Tina told her that she understood and would check on her to make sure she wasn’t in too long. Jen thanked her and Tina closed the door behind her so Jen could strip down to her bikini. Jen stood there for a moment, took off her shorts and t-shirt, and set them on the chair. She looked at herself in the mirror. She had on her bikini but she wasn’t sure how to fix her top so she wouldn’t have bad tan lines. She changed it a couple of times and finally decided she might as well get in, she was on a time limit after all.

She heard a rap on the door, and said come in. It was Tina, there to check on her. “You ok in here?” Jen just looked at her. Tina realized she hadn’t even gotten into the bed.  She smiled at her.  “It’ll be fine. I won’t let you get burned.” Jen nodded and climbed onto the bed as Jen left.

Jen relaxed on the bed for what seemed like an eternity before Tina came back. She raised the door of the bed and told Jen that she had run out of time. Jen got up and breathed a sigh of relief.

“How long was I on that thing?”

Tina laughed and told her, “15 minutes.” Tina directed her to the mirrors in the corner of the room. Jen walked over and turned around. She was actually rather pleased; she had a fairly even tan. The only part she wasn’t thrilled with was how her tits looked.

She turned and asked Tina for her opinion. Tina told her it was a pretty good tan for the first time. “When it comes to the boobs, it’s best to tan topless.” Jen just blushed, giggled, and then said, “I think I’ll pass.” 

Tina laughed, “Nervous about tanning and shy?” Jen could only nod. She slipped her clothes on and headed out to the counter to pay for her session. She and Tiffany left with the promise they would return.

Return is exactly what she did, except this time; Jen went to the salon by herself. She figured everything would be fine and if Tina was working, she did not need to have her friends with her. When she got to the counter, she was about to ask if Tina was there, but she walked out from the backroom with someone who had just had a tan. When she saw Jen, she smiled. “I came back for another session.” Tina was surprised she sounded so excited but walked with her back to her room.

When they got there, she said, “Look, this will go fine, Hon.  You know, you’re not someone anybody could forget once they see you in only a bikini.”  Jen blushed and Tina continued.  “Seriously, you have flawless skin, an hourglass figure, and your red hair is just crazy perfect.”  She smiled.  “Let’s make sure you get your boobs this time, so no top.”  She turned to leave.

“Don’t forget to check on me in fifteen again!”

Tina nodded her head.  “Of course!  Now go relax.” 

Jen stood there, removing everything but her bikini bottoms and lay down on the tanning bed. She put the goggles on, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and enjoyed the tanning bed this time. She heard the door open a short time later, and opened her eyes to see Tina. She had not said a word when she walked in; she simply stood there and looked at Jen.  She moved her eyes from her perfect feet, up her long legs, to her pink bikini bottoms, and then stopped at her tits. Jen could feel her eyes as she stared at her breasts.

When Jen went to grab her top to cover herself, Tina stopped her with her hand. “You are fucking gorgeous.” Jen could not find any words to respond, she merely blushed. She again tried to cover herself but Tina took her shirt from her, walked over to the chair, and set it down. She went to the door and flipped the lock. Jen stood up, unaware of what she should do. The advances of Tina unnerved her, but at the same time, she felt a thrill of excitement run through her body. Tina took Jen’s hands in her own and walked her over to the mirrors. She stood behind her and stared at Jen’s reflection in the mirror. “Look at yourself. You are fucking amazing.” Jen was speechless, she could do nothing but try to cover herself with her hands, but Tina wrapped her arms around her so they rested around her waist. Jen’s arms pinned underneath them.

As they stood there, Tina started to kiss the back of Jen’s shoulder. She licked and kissed her way up to her ear. She bit on it hard and gave it a yank. Jen moaned out in an involuntary act of pleasure. She didn’t want to like it, but she did. As Tina continued to move from Jen’s ear to her neck, she loosened her arms and moved a hand up to cup one of Jen’s tits. Both of the women started to moan in unison. Suddenly, Jen realized she wanted this woman.  She had turned around to face Tina and tentatively slid her hands around the girl’s waist and up under her shirt. Her hands moved up and down on her soft skin and Tina felt so good beneath her fingers that Jen wanted more. She moved her hands, found the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it up over her head.

Tina didn’t break eye contact with Jen as she reached around and unhooked her own bra and dropped it to the floor. Jen saw no tan lines, just two extremely perky round tits, with hard nipples that screamed, “Touch me.” Jen couldn’t help herself.  She cupped Tina’s tits in her hands, pushed them up and ran her tongue across one nipple then the other. She had never experienced a woman before but she had become so horny she couldn’t help herself. She bit down on Tina’s nipple softly then with Tina’s encouragement bit down harder.

Gasps of pleasure escaped her lips as Tina slid her hands down Jen’s back and grabbed her ass. She only had to tug on the strings on either side of her bikini bottom and it fell to the floor.  Tina slapped her ass hard, then took Jen’s face in her hands, and kissed her hard. They stood there, tits pressed against each other, and sucked on each other’s tongue. Tina moved her hands away from Jen’s body long enough to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor.  Then, she lifted her hand and parted Jen’s pussy lips with her fingers. Jen gasped and started to walk backwards, Tina’s fingers and her body moved with Jen. She felt herself slam into the door, as Tina spun her around. Tina didn’t break eye contact as she grabbed a towel and spread it out on the floor. She sat down and pulled Jen down with her.

Tina spread her legs wide as she laid flat on her back on the floor. Jen knelt between Tina’s legs and started to suck on her nipples. Tina moved her hands into Jen’s hair and pushed her head down. Jen looked up at Tina and saw the desire in her eyes. She ran her fingers up the inside of Tina’s thigh and found her wet pussy lips. She was completely bare beneath her fingers. Jen slid them up and down, and then parted her lips. She rubbed her swollen clit. Tina’s groans encouraged her to continue and she slid her hands down, slipping two of her fingers into Tina’s soaking wet cunt.

Her movements seemed so surreal to her, but then the pace increased. Tina’s legs started to shake before Jen felt her clamp down hard on her fingers. Tina cried out, “Oh God!  I’m cumming!”

Tina didn’t waste a moment, still aroused from her orgasm, she switched positions with Jen. She pinned Jen down on the floor and sucked on her neck. She wrapped her fingers around Jen’s clit and pinched it, Jen’s body jerked in response. Tina pinched it again, as she moved her lips slowly down Jen’s chest. She bit and sucked on her tits and her nipples. Her breathing increased and her moans of pleasure started to get louder. Tina quickly moved back up to her mouth and kissed her hard, then whispered in her ear, “Shhhh, someone might hear you.”

When Tina moved her mouth down to Jen’s pussy and sucked on her clit, Jen grabbed the shirt that was on the floor next to her and bit down on it. Tina shoved three of her fingers deep into Jen’s pussy and had started to fuck her hard and deep, while she sucked on her clit. Jen wasn’t sure how she was able to handle all three of Tina’s fingers, and she was amazed that the woman was as aggressive as any man had ever been.  She felt her pussy walls as they contracted down on Tina’s fingers. Tina licked and sucked on her clit faster as she finger fucked her. Jen felt her entire body tighten and then relax as she shouted into the shirt and came. 

They lay for a while on the floor before Tina finally stood and helped Jen to her feet.  Jen felt a bit awkward when she dressed, and her legs were certainly wobbly from the orgasm.  Tina smiled at her as she opened the door for her.  “Okay, Jen.  Get out there and enjoy your tan.”

Jen shook her head.  “No way.  I’m staying indoors.”

Tina frowned.  “I don’t understand.”

Jen smiled.  “If I go outside, this tan will last a long time.  If I stay indoors, I’ll have to come back…say on next Tuesday for example.”

A smile slowly spread over Tina’s face and she said, “I’m looking forward to it.”

As she walked out of the tanning salon, her pussy still sending her reminders of Tina’s fingers and lips, Jen smiled.  She was looking forward to Tuesday as well.


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My Lesbian Awakening with My Best Friend

A First Lesbian Sex Erotica Story

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BOOK: Awakened: Five First Lesbian Sex Erotica Stories
12.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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