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Bad Biker Stepbrother 3

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Bad Biker Stepbrother 3

A Dark Romance

By: Michelle Black



Copyright 2015 Michelle Black



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Note/Warning: This is part 3 in the serialized dark romance series. Please read the first two books to avoid spoilers!



Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven


Chapter One

“Welcome home!” Mia cries as the door to the condominium opens and Damon enters.

His eyes dart towards the living room, and Mia smiles before shaking her head. “They aren’t here. I wanted it to be just us for your welcome home,” she says as she hovers in the hallway.

Shuffling from side to side, Mia can’t figure it out. Why is she hesitating when all she wants to do is rush into his arms and kiss him? He has spent the last three weeks in the hospital as he recovered from the attack. It has been a lonely three weeks for Mia.

The first week, Damon had been completely cut off from her when he was in a medically induced coma. He had had so many broken bones and there was some swelling on his brain that the doctors hadn’t been sure what he would be like when he recovered. When he finally did, life had been perfect...Damon had come back to her completely and she had known that she could never live without him.

But then they had spent the next week with him going in and out of his coma, and the first seizure hit shortly after he had woken up. Tears sting her eyes as she watches him standing in the doorway...he is as unsure as she is...and she knows that part of her tears are from remembering that first seizure. Remembering what it would mean for them for the future. Damon hadn’t wanted to talk about it then. He had been angry with the guys who had attacked him. He had been angry at the doctors, at Mia, at the world for making him weak.

After the third seizure, the medication finally got it under control. But there was a chance once they ceased the medication that he could have another one.

Damon hadn’t focused on that; he had focused on recovery and Mia, which was destroying her a little bit at a time. She wanted him to share his pain and worry over what the future held for his life. She knew he felt weak because of his injuries and what they were doing to his body, but she didn’t see him as fact, she saw him as the strongest he had ever been.

He had spent the last three weeks working and building up his strength, but it was going to be a long road to recovery. The cast on his arm, where they had broken it in two places, is evidence of that.

Mia takes in his beautiful face and winces at the bruises that are now fading into an ugly yellow. The men who had attacked him had really done a number on him.

Tears fill her eyes, and she wants to kiss every part of him that hurts. The fact that she couldn’t really touch him, her flesh to his flesh, for the last three weeks has been killing her. She felt disconnected from him, unable to show her true affection because her mom and his dad were at the hospital almost every day. She was unable to be more than his stepsister for all those weeks.

“Did I lose you?” Damon’s voice cuts through her thoughts, and she blinks away the tears. He looks unsure as he hovers at the door.

“No, you could never lose me,” she says and she closes the distance between them.

Damon gives a relieved smile and wraps his arms around Mia as she sinks into him. He breathes her in as Mia breathes him in and pulls him into the condominium. Closing the door behind him, she presses his back against it and leans up on her tiptoes. Her mouth kisses tentatively on the side of his lips. Damon groans while need and heat wash over Mia. She wants him so badly, wants to feel his hard shaft buried deep inside of her.

Her kisses become fevered as her tongue snakes inside of his mouth and they spar with each other. Damon’s cock grows hard against her stomach, and she rocks against it—her body aching to be filled by him. Damon’s hands slide down her back and he cups her ass, his cast a strange feeling against her bottom.

Mia moans as Damon raises her up onto his shaft, his hardness directly rubbing against her clit. She writhes against it, but then stops suddenly when she hears him groan in pain. Breaking the kiss, Mia glances up at Damon in concern and takes in the pain that is thinning his lips and tightening his jaw. His eyes are closed, and she can see tears shimmering on his dark, long lashes. “What’s wrong?” she asks.

He shakes his head, “Nothing, it is just my ribs. They aren’t healed yet.”

Shaking her head, Mia runs her fingers tentatively down his side before she captures his hand in hers. “We don’t have to do the welcome I want,” she whispers and places a kiss against his lips again. “Why don’t you come in and relax on the couch...everything else can wait.”

“But I do want that welcome,” Damon says and he smiles, the hint of his cocky, alpha, male self clear on the twist of his smile. It almost makes her come right there.

She tugs on his arm, and he bends down to pick up his bag that she had brought to the hospital for him. “Leave it,” she orders. “Right now, I just want to relax with you on the couch.”

“Cheeky,” he grins. “I’m not sure if I like the bossy Mia.” He taps the tip of her nose and she rolls her eyes.

“Play nice,” she laughs, “or I won’t play the naughty nurse for you.”

His eyes fill with heat, and Mia pulls him behind her as she sways her hips seductively. She can feel his gaze burning into her and she knows that he is just as horny as she is. Three weeks without the soul-rousing sex they had enjoyed before his accident was taking its toll on her nerves. Whenever Damon is inside her, she feels like everything is right in her world.

Mia guides him to sit down on the couch and then she places another kiss to his lips before she pulls out of his embrace. He looks as hesitant to let her go as she is to leave. “I am going to make you a coffee and then we can just relax together,” she says.

Going into the large, modern kitchen, she watches him as the coffee machine brews a pot. He looks so tired as he stares out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the Chicago skyline beyond. She had come to love the condominium since they had arrived. It felt like home, but the last three weeks without him here had made it feel lonely.

Now that he was here, she felt the urge to move on. What if they weren’t safe anymore? What if they needed to leave Chicago now that his gang knew where he was? This was home to her, but Damon was more important than glass and steel—he was the other piece of her soul and she couldn’t live if she lost him.

Bringing two coffee mugs over to the couch, she places hers on the coffee table before handing the second to Damon. He smiles up at her, his eyes filling with warmth, but she can see the touch of worry in them. Without saying anything, he pulls her down beside him and wraps her up against his side.

Mia sighs and places her head on his chest, loving the sound of his heart and the feel of his warmth. “I missed this,” he murmurs as he kisses the top of her head.

“So did I,” she agrees. “I am so thankful that you are okay, that you survived that awful beating. If you hadn’t survived...I don’t know what I would have done...”

Fresh tears spring to her eyes, and she feels his shirt getting wet from them. “Shh,” he coos as his hand makes lazy circles up and down her back, “Don’t think like that, I survived, and I have no plans on leaving you. The last three weeks have given me a lot of time to think.”

He takes in a deep breath and then a deeper swallow of his coffee. Mia tenses under his hand.
Did he think about them and their relationship? Did he think about his past as a hired killer?
“And?” she finally asks with her heart in her throat.

Sighing, he pulls away from her and gingerly rises from the couch. He walks towards the window and places his hand on the glass as he stares out at the sparkling lights of the city. The sun had just set and the city is a sparkling display of lights—as breathtaking as the tormented man standing in front of it. Mia longed to caress his wide shoulders and massage away the tension in them, but she stays, fixated, on the couch, her hands cold from fear.

“Our lives are so fucked up, Mia,” he says to her reflection in the glass, “I used to be a hired killer and parts of that life, no matter how far behind I leave it, will always resurface. It may not be now, it may not be in a month from may not be for ten years, but something will come back to haunt us about it.”

Mia bites her lip and fights the tears forming in her eyes. It sounds like he is planning on leaving her...that this is a carefully crafted goodbye speech he has rehearsed during his recovery in the hospital. “And then there is how we met. This isn’t easy to say, but being your stepbrother has caused a lot of problems for us...Namely, your mom.”

“But she has been here; she’s being supportive of our relationship. In fact, when they left for the airport today, she told me that she just wants me to be happy,” Mia interrupts him. She isn’t naïve; she knows her mom is not happy with their relationship, but she will come around...

Yes, Damon
her stepbrother, but they had never lived under the same house as kids. Damon had been in college when Mia’s mom and his dad had married. There had never been a sibling connection between them.

Damon turns and leans his back against the glass. “Really, Mia? Your mom is never going to accept us together. She meant all she wants is for you to be happy with someone else besides me,” his voice is thick with anger. “She came and saw me last night before they were scheduled to fly out. She offered me her part of your father’s estate if I just left you and never came back. Is that really the actions of someone who wants us together?”

Going still, Mia can see the blood draining from her face by her reflection in the dark window, “What did you tell her?” she asks softly.

He glares at her and his jaw tightens slightly, as though he is angry at her for asking, or, maybe, for what her mom had asked. “Do you even need to ask?” he snaps.

“I do, because you are bringing up all this stuff that doesn’t matter.”

He turns back to the skyline and places his forehead on the glass, “I told her no. I told her that I wanted you and God, I want you, Mia. You are a piece of my soul, but I also had to admit that I wasn’t good enough for you.”

Mia waited, knowing that he is going somewhere with this, “Fuck, we just have so many problems. Where we come from? What I did? How can we expect to have a happily ever after?”

“I don’t want a happily ever after,” Mia says as she stands up. She hovers at the couch, wanting to go to him, but afraid that he will turn her away. Why did they feel so off when they had just expressed how much they loved each other only a few weeks before?

“What does that mean?” he asks her reflection.

“Happily ever after is a lie. It means that I only want this if everything is perfect and we are never sad. But happily ever after doesn’t exist. Life is sloppy, and it is filled with times when it isn’t wonderful. And I want you during those sloppy times. I want you when life isn’t wonderful so I can cherish you even more when life is amazing. Don’t you get it, I want you with your flaws, your past, and with all the bullshit of our parents...I want you for the future we can make with each other,” Mia finishes.

She crosses the room and comes up behind him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she places her head on his back and breathes in his scent. She kisses the place between his shoulder blades, “I want you no matter where we are or who agrees with what is between us.”

His hands slide over hers and she feels gooseflesh rise on her body. His touch always does that to her, no matter what or where they were. She needed him like she needed the air to breathe. “I want you too, but after the attack...” he sighs. “After the attack, I’m sure what type of life I can give you. We may always be in danger.”

“I know, but that is something I am willing to live with. If I can’t live with you, there is no point to continue on. My body...and my soul belongs with you,” she sighs against his back.

He turns in her arms and catches her chin in his palm. Lifting it, he plants a kiss to each of her eyelids before he stares down into her eyes. “You are my heart, and all of me belongs with you. I was just so scared that you would end up getting hurt and when your mom came...” his voice trails off.

“She played the guilt card,” Mia finishes for him.

Damon smiles and nods, “I had forgotten how good she was at using guilt to get people to do what she wanted. To be honest, I heard you when I was in that coma. You were the only reason why I fought...why I wanted to live. The last thought I had when I was being beaten into the ground was that I would never see your beautiful smile again. I was so terrified that they would find you after they were done with me, but I couldn’t do anything to stop what they were doing. After your mom visited on her own, I wondered if I should end things with you so I can protect you from my past.”

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