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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons living or dead are entirely coincidental.

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This novel
is considered romantic fiction with erotic elements or erotica. This is for mature audiences only. This book contains adult profane language, mild violence and strong sexual content.




To all the readers who love cliffhanger endings and serial books. This is also for my Facebook friends. You ladies are the greatest.




I would like to send a special thanks to the Amazon, Goodreads and Kindle readers that gave me glowing reviews for Full Court Press and Balls To the Walls Erotica Series Books 1-3. Thank you so very very much, first for your honest reviews. I would like to acknowledge and thank: Kandicoated, CARAMEL, Avid reader, Nakia Huguley-ray, Denise Gardner, amanda, Denise, MNMC, Curry, Cherry Girl, JayhawkGirl “Sweet Baby Jesus”, mslelee, Christi Patton Diaz Giacanti, danikat, Queen55, katia, JJB, Kathy, Phatgirl Reads, Marsha Kindell “Momokin”, “I live for shoes”, Jessica, Denise Cherry, Denise Townsend, velvetgypsy, Jalisa, Kimone Dicks, Lashawn, Jenn, Keisha and Tara Casimir.

Another thanks to the readers that
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is the form of any work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not real, but rather, imaginary and theoretical—that is, invented by the author.





Today is the day I come before you

Today is the day I come unto you

Tomorrow is the day I cum in your mouth

So get used to it.


Masonisms 101






There’s a man on all three bases. I’m up at bat. All eyes on me, but I’m not Tupac. It’s up to me. I have to hit this ball and win this ball game. I can’t strike out. Everything is riding on me. One false move and I ruin this for me, my son and at least three other people that I care about. I have too many choices, vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Do I even like ice-cream? Where do I go from here? First base, that’s if I hit this ball, make this play, knock it out the park. Temptation, Consequences, Pressure, Choices. This is my life. I’m in a game with six balls and I have to choose two.

I remember a song by
Mary Wells called
Two Lovers
. My mother used to play it when I was little. She was deep into Motown songs. The lyrics were, ‘
I got two lovers and I’m not ashamed, I got two lovers and I love them both the same
’. Well I got my own song called Three Lovers. I got three lovers and I am deeply ashamed, lovers from the past, present and future. I don’t want this stress and anguish. This is not like the movies. You just pick one and live happily ever after. In the fantasy world three men clamoring after you is great but in the real world it’s a pain in the ass. I went from no man to three men. I went from celibate to hot sex on a platter everywhere I turn. I don’t want to play these stupid reindeer games. My head is about to explode. I don’t want to be up at bat. I need a pinch hitter. The ball is dead, not in active play. Please replace me. I never want to get back in this ball game. This is the major leagues and I want to go back to Tee ball.

Is this really happening to me again? First Mike comes banging on my front door. Then Karen comes a knocking and prances in my house. Now Tess is on the verge of breaking my car’s passenger window.
Is this an episode of
The Young And The Restless
? I’m not young but I am sure restless. This bitch better got the fuck away from me!!!







It’s a terrible day to be caught cheating. This is happening whether I like it or not. I have to do something but this is surreal. I feel like I’m underwater. I’m being held underwater and I’m drowning.

I’m hosting a boxing match; in this corner, angry suburban wife and in this corner, pissed off extra black girlfriend.
I had blocked out all the banging and the yelling. It was time for me to tune it back in. Kari was so startled that she was completely frozen in the passenger seat. Her chocolate eyes shifted from Tess to me. Pure unadulterated pissed-off-ed-ness. My ass is grass. Shit! Shit! Fucking Shit!

This is my mess and I have to clean it up all b
y myself. Kari’s eyes were on me and I couldn’t will my vocal chords to work but I was sorry and I knew she could see that much in my eyes. I was so fucking sorry. My jittery hand was on the door handle. I pushed the driver’s door open and I jumped from the car. I stalked over to where my wife’s tirade of profanity held court.

I wrenched Tess up from behind
, snatching her off her feet.

“Tess, Tess! Calm down. Stop it!” Tess struggle
d in my arms but she was a mere one hundred pounds. She was wasting her time thrashing in my stronghold. After Tess stopped her fretful movements I placed her back on her feet but still kept her in my bear hug.

“Tess, s
tay calm. You are causing a scene. People are watching us.” There were people watching but none of them took it upon themselves to intervene in any way.

“I don’t give a shit!
” Tess howled.

I was looking at Kari and she was peering through the passenger window at me
with a devious look in her eyes. This is not how I wanted us to part. I had to get Tess home before this escalated into a domestic dispute involving the law. I was hell bent on getting out this hotel parking lot.

Kari opened the passenger door as if she was reading my mind. She knew me well. Enough was enough and it was time to part ways. She was going to have to excuse herself from this situation
without my aid. Kari stepped out and Tess made a feeble attempt to lunge for her.

“Whore! You fucking whore!

Kari eyes narrowed
. “Mason you better get her.”

“I got her.” I said as Tess tried to leap from my arms.

Kari turned to close the passenger door. She turned back to give Tess her unique evil eye.

“You fucking whore!”
Tess’ roar rang throughout the hotel parking lot.

Kari took two steps forward and f
or a second I thought that she might claw my wife’s eyes out.

“Kari please don’t.” I begged
, pleaded and humbly decreed. I’m not sure I could hold both of them.

I started praying silently that this would be a nonviolent encounter.
I’m no MLK but I have a dream that all wives and mistresses can live in perfect harmony. I had my wife to contend with and Kari was a bit moody when she was bleeding and I didn’t want her to attack Tess or me. I knew from prior conversations that Kari didn’t fight like a girl.

“You fucking tramp!”

“Enough Tess! Jesus that’s enough!” I really wanted to choke Tess. Stop yelling! Please!

As much as I wanted Kari to walk over to the driver’s side
of her car and get in, I somehow knew that she wouldn’t do it. She wasn’t going to go quietly.

“Let me go!” Tess yelled out.

“Yeah let her go Mason!” Now Kari was yelling at me.

I can’t do that. “No.”

“Let her go! Let’s see what happens.” Kari had turned on her extra black. She had her hands on her hips and I didn’t want any trouble.

“Yeah Mason, let me go!” Tess taunted.

I was actually thinking about it but that would be stupid. Instead I decided to remove Tess from my bear hug and grab one of her wrists. Tess glared at me. She was shocked I let her go or shocked I still had my fingers handcuffed around her wrist. I don’t know what she’s thinking. I realized I barely know the woman I’ve been married to almost eleven years now.

“Hey we are all adults here.
” I had to take charge. “Nobody lays hands on anybody. I’m not fucking playing. Tess!” I wouldn’t dare say Kari’s name. I just threatened her with my eyes. Kari smacked her lips at me. I guess my eye threat didn’t work. Kari’s not afraid of me when she’s fully clothed. My evil twin kept her in line but he was on sabbatical somewhere.

Tess was winded from writhing around in my arms. “I know you.” Tess said breathily
as she glared at Kari.

“I know you too.” Kari sassed her and rolled her neck.
Christ! Everyone needs to calm down.

We all know each other. So fucking what? Let’s get out the parking lot and go home.
This is the first time I wished Kari would skedaddle, vamoose, jet, bounce. Shit already!

“Little league last year.”
I watched Tess’ facial expression as things started to add up in her mind.

Tess you figured it out. I fucked the woman you never spoke to. The woman you didn’t bother to give one lone hello, the one you excluded. Yes dear wife, Kari’s the one you never included in any of your little league mother sideline discussions.

I vaguely remember
Tess did talk to all the other mothers but there were three mothers she didn’t interact with. I realize now that they were the minority mothers, two black women and one Hispanic. Kari never spelled it out for me and I didn’t notice it then but now it’s obvious. A lot of things are so much clearer now than they were then.

re fucking my husband?” Tess had lowered her tone.

“I sure am.”
Kari said loud and clear right before she smirked and raised both her eyebrows.

“You, are, a fucking tramp.”

“Your husband loves
tramps you should try to be one.” Kari purred. Her mouth was deadly.


“Your husband loves bitches, black ones. You will never be that.”

Oh fuck! Jesus, Kari had her talons out and she was slicing Tess up just like she had done to me on several occasions. Kari was practically putting a bullet on Tess’ brain.
I was only going to breakup any physical stuff that may come about. I wasn’t equipped for a female verbal spar.

Kari popped her shoulders up like she was Michael Jackson in the Bad video. “Now what?” Kari challenged.

Now nothing, I hope. It seems that Tess was out of her league. She didn’t have a rapid response to that one. I couldn’t wait for this moment in time to be over.

Tess, this is over. It’s time to go.” Tess’ rage turned into anguish and she started sobbing.

It was time to part ways. “
Kari.” I nodded to my Kari and she smiled at me. I smiled back. It was a reflex. She smiles, I smile back. I had wiped the smile from my face before Tess caught it. Did Kari just say
your husband
loves bitches, black ones, you will never be that
? I just fucked her in her dirty mouth. My cock remembers and right here and now me and my cock want to fuck her in her vulgar filthy mouth all over again.

“Move the van.” Kari ordered.

I jerked out of my devious sexual thoughts and tugged at Tess’ wrist. I pulled an exhausted or defected Tess toward the van and Kari calmly followed.

walked around to the driver’s side of her Camry. She ducked into the open door. I watched her out the corner of my face with my duplicitous eyes. I breathed a sigh of relief when Kari slammed her driver’s door shut. This is over. I survived. I survived. Now there is Tess to contend with. I hope she continues to cry. If she’s crying that means she’s not talking. I will take the tears over her malicious words any day.

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