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Cubs can’t walk until they are four to five weeks old.

Cubs stay with their mother for two to three years.

Cubs are born the size of a stick of butter.

Born in a den, cubs won’t come outside for several months.

At birth, cubs weigh about 1 pound.

Bears of the World!
Polar bears

live around the Arctic Circle
from Canada to Russia.

Sun bears

live in the tropical
rainforests of Indonesia,
Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Giant pandas

live in a small area of central China.

Spectacled bears

are the only bear species
that is native to South America.

Grizzly bears

a type of brown bear, live in Canada and Alaska. Other brown bears live in Europe and Asia.

Sloth bears

live in the grasslands and
forests of southern Asia,
including India and Nepal.

Black bears

live in the mountains and woodlands of
North America.

Moon bears

(Asiatic black bears) are
spread across Asia from
Pakistan to Japan.

About the Author

When Bob Barner is not working on books, he likes to present his work to schools and libraries around the world. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Cathie. Learn more at

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