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Because Naughty Holidays

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Because Naughty Holidays

Can Be Oh So Nice

2015 Edition

Alluring Indulgence:
Travis, Kylie, Gage

Sniper 1 Security:
RT and Z

Club Destiny:
Luke, Sierra, Cole

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Author Note:

The readers voted and the winners for the 2015 holiday book are: Alluring Indulgence: Travis, Kylie, Gage; Sniper 1 Security: RT and Z; Club Destiny: Luke, Sierra, Cole. Come and see how they are heating up the holidays this year!

Back in July of this year, I asked the readers to vote on which three sets of characters they would want to see holiday novellas written for and I was so excited to see the responses. I had so much fun spending time with previous characters and seeing what they were up to. I hope you enjoy spending time with them as well.

Included in this holiday book are three novellas (20,000 words each) and they are written consecutively, starting at the beginning of the holiday season and ending with New Years. Happy Reading!

Much Love,

Nicole Edwards

Table of Contents

Walker Brothers' Free-For-All

Alluring Indulgence

Travis, Kylie and Gage

(from TRAVIS: Alluring Indulgence, 3)

Chapter One

TRAVIS WALKER WAS up earlier than he’d planned, far earlier than was appropriate on the rare occasion he took a day off, but he had no one to blame but himself. These days, it wasn’t easy sleeping alone, and the instant he’d felt Gage crawl out of bed, he’d known Kylie wouldn’t be far behind. And she hadn’t been.

Yep, Travis’s husband and wife had left him by himself, as they’d done many times before when he would’ve preferred them to remain right where they were so he could block out the coming day for as long as possible.

There was a reason he had a penchant for caffeine—mornings were not his thing.

So, this morning, when they’d disappeared to get their day started, Travis had stared at the ceiling for all of ten minutes before dropping his legs over the side of the bed and forcing himself upright.

The day wasn’t going to wait for him and they had plans. Sort of. If heading over to his parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner and then coming back to decorate their Christmas tree counted, then yes, they had things to do. Not to mention, Kylie had volunteered to help Travis’s mother cook, as she’d done the past couple of years, and when she volunteered, it actually meant they all did.

On unsteady legs, he managed to walk to the bathroom, still in a fog. Through blurry eyes, Travis stared at himself in the mirror above his sink. There was definitely more gray in his hair than there had been last year. And although his youngest brother, Zane, liked to give him hell about it, Travis didn’t mind it. According to Kylie, it was sexy, so who was he to complain? Granted, he seriously needed to shave. Rubbing his hands over the three-day-old scruff on his cheeks, he debated for a minute. Before he could decide whether or not he wanted to put forth the effort, Travis watched as Gage stepped into the bathroom behind him, closing the door.

“Mornin’,” Gage greeted, his voice gruff and sexy, brown eyes scanning over Travis’s back as he moved closer.

Travis grunted. It was too early for lengthy conversation, so…

Gage wrapped his thick arms around Travis’s waist, warmth infusing him instantly. While his dick absolutely enjoyed Gage’s touch, he was still weary of what was expected of him this early in the morning. When Gage’s palms flattened on Travis’s chest, he relaxed. But when Gage’s lips pressed to Travis’s naked back, an electrical current shot straight to his groin, making his cock pulse with anticipation.

Well. It certainly wasn’t too early for

“What’re you doin’?” Travis smirked, looking at their reflections in the mirror.

“What my wife instructed me to do,” Gage replied slyly, his mouth leaving a blaze of fire across Travis’s skin. “She told me to take a shower while she fed Kate. When I mentioned you were probably about to do the same thing, her eyes sparkled. So, I’m doing as I was told.”

For the past two weeks, the three of them had been so busy that moments such as this had been few and far between. Sleep was rare these days thanks to all that was going on with the resort due to the holiday season in full swing. And when they weren’t at work, the three of them were alternating with Kate—not entirely out of obligation, more so because she was the highlight of their lives, and spending as much time with her as possible had become their top priority.

That meant moments like this didn’t happen all that frequently, so when the opportunity presented itself…

“Anyone mention our wife’s the smartest woman in the world?” Travis asked, reaching back and cupping Gage’s head, sliding his fingers through the cool strands of his hair, and holding Gage close.

“We’re lucky like that,” Gage admitted, his lips trailing up to Travis’s shoulder before he stepped away to turn on the shower.

All thoughts of shaving disappeared entirely when Gage shucked the sweatpants he had on, leaving him naked and beautiful, his hard cock bobbing out from his body, beckoning Travis to take him in hand. He didn’t hesitate, moving toward Gage while shoving his boxers down his hips and allowing them to pool on the tiled floor as he followed Gage into the shower enclosure, closing the door behind them.

The water was warm, but Travis doubted that was what caused the steam. At least not after Travis pressed Gage up against the slate tile, his hand easing between them as he wrapped his fist around Gage’s erection and fused their mouths.

“Trav,” Gage groaned, their lips fumbling together.

A little more than two years since they’d gotten together, Travis still couldn’t get enough of Gage or Kylie. They could tease him with a few well-timed words, make him hard with a mere look. So, when he had the opportunity to get his hands on one or both of them, he didn’t waste any time.

He stroked Gage’s cock firmly, sliding his free hand into Gage’s hair and pulling his head back so he could look in his lover’s eyes. “I wanna feel your mouth on me.”

“That right?” Gage grinned.

“Fuck yeah,” Travis huffed, sliding his thumb over Gage’s lower lip, thinking about sliding his dick into the warm cavern of Gage’s mouth, feeling Gage’s lips wrap around the sensitive head… He growled again, unable to hold back.

And when Gage’s grin turned into a full-fledged naughty smile, Travis knew the man he loved was going to relent. Which was one fucking hell of a way to kick off the day.

NOW THIS WAS how every day should start, Gage Matthews thought as he nipped the end of Travis’s thumb. There weren’t many things he enjoyed more than Travis’s sexually assertive side. Unfortunately, he’d missed that in recent months. It seemed work had become so busy that they’d somehow lost sight of the important things, like one another.

Oh, sure, Travis was still just as forceful when it came to certain things like business, but this… It seemed as though it had been too long since Travis had taken what he’d wanted from him, and Gage loved this side of the man he loved.

Here, cocooned in the shower, just the two of them, Gage wanted Travis to take control. And he wasn’t disappointed.

Travis tightened his hand in Gage’s hair, urging him down. Knowing Travis needed a little defiance to fan that flame, Gage resisted, reaching for Travis’s head and pulling him close, their mouths melding together. The firm press of Travis’s tongue against his own made Gage’s dick throb.

He really did miss these moments.

For long seconds, their tongues explored, hands groping, fumbling as they stoked that fire into a conflagration. Finally, when it was obvious Travis couldn’t take much more, Gage dropped to the tiled seat, gripping Travis’s thick cock in his fist and guiding him closer.

Travis’s blue-gray eyes glittered dangerously as he stared down at him, fingers twining into Gage’s hair. Lightning spiraled through his nerve endings when Travis tightened his grip and pulled him forward. Circling his tongue around the engorged head, Gage teased Travis for as long as he was allowed. And when Travis growled and forced his cock past Gage’s lips, he willingly drew him in, sliding his tongue around Travis’s steely length.

“Fuck, yes,” Travis hissed. “Love when you do that.”

Gage knew plenty of tricks that Travis loved, and having his dick sucked while Gage fingered his ass was one way to send the man into hyperspace. Since his main objective was to make Travis come, he didn’t hold back.

Travis widened his stance, giving Gage better access as he breached his tight hole with one finger.

“Fuck,” Travis exhaled. “Don’t stop.”

Gage got the impression that Travis possibly needed more than he was willing to ask for, and he wondered briefly if this little water activity might take a different turn from what Gage had originally expected.

Not that he minded either way. Having his dick buried in Travis’s tight ass or having Travis lodged to the hilt in his… Both were intensely satisfying for him.

“Suck me,” Travis commanded. “Harder.”

Travis kept a tight grip on Gage’s hair, shoving his cock deep, retreating, then pushing home again. Over and over, Gage sucked, teased, tormented, never letting up as he drove Travis closer and closer to the edge.

Gage groaned, allowing the vibrations to shoot up Travis’s shaft while he forced one finger into Travis’s ass. He sought Travis’s prostate, and when he found the spongy tissue, he focused his attention on driving Travis out of his mind.

“Oh, hell,” Travis growled. “You want me to come?”

Gage lifted his gaze and met Travis’s. Gage nodded.

“In your mouth?” Travis asked. “Or in your ass? Your choice.”

Well, when he put it that way… Gage released Travis’s dick from between his lips and removed his finger as he got to his feet.

Standing once again, Gage succumbed to the onslaught of Travis’s mouth on his, allowing his hands to slide over the smooth skin of Travis’s back. God, he loved this man. More and more every single day, but it was moments like this, when they became one—regardless of how they chose to express their feelings, slow and sweet or fast and dirty—that Gage found himself so caught up he wasn’t sure how he’d ever lived without the two people who’d completed his world and given him everything he’d never thought he would have.

Travis pulled his mouth away, spinning Gage around.

“Against the wall,” Travis instructed.

Gage stepped forward until his chest came into contact with the cool tile, elbows tucked into his sides, palms flat.

Travis positioned him the way he wanted, forcing Gage to put one foot on the bench, making him widen his stance.

The click of a bottle being uncapped sounded from behind him, and a moment later, the thick head of Travis’s cock was breaching the tight ring of muscles. Gage sucked in a breath, forced himself to relax.

“Take all of me,” Travis whispered, his mouth against Gage’s shoulder.

He loved when Travis showed that softer dominant side. It wasn’t easy to get the man to give up even a small measure of control, but the way he showed Gage and Kylie how much they meant to him was proof the man was mushy beneath the rough edges.

“Aw, yes, Gage.”

Travis pumped his hips forward, lodging himself deep inside Gage. Growling his approval, Gage tried to push back against the intrusion, but Travis maintained control, his fingers digging into Gage’s hips, situating him just how he needed as he began ramming deep, over and over.

“Love you,” Travis groaned, finding Gage’s hands and linking their fingers before lifting them over Gage’s head. “So fucking much.”

And yes, instances like that, when Travis Walker, a man Gage had at one time wondered whether he had any feelings at all, blurted things like that, Gage couldn’t control his own response.

Pressed to the wall, trapped between Travis’s hard body and the slick tile, Gage allowed the sensations to take over. Travis impaled him, fucking him hard and fast, then alternating to slow and easy. It was an infuriating pace, difficult to keep up, but it was just what Gage needed to fan the flames, summoning his release from deep inside.

When Travis released his hands, Gage reached down, wrapping his hand around his cock, jerking himself as Travis fucked him relentlessly.

“Love you,” Gage muttered. “Make me come, Trav. Fuck. Make me come.”

It seemed that Travis focused all of his attention on doing just that, his fingers digging into Gage’s hips again as he thrust harder, faster, deeper. Until nothing could be heard over the sound of their combined grunts and groans.

“Fuck, Trav!” Gage’s release barreled upon him, taking him completely by surprise. “Coming!”

“So hot. Gonna make me … come … too,” Travis murmured against his ear as he pressed his chest to Gage’s back, his hips still pumping, cock still lodged deep. Travis grunted again, and Gage felt his cock pulse in his ass.

For a moment, they stood just like that, still locked together, the water cascading over them as they attempted to catch their breath.

“Good?” Travis asked.

“For a little while,” Gage joked, putting his foot on the floor when Travis pulled out of him. “I’ll be up for a replay in an hour.”

“Don’t tempt me,” Travis grumbled, cupping Gage’s face when he turned back around. “Or you’ll find yourself with my dick inside you later today.”

“At your parents’ house?” Gage asked, smiling.

“I’m not shy,” Travis said. “And there’re plenty of places no one will find the three of us.”

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