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Beginnings (Brady Trilogy)

BOOK: Beginnings (Brady Trilogy)
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A Brady Trilogy

























Published by Aneta Krpekyan

© 2013



This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, business establishments, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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Dedicated to those who seek a new beginning; and to those who’ve already found it.
Keep love radiating brightly within your hearts.

nd a very special dedication to a man who’s saved me in every possible way. Argo, you are my knight in shining armor and my prince charming come true.












Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve


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Chapter One


The blissful scents of the
salty sea filled the air. Fresh patches of seaweed were pushed to the shore by powerful indigo waves. The fierce sun made it impossible to walk barefoot on the burning clear sands. Many had come out to tan under the merciless sun on a hot sizzling July afternoon. The rapid sounds of thumping on the volleyball thrown over the net were equally pleasant to the chatter that took among Californian tanners spread across the beach. Far in the distance surfers challenged their boards up to the crest as the waves carried them gently back to the shore. A blond haired little girl in her precious yellow swimsuit was joyfully collecting seashells in her red sand bucket. High school students enjoying their free summer days before the fall season arrived with its new agenda of scholarly plans. It was a wonderful scene. If travel agents were present it would be these very moments they would capture and advertise to their clients looking for a great California beach vacation.

Nicolette Stamos felt relaxed. It was the best decision she had made this year to quit her job at the agonizing law firm in Los Angeles and move to San Diego. Her free spirited mother was more than willing to give her beach house keys to her daughter.
“Go enjoy life Izzie baby. You work too hard,”
her mother had said. If anyone knew how hard Isabel worked to make it to that prestigious law firm it was her mother. Now it was her second day as a newbie in town and she wasn’t going to waste it worrying about the life she left behind. Arms reaching over her head, she stretched like a lazy cat waking from slumber. Soon she’d have to polish her resume, drive into the city and hunt for a new job, but right now she would enjoy every divine moment of doing absolutely nothing. Especially since she hadn’t been under the sun since her last vacation to Cancun, Mexico two summers ago and her tan was long overdue. You simply couldn’t live in California, particularly beach front, and have creamy white skin. Not as if she was transparent, she still had some color remaining, but nothing compared to the tanned blonde a few feet away in her tiny string bikini. The blonde was lying on her stomach and had untangled the straps of her sparkly pink bikini top. Another thing Californians tried to avoid was as much tan lines as possible.

Sitting up Isabel grabbed her water
bottle and began flipping through her magazines. Good thing she had stopped at a nearby mini market to purchase some water, snacks and the month’s latest issues before heading over to the beach.
“Hollywood Celebrity Marriage Ending in Outrage due to a Scandalous Affair”
was revealed bold print, front cover of her celeb magazine. What else is new Isabel mused to herself. She tossed the magazines aside and concentrated on the peaceful sight of the dancing waves. Rising high above yet lightly landing on the shore as if the echoes of the splashes were whispering secrets only the waters understood. Ah, the beautiful secrecy of the bottomless sea, she smiled to herself. This was the exact paradise she had hoped for on her two hour drive to San Diego. It had been one long difficult half a year. It was barely July yet the sequence of events that took place since early January was enough burden to last Isabel a lifetime. Endless hours put into work at the law firm had deprived her from enjoying the life she longed for. She hadn’t planned to live a boring workaholic life with no room for socializing. But somehow she had ended in the dead center of it. She all too quickly remembered her true reasons for leaving L.A and that dreadful chest pain was threatening to return.

, Isabel thought to herself. It is all in the past and it will remain there. She was determined to start a new life, create a new beginning and she refused to become the helpless pathetic girl she left behind. She was stronger now and more capable. Well at least that’s what her therapist told her. She knew she was making quick recovery. From what Isabel had endured the last couple of months, it took great will-power to overcome the dreadful anxiety she had fought alone. She was a loner with no friends, no lover and no support group. Her mother was her only friend and family and was the only one there during the darkest period of her life. She had tried to keep the truth from her mother as far away as possible until she reached her breaking point.

pushed all bleak thoughts out of her mind and concentrated on the pleasant beach around her. She came to San Diego to change her life, not dwell on the past.  She looked around and smiled to herself once again. Everyone was in bikinis and swim shorts. No desks. No law books and no client files. She wiggled her toes deep into the hot burning sand and hugged her knees breathing in the salty air.  But as her gaze fell upon a tall man in the distance, she noticed he had not come prepared to the beach. Standing close to the shore with his back towards the sands he was in well-tailored gray trousers and a white dress shirt. She noticed he had unbuttoned his wrists and rolled up his sleeves. The complete executive type she concluded. He stood there with his hands in his pockets staring far beyond into the sea. She couldn’t see his face but he certainly was tall, with wide solid shoulders and his dark brown hair blowing unruly by the light breeze. Her eyes fell lower seeing how well those gray trousers accommodated his nicely shaped behind. Isabel shook her head and brought her attention back to the ocean feeling like a complete creeper for checking out a man who was fully clothed. She sure was tempted to go for a swim but felt a little rusty and defenseless against the powerful waves. Going for a quick dip couldn’t hurt she told herself as she adjusted her bikini and headed towards the ocean.

Luke Brady had a million
things running through his head. He had left his office for a brief walk on the beach to clear his mind.  It was the only way he could find some serenity and think.  He loved the loud environment of his office but sometimes not even his closed doors gave him the opportunity to just think. Managing the nation’s largest print and advertise company was no simple task. His father had left him in charge of their San Diego headquarters and now as the Vice President, Luke was nothing but fully devoted to the company his grandfather had established decades ago. Luke, at the prime age of twenty- nine, was a determined man and once he set his mind to something he made sure it was done. He wasn’t used to things not going his way and he would work hard, countless hours in his office until things were as he pleased. If Luke wanted just about anything then Luke got it. His father, noticing the restless ambition in his eldest son from a young age, had no concerns leaving the headquarters to be managed by his first born. A few years ago his father decided it was Luke’s turn to call all the shots and continue the legacy his grandfather Sean Thomson Brady had started.

Luke first began working with h
is father at the young age of eighteen. Most of his friends at that age had moved to various college campuses, chased after women, joined frat groups and began their four yearlong adventures of dorm parties. But not Luke. He stayed behind spending half his days studying at San Diego University and any spare time he could find in his father’s office. He avoided meaningless parties and meaningless relationships but would indulge himself casually in meaningless sex. From a young age Luke learned there is no need to chase, with money, power and status, women came to you. Now his father lightly managed their New York branch, even though his younger brother Andrew was fully in charge of that location, while Luke paid annual visits and a very close eye on all of B. Pentagon Print and Advertising locations. There was much to prepare for with new projects emerging and his five year personal assistant dropped a bomb by announcing she was resigning from her position. It was going to be difficult to replace her. Rachel was very good at making sure his life ran smoothly by handling all the pesky errands he didn’t have time or patience for. Now gleefully engaged, Rachel is in the process of preparing for her wedding and starting a new life. This reminds him to pick out a nice wedding present for his well-deserved and reliable assistant. He went through countless interviews yet had not found her alternative. He continued to ponder upon this thought and his next board meeting tomorrow morning regarding the upcoming advertisement campaign when his gaze trapped upon a brunette who was waddling around the water. He seemed amused by the way she was hesitant as if debating if she should slowly walk in or jump in head first.

Isabel didn’t expect the water
to be freezing. Just leave it to the Pacific Ocean to be ice cold when the strong July sun is burning up the rest of the beach. She finally went deep enough until the water covered her knees and shivered. As cold as it was she realized it must have been a lifetime ago since she felt this good. The chill of the water was surprisingly therapeutic. Reminding herself to glance towards her items she squeaked at the sight of the seagulls tearing through her bags and ran like a lunatic towards her possessions.

Luke watched in amazement as the brunette
began to run like a mad woman while shouting.
What the hell was she doing
? He looked up ahead and noticed the woman was headed towards a large mob of seagulls. He prepared himself for the disaster he was most likely about to witness.

“Oh co
me on this isn’t happening. SHEW… SHEW… Stupid birds… Get away. Go on now get out of here” she yelled. But Isabel’s attempt to get rid of the birds backfired when they retaliate an attack. Losing her balance she was about to hit the sand when strong arms caught her around the waist. The man in the gray trousers held one arm firmly around her waist and flapped the big birds away with the other. The noisy birds surrendered to Luke and gathered their herd and flew away. Isabel was trying hard to catch her breath before she could thank the man when he suddenly erupted in loud laughter.

“Are you
all right” he managed to ask.

“Yeah, Yeah I’m fine” she whispered still trying to catch her breath. “Thanks for helping.” She said as she turned around to face her rescuer.
She was stunned by his dark green eyes and incredible smile. He had thick brown hair and a strong jaw line. He was even taller up close with wide shoulders and a hard chest she could feel since he was still holding her.

BOOK: Beginnings (Brady Trilogy)
7.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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