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Chapter Ten



They rounded the corner. Five males had Bella backed into a corner. She wore blue jeans and a grey sweatshirt, her dark hair clean and sleek as it hung over her shoulders. At least she’d been cared for until now, not starved and filthy as he’d imagined. He wondered what human had laid a hand on her first because he’d like to snap him in two.

“She’s afraid,” said Ben. “I’ll kill them all.”

Ben took measured steps toward the group of males. He’d been too focused on Bella to realize that two of them were shifters. He’d have to remind them of their customs. You didn’t mess with a marked woman. Even the soft, human-loving wolves in the city should know that fact.

When Bella’s eyes met his between two shoulders, their connection was solidified. The world went away, and it was just the two of them. Her body visibly relaxed, and he reveled in the fact that his presence reassured her. It should. He’d kill for her without a second thought, and now that he was here, not one hair on her head would be harmed.

“You have company, Bella.” The other men turned to face him. They assessed him, sized him up. He was taller and built more powerfully than even the shifters. Ben hoped they’d try and fight him. He ached to release the violent energy pent up inside him ever since he discovered wolves had tried to kidnap Bella back home.

“Unwelcome company,” she said.

“Who the hell are you?” The larger of the two shifters puffed up his chest. Ben was too enraptured by his beautiful mate to laugh at the male’s pathetic attempt at bravado.

“He’s her mate,” said Draco, standing directly behind the man.

“And who would you be?”

Draco crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m her mate, too.”

Ben savored the look of fear that crossed over their eyes as they stepped out of reach. With Draco at his side, he ignored everything but the beauty in front of him. He pressed in close and wrapped his arms around her thin waist. “You okay?” he whispered.

“I am now. A little late showing up, aren’t you?”

“Sorry about that.” He leaned in low, admired her love bite, and inhaled deeply. The marks on her neck symbolized their bond, one that would continue to grow in strength. “I like your marks.”

“I like them, too.” She squeezed his biceps before running her hands into his hair. He could smell her desire, thick and potent. Without a cloud in the sky, the full moon bore down with its full power.

Ben turned his head to see how Draco was handling the males. The humans had run off, kicking empty bottles as they ran, and the shifters walked backwards, fear replacing their feigned dominance. Sharing his mate had been a challenge from day one, but if he had to choose a male worthy of his woman, it would be Draco.

“You know what you are,” he said against her neck. A statement, not a question. He could even recognize her as a shifter now, when before she appeared human on every level. Her wolf must have remained dormant all these years.

“I do now.” She tugged him closer. “Kiss me.”

Ben couldn’t refuse her. They were in a dank alleyway far from home, but as a female shifter under the light of her first full moon, her body would demand to be sated. He’d joked with his pack mates about the stories centered on the savage female hunger. Only Grant had experienced a wolf. The others could just dream. Now, Ben had his own woman to satisfy. He hadn’t been disappointed when he thought his mate was human, but now, discovering she was a rare wolf was a miracle he never dreamed of.

He trailed his lips over hers, a gentle brush of affection. She wanted no part of his slow exploration, seizing his lower lip between her teeth and tugging.

“My body’s hot, so hot,” she whined. “I can’t stand it any longer.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. We’re here now, and we’re going to help you through this.”

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing. It’s your first full moon as a mated female. Once we bond, you’ll get relief.”


He licked his lips. “Once we fuck you. Both of us.” His cock hardened just thinking about sinking into her moist heat. In their unique triad relationship, they’d need to take her at the same time to complete their mating bond and ensure her next full moon didn’t make her so feral. The new elders in their pack taught him everything he’d need to know about their new she-wolf.

“Yes, I need both of you.” She kissed the mark she’d made on his neck. “I have so many questions.”

“And I’ll answer all of them. I promise. First, we need to get you out of here.”


“Our ride isn’t far from here.” He grabbed her hand and attempted to lead her out of the alley, but she stood her ground and shook her head. “What is it?”

“I don’t think you understand, Ben.” Her little fangs were visible as she spoke. Fuck, did it ever turn him on. “I need you

* * * *


Bella wanted to follow Ben and get out of the alley. The fact that her men had come for her at all still had her heart swollen, and she didn’t want to be separated from them again. But it would be impossible for her to explain the desperate burn deep in her cunt. Her inner walls pulsed and throbbed in deep waves, so hungry to be filled. Her heart pounded behind her ribs, and she knew she’d be willing and eager to participate in any sexual act, anything to take away the craving.

“Bella, soon. Once we get you home, we’ll make sure you’re well taken care of.”

“Please!” Remaining in her predicament for hours wasn’t acceptable. She was ready to drop her jeans and bend over the asphalt littered with broken bottles and God knows what.

“Draco, get over here,” called Ben. Her other mate joined them after scaring off the last of the troublemakers. “What should we do with her? She says she can’t wait another minute.”

The corner of Draco’s mouth curled up, and he tilted her chin up to face him. “Are you that hungry, my little wolf?”

“Famished.” They both converged on her, surrounding her with so much male strength. “Tell me, what makes a wolf better than a man?”

The two men looked at each other briefly. Then Draco rammed his fist into the brick wall a foot from her head. The mortar and brick crumbled from the hole he’d created. “All the better to protect you with, little one.”

Ben grabbed her hand and pressed it against the rock hard bulge in his jeans. “And all the better to fuck you with,” he said with a sexy smirk.

The gumline above her fangs quivered with the need to bite, to mark. She could barely control her breathing as her desire threatened to undo her. “No shifting, sweetheart. I don’t feel like getting wolfy with you tonight,” said Draco.

Ben kicked in a door, and they entered to find an old billiards club. It must have been closed down for years, like most of the businesses in this area. A thick layer of dust covered the counters and the plastic sheets protecting the pool tables.

Draco closed the door. It was dark and quiet inside, the only sound was her pounding heart in her ears. As she looked around, Ben pulled the tarp off one of the tables, revealing a relatively clean green felt surface.

“Since you say you can’t handle the long drive home, you’re gonna get your wish,” said Ben. “Arms up.”

She complied, raising her arms so he could slip off her sweater. Her skin was hypersensitive to the soft material, his fingers gently caressing her sides as he lifted the offensive material away. Ben hoisted her up on the edge of the table and went straight for her naked breasts. His mouth quenched her immediate need, but also fuelled her libido. With hooded eyes, she watched Draco undress. His golden, muscled body promised relief she so desperately needed. She wiggled on the spot, wishing her jeans would evaporate into nothingness.

“Please,” she begged.

Draco chuckled, a deep sound that melted around her like dark chocolate. She closed her eyes as he unzipped her jeans. Ben lifted her so Draco could tug down her pants and underwear, leaving her completely exposed. The billiard club might have been closed down, but the room was large and open, adding to the titillation of their act.

“Lay back, Bella.” She eased to her back, and Ben spread her legs, placing her legs over his shoulders. He peppered kisses along her sensitive inner thighs, moving ever so slowly to where she needed him most. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

His hot mouth descended over her cunt, warming her and pulling her into the depths of ecstasy. She expected to cringe when his tongue teased her clit because she was so overly sensitive, but she melted, already too far gone to resist. Every lap of his rough tongue sent thrill after thrill spiraling through her body. She panted and moaned, forgetting the time and place, focusing only on Ben’s invasion.

“That’s enough,” ordered Draco. “I want her to come around my dick.”

His crude words were enough to pull her orgasm to the surface, but just before she could revel in the shower of pleasure, Draco rolled her to her side and smacked her ass, hard.

“Hey!” She felt a growl roll up from her chest.

“You’re not allowed to come yet, my little wolf. First you have to sit on my cock.”

How could she remain pissed when the thought of impaling herself on his thick cock made her heart beat frantically in anticipation? He sat on the edge of the pool table, his erection aiming up and ready. She bent over, desperate to suck his dick and lick her love bite.

“Ah, ah, ah, not this time, sweetheart. Come sit on this.” He held the base of his cock rigid. She straddled him and sank into relief. Draco stretched and filled her so full of hardened male flesh that she felt ready to explode. “Ride me, Bella. And mark me proper this time.”

She smiled as she began working his erection. Every movement brought her a measure of relief, so she pumped her hips faster, gliding up and down his slick cock. As the world spiraled away once again, her wolf crept out of its hiding place, elongating her human teeth into sharp white fangs. She wrapped her arms around Draco’s broad shoulders, nuzzling his neck, deeply breathing in his scent.

Before she could mark him for the world to see, claiming what was hers, Ben’s strong hands gripped her hips, his fingers pressing deep into her soft flesh. His cock felt moist as he nudged her nether hole. She’d never realized until this instant that having both men penetrating her at once would be the only thing to kill her craving. He’d found something in the rundown club to lubricate himself with and now demanded entrance to her virgin hole.

Bella tensed, her fangs receding with her increasing anxiety. “Relax. You need this as much as we do. You’ve marked us both, Bella. Now you need to accept both our cocks.” Ben’s voice wasn’t threatening. It held the promise of pleasure in a deeply masculine baritone.

She hugged Draco tighter and nodded, knowing this was the only way to seal their triad relationship. Ben pressed his dick into her ass an inch at a time in slow, measured movements. At first she gasped at the initial sting and stretching of her muscles. She almost pulled away, fear blossoming inside her, making her tense and rigid.

“Play with her clit, Ben,” said Draco.

Ben reached around her with his free hand to roll the bundle of nerves in circles. The spike of heat was exactly what she needed to relax and receive the full length of Ben’s dick in her ass. She sighed when he filled her to the brim. He stayed motionless, giving her time to adjust.

“So tight,” he murmured, sounding close to letting his wolf free.

* * * *


Draco had to use all his strength not to come when Ben entered Bella’s ass. Having another cock squeeze into her already tight body was exquisite torture. Now he could understand Callen’s claims—double fucking a woman was incomparable.

Once Bella relaxed, even stirring against Ben, they began to work her body. Draco needed to fill her with his seed as Ben had in the forest, claiming her as his. Her soft full breasts pressed against him as the other man forced her forward with his weight. They were a coiled mass of fucking, the air thick with the perfume of their lovemaking. When he knew he couldn’t hold on another second, he made his demands. “Come, Bella. Now! Milk my cock.”

“Yes!” She dug her claws into his back, making him wince as she suddenly called out. Her pussy clamped down on his erection, pulling his orgasm to the surface. Ben cursed behind her, and together, the three of them were bound. As her claws eased from his flesh, a new stab of pain at his neck made him smile lazily. He savored Bella’s claiming, proud to be hers. When she sat straight, her fangs out and a smear of blood on her lips, he’d never seen anything so beautiful. Her dark mass of hair was in disarray, her eyes glowing like a she-wolf.

Ben helped her off Draco’s lap and cuddled her in a nearby chair. He expected to feel some level of animosity towards Ben when it was all said and done, but there was nothing. Fate knew what it was doing after all.




Chapter Eleven



“It’s all yours,” said Ethan. Their alpha had moved Ingrid out of the cabin and into the new compound less than a mile away, one with working toilets and running water. It had taken months to be built, but would now house all the pack, except Draco and Ben. Although they’d always be part of the pack, they wanted their own private life with Bella. They’d be a family. Ben was reluctant to take over the old log cabin, until Bella said it had been a dream of hers to live in the woods in a log home. She wasn’t materialistic or high maintenance. Even in the three weeks it took for the compound to be finished, she’d slept in the woods with Draco and Ben in wolf form. Of course, they cocooned her body with theirs and not even a mouse would dare tread near when they were on guard.

“If you need us, you know where we are. Just give a howl,” said Ben as he clapped Ethan on the shoulder.

Callen laughed, his eyes bright with humor. “If you ever tire of bathing in the watering hole, stop on by for a real shower.”

“No thanks,” said Ben. “I’d rather not spoil my wolf.” Callen shrugged, not caring one way or the other. The new house had modern luxuries that Ben would rather not get accustomed to.

As soon as their alphas shifted, darting off into the forest toward their new home and their mate, Bella grabbed Ben’s cock through his jeans. “Are we going to christen the new place?” she asked.

Draco growled and scooped her up from behind, making her squeal and kick her legs in protest. He gently dropped her on the large bed in the next room. “So how does it feel being the only female shifter in the pack?”

“I like it. I’d never felt complete until after my first shift. I wish my father hadn’t hidden the truth from me.”

“He thought he was protecting you. Living in human society, while being something that shouldn’t exist, can’t be easy for a child. He must have done it out of love,” said Ben, sidling up next to her, brushing stray hairs off her face.

“I can see that now. Maybe one day I’ll have the nerve to pay a visit.”

Draco lifted the hem of her shirt and kissed her stomach. “It would be a crime not to let him know his granddaughters. The first three-quarter female wolves ever to be born.”

“We all have a future thanks to the little pups growing inside you,” said Ben, kissing her temple.

“Hey!” Bella shifted to her side. “Please don’t call our daughters puppies. It sounds horrible.”

“Whatever you say. Now, about that christening.” Ben slipped his hand up Bella’s shirt. Her stomach was still washboard flat, but wouldn’t be for long. He couldn’t wait to see her heavy with his children. Her breasts had grown and were now twice their usual size, not uncommon for she-wolves. Ben kneaded her swollen flesh, loving the billowy fullness. Draco unzipped her pants and snuck his hand down the front. When her body jolted, he knew the other man had slipped his fingers deep in her pussy. The scent of desire circled around the cabin, branding it with their unique signature. This was their home, the place they’d raise their young and create beautiful memories together.

They still had so much to teach Bella. She needed to learn how to hunt, how to sneak up on her prey, how to protect herself in times of danger. Ben and Draco were eager to teach her, even though she’d never need any of the skills with two protective mates by her side.

“I think it’s only fair you mark Ben’s dick, too,” said Draco.

Bella smiled. “I could do that.”

“I like my mark where it is just fine, thank you.”

She twisted out of their midst and straddled Ben’s legs. As she unbuttoned his jeans, she licked her elongated fangs teasingly.

“Bella…don’t even think about it,” he warned.

“Promise I won’t bite.”

She dropped her head and sucked the length of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue twirled around the swollen head, collecting the moisture before she deep-throated half his cock. He closed his eyes and savored the feel of her soft mouth suckling him with wanton abandon.

“You guys are killing me,” said Draco, only a distant sound as Ben focused on Bella’s skilled mouth and little else.

The bed jostled as Draco moved about, getting behind Bella. When he mounted her from behind, she squeezed Ben’s thighs, her claws poking through the thick jean. She moaned around his cock, sucking greedily as Draco fucked her from behind. The whole bed rocked, the wooden headboard smacking the log wall time and time again. Ben was glad the compound was out of earshot.

Bella popped off the bobbing erection suddenly. “More,” she gasped. Their little she-wolf loved it when they double-teamed her. She needed them both and craved the dual stimulation. Ben couldn’t complain.

“Whatever you want. Look how hard you’ve made me,” he said. “Draco, get the lube.”

Bella kicked off the Levi’s coiled at her knees and crawled up his body. Her long dark hair tickled his skin as she crept up, positioning herself over his hard cock. She didn’t wait for Draco to return before sitting on this thick girth, moaning as he filled her to the brim.

“Bad girl,” said Draco as he returned to their bedroom. He was coating his prominent erection with clear lube as he walked. “If you weren’t pregnant, I’d spank your tight little ass for starting without me.”

“Do it anyway,” she said.

He swatted her butt playfully, pushing her down until she pressed chest-to-chest with Ben. “I love this ass. I can’t wait to fill you.”

As the other shifter eased himself into Bella from behind, Ben felt the pressure increase against his own cock.
. Bella panted and mewled against his ear. “You like that? You like both your mates’ cocks shoved up your cunt and your ass?”


They took turns pistoning in and out of her body, bringing her to orgasm in no time. Bella was insatiable, a sexy little miracle that continued to amaze him.

Once properly christened, they all shared the bed as the sun went down. The solitary window offered the last remnants of daylight as they each lay sweat glistened and spent in a tangle of arms and legs.

Ben kissed her forehead. “You sure you’ll be happy living like this? You won’t miss your city life?”

She scoffed, not even lifting her head. “The city has nothing to offer me. Since I was a little girl running in the woods, I’d play out impossible fairy tales. Now I’m a woman, and you’ve both given me the chance to live my dreams. How could I ever turn away from that?”

“I love you,” said Ben.

“I love you, too, little one.” Draco held her hand, his eyes heavy with the need to sleep.

Who knew that his enemy would become a close friend, a human girl would become his mate, and the union of their love could save their race?

BOOK: Bella's Wolves
3.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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