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Big Road Machines

BOOK: Big Road Machines
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The rotary mixer breaks up the top layer of dirt and rocks.

The motor grader makes a flat roadbed.

The soil compactor packs down the dirt to make it hard.

The paver lays the asphalt and spreads it flat.

The asphalt drum compactor rolls the surface smooth. The road is finished!

But roads get cracks and potholes and need to be fixed.

The cold planer chews off the top layer of old asphalt.

Inside the cold planer is a rotor. Its metal teeth break up the old road.

The dump truck catches the old asphalt as it comes out of the backhoe loader.

The dump truck loads the old asphalt into the paver.

The compactor smoothes the surface. The road is just like new again!

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BOOK: Big Road Machines
5.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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