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Ellie R Hunter
Biker Bait
© 2014 Ellie R Hunter
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… Present Day


The gavel hit the table with force ending our club meeting. Just as everyone was getting up to go their own way, our president, Michael ‘Tornado’ Blake ordered us to sit again.

“One last bit of business
.” he said, rising from his chair at the head of the table.

“As you all know A
lannah is coming home next week. I have decided she won’t be staying here. I have set up a place for her in town and she will lead a civilian life away from the club.”

As soon as he finished, Oak and
Sparky were out of their seats arguing over each other to get a word in, in the end Oak won and Sparky shut up.

can’t fuckin’ do that to her. This is all she knows.” he said, meeting our president square in the eye.

“I can do this to her and I will. It’s not all she knows anymore, she’s been away on and off for four years at college. She will survive

“Why are you doing this? She hated every day at college and you know it
.” Oak argued.

“It doesn’t matter.
I have made my decision and its fuckin’ final.”

“What about a vote?” Sparky spoke up.

“It’s not club business, it’s my family business. I’m letting you all know because she is going to go bat shit crazy and I don’t need you lot kicking off as well. I’m allowing her the ride home instead of flying and I don’t want you bunch of shits telling her. I’ll tell her myself.”

“This is bull shi
t.” he shouted, slumping back in his chair.

Oak remained standing, bustling with anger. I know how close he is
to Alannah and this wasn’t going to help club morale. In my brother’s eyes, she could do no wrong.

“I second that, you’re
puttin’ her out for nothin’ and straight into the arms of the Ghost Riders. She won’t be safe.” Oak roared.

“This is final, and I won’t be fuckin’ questioned about it, but you can b
e rest assured she will be safe. She will have a prospect posted near her at all times. Now, Sparky, you still need to do the run before you pick her up.” he said, with such an authority it had them both shutting up.

Sparky nodded while Oak continued to scowl.

“Do we have a problem old friend?”

He continued to stare for so long I thought
there was going to be a problem. Eventually he shook his head and turned to leave. With his hand on the door handle, he turned and spoke for the final time.

“I’ll be
joinin’ Sparky on the run, bringin’ our girl home where she belongs, even if it is for a few days.”

A few of the others murmured their agreements and began filing out of the room, I remained seated as Michael sat back down.

“Anything to add V.P?”

What could I say? Deep down I was just as angry as the others at our
president’s decision, but on the outside I kept my cool and lit up a cigarette.

nothin’.” I said, blowing out smoke.

“Good,” I hated the look he wore on his face, it screamed
that he was hiding something, “I want you on the run too, make sure the ride back is clear.”

“You got i
t.” I smiled falsely, standing.

I left the room angrier
than I was before. I hated the fact I was trusted with this girl’s life on the road, just as long as it wasn’t on the back of my bike.




9 Months Ago



My summer break was coming to an end and I was about to get a leaving present I would never forget. A night with
Castiel ‘Cas’ Jackson, recently promoted to Vice President of the Lost Souls MC and all round sex on legs. We spent the entire summer together while he wasn’t on club business. Each day becoming closer and closer, in the beginning I assumed he was just being nice to a brother’s niece like all the rest, becoming a brother to me. Sly touches here and there, the way I would catch him watching me with his lop sided grin when he thought I wasn’t looking, it soon became clear or I thought it did, that he felt the same as I about him.

The day before I
was due to leave for my last year of college, we shared or I thought we shared an urgent need to be together. Every member of the Lost Souls had been warned with violence and being put to ground if they came near me with carnal thoughts in mind. I believed at the time that I could talk to my Uncle and show him I wasn’t being used like the club whores, that what Cas and I shared was real.

I barely noticed the concerned glances from the men who I classed as f
amily as I walked through the club house, John ‘Oak’ Johnson stood from his place at the bar but was pulled back down by his drinking partner.

Thinking nothing of it,
I carried on walking towards Cas’s room, I was nervous and eager at the same time, I felt dangerous. I spent longer than usual showering, and blow drying my long, blonde hair. It fell in long, soft curls, and unlike the whores who hang around the club, I kept my make-up minimal, just enough black eye liner to set my blue eyes off, the way I knew Cas likes them. The denim cut off shorts I had chosen gave the illusion my legs were longer than they were for my just over five foot four inch frame, and the tight fitting tee showed my small curves in all the right places. My hand on the door knob to his room surprised me by shaking, before my nerves got the better of me, I slowly opened his door.

What I saw, I knew would haunt me for a very long time.
Cas was definitely in his room waiting, but so was one of the club whores, Danni. Sitting on his lap, her short skirt had been pulled up around her waist, her top had been pulled down to meet her skirt and from what I could tell, she was in the middle of climaxing. I expected for him to at least look guilty at being caught, he didn’t. He put his hands on each of the whore’s hips and moved her harder on top of him, never taking his eyes away from mine as he reached his own climax. My heart not only broke, it smashed into so many pieces, no man would ever be able to put it together again. I don’t know what kept me rooted to the spot in his doorway, pain I guess, I couldn’t move until the whore turned and saw me, she didn’t know what went on between us all summer but the sick smile of ‘winning’ the vice president’s attention made me want to scratch her eyes out.

remained on his bed, reaching for his smokes.

“Do ya mind? We d
on’t want an audience.” the whore snapped, “Isn’t it past your bed time? Leave or do you need me to show you out?” she laughed, as she sat beside Cas and draped her hand over his bare chest.

threat brought me out of my trance, what I had just witnessed would take many hours to figure out, I held no power when it came to Cas, obviously. But the club whore, if she thought she could talk to me, Alannah Blake like she just did and get away with it, she was more stupid than I gave the club whores credit for. She must be new around here.

“You know what, I’m not sure, why don’t we go and ask my uncle, the president of the brother you
just fucked?” The whore visibly paled before me.

I was begging myself to not let them see how hurt I was, I jerked my chin up higher and mustered all my strength.

“In fact, why don’t we go and tell my uncle, the president how a club whore just threatened me. I don’t think he will be too pleased.” I threatened myself.

“I’m so
rry, I didn’t know who you were. I’m sorry.” she rambled on, scrambling off the bed and adjusting her clothes. As she passed me on her way out, she asked me not to say anything. These girls made me sick, hanging around men who would never make them their old ladies because they had slept with most of the club. And I realised that’s how Cas saw me, humiliated I ran from his room, failing to compose myself before making it to the bar area in the club, everyone’s eyes were on me as I left.  

This time Oak stood and grabbed my wrist
as I passed, he spoke gently but loud enough for everyone to hear. It was a promise to me and a threat to everyone else.

“This is the only time I see you cry Barbie, next time, someone goes to ground,
I don’t care if he is a brother.”

Not trusting myself to speak, I nodded and left when he released my arm.
I loved Oak like a father, he always had a soft spot for me and when my father died, he stepped up with my uncle and made sure I didn’t go without anything.

My Uncle owned the house on the edge of the compound where we lived, I couldn’t run fast enough across the lot and to my room. My uncle greeted me at the door, no doubt
already knowing what happened, like everyone else.

“He’s not for yo
u.” was all I heard from my uncle as I pounded up the stairs, letting the pain over take me as it sunk in what had just happened.

The next morning everyone came out to say their goodbyes before I left for college on the back of Sparky’s bike. I acted like nothi
ng had happened and so did they. As I got on the bike and clasped my fingers together around Sparky’s waist, I caught Cas standing in the shadows of the garage, watching. His face showed no emotion, needless to say he didn’t come to say goodbye and I certainly made no effort either.

Chapter One

Alannah ‘Barbie’ Blake


Thank god, my last year of college is finished. I can relax now knowing I am going home. I couldn’t wait to hit the road, I have been counting down the days till I got to go home since the beginning of the year. My home has made me the young woman I am today, looking around at everyone packing their cars for summer break, I wonder how they cope with what they consider their ‘normal’ and ‘conventional’ lives? Me, I am the niece of Michael ‘Tornado’ Blake, president of the Lost Souls Motorcycle Club and daughter of Mark ‘Boss’ Blake, previous president and founder of the Lost Souls before he died. My mother was the love of my father’s life but died during child birth when I was born. Apart from attending college, at my Uncle’s insistence, there is nothing outsiders would consider normal or conventional about my life, but that’s okay. I would rather choke on stale ale than live like them. No longer able to wait in my dorm room, as instructed, I jump on the curb from one foot to the other in anticipation waiting for my ride home. It’s not until I hear the loud rumble of the only Harley I want to ride upon that my heart skips that much faster. I immediately squash the building fire in my lower tummy. How can I still feel a need for someone so cruel? Composing myself rapidly, I lean against the rail, hiding the hurt in my eyes he caused me behind my sunglasses. This summer I’m not going to fall for the Vice President. Again.

Uncle Mike wanted me to fly home and pick me up himself from the airport,
but I had other ideas. I wanted to ride home, blow away the academic year on the road. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw turning the corner. It wasn’t only Sparky who came, but nine of the other brothers too. Blasting their horns, I was choking up, my family have come to take me home. Glancing around, people were sneaking looks at the bikes and the men who rode them, I always giggled to myself, they were always scared like they were going to be mugged, ruffed up or worse, to me they were just my brothers and uncles, sure the world they live in isn’t where you’d find a suit working nine to five each day, far from it. They have their dealings in weapons, drugs and protection but when it comes to one of the family, you couldn’t find a more loyal person, they would die for one another and fight to the death for the club. To me, the code they live by and the way they are is the hottest thing I see on a day to day basis.

One by one the
y cut their engines and depart their bikes, whooping and cheering that I had finished college. I pulled away from the rail when I saw Pope advancing towards me, he was one of the quieter brothers and my Uncle Michael’s Sergeant-at-Arms. At over six and a half feet in height and over two hundred and fifty pounds in weight nobody has ever taken his quietness for weakness, his long black beard was tied with a band today and so was his long hair. He would now greet me with respect for my uncle and then he wouldn’t say another word to me until I spoke to him or he needed to ask me something, which was never. I used to take offence until I realised he was the same with everyone, he only said what he needed to say and that is it. Sparky, my uncle’s road chief and the closest thing I have to a real brother closely followed, lifting me in his arms and swung me around. His chains hanging from his leathers clinked against each link, his leather cut smelling of home. Unlike majority of the brothers, Sparky kept his hair shaved short, I think he likes everyone to see his tattoo’s snaking around his neck and up onto his head. See, most girls would be put off with markings like that but me, tattoos are a big turn on.

“Hey, Barbie. We missed yo
u.” he puffed, releasing me back to the ground.

“If you didn’t bring me back here, you would
n’t have to miss me.” I retorted, following him back to his bike.

“I don’t make the rules kid,
” he said, pulling out a spare helmet from his side bag, “Now, if you want to make it home before dark, get on.” he nodded towards his bike.

desperately wanted to be home, I was embraced and greeted by each of my family before I realised it was Cas who was next, I knew he didn’t want to, his show was exactly that, a show. Quickly, I turned away from his six foot, tanned, tied up dark brown hair, make-you-melt body. I wasn’t going near him, I couldn’t afford the flood of feelings of hate and need that followed, Sparky had told me he was picking me on the way back from a run so it wasn’t like Cas had specifically come to get me. I clasped my helmet in place and climbed on behind Sparky, wrapping my arms tight around his waist. I know everyone saw the disrespect I had shown the vice president but I didn’t care, I would deal with the repercussions after I get home. Sparky held my hand at his front for a few seconds longer than usual, gave it a squeeze and proceeded to start his bike.

“Ready to come home Barbie?” he shouted over the roar of the bikes.

“Hell yeah!” I cheered, laughing.

Unless you have been on a Harley, you can’t imagine how it feels. I squeeze my legs around Sparky with excitement. I love to ride, to feel free, it just feels amazing.

Catching Cas’s eye as he passed us, made me nervous, his face was a carefully composed mask, I suppose I would find out when we got back what he thought to my ignoring him. I pushed all thoughts of him out of my mind as everyone pulled out in order of their ranking within the club.

I was going home and I couldn’t fucking wait!





Who the fuck does she think she is? Blatantly disrespecting me in front of my club. It doesn’t matter if I deserve it or not, she knows the rules and she certainly knows what happens when a brother is disrespected.

I scream at myself I’m not jealous that she is on the back of Sparky’s bike and not mine, I tell myself I’m angry she’s on a bike at all, especially af
ter her earlier insult to the VP.

For days a
ll I’ve heard is Alannah’s name. Everyone’s excitement at her homecoming, the old ladies planning the biggest party the club has seen in months and the glares from my brother’s warning me not to get close again. In the beginning I was angry with myself for hurting her, her face when she saw me with whatever her name was plagued me for months. I took every hit my brothers threw me that night just so I could be with her before my hand was forced in other ways. Then I got angry. There were no consequences for little miss tight ass, she knew a Lost Souls member wasn’t allowed near her and she still enticed me with her fresh pussy and tight body. She nearly cost me my fucking position in the club and my family. I’m not connected to my brothers by blood, but they are my family and I would die for each and every one of them.

Halfway home we stopped to refill the tanks and
to stretch our legs before the last half of the journey. Alannah disappeared into the store with Slade while I remained by my bike.

I pulled my pack of cigarettes out my pocket and lit one up.

“You okay brother?” Sparky asked, coming up beside me.

Sparky was the brother I was closes
t to in the club. He lit his cigarette waiting for my reply.

“I’m good, just wanna be hom

“I fee
l ya, it’s been a long few days.” he agreed.

Indeed it had been, the monthly run was meant to take minimal time and effort, instead it nearly ended in a free for all fight until Oak stepped in and talked us all down. The Ghost Riders have been causing a lot trouble for us and our supporting MC’s and the friction is beginning to show.

The excitement oozing from him now was touchable, he wanted to mention Alannah and how happy he was she is coming home, but he wouldn’t because of what I did, no one spoke to me about her anymore. The most conversation I took part of concerning her was as a third person. No more than I deserve but still, the sooner we got back, the sooner I could fuck off.

She came strutting out of the store licking an ice cream, the image of her flicking her tongue like that on my cock had me turni
ng and covering my lower half behind my bike. Fucking bitch, I can’t be getting hard every time she does something, something anyone else would do wouldn’t be nowhere near as hot. I focused on the anger I had towards her for breaking the rules as much as I did and not getting punished for it and glared at her.

She looked towards me as she passed, her eye
brows pulling together quickly before looking away. Her hips with her natural sway had me throbbing as she walked to Sparky’s bike. Fuck this shit, I whistled, a signal letting the guys know to ride on.


Raising my hand, I signal to my brothers we were home. Horns would be heard all over the small town of Willows Peak, cheers erupted as the gates opened at our arrival to our compound, welcoming the princess who can do no fucking wrong home. I started towards where our bikes were kept while Sparky carried on taking Alannah straight into the middle of the party, they disappeared into the crowd and I stayed where I was.

“Any problems on the ride back?”

I turned to see my president coming up behind me. He looked more tired and worn down than normal.

“Nah, clear run all the way bac
k.” I told him.

His eyes kept flicking between me and the crowd where Alannah was, he didn’t have to say anything, I knew my place and I’m not prepared to lose it over forbidden fuck
ing pussy.

“C’mon, I need to get fuckin’ waste
d.” I said, heading towards the club house.

I’d barely made it to the bar before one of the club groupies was hanging off my arm
, giggling in my ear.

Giving her half of my attention until I saw she was
a newbie, and she was hot, she would do for tonight at least. I pulled her onto my lap and stroked her arm. Just as I was beginning to relax, I heard the voice I wished would fuck off back to college.

d to see nothing changes around here.”

I fixed a glare at
her, her presence and her sarcasm are not welcome.

“Hey darlin’,
why don’t you go and wait in my room for me.” I told the hang on.

I gave her my room number and key and shoved her off my lap. Once she was gone I looked at Alannah properly for the first time since she’
s been back. Her hair had grown longer, nearly reaching the middle of her back, I wondered what it would feel like to wrap my hand around it. Her already toned, tight midriff seemed even tauter, brushing against her tight tee, it didn’t need much imagination to guess how perky her tits would be underneath.

Stare much.” she quipped, snapping me back.

“What do you want?”

“I came to apologise to the vice president, apparently I was rude earlier.”

Her apology might have been believable if it weren’t for the fact it was dripping with sarcasm. Her
usual soft features were replaced with repulsion, she was only apologising because she has been made to and I was fine with that. I wanted to admit her sassy mouth was making me twitch, I wanted to admit I wanted her waiting in my room eagerly awaiting my cock. Rearranging my thoughts and my bulge, I stood up and got in her face as close as I was allowed which turned out to be a mistake, she smelled so good. I kept my poker face on and sneered,

“Fuck your apology, just stay out of my wa

I stared at her, daring her to make a comeback. She held my gaze but said nothing. I walked away leaving her frozen in place and feeling like shit.





He really is a jerk! I hated him and I hate my uncle for making me apologise, he had heard of my earlier shun towards Cas, niece or not I had to say sorry. It could’ve been worse I suppose, I’ve seen people barred from hanging around the club for less shows of disrespect than I showed. I don’t know why I was surprised to see a whore hanging off him, whores attract whores, and he is one big man whore and some things will never change. Well, he still obviously didn’t care about anyone else but himself, not that I truly expected him to be any different. There were a few nights at college I fantasied about him turning up on his bike and begging for my forgiveness but they never lasted long, the harsh reality would return and I would end up crying myself to sleep.

Exhaling the breath I didn’t realise I was holding, I turn full c
ircle to see we had an audience. I would not let them see me crumble again, not over Cas Jackson.

Plastering my face with a smile
, I raise my head and shout,

“Let’s get this party started!”

Cheers and conversations resumed and I was pulled towards the bar. Drinks were flowing, the music was cranked up and my home celebrations was in full mode.

This is where I belong, with big burly bikers, their forever forgiving old
ladies and to an extent the club whores, not that I gave them much of my time.

I’m sure my Uncle has different id
eas for me, his earlier ‘we’ll talk tomorrow’ word in my ear didn’t set me at ease, for the past year he hasn’t hidden his feelings about wanting a different way of life for me, cryptic mumbles here and there when I visited home on school breaks.

Here’s to you darlin’, so fuckin’ proud of you.” Oak said, grinning from ear to ear, pushing a beer towards me.

BOOK: Biker Bait: The Lost Souls MC Series
6.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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