Bitter Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance (Outlaw Love) (9 page)

BOOK: Bitter Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance (Outlaw Love)
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Hell or high water, he'd made up his mind, and so had his girl.

“As of today, Emma Galena is off fucking limits,” he growled. “She's mine, all mine, and only mine. You'll all be reminded soon enough, every goddamned day when she's wearing my brand...”

Everybody went nuts when he was done. Fuck, even I was smiling, so wide I felt my own dimples drilling into my cheeks. Tank returned the grin and nodded at me as he walked past, heading for the bike we'd towed with us to pick him up.

I climbed on mine and rode behind them, ready to get back to the clubhouse and let loose. Em was crazy about his gigantic tattooed ass, and that made him a lucky man. I just hoped his luck would hold and we'd find some way to keep the love and laughter going.

I fought like hell to keep Alice outta my head on the ride home. It was a beautiful day rounding the mountain curves toward Missoula, feeling autumn's crisp bite needling my face. The chill I got on my Harley would make the Jack I downed later feel that much better.

At the clubhouse, Em and Tank said they'd join the bash later and quickly disappeared to Tank's room. Brothers were laughing, quickly breaking into beers and whiskey. Over near the bar, Blaze pulled Saffron close, grabbing her ass as he kissed her, breaking away after he whispered something nasty in her ear.

I stared down the hall at my room, where Alice was no doubt curled up sleeping. Angry lips twitching, I turned away and headed straight for the bar. The sooner we got this fucking party started, the sooner I could forget.

Saffron was already handing out drinks. I took my spot and flashed her a smile big enough to hide all the chaotic bullshit rumbling through my skull.

“Hey, Sting,” she purred, clasping her hands. “What'll it be? The usual?”

“Yeah. Full bottle. Might as well stock up before the other brothers do. Wouldn't be the first time we've run out of shit too soon.”

Saffron wagged a finger at me as she pulled a full bottle out of a box. “I know how to run my bar, Sting. Nobody's walking away dry tonight. Drink up.”

She slammed it down in front of me. I grabbed a fistful of cash outta my wall and threw it on the counter. Money was flowing in real easy from the club proceeds now that all our shipments were flowing West without any problems with the Grizzlies MC.

I didn't even bother using the shot glass she laid out for me. Just popped the cap and tipped the damned thing to my lips, closing my eyes. That first hit was the second best thing to emptying my balls deep inside some beautiful bitch.

Pure bliss written in fire.

Too bad the beautiful bitch I imagined had silky black hair, dark eyes set like secrets, cream colored skin begging to jerk and twist underneath my cock...

“Fuck, that's good,” I growled, pausing for a breath.

Saffron laughed. “Well, there's plenty more where that came from. Beer too. We've got whiskey coming out our ears since the prospects brought in this gift box from mother charter today.”

My eyebrows went up. That was weird. Throttle occasionally sent presents over from North Dakota, yeah, but rarely booze like this.

Whatever. He'd had Tank in his charter before the big boy came West, so maybe he was paying his respects.

Doctor Jack's magic cure hit my brain with nothing between him and my guts except a light breakfast.

Saffron served some snacks to Moose before she circled back to me a minute later. “Is little miss forgetful coming out to join us?”

I wrinkled my nose. “Fuck if I know. I'm not gonna force that chick to do anything she doesn't want to. I'm done playing those games, Saffron.”

She cocked her head, a wry little smile on her lips. The woman looked downright cute when she wore that kinda smile. I'd never dream of going after her now, but I'd tried to have a go before Blaze claimed her, and I didn't regret a fucking thing.

“You sure about that?” she whispered in my ear. “Lot of guys around here say they're not doing the chase lately, but it sure catches up to them.”

She winked. I looked past her, feeling my dick stir when I saw the girls coming in. On a night like this, the two club whores weren't enough for all the brothers. The usual gaggle of local girls who wanted to play slut-for-a-night with big badass bikers had arrived.

“I'm not Blaze, and I'm definitely not Tank,” I said, knocking back another fiery swig. I stood up and started to push past her.

“Go easy, Sting. Don't do anything you'll regret tomorrow.” She gave me a hard stare when she saw me moving toward the ladies.

“You're not my sister, baby. You're the Prez's old lady and you've been here long enough to know your place. Let me have my fucking fun because I'm sure as shit not getting it with Alice.”

Her mouth dropped a little, stunned into silence. Maybe I'd been a little harsh. But hell, spending all evening at the bar with Saffron needling me about chasing an ice princess who wasn't gonna thaw out anytime soon wasn't my idea of fun.

The three girls were quickly divided up. Smokey and Stone waited for me to make my choice. They were lowest on the totem pole since they weren't full patch brothers yet.

I pulled aside the two brunettes and left them the blonde. My dick strained like pure stone with some Jack in my system. I hoped like hell these chicks were clean because if I had to use a condom tonight, I'd bust right through it.

“What's your names, girls?” I growled, pulling them both to my neck.

“Sugar,” the one with the green eyes said.

“Spice!” yelled the other, licking up my neck and reaching for my crotch.

Pure fire ripped right through me. I passed Spice the bottle and she chugged it 'til the fire in her throat was too much.

A couple weeks without getting laid was too damned long. I sure as shit wasn't waiting another hour, and these two girls were gonna help me out, even if I had to fuck 'em in the garage behind the bikes.

They pressed their tits against me, taking turns with the Jack. My arms slid around them and jerked them close. Their hair wasn't as rich and dark as Alice's, no, but I liked brunettes and they'd do fine.

“Easy, girls. There's plenty of this dick to go around.” They both moaned as I caught their hair and pulled. “You came here to get fucked senseless, yeah? Then you've come to the right place. You're not walking out of here tomorrow unless your knees are bent and you're dripping my come.”

Their grip on me tightened. I grinned, yanking on their ponytails harder. For some fucked up reason, that brought back memories of Em tugging Alice's hair. A sickly sweet vision of me doing the same damned thing to my wonderland girl flashed in my head.

How awesome would it be to finally lay into her and melt that frost clouding her little heart? Shit, how loud would Alice whine if I threw her down beneath me and mounted her from behind, hammering out my frustration against her sweet ass, jerking her jet black hair in my fist like reins?

My cock was at full salute and those thoughts were only making me crazier. I needed Sugar and Spice laid out beneath me
Didn't matter if I'd be thinking about her the whole time I was fucking 'em.

“Come on,” I said, grabbing them both by the hand. “I know a quiet spot we can wreck with our screams.”

They both laughed as I led them toward the door leading outside. Took a little while to push through the crowd, brothers and girls everywhere, plus some local dudes from town who were looking to become future hangarounds.

I passed by Moose and his family at the table. He gave me a friendly nod and raised his glass, shit eating grin peeking out behind his giant beard.

Right on, brother,
it said. I flashed him a quick salute, wondering if he ever missed this shit. He'd been with Connie and had a grown daughter so long he probably forgot what having a girl lick your nuts while you were buried inside another chick felt like.

His loss...

I pushed the girls ahead of me and was about to reach for the door when there was a gigantic crash. Spinning around, I saw Moose go down, the friendly smile he'd given me disappearing in a flash as he fit the floor, grabbing his chest.

His family screamed. Fuck.

I was there first, leaning over and kicking the table outta the way as the older brother thrashed on the ground, kicking his thick legs.

“What the fuck's going on, boss?”

I turned to see Tank, sweaty and half-dressed and holding a glass of water. “Don't know. He just dropped down and started dying in front of me. Get Em!”

When I looked at Connie and Becky, Moose's daughter, I instantly regretted my words. I leaned down, shaking my head. No, no fucking way was he dying here. If it was a heart attack or something, we'd get him whatever he needed to keep his ticker going.

“Come on, brother! Stay awake...”

Easier said than done.
Shit, shit shit...

Moose groaned and his eyes closed, slipping away a little more by the second. Connie clawed her way past me, grabbing his hand. Becky fanned his face, beaming her terrified eyes at me.

Em and Tank showed up again a second later. I helped Tank lift our brother up on the table, then backed away, listening intently as they worked on him. Over in the corner, Sugar and Spice stared at the scene with huge marble eyes, looking like the devil himself walked right off our cuts and spat in their faces.

I walked past them, heading for the bar. I had to find the Prez and let him know what was up.

“What're you two looking at?” I growled, waving my arm at the two sluts I'd been so fucking close to taking. “Get the fuck outta here. Party's over.”

Hurt like hell to say it. Even worse, I rounded the whole clubhouse, and Blaze was nowhere in sight. Finally, he and Saffron came through the side door, laughing as they entered. I was back by Moose, watching as Em checked him over. The grim look on Tank's face said it all.

Then it hit me. My guts lurched hard, like some fucking demon crawled in my stomach and started tying shit together. I reached for the edge of the table and missed it, falling on my ass.

Fire. Nothing but pure fucking fire ripping through me, a blinding white roar smoking my tissue from the inside out.

More brothers groaned. I heard Blaze swear and hit the floor, and then Em and Tank rushing past, their faces filled with horror as the entire damned clubhouse started dropping like flies.

“Poison. Motherfuckers!” I swore, remembering the mysterious box of whiskey Saffron broke into. That shit hadn't come from mother charter at all.

I wanted to force my feet to work, get back up, and go slit the Rams' fucking throats one-by-one. I spread my hands on the floor and pushed with all my might, trying to lift my ass up.

But then my guts tightened fiercer than ever, locked with the inferno rushing through them. The pain swelled, harsher and deeper, so fucking bad I couldn't think about anything at all.

IV: Freedom Is a Lonely Business (Alice)

tried so hard to ignore their stupid party. Burying the pillows around my ears couldn't blot out all the noise, and the linens smelled just like

Every time I breathed his wickedly sexy scent, I almost felt bad about telling him where to stuff it and rushing off after the bitch nurse questioned me the day before. Almost.

Then I remembered he was one of them, just one more loud mouthed idiot chuckling outside my door. I didn't doubt for a second that Stinger was probably drinking and sucking face with some skank after the way I'd treated him.

It shouldn't have pissed me off. But it did. God damn it, it did.

I hadn't gotten a wink of sleep all evening. Slipping out for a hot shower while the clubhouse was empty, picking up their friend from prison, was my only comfort. Since they'd returned, I tried to ignore it, tried to think long and hard about how I was going to leave this place and where I was going to go as soon as they let me.

Mostly, I tried to forget him, ignoring the tears that stung my eyes whenever I thought about Stinger.

All my efforts came crashing down with the insanity erupting outside my door. The first few crashes, I jerked up, throwing the blankets and pillows off me and straightening my clothes. I knew men like these made enemies all the time, and I hoped like hell this place wasn't getting attacked.

Creeping up to the door, I pressed my ear to the wood. People were screaming, some of them yelling like they were hurt really bad.

Screw it. I had to stop being so fucking scared and see what was going on. Taking a deep breath, I reached for the handle and ripped it open.

I'd been ready for a lot of things: men with guns, fistfights, bottles breaking apart on heads. But I wasn't ready to see half the brothers and their women strewn out on the floor, retching in pain.

I took my steps one-by-one. Seeing Blaze laid out with his girl really freaked me out. Emma kneeled over him, phone in hand. I heard her calling for support.

“Hey! We could use some help here!” The nurse spotted me in the corner and pointed, her finger like a dagger.

Jesus, her attitude burned me up. Still, this wasn't the time or place for petty personal conflict.

I followed her over to the spot where she was with the whore named Sangria, tending to several other girls passed out on the ground.

“Just make sure everybody keeps breathing. If they stop, you yell for me or another nurse. My friends'll be here soon...”

If it weren't her, I would've protested. If I'd taken a First Aid class in my life, I couldn't remember it, and now I was having wet cloths shoved into my hands, plus buckets for chilling drinks to catch vomit.

I worked on Roller while Emma's backup from the hospital filed in with their gear. The youngest brother stared at me, his eyes strained and narrow like he'd swallowed glass.

“Need the bucket, babe. Sorry, but I...shit!” I had one second to get it underneath him.

My own stomach rumbled as he emptied his, and I turned away in disgust. Of course, I picked the worst place in the world to look. My eyes fell on the exact spot where Stinger was suffering alone, coiled up on his side, his big body trembling each time he rocked in agony.

BOOK: Bitter Kind of Love: Prairie Devils MC Romance (Outlaw Love)
5.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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