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Black Girls and Bad Boys: Stealing Loretta

BOOK: Black Girls and Bad Boys: Stealing Loretta
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by Neneh J. Gordon

Copyright 2013 Neneh Gordon

French Letters Press

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Stealing Loretta




ean Thomas strode into Loretta’s office
and didn’t even pretend not to stare at her chest. It wasn’t as if she came to
work with a lot of cleavage on show. It was a bank, not a bar. And didn’t the
man ever knock?

She minimised her browser and brought up a
spread sheet before he came around the desk and caught her googling replacement
parts for her beloved classic MG RV8 car.

“Hard at work I see. Good, good.” With his
dark blond hair and chiselled jaw, he looked more like a leading man than a
bank manager. It was a shame his temperament wasn’t as pleasant as his

He walked behind her and reached over her
shoulder to take control of the mouse.

She hated it when he did that. It always
made her feel as if he was about to pounce. “Just running the end of month

“How are the numbers looking?”

It was hard to believe that being close to
such a handsome guy could make her skin crawl, but it most certainly did. Even
when she was well into a year-long sex-drought. “Everything’s as it should be.”
Of course it was. She’d been working late every night for weeks checking and
double-checking all the accounts.

He let go of the mouse, but leaned over her
for just a moment longer than he needed to. “I don’t suppose you’ve changed
your mind about the fundraiser next weekend?”

She froze in place as she waited for him to
move. As usual, he took his sweet time leaving her personal space. “Sorry, I
just can’t make it.”

He walked around the side of her desk and
perched himself on the edge of it. “You should come. These functions are the
best places to make contacts. Get your face out there.”

“Maybe next time.” She gave him a
tight-lipped smile that she hoped wasn’t too encouraging. There was some truth
in what he was saying, but after spending all week with him, she was less than
keen to see him at the weekends too.

“You’re positive I can’t twist your arm?”

It would be so much easier to deal with him
if he wasn’t her direct superior, but if she ever wanted to manage her own
branch, she had to play nice. “I wish I could go, but I can’t.”

When he got up off her desk, she almost
breathed a sigh of relief. He ambled over to the door and stopped short of
opening it. “Do you know what your problem is?”

She shook her head, sure that he was about
to tell her.

“You’re too nice. Whatever you’ve got
planned, you should tell them you got a better offer and come out with me.”

Loretta’s nervous smile was starting to
make her cheeks ache.

“Nobody ever got what they wanted by being

“No, Sean. Probably not.” The sad thing
was, he didn’t even sound like he believed what he was saying. It was the sort
of inspirational business-speak they spouted on company bonding weekends. Maybe
there was a decent person under all that bravado.

He disappeared through the door. She was
about to put her head down on the desk and attempt to recapture the peace he’d
shattered when he walked straight back in.

“I almost forgot why I came to see you.
I’ve got to go out for twenty minutes or so. Keep an eye on things while I’m

“Of course.” That was another thing – he
was always ducking out for one reason or other. He’d better be back before
lunchtime today.

Yeah, right.

He went out, closing the door behind him.

Loretta counted to ten before she put her
cheek on the cold table-top. When she was sure he’d left the building, she’d go
and do the rounds. Talking to the cashiers usually cheered her up.


he alarm on his phone blared out from
across the room and Jordan Bernardino woke up with a start. Gina – beautiful,
hot-blooded, naked Gina – rolled over and nudged him to get up.

He crawled out of bed, turned off the noise
and got back under the covers.

“Won’t you be late?” Her big brown eyes
were half-closed and sleepy.

“Nope,” he said, pinching her nipple
between finger and thumb to make her squirm. “I set that thing to go off an
hour before I have to leave.

Her hand found his chest, then moved lower.
“Only an hour, huh?”

“Ten minutes in the shower, five to get

Her fingers twirled in his pubes and he got
even harder.

“And forty-five for me?”

God, she was sexy. Curvy and just the right
sort of blonde to set off his dark good looks. He covered her mouth with his.
It was the only answer she was going to get.

His hands swept over her firm flesh,
stroking and squeezing until she was breathing hard into his mouth. She was so

It was a pity they had so little in common
outside the bedroom.

She bit down on his bottom lip just firmly
enough to give him something to think about. He groaned and let go of her.

Sucking on him, she took hold of his
manhood and he gasped.

“You’re very good at that.”

She ran her fingers all over his length. “I
know,” she whispered.

He’d have to slow her down or he wouldn’t
last forty-five seconds. It went against every instinct he had, but he moved
her hand from his crotch to his ass and kissed her into submission. He kissed
her thoroughly, savouring her taste and giving himself the time he needed.

But he couldn’t delay her forever.

Gina’s greedy fingers went for his cock and
her touch undid all his efforts to draw things out.

Pulling away from her grasp, he shuffled
down the bed. She cradled his head and he nuzzled her breasts.

Every day should start off like this.

She tightened her fingers in his hair as he
licked his way around her nipple. Crushing her other breast in his hand, he
sucked at her and closed his eyes.

Even as he enjoyed her body, he felt the
end of the affair looming. He’d been stupid to get mixed up with her in the
first place. If her father ever found out...

He stopped sucking and bit down. She cried
out, pulling at his hair so that he opened his mouth. When she pushed him down
her body, he knew what she had in mind but he wasn’t in the mood.

Kissing her navel, he reached between her
legs and thumbed her clit. If he got her off, she wouldn’t care how it
happened. She was good and wet – his thumb slid over her with no resistance at

She moaned with pleasure. The sound of a
woman enjoying his attention always took him close to the edge. He had to get
inside her while he was still in control of himself.

Moving back up the bed, he reached out and
snatched a condom from the bedside table. After pausing to put it on, he
climbed on top of her and manoeuvred his aching cock into position. Their eyes
met. Hers widened as he entered her and then his fell closed. They lost
themselves in the rhythm of their bodies.

She rose to meet his every thrust, falling
into the pattern they’d put in place over the last few weeks. They knew an
impressive number of ways to bring each other to orgasm, but he was coming to
the conclusion that it wasn’t enough.

His thrusts grew faster – he was getting close.
From the urgency of her groans and the way that she held on to his waist, he
could tell that she was too. He hurtled towards his peak, his eyes shut tight.
When he came, he grunted into the mattress and went still.

But she wasn’t there yet.

It would be rude to leave her high and dry.
Circling his hips, he ploughed into her, thrusting deep until he heard the long
drawn out shriek of her climax.

He collapsed on her naked body, knowing he
didn’t have time to rest. After a few seconds, he kissed her temple and went
for his shower.


fter making sure that she’d closed her
incognito Google window, Loretta stood up, smoothed a hand over her chignon and
went out to check everything was running smoothly.

It was getting to that part of the morning
when there were a few people waiting to be served at the counter. Melanie and
Nora were dealing with customers in their usual brisk but friendly manner. They
smiled hello to her as she passed through.

Tom was on the enquiries desk, which was
also cultivating its own queue. “How’s Edna doing?” he called out as she walked

The man he was serving probably thought
they were talking about her grandmother. When she’d bought her old rust-bucket
of a car, she’d just looked like an Edna. “She needs a new front grille.”

“You’ll have to let me have a spin in her
when she’s finished.”

Loretta just smiled. There was no way
anyone but her was ever going to drive Edna.

She looked at her watch. If she was lucky,
Sean would be back in time for the lunchtime rush and she could slip out for
something to eat. There was a very tasty new man with hazel eyes at the
sandwich shop around the corner.

In reality, it was more likely that Sean
would come back for ten minutes and announce that he was taking an early lunch.

At least she was getting plenty of
experience of being in charge. When she got her own bank, she wouldn’t find it
as daunting as some assistant managers who never got to run things
unsupervised. And she wouldn’t load all the work onto her staff either.

The out of order sign on the corner cash
machine caught her eye and she made a mental note to give repairs another call.

Everything was okay. If she was quick, she
could fit in one more search for that elusive grille before she got interrupted
with paperwork.


oday was going to be a great day – the sun
was shining, Gina had let him go without an argument and in a few hours Jordan
would be a few thousand pounds closer to getting out from under Vittorio Ursino
for good.

A couple more days like today and he’d be
free to do whatever he wanted.

Now if he could just figure out what the
hell that was...

Bill should be at the meet by now. He
hurried over to Danny’s garage with a song on his lips. Not even the prospect
of working with Bill was going to darken his mood.

He arrived in plenty of time. None of
Danny’s mechanics were in – they would have had strict instructions to stay
away for the morning.

When he slid open the side door, the guys
were there waiting in a silence that carried too much edge for his liking. Oh
well. The best way to get over that was to get moving.

“Everyone ready?”

Danny cast Bill an evil look and
straightened up. “Yep. We’re good to go.” He patted his black sports bag. Bill
and Jordan had matching ones. They were pretty empty, but they wouldn’t stay
that way for long.

There shouldn’t have been any need to say
anything more – everyone knew the plan – but Jordan couldn’t let Bill go
without giving him one last warning.

“Remember, we only shoot as a last resort
and we don’t shoot any people.”

Bill laughed and drew his gun out of his
bag. “Yeah, unless the manager tries to play hero.”

Jordan tensed up. This was just the sort of
shit he’d been hoping to avoid. He fixed Bill with a hard stare. “No. No
shooting people at all.”

He rolled his eyes. Danny held back,
sensing the tension building.

“Bill, if you can’t be professional, you
shouldn’t be here.”

“Professional? Listen to yourself. I’ve
been pulling jobs since before you even knew who the Ursinos were.” He stopped
short of saying it, but the challenge was there. He clearly thought he should
be the one in charge. Well, there were good reasons why he wasn’t.

“Get your shit together. We’re on a

Bill squared up to him. “Fuck you, Jordan.
I know what I’m doing.”

Jordan shook his head. They didn’t have
time for this. He stared him down and finally did what he’d been longing to do
ever since he’d been handed this job – he drew back his fist and punched him
square in the nose.

The whole thing happened so fast, he almost
thought he’d imagined it. But there was the idiot doubled up, blood streaming
through his fingers as he cradled his face. It was difficult to make out what
he was saying, but it sounded like a very muffled “You bastard.”

Jordan didn’t wait around for him to
recover and get any ideas about fighting back. A couple of blows to the kidneys
put him on the floor.

“Stay down and stay away from the job.” He
waited a moment or two to make sure the guy wouldn’t do anything really stupid
like stand up.

He didn’t.

“You ready?” he asked Danny.

Danny nodded and followed him out to the
street. They had work to do.


oretta was about to go back to her office
when someone on the other side of the big glass doors at the front of the bank
caught her eye.



Two men in black balaclavas walked in and
her heart fell into her stomach. “Press the alarm.”


It was a simple enough request. She took a
step backwards, ready to do it herself, but then one of the men pulled out a
gun. What was that thing? An eight millimetre? Nine millimetre? Why was she
even trying to guess?

Loretta’s brain stalled and she froze on
the spot.

“Who’s in charge here? Where’s Sean
Thomas?” The taller of the two men stepped forward as his partner bolted the
doors shut.

Holy shit. Sean wasn’t there.

Which meant she was in charge.

She tried to step forward, but her legs
didn’t want to move. The staff were depending on her. And the customers too.

“Everybody on the floor. Mr Thomas, please
step forward.” He waved his gun around, prompting a few screams as people
dropped to the ground.

Loretta remained standing. She wasn’t sure
she still had the ability to move.

The two robbers walked further inside,
sweeping their guns around the room. They moved with certainty, stalking their
way towards her.

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