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There hadn’t been enough time to prepare properly for a day spent taking care of everything Shane needed. I didn’t know the first thing about being a good assistant, and I didn’t have any time to learn.


Even dressing myself had been a problem. The outfit I had worn the day before was the only thing I owned that came close to what I thought would be appropriate: a little sexy, a little flirty, but still reserved and not too slutty. With no other options of my own to go with, I was forced to borrow from my roommate.


Stacey had pulled out an ensemble that was almost too much.


“Are you serious?” I had asked. “I can’t go see Shane looking like this!”


The skirt was shorter than anything I had ever owned in my life, and the top bared more than just a little cleavage. It was full out sexy, slutty, sultry, and every other “s” word I could think of.


“Oh, come on, Jack. You should try to loosen up a little. Just think how much fun you’ll have waiting on Mr. Hunk while wearing this. Besides, this is the only outfit I have that comes even close to what you want. If you think this one is bad, you should see the other ones.”


I didn’t need her to pull them out; I saw her in them when she went out with her friends and was never surprised when she managed to snare a new piece of fresh meat and lure him back to our apartment.


So I waited nervously at the office for Shane’ arrival dressed in an entirely inappropriate getup that my mother would have been shocked to see me wear. Hell, I was shocked to see me wear it when I looked in the mirror. I looked like I could have been a man’s fantasy of what a personal assistant was supposed to look like. If I’d weighed a few pounds less I could have even seen myself in some porn scene as a slutty secretary servicing a boss with a big tool.


Oh god, I shouldn’t have thought of that.
It was going to be hard enough to get through the day with Shane as it was; the pure heat that had seemed to pour off him during the interview had nearly caused me to bend over the desk right there. Thinking about starring in a dirty porno film with him was going to seriously hamper my ability to concentrate all day.


The door opened and Shane strolled inside. He looked even sexier than the day before. He was wearing a leather jacket with a number of patches on it, and it suited him like a suit of armor.


Is that a motorcycle club jacket?


When he saw me sitting there waiting, he stopped dead in his tracks. Those dark and dangerous eyes raked down my body, taking in the view in a way that left me no doubt that I was going to quickly lose control of the situation.
Maybe I already have.
It was a scary thought, but I hoped it was true.


“Jackie, I see you’ve found your way here today no problem.” The low voice had a peculiar way of making me feel like it was stroking my skin, caressing my body the way I imagined his hands would. “That’s good. Very good.”


I couldn’t tell if he was talking about my presence or my outfit. His eyes had a hard time staying on my face, and I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe Stace knew what she was talking about after all. Just to make things even more interesting for him, I stood up to give him an even better view, and took a couple steps towards him.


“Is there anything I can get for you?” I asked. “Coffee?”


Shane chuckled and held up the coffee in his hand. I had been so caught up in his eyes that I hadn’t even noticed it. “Brittany has been picking them up for me ever since I lost my last assistant.”


That bitch.
Brittany was the secretary who had been so brutal to me yesterday. When she’d learned that Shane was going to give me a trial period she’d turned even colder towards me, barely speaking even though she was supposed to give me the details for today.
Like picking up coffee for Shane, I’m sure she wanted to keep that for herself.


It wasn’t like me to fawn over a man, but Shane had a raw, animal magnetism that I just couldn’t help but be affected by. I was powerless against his chiseled features and those amazingly dark and controlling eyes. He sent shivers down my body in a way that no one else ever had.



The morning crawled by. I sat in Shane’s office to watch him work and listen to his calls so that I could learn a bit more about the business.


It wasn’t that I was bored. Far from it.


I was enthralled.


To another man it would be excruciating to just sit there while Shane worked with nothing else to do. But there was something just so very manly about the way he talked on the phone, the power that his voice commanded.


I didn’t know that it would be such a turn on. I still wasn’t even completely sure what the company did, beyond offering some kind of shipping service. Somehow, despite other companies being his clients, it seemed like Shane called all the shots and had all the power.


“One more call, and then I’ll take a break and we can talk some more about what I’m looking for from you and address any questions you have,” Shane said. His eyes burned into mine, so intense that I couldn’t look away.


I had caught him looking at my cleavage more than a few times, and the attention had a considerable effect on me. It had been long enough since I’d been with a man that Stacey’s incessant whining to take me out clubbing with her had started to seem like a better and better idea. Surely going dancing would stop me from being invisible to men.


Well, I’m not invisible right now.


To be fair to Shane, I had done my own fair share of staring. It was tough considering I had to take notes during calls and he didn’t, but I took every chance I had to sneak glances at his face whenever he grew particularly impassioned. I found myself falling in lust of the sight of his strong jaw when he gently stroked it in thought, tattooed arms and muscles on display.


The final call was short and to the point, barely even worth making a note of in my little notepad, and then his full attention was on me. I’d forgotten how intimidating it could be. And arousing.


“So, how was your first morning?” Shane asked. “I’m sorry it was so dull, but I had business that couldn’t wait even for introducing you to your position.”


I shrugged, “Oh no! It wasn’t boring at all. I feel like I found my way into position very easily.”


“I think I wouldn’t mind seeing that,” he said. It took a moment of watching his lips curve into a smug smile that I realized what I said.


“Oh!” I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks and tried to prevent my breath from racing at the thought of getting into position for Shane. “I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant!”


He simply chuckled and rose to his feet. Holding a hand out to me, he waited patiently until I took it, confused.


I hadn’t yet stood so close to him. He must have been a few inches over six feet, and I had to crane my neck to look up at him.


“Jackie, if you are going to get all flushed every time there’s an innuendo, I might have trouble controlling myself.” His lips formed the words but I nearly lost them, involved in the imagining what it would be like if those lips captured mine that instant.


“I don’t… I mean, you will?” The thought that I could make such a powerful man lose control was delightful. From somewhere deep inside I found there was a part of me that was bold and fearless. That part made me look directly into his eyes and speak my mind. “Maybe you shouldn’t even try.”


I stepped closer, until I was inches away from him.


He groaned, and pulled me hard against him. Those delicious lips found my own and made my fantasies come true. My eyes fluttered close as I lost myself in the feelings that threatened to overwhelm me. His hands explored my back before wrapping themselves deep into my hair.


I can’t believe I’m making out with my boss in his office!
It was so unlike me, but it felt so right.


When we finally parted, he looked down into my eyes, his dark orbs filled with a deep fire that sent pleasurable shivers straight down to my core and made me sodden.


“Wow,” I said. The word didn’t do it justice, but I had to let him know just how much he had affected me.


All of a sudden Brittany’s voice appeared over the intercom. “Mr. Hamilton, Derek is on the line for you.”


Shane growled and stalked toward the desk. The sudden absence of his arms around me made me feel like I’d managed to just barely touch something special before losing it all.


“Now’s not a great time, can you tell him to call me back this afternoon?”


“He said it’s very important, it looks like the Los Cabos deal is going to fall through.”


“What?” Shane’ voice was thunderous, and it filled the room so loudly that I winced. “Put him through!”


When the phone rang, he picked it up and yelled into the receiver. “How the fuck did this happen? We were solid on this deal.”


Whatever the man on the other side said caused Shane’ back to stiffen up. His voice dropped to a soft murmur, as though he was holding himself back so that he wouldn’t snap and cause mass destruction. “We’re fixing this. I’m coming over there. Now.”

BOOK: Blackmail (Restless Motorcycle Club Romance)
7.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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