Bobby: Red, Hot & Blue, Book 6 (7 page)

BOOK: Bobby: Red, Hot & Blue, Book 6

While pausing every time a floorboard in the hall creaked, Bobby considered that he really needed to get his own place. It was long overdue. That wasn’t happening tonight, but this with Christy sure as hell seemed to be.

Halfway through the long journey down the hall, Christy took one look at Bobby and started to giggle. He had to bite his lip to stop from laughing along with her. If they didn’t get to his room fast, they were going to get caught. How embarrassing would that be?

They should have carried a video camera with them so he could claim they were working. It had always worked back in high school. Bobby would carry a book and tell his mother he and whatever girl he was sneaking in were doing homework in his room.

The thought of what he and Christy could do with a video camera in his bedroom besides use it as a prop had Bobby getting harder than he already was. No way was he risking getting caught and ruining this night.

Decision made, he grabbed Christy, flung her over his shoulder and headed for his bedroom. He dumped her in a giggling mass on top of the covers, closed his door and dove onto the bed next to her. He leaned in and there was no more laughing after the look she gave him.

Gazing up at him with desire clear in her emerald eyes, she drew in a shaky breath. “Oh, boy.”

“You can say that again.” He ran his palms up her sides, enjoying the feel of her.

She felt so good under his hands that he wasn’t sure where he wanted to touch first. Barely able to think, he considered starting at the top and working his way down her gorgeous body. But her legs looked so great in the short little sundress she was wearing that he couldn’t resist running his fingers over the bare skin of her leg first.

At the same time, her hands were all over him, tugging the shirt of his uniform out of his pants. He didn’t bother to unbutton it. Instead he pulled it over his head, flung it to the floor and then went back to kissing her sweet mouth.

He moved his hands up her thighs, under the hem of the dress and over her panties until he reached her small waist. “I want you naked,” he breathed in her ear and then ran his tongue down her throat. She tasted slightly salty and he could have eaten her up.

She turned her head and glanced nervously at the bedroom door.

“Stop worrying.” He dropped a quick kiss on her mouth before he pulled the dress over her head.

Hair tousled, lips swollen from kissing, and dressed in lingerie that amounted to two scraps of white lace, Christy was every man’s wet dream. At least, she was his.

Hardly able to tear his gaze away from her, Bobby sat on the edge of the bed, pulled off his size twelve boots, unbuckled his belt and dropped his official deputy pants to the floor.

Then a horrible thought hit him.

“Shit.” He scrambled across the queen-sized mattress and reached for the nightstand. He pulled open the top drawer and rifled through the mess. Christy crawled her way across the bed and lay on her stomach next to him, peering around his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know if I have…phew. I do.” He pulled out a single wrapped condom, what vintage he wasn’t sure, but it would do. He’d stock up tomorrow, but at least tonight was taken care of. Maybe some more searching would yield a second, since he was certain that one time with Christy was not going to be enough for him. A whole lifetime with Christy probably wouldn’t quench the desire he felt.

That thought hit him pretty hard, but he decided to worry about it later.

She pulled herself closer, glanced into the drawer and giggled.


“You’re such a man, I can’t stand it.”

“What do you mean?” They were both in their underwear and holding a conversation when they should be fucking, but something had amused her and now his interest was piqued.

“Look in that drawer. What’s that?” She pointed.

“A shot gun shell.” He’d thrown it in there when he’d cleaned the gun and forgotten about it long ago.

“A shot gun shell, a half-eaten bag of corn chips and a condom. The contents of a manly man’s bedside table. I’m going to get that on film.”

“Oh, no you’re not. No more cameras in my bedroom unless it’s a private film for you and me alone.” Bobby grabbed her around the waist and pulled her on top of him. “And you got a problem with manly men?”

She shook her head and gazed down at him with those jewel-colored eyes. “No. They’re my favorite kind.”

“Good.” Deciding that was enough of the nightstand discussion, he plunged his tongue into her mouth and kissed her into silence.

Christy reached her hand between their bodies. She slid into his underwear and began stroking him.

“Nuh, uh.” He grabbed her hand and moved it away. If she kept that up, they wouldn’t need the condom at all. He’d spew before he even got inside her.

She pulled her hand out of his and reached right back down to grasp him.

Capturing her hand one more time, he rolled them over. He held both her wrists over her head. “You are so stubborn, you little devil.”

Her smile was both sweet and evil at the same time as she nodded and tried to free herself from his grasp.

His eyes opened wide in warning. “Christy, I’m barely hanging on by the skin of my teeth as it is. Stop grabbing me or this will be over before it even starts.”

“Okay. I’ll be good.”

Trusting her, he released her hands, leaving his free to explore her gorgeous body more. He’d just released one of her perfect breasts from its lacy confines when he felt her hand snake its way into his underwear and start exploring. Just that touch sent a tremor through him.

There was no possible way he could concentrate on enjoying her body with her hands teasing him like that. Shaking his head, he reached for his pants on the floor. Bobby grabbed his handcuffs and, before she realized what he was doing, had both of her hands over her head and cuffed to the headboard.

“What are you doing?” Her eyes opened wide.

“I warned you and you promised to be good.” He was about to tell her he’d release her if she promised and actually behaved herself this time when her expression changed.

Her eyes lost focus and her breathing started to come faster. Suddenly the realization hit him. She liked it. Looking at her like that, bound, unable to move, panting, he realized he was breathing harder himself. He swallowed.

“Christy, you cuffed to the bed like this, it’s really—”

“Hot?” She finished his sentence.

“Oh, yeah.” Running his hands down her constrained body, he asked, practically begged actually, “Can you stay like this? Just for bit?”

Her eyes drifted all the way closed at his touch and she nodded. “Mmm, hmm.”

He slid down her body and began what he’d been dying to do for probably longer than he even realized. Pulling down her panties, Bobby planned to touch and taste every inch of her. He explored her folds with his fingers as his mouth found her breast.

She groaned and arched her back beneath him. He groaned himself and suckled harder while his fingers plunged deeper. Christy writhed on the bed beneath him. The chains of the cuffs rattled against the wooden headboard.

He forced himself back to reality. “You all right?”

Taking a shaky breath, she nodded. “Oh, yeah.”

“Good.” He couldn’t have been happier to hear that as he slid lower and spread her legs wide. His mouth found the spot he knew would drive her crazy. She shuddered when his tongue touched her. He worked her harder with both mouth and hands until she cried out above him.

She moaned and somewhere through the sex-induced haze, he realized his entire family was sleeping nearby. He reached up and pressed one hand over her mouth as he brought her to orgasm. Her hips bucked off the bed while her breath came fast and hot into the palm of his hand.

He was going to find someplace private to take her, and
her, tomorrow. He didn’t care if they had to sneak away from the cameras, drive fifty miles and check into a hotel, next time he was going to hear her full volume and enjoy every moment of it.

When she finally stilled beneath him, he found the condom again and crawled up her body.

Wet and ready with her legs spread wide, Christy was ripe for Bobby to plunge inside, until he found himself eye level with the handcuffs. He glanced down at her. The question must have shown on his face.

“I’m okay.”

“Good.” He slid home with a shudder. Enjoying being surrounded by her warmth, he held himself deep.

He nudged gently into her, afraid to move too much until he calmed himself down. Seeing her like this was such a turn-on, he was ready to come right then.

Unable to do much more with her hands still above her head, she raised her hips off the bed. Her breath came faster as her muscles tensed around him. He enjoyed every gasp each movement produced. She shattered around him, coming again.

Covering her mouth with his, he matched the rhythm of her spasms with his thrusts until he exploded within her. It was a good thing his mouth was over hers because he was probably pretty loud himself.

Bobby wanted nothing more than to collapse next to Christy and enjoy the moment, but he needed to find the key no matter how shaky his arms were. He managed to reach his pants on the floor without taking a header off the bed. He located the key in the pocket and uncuffed her hands from the headboard.

She looped shaky arms around his neck and sighed. “That was the most incredible sex ever.”

“Why, thank you.” Smiling, he had to agree, knowing it wasn’t him that made it so great, but the two of them together…and possibly the handcuffs.

Looking a little hesitant, she asked, “Have you ever? You know, done that before?”

He shook his head. “No. I never thought I was into that kind of stuff. But it was really hot, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was. Does that make us perverts?”

“No.” He cringed. “But I don’t think I’ll be telling the pastor about it.”

“Yeah, good idea. Even if I have seen him in only a towel.” She laughed.

For the first time, he noticed her wrists had been rubbed red from the cuffs. He brushed one fingertip over the marks. “You sure you’re all right?”

“I’m fine. I swear. But next time, it’s your turn.” Christy wore a devilish look and ran her hand down his chest, all the way to his groin. He opened his eyes wide.

“I don’t know about that.” That was all he needed, to have someone hear he’d been cuffed to a bed with his own handcuffs. And God forbid they lost the key. He’d have her hacksaw him free before he’d get the other set of keys from the sheriff.

Christy’s eyes hooded with suggestion. “We’ll see.”

Visions of what her sexy mouth and soft hands could do to him while he was helpless filled his head and his resolve crumbled. He cupped her face and smiled, knowing he probably would give in to her. “We’ll see.”

Chapter Eight

Feeling nostalgic, Christy glanced around the room she had called home for the past eight weeks. It wasn’t so much that she would miss the room itself, with its lukewarm water and out-of-date décor. But the memories she’d made while staying here for the last two months would stay with her for the rest of her life.

Mandy knocked on the frame of the open door. “Time to go.”

Christy smiled at the boss she had once hated and surprised herself by tearing up.

“Don’t you start or I will too.” Mandy smiled back as her own eyes welled with unshed tears. She sniffed and laughed.

Christy nodded and then laughed as the tears fell freely anyway. “I’m going to miss you.”

Mandy stepped forward and pulled her into a hug. “I’ll miss you too. Are you sure?”

“Quite sure.”

“Can’t blame me for trying to keep you with me.” Mandy shrugged. “You know, you’re not only one of the best associate producers I’ve ever worked with, you’re also my friend.”

That sentence twisted the knot already lodged firmly in Christy’s belly and her resolve wavered briefly. “Thank you. That means a lot to me.”

Mandy released her and wiped at her eyes. “Can’t let Jared see me crying. He’ll think it’s over him and won’t let me go.”

“And it’s not over him?”

Mandy hesitated a beat. “I’m going to tell you something, as a friend, not as your boss, and you have to keep it totally quiet.”


“I’m going back to L.A. and I’m going to make sure this is the highest-rated damned reality series on the air and then I’m quitting.”

Christy gasped. “No.”

Mandy nodded and continued. “I’ve got a call into a head hunter who deals with the entire south-eastern US. She’s sure she can find me a job on my own terms, and at least then Jared and I will be on the same side of country.”

“Does he know?”

“Yeah. Of course, he’d be happiest with me moved to the farm and baking pies with Lois, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for that yet. I don’t know. We’ll see. Although, if he keeps trying to convince me in the creative ways he’s been coming up with lately, I might just change my mind. And if I have an Emmy award to stand on that big old mantle in the Gordon living room, I might really change my mind.” Mandy smiled.

Christy grabbed Mandy’s hands and squeezed them. Her now former boss was right. Over the last two months, they had actually become friends. “Well, whether you’re in the Gordon house baking pies or not, I’ll be glad when we’re on the same side of the country too.”

A large shadow blocked the sun streaming in through the open doorway and announced Bobby’s arrival.

“All packed?” His deep voice never failed to send a quiver through her.

Christy dried her eyes and tilted her head toward the two suitcases, zipped and standing on the floor. “All packed.”

Bobby stepped inside. “Hey, Mandy. Jared was just pulling up behind me.”

“Thank you, Deputy.” Mandy turned to Christy. “You better call and email me whenever you can. Okay?”

Christy nodded. “Promise.”

With one last smile, Mandy left and Christy was alone with Bobby.

“You all right?” He stepped forward and brushed his thumb along the side of her face. She leaned into his hand and enjoyed the warm feel of him.

“Yeah. It’s just starting to hit that as of today, I’m unemployed.” She’d thought she hated her job, but now that she didn’t have it anymore, she was thinking maybe it hadn’t been that bad after all. Wasn’t that always the way?

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