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Five dollars! If Molly had known that, she would have had to worry only half as much! And work only half as hard to pay the money back!

But Tim deserved the leftover money. It was his idea, and they were his apples.

“We’ll call it even now, and we won’t mention this again,” said Mrs. Nelson. “Just be careful where you put your books in the future.” She laughed. “We wouldn’t want Skippy or the baby ruining a

When they left the library Molly felt as if a big weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She was free! She was not in jail! She could tell her parents! She could check more books out of the library on her card! And she could get her new badge with the rest of the Pee Wees.

As soon as Molly got home, she told her mom and dad what had happened. When she was all done, her dad said he was proud of her for taking responsibility for the book.

“I think you’ve learned your lesson the hard way,” he said. “You’ll probably take better care of your books from now on.”

Parents had to say those things. They had to be sure you had learned a lesson. Well, Molly had.

At the next Pee Wee meeting, Molly told Mrs. Peters the whole story. Mrs. Peters said she was proud of Molly and Tim for what they had done, and proud of Tim for learning some new words with Molly’s help. Of course, she did tack on the part about learning a lesson.

“And now we have some badges to give out!” Mrs. Peters said, “Badges to all of our bookworms!”

Molly did not want to hear about worms.
Even bookworms. She had had enough worm talk to last forever.

The new badge was beautiful! New badges always were. They were crisp and clean and had never been in the washing machine. This one had an open book on it, with make-believe words on the make-believe pages.

Badges were fun, and reading books was even more fun. Molly had to admit that Mrs. Peters had been right.

“This is my favorite badge,” said Lisa.

“I’m going to go to the library every day,” said Tim. “Even though I’ve got my badge.”

“So am I,” said Tracy. “I’m going to read every book in the whole place!”

“And now,” Mrs. Peters went on, “we will give out our prize to the one who read the most library books and wrote the most reports.”

“If Roger gets it, I’m quitting Pee Wee Scouts,” said Rachel.

But he didn’t. Jody did. And everyone clapped and clapped. He deserved it.

The prize was a pair of bookends shaped like spaceships. Perfect for Jody, thought Molly. Bookish but not too schoolish.

But the best prize was checking out new books on new cards. And all the Pee Wees could do that!

Ashley’s hand was waving.

“Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Peters,” she called. “This is my last meeting for the year! I’m going back to California for the winter. For school and the Saddle Scouts.”

“That’s too bad, Ashley,” said their leader. “We will all miss you, but we hope to see you in spring when school’s out.”

“Too bad it isn’t Roger who’s leaving,” said Rachel.

Molly nodded. She looked across the table at Roger. He was putting something down the neck of Sonny’s T-shirt. Something that looked wet and disgusting.

Well, it didn’t matter. They all had their shiny new badges, Roger had not won the prize, and they all were bookworm buddies. Rat’s knees, belonging to Pee Wee Scouts was fun!

Pee Wee Scout Song

  (to the tune of  
“Old MacDonald Had a Farm”)

Scouts are helpers, Scouts have fun

Pee Wee, Pee Wee Scouts!

We sing and play when work is done,

Pee Wee, Pee Wee Scouts!

With a good deed here,

And an errand there,

Here a hand, there a hand,

Everywhere a good hand.

Scouts are helpers, Scouts have fun,

Pee Wee, Pee Wee Scouts!

Pee Wee Scout Pledge

We love our country

And our home,

Our school and neighbors too.

As Pee Wee Scouts

We pledge our best

In everything we do.

BOOK: Bookworm Buddies
9.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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