Born to Please [Pleasure Vessels 1] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

BOOK: Born to Please [Pleasure Vessels 1] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove)

Pleasure Vessels 1

Born to Please

Vessel 8189, Payne, doesn’t want the man who the Facility has deemed his perfect match. A specially designed person whose DNA has been spliced with shifter DNA, his entire life has prepared him for his owner and mate. However, the man they’ve chosen isn’t the spoiled, arrogant jerk he anticipates.

Alecander Kane is the CEO of marketing for the Facility where Payne is housed. He never wanted to take a Vessel because he craved more of a partner than a slave. Unfortunately, his father has other plans. He has gifted Payne as a birthday present.

After they meet, a problem at the Facility sends them rushing back to the place Payne grew up to deal with the cleanup. Together, they will uncover all the secrets that have been festering for years and change the way Vessels are treated forever, all the while discovering that being born for pleasure doesn’t necessarily preclude falling in love.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Futuristic, Shape-shifter

37,072 words



Pleasure Vessels 1






Jana Downs











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Pleasure Vessels 1



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United Earth, 3004


Payne breathed a deep sigh of resignation as his Trainer delivered a last sharp blow to his blood-smeared back. He hissed through clenched teeth as his body relaxed and his conditioning caused him to nearly come as the scent of sweat and leather assaulted his nostrils and the braided tail of the whip slithered down his back.

“Very good, Payne,” his Trainer complimented. “You didn’t have to use a safe word that time. I took you to the edge.”

Payne nodded sloppily and staggered to his feet so that he could walk to the spot where he was expected to kneel. He stumbled and fell to the floor and had to crawl to the spot instead. His sweaty forehead touched the cool stone of the training center. Here at the Facility, they believed in all measures of practicality and luxury to train their Vessels for their inevitable placement with their future owners. The floor was no exception to that philosophy. It was some sort of imported marble, designed to keep cool and be easy to clean.

“I am grateful to you, my lord,” Payne spoke in the antiquated way in which he had been trained.

“You are welcome, Payne. You may return to your quarters after visiting the Tech-Med Unit.” The other man’s footsteps echoed off the floor as he exited through the Trainer’s sliding doors at the front of the room.

Payne stayed where he was for a long time, in between sleep and awake. He was in the final stage of his training, training he’d been undergoing since he was a child. His final training was to be a sexual submissive, which he was learning was vastly different than being a slave. He’d always been a slave in the sense that he’d always belonged to the company, but soon he’d be sold to an individual for private use. He wondered briefly what it would be like to belong to someone. Not just to be owned by some corporate entity and faceless Trainers but to belong to a person with likes and dislikes and tastes that Payne would have to learn.

“Payne, are you too injured to take yourself to the Tech-Med Unit?” Desiree’s voice broke him out of his dazed stupor. She was his bunk mate and fellow Vessel. She was also his twin sister.

He turned his face to the side and rested his cheek on the floor. The lights of the room were dim and exuded a sense of calm that was as deliberate as it was artificial.

“I am well, Desi. I could use some help, though. My legs are shaking.” He pushed himself into a sitting position. She helped him stand and supported him as they made their way through the Vessel passageways and into the medical center at the far end of the hall.

“You were in there for almost two hours. You’re scoring very highly on the submission scale lately. You’re in the top five Vessels on base and top fifteen percent in the company.” Desi rattled off the statistics like they were impressive, which by company standards, they were.

They reached the far end of the hallway, and he managed to hop up into the unit that was resting against the far wall with minimal pain. The sterile white cube structure had been a blessing in times like these. From what he heard from the Trainers, it cost a fortune to have and operate.

He keyed in his personal code and laid back to let the machine work its magic. Payne listened to the hum of the Med Unit as it repaired his torn tissue so he wouldn’t scar and tried to share in his sister’s enthusiasm.

“I wasn’t aware of that,” he said as the robotic arms of the Tech-Med Unit finished its round and told him in its mechanical voice to exit from the healing chamber.

Desi continued. “That means you’re going to be graduating at the ‘A’ class level of Vessel. You’ll get the best placement!”

Payne rolled his eyes. “You know that isn’t how it works, Desi. Matches with our Masters are due to complete chemical compatibility found out through the extensive tests they give us before putting us on the market. Once you’re paired with your future owner, they give you a personality alignment to finish your programming. Being an ‘A’ class Vessel just means I’m more expensive. Though I don’t have to worry about it considering I’m already promised to someone.”

Desi gave an exaggerated sigh. “God, you are no fun!”

Payne snorted.
Yes, “fun.” It’s a lot of “fun” to have my original personality rearranged to fit some fat cat with more money than sense.
He rubbed his temples. It didn’t even matter that his owner hadn’t been the one who purchased him. Payne was no better than an expensive gift for a spoiled rich kid’s enjoyment.

“It’s not going to be so bad, you know,” Desi whispered.

Payne’s eyes snapped up to meet the fearful gaze of his sister. He mentally kicked himself. She was terrified, and her placement was next week.

“I’m sure you’ll really love the Master they match you up with,” he assured her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. He kissed her temple as she started to tremble.

“Promise me you’ll try to be happy with yours, Payne. You’ve got dreams that you ought not to have.” Desi hugged him more tightly. “You’re not like the rest of us. You were raised for a specific person, educated to suit a certain person. You were commissioned as an infant for him. The rest of us do not have such certain prospects.”

“I’m sorry, Desi. That was insensitive of me. I promise. I’ll try to be happy.” He tried to think of the moment when he would finally meet the Master in his file. He swallowed hard. “We’ll both be happy. It’s the promised land, remember?”

She smiled, her gaze misty. He winced on the inside, well aware of how dreams and reality often were incompatible. Change was coming, and change in a Vessel’s world usually meant pain.

Chapter One


“Happy birthday, Alec!” Joey said, blowing his noisemaker and filling Alec’s champagne glass…again. His younger brother was already red faced and laughing, obviously well on his way to intoxication. Alec couldn’t help but laugh at his brother’s antics. The family had decided to have this birthday party at the corporate office downtown instead of the usual villa they rented in the mountains. It suited him just fine. This way he would be able to leave straight from the city and make his way home.

“Son.” The voice that broke through the merriment of the family get-together dropped the temperature in the room by ten degrees. He shivered as his father’s icy tone ricocheted off his soul. The Facility’s seniormost CEO was a man few would cross and even fewer would deliberately seek out.

“Hello, Father,” Alec said, turning to face the old man head-on. “How are you?”

Ice-blue eyes met his matching ones. “Just fine. Been busy on a new prototype at the Facility. Not that you’d know much about that. You and your brothers are very good at living the high life from my labors.” The old man still looked intimidating despite being well on in years. His broad shoulders and narrow waist still bespoke of a strength that should’ve been impossible at his age.

Alec gritted his teeth. “We’ve been over this, Father. I don’t handle experimentation. I’m the face of the Facility. Vessels are the high-end luxury item that is becoming a must-have for the wealthiest members of society, and everyone wants to know about them. I’ve been touring Europe to set up the new test facilities there. I’ve been working my ass off for the company. This birthday party is my last stop on my way home and to a well-deserved rest.”

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