Bound (Bound Hearts #1)

BOOK: Bound (Bound Hearts #1)


By Stephanie Nicole Garza

Copyright © September 2014 by Stephanie N. Garza

Edited by April Howard

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the work of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, business establishments or locales is entirely coincidental.





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**For mature readers due to
explicit sexual content, graphic language, violence for some scenes and some parts may be particularly dark. **


Courtland spent his childhood watching his mother turn tricks and bow to her abusive pimp. It taught him a lot about relationships and how never to get involved in one. When he meets sweet Adelaide, his life is forever changed. Her gentle personality has him thinking maybe his vow to never commit is misplaced. Until she disappears out of his life.

Adelaide knew the only way to escape the darkness she’s lived her life in, is to go back to the one place that’s haunted her dreams. Home. Reuniting with Courtland is the last thing on her mind until she becomes helpless to his every kiss. Hopeless to his ever
y touch. And no matter how far she tries to run, her heart is irrevocably bound to him.

When I wrote this
, I had in mind to only write one POV, Courtland’s. I didn’t because Adelaide wanted to have a voice. But when I was writing each Adelaide POV, I was thinking, ‘how would Courtland feel’ or ‘what would he say or think’. So the total of this book is really centered on Courtland and how he gets the girl of his dreams.

Sorry, I felt like I had to say that. This is Courtland’s book

Laters, Baby



Inspired by the song

‘Cop Car’ by Keith Urban

The first time I heard this song I was like, “Whoa, this could really be like the beginning of a book or something.” I thought that for about a month every time I heard it. So I said, ‘eff-it! I’m gonna make a book inspired by this song. You really have to listen to the song to get it. I had that song on repeat for the entire time writing the prologue. So that was like 2 ½ hours on repeat. This is my fave song from Keith. Amazeballs dude. You rock.

Enjoy Courtland’s and
Adelaide’s story.


∞ indicates the past

‡ indicates a scene break or return to a previous scene. Oh hell I like the double dagger. It looks cool.









“Let’s go!” She whispered-yelled at me.



If there was one thing I knew to the depths of my soul, I knew Adelaide was the girl of my dreams. Underneath her glasses, her eyes were still rimmed red from tears she must have shed. As a preacher’s daughter, she had so many boundaries. She had called, begging me to take her somewhere where she could breathe. She got into another argument with her dad. She didn’t tell me what it was about but she called me from a pay-phone, begging me to pick her up. She couldn’t take it anymore.


But first, a little background story…

I got emancipated at seventeen. My mother was a drug addict and a prostitute and my father? Who the fuck knew? Probably her pimp. He paid for everything she had and when she didn’t give him what he wanted, he beat the shit out of me but did she give a fuck? Ha. Only in a dream world. All the pent up bitterness and frustration from my past always made me want to fight and when Joe, my boss, told me to start working it out on a punch bag, I did. I
’ve lived in Granville for five years, took about three to get my rage under control. Now, after those five years, it’s just a dull blur in the back of my mind.

I met her t
wo years ago when JR, my best friend and coincidently, her cousin, invited me to dinner with his parents and there she was. Pure sunshine and brilliant blue eyes. The first time I made eye contact with her, it was like seeing someone’s heart shattering. There was a pain and desperation in them that only one who understood could see. So I didn’t make eye contact with her any more than necessary. At first, I didn’t give a shit, the girl was fifteen and one-I had no business dealing with little girls, and two-my home life sucked enough ass, that I didn’t want any more stress weighing me down. I was one of those boys parents didn’t want to meet. Rough around the edges and poor as dirt. A mechanic that had ink covering most of his body. I was tall and built like a brick.

Like I stated,
JR’s my best friend and she’s five years younger than me. I never hit on her, or flirt with her because I respected the hell out of her. And not just because she was a preachers daughter. She is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met. JR always talked about how big a dick his uncle was even though he was a pastor. How he treated his wife and daughter like property or some shit. Sometimes JR could get Addy to talk about it, but after a while, she just stopped.

those two years though, she came over to JR’s parents more often, and sometimes tagged along with us when we went out. She wasn’t like those annoying teenage girls that always talked your ear off or tried flirting with me like some chicks did when they wanted my attention. I am pretty sure most chicks saw me as a challenge. Bad boy who was good in bed, but not good enough to wed. Yeah, that saying was totally reversible ladies.

She wasn’t very talkative
, but after a while in our company, her eyes lit up with happiness and I knew I didn’t want to see her any other way. She came alive and became playful, but in an innocent, sweet girl-next-door way.

Even though there was a gap in our ages, we became friends who texted every now and then. She had also stopped at Joe’s whenever she walked home from school and would hang out and she’s the type of girl who gave with her whole heart. She had to have made JR give her my birthdate
, because the last two years, she showed up at the back door of the small house I rented (it was basically an efficiency type place in the poor side of Granville). I got a cake (when I never had a birthday cake in my fucking life) and a gift she made. First one was a shell necklace like beach type people wore, but since she made it and put a lot of thought to it, I only took it off when I took a shower. Last year, she came over to my shit-hole and cooked me dinner. I didn’t know what she told her parents but she was at the house for hours. She totally made my house shine like it was brand new and cooked deep fried chicken, cornbread, boiled potatoes and corn on the cob. Never had a meal that tasted so good. Those simple gestures counted a lot to me. We became close and there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her. She had my complete and utter loyalty. Even got her name on my chest, the opposite of JR’s. My family.


, when Adelaide called me on the prepaid cell phone I had, I dropped everything and went right to her. I told her to stay on the phone and went over to Joe, my boss, and said I needed to leave for a family emergency. He knew the only family I had was JR and Adelaide. This was the first time in five years, working in Joe’s garage that I told him I needed to leave right then and there. He looked me square in the eye and saw I was dead serious. He nodded, told me he hoped everything was okay and I bolted. I never called in because I couldn’t afford to. He took a chance on me when I was a know-nothing poor boy from the wrong side of a big city and I thanked God every day that he did. He became some sort of father figure I didn’t know I needed. He and his wife, Mildred, are good people.

I walked out of the garage and put my ear back to the phone. “Addy, where are you?”

“I am so sorry Courtland. I just didn’t know who else to call. I couldn’t call Uncle Chet. He’s dad’s only brother and twin at that. But I just can’t…I feel like I can’t breathe. I wanna disappear. So bad. Please. I am at the corner-

“Corner? What the fuck are you doing on a corner!?”

“I walked to the front of the neighborhood. I’m at the Stop-N-Go, inside on the pay-phone. Could you come get me? I just need to-I don’t know. I just need-“. She didn’t even finish before quiet sobs started coming through the earpiece.

“I’m in the truck, baby. Stay calm. I’ll be there as soon as I can. Stay in the light and where the owner is. I’ll come in and get you.”

“Okay. Courtland?”

“Yeah, babe?”

“Thank you.” Her voice tethered with sadness and tears. A rage settled inside. No one was allowed to make Addy cry like that. Somehow, I knew it was really bad this time. No one ever knew what they argued about, but Addy just seemed to pale and grow sadder as of late. I decided right there and then I hate Geoffrey Hunter.

“Anything for you Adelaide.”

JR and Adelaide are my family. Even though I grew up not knowing a damn thing, I was loyal to the bone when it came to them. I felt protective as hell over the both of them, too. JR was a year younger than me, and although I didn’t feel like an older brother or anything-I knew he had my back, like I had his.

I made it to the Stop-N-Go
within eight minutes when it’s normally a fifteen minute drive.

I threw my old Chevy
pickup that Joe helped me rebuild, into park. When I got out, I looked inside the convenient store, right into her eyes. Her face looked swollen from crying and I was making my way towards her when she disobeyed me and burst through the door. Thrusting herself into my arms. I held her tight, so she knew I was here for her. Her tears were soaking up my shirt, but I didn’t give a damn. Every tear was a promise of retribution. I wasn’t letting her dad take any more of the light from her eyes. It must have been really bad because she didn’t stop and her body evidently couldn’t take it anymore because her knees gave out and I swooped her into my arms.

I opened the driver’s side
door, and lifted her into the middle part of the truck. She slumped her head back and closed her eyes. I hopped in and took a drive to the only place I knew of that I could think and breathe. The only place I felt at peace.

There was an empty field by a small airport at the edge of town
, and I parked in front of the ‘No Trespassing’ sign.

“Why are we here?”
She asked, through her sniffles.

“When I first came to this town, I didn’t know what I would do. After working at Joe’s for a few years, I stumbled on this field. So whenever I
feel like shit or had a bad day, I would come here. Hearing the air planes take off and land calmed me for some reason. All the shit I grew up with, being in and out of juvie, hoping I’d never go to jail permanently. Anytime I ever thought about the shit-life I had before getting here, I’d come here and just watch the planes take off. The sounds often lulled me to sleep actually.”

Shit. I ain’t ever told anyone that. Not even JR knew about this place.
Or knew I came out here.

“Why were you in and out of juvie?”

“My mother. I was the fault for everything ever since I was twelve.” I looked right into her eyes, saw not sympathy but curiosity. “My mother was a prostitute. I was a mistake, yada-yada.”

Adelaide gasp
ed and gripped my arms tightly. “Surely you don’t believe that?” I shrugged because, hell, I didn’t ever think about it. I hated looking back into my past now that I was making a semi-future for myself. “Come on, Courtland! How could you be a mistake? You’re a miracle. My miracle.”

Whoa. I
knew my eyes widened and she smiled her beautiful smile and she stepped out of the truck. She walked to the grill of the truck and nodded her head towards the open field.

Even though there was a
‘No Trespassing’ sign, the gate was never locked. Maybe the people thought since it was really out in the middle of nowhere, no one would pay any mind. People would just see it and drive by. I never went across it though. I usually had real bad luck, but looking at Addy, I didn’t care. She needed somewhere she can breathe, and this was the only place I thought of.

I opened the door, slammed it shut and just shook my head at her. “Don’t you see that sign?”

“Let’s go!” She whisper-yelled to me again.


“What? I wanna hear the planes. Please?”

The redness was still around her eyes but they sparkled and glowed with somethin
g I couldn’t describe. Mischief? Curiosity? Probably both because there was a spark about her now that wasn’t there before.

, I said, “Alright. Get back in the truck law breaker.”

She giggled and pumped her hands in the air like she won something. Then ran and jumped back in the cab. Shaking my head and saying a little prayer
, I took down the sign and pushed the gates wide open.

I drove us where the grass wasn’t too high
and parked the truck. I had a blanket I kept behind the seat when I slept out in my truck when I drove here. I never went passed the sign because I knew I would most likely get caught. Bad guys like me had shit for luck. But I didn’t want to disappoint her.

When I opened the tailgate and laid the blanket down
, I didn’t see Adelaide next to me. Instead, she was about ten yards away, staring up at the sky. A plane was coming closer overhead and she didn’t take her eyes off it. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She spread her arms wide and twirled as the plane finally flew passed. It was low
enough that the wind from it, whipped her hair all around. Adelaide started laughing like I never heard her laugh before. That glow seemed to wrap all around her. It was freeing and innocent. She was so perfect. Beautiful and caring. And dammit, over the last few years, she not only became my best friend, but she was turning into my everything. My very reason for truly breathing each breath I took.

She stopped when she was faced
me, wearing the biggest smile I’ve ever seen her have, and ran towards me. I caught her and lifted her high into the air. I twirled her in circles just as she did when the plane was flying above us. I laughed right along with her.

, I brought her body down mine and her eyes changed. My body felt all of a sudden too tight. Adelaide is the most beautiful girl I knew. Her smiling eyes turned into eyes full of longing and I felt at the moment, nothing could ruin this night.

I smiled, and put her on the tailgate before she felt the heat of my desire. I didn’t want to frighten her and I definitely needed to cool down. I looked towards a plane that was taking off. In my peripherals I could see she was looking over my body.

I knew what hers looked like. She was short, curvy and had beautiful hair the color of milk chocolate. She wore square glasses on her face that always seemed to tilt to the side. She was adorable and sexy, all rolled up in one sweet package.

I sa
t my ass on the tailgate, and scooted back to lay down on the blanket. I told her to do the same.



Sighing, I didn’t want to pry but we were here for a reason. “Adelaide. What happened?”

She turned to me, body now stiff, and eyes losing that happy glow from earlier. “Do we really have to talk about that right now?”

I leaned up on my elbow and stared right into her eyes. “No,
not right now. But Adelaide-

“Please, Courtland. Let’s just be happy right now. Be so happy and right in this moment.”

I pulled her into my arms and started asking her those ‘get to know a person’ type questions and then we just stared into the starry sky, listening to the sounds of planes and machines and it was so relaxing. Addy was sleeping soundly on my shoulder within minutes. Send me to hell if she didn’t fit perfectly. She was made to be in my embrace. I was almost asleep and I could feel my eyes drifting.

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