Bound to Survive (The Magic Within Book 1)

BOOK: Bound to Survive (The Magic Within Book 1)
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Bound to Survive

The Magic Within Series







Bound to Survive



Sharon Gibbs





Copyright © Sharon Gibbs 2015


Cover art and chapter heading illustrations by Lydia and Isaia.


Sharon Gibbs asserts the moral right

to be identified as the author of this work


ISBN-10: 1502859777


This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and incidents portrayed in it are fictitious or used in a fictitious way. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or localities is entirely coincidental


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To Henry

Thank you for appearing. You have taught me there’s always more to life, no matter what age.


To my husband Rob, thank you for supporting my journey and putting up with me, coming to bed late every night.


To Barb, your love and support has helped me flourish, and your blue pen always, made me think and grow. Thank you for your editing work. This book is as much from my imagination as it is from your support.


Thank you Lydia and Isaia, from Worlds Beyond Art for the absolutely fabulous illustrations.


To my Editor Todd Barselow, thank you for your hard work and I know my book is better for your input.


To Jill, a big thank you for reading everything I’ve ever written. Without your questioning and feedback this book wouldn’t have been what it is, and to my beta reading team Jill, Claire and Jade, thank you, for reading Bound to Survive. Your input is valued more than you could ever know.

Lastly a big thank you to the friends I’ve made on Facebook.

Sharon Clarke, your support and friendship mean the world to me. To my fellow writers A.M.Dunnewin and Sheila Kell, who are always there to help me out. Thank you ladies you rock!




Happy reading to you all



A thousand years ago Sorcerers and Wizards governed the lands of Solencia. The people lived in peace and harmony because these two magical sects held the same beliefs.

To be at one with nature was divine living and should be held in the
highest regard.

The Sorcerers lived deep in the south in a city called Alden. Upon the edge of a sheer-faced cliff they’d built their residence, the Sorcerers Dome, so named because of the shape of the roof that rose from the middle of the building. The village of Canistar was further north, just far enough so the days were warmer but during winter the snow still fell. Here the Wizards lived in a Keep, built into the side of Mount Burlog. The massive structure had been built with stone taken from the mountain, forming a plateau, which was now used for gardens and the immediate needs of the Keep. At the bottom of the mountain a very small community had been established where workers who attended to daily matters within the Keep could reside if they so desired.

The Sorcerers of Alden and the Wizards from Canistar met regularly in a neutral town called Canameer. A great manor had been built there where the two sects would gather to discuss and solve problems relating to the realm and meter out punishments for crimes committed.

Both parties agreed upon most decisions and life was prosperous for the lands of Solencia.

This state of harmony continued until a young student, Zute, came to live in the Wizards’ Keep. After many years of studying the Wizards’ teachings he became frustrated with the way they taught and governed the use of the students’ magic. Discontented, he asked the Hierarch who governed all at the Keep if he could take a sabbatical from his studies and journey south to spend time in the southern city. The Hierarch granted Zute’s wishes and he travelled south the following summer.

Caught up within the city of Alden, Zute decided not to return to Canistar. He’d fallen into the ways of life at the Sorcerers’ Dome and had become entwined in the secret cult of the Dark Arts studied there.

Zute loved this new life as the Dark Arts called to his very being and filled him with a power he’d never known before. Over the years his study and passion paid off and he rose within the ranks at the Dome, until finally he became their leader.

The Wizards in Canistar had come to learn of the Dark Arts studied at the Dome and conflict arose. The disputes grew between the two sects until eventually war erupted.

Zute rampaged the lands and led the people into an age of destruction and devastation. Many Wizards and Sorcerers were lost to each side in the battles over the years. As Zute continued to ravage the lands and destroy all in his way, the Wizards finally managed to send Zute to a place they’d conjured to contain him, The Underlands.

As Zute was sucked into this new realm he used his magic to cast one final spell. He pulled as much energy from the living as he could and dragged it with him into the Underlands. Zute’s right arm, Isham, the man he’d entrusted with his life, had survived the final battle and led the few remaining survivors to new lands. Abandoning their home they fled from Solencia upon a ship destined for Reist. Settling in an area far to the east called the Mystic Swamps, they gradually rebuilt their sect while they continued their worship of the Lord Zute, now of the Underlands. The power Zute had taken with him was used to boost his followers and from there he began to rebuild that which had been lost to him.

Over the many years that followed, the lands of Solencia recovered and once again began to prosper under the sole rule of the Wizards. They held fast to their beliefs and any meddling with the Dark Arts was dealt with in a swift and harsh manner, brooking no mercy for the offender.

As the decades passed, the people forgot, but the Wizards kept a close eye on all who held magic within their power and only those who dedicated themselves to the Wizard’s philosophies were able to develop any potential with their magic.

The Prophets in the Keep were watchful and studied the prophecies of old. Never again would they allow such atrocities to destroy their lands and devastate its people.

Chapter One


Gerard lay in his bed and beckoned his son closer. His cheekbones protruded through his yellow skin and his eyes had sunk in their sockets. As Arnak knelt by his side, his heart yearned and he reached out and held his father’s hand. Gerard’s skin felt like ice. The Healers hovered in the room as incense burnt and they prayed as they waited. No medicine they mixed could help their Lord now.

‘Arnak, my son. Take care of your sister and rule well.’ Gerard’s mouth contorted as pain ripped through his body and tears ran down his cheeks. Eventually his body relaxed as the pain eased.

Arnak stared at the men who tended his father. ‘Do something you fools,’ he said.

They bowed their heads and fidgeted; there was nothing they could do. Time was all Gerard had left until he passed on. Arnak pleaded with his father not to die. With each gasp Gerard took, his body heaved and the flesh below his rib cage concaved as his body tried to pull the air into his lungs. Time expanded between each breath, and each time Arnak thought it would be his last until Gerard’s body jerked as he drew in a rattling draught. Then there was silence. Arnak stared at his father. Gerard’s soul had left his body.

It was some time before Arnak could accept his father’s death. Eventually he lifted his head from where it rested on the bed and said in a voice loud and clear so all in the room could hear, ‘I’m Lord of these lands now! All will fall on their knees or suffer my wrath.’ The men in the room bent to their knees and said in unison, ‘Lord Arnak!’

Arnak looked at Gerard as he lay motionless on the bed. ‘Father I’ll make them suffer. I’ll make them rue the day they cast you out. They’ll bow before me and beg for their lives. They’ll pay for the way they desecrated you.’

He clenched his fists and when he rose from beside the bed he paced the room.

‘I’ll rule with vengeance in the sake of your name,’ he ranted. ‘So help me, this I promise you!’

Arnak turned to his bodyguard. ‘Take me to Athena!’

BOOK: Bound to Survive (The Magic Within Book 1)
7.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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