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Bringing Home an Alien

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Bringing Home an Alien





Jennifer Scocum


Bringing Home an Alien

Chapter One

They say that everything that exists in the present started with the big bang. Although, there is no concrete proof of the same! But, it has been assumed that the entire universe came into existence by an overwhelming bombardment of energy. It was darkness all over and then the massive force of light filled the infinite space. That was the commencement of time, the starting point of it all. Soon, human race came into existence and we started creating our own history.

Little did we know that parallel to our existence, there have been numerous worlds that existed in the infinite space! There have been millions of planets in other galaxies that comprise the outer space. Some of them are devoid of any kind of life, having such an unfavorable set of circumstances that no instance of life can ever exist on their land. While a few planets, like Earth, are nurtured by the sources of the universe. They have life and are developed by different races that exist on such planets.

Yalvok was not like any other planet in the universe. It was the home of the most advanced race in every galaxy that has ever existed in space. A special race, which was known as Taltics used to reside on that huge planet. They came into existence much before the creation of our galaxy and were centuries ahead in technological advancement as compared to our human race. They have bypassed several development techniques and were among one of the first races in the universe who successfully invented the teleporting mechanism. They had some of the most advanced gadgets that one can think of. They were able to stop time, go back in the past, head to their future and do everything in between. They were capable of traveling light years in just a matter of few seconds.

But with such tremendous advancement, they had to pay the price too. Just like humans, their revolution started centuries ago and they took leaps in the same. In order to fulfill their technological needs, they had to rely on their natural resources.

Yalvok was almost twice the size of the Earth when Taltics came into existence. It looked just like Earth and had almost the same kind of atmosphere which was suitable for Taltics to flourish and made them gain great heights in their technological advancement. Their industrial revolution started and they started draining their resources. Just like humans, they blindly started to cut their natural resources and utilized them to fulfill their needs.

With time, their natural resources started to diminish. They thought that they would think of an alternative, and they were able to create a few energy-efficient resources, but before they could realize the importance of their atmosphere, it was too late. The environment of Yalvok became extremely unfavorable. The entire existence of Taltics was one big question that no one could answer.

There were no natural resources to rely anymore. Their technology stood at the most advanced state, but with a limited energy source, they didn’t have any alternative left. The atmosphere has several adverse effects on the race too. Taltics were not able to flourish. The atmosphere made them hard to reproduce and no newborn child was able to survive the harsh environment.

They knew that they had to search for an alternative. After looking in the whole wide universe for some time, they shortlisted a few planets that had almost the same kind of environment as Yalvok, and decided to make one of those hand-picked planets as their new home.

But almost every planet that they selected had living habitats. They all were occupied by living organisms, a race of its own kind. Taltics had to make the tough decision. In order for their race to prosper and survive, they decided to diminish an entire race instead.


Chapter Two

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and Eva decided to wake up an hour before the usual time. She checked her wall clock and realized that it was almost 6 in the morning. She had always been a very carefree girl, who wanted to do almost everything and anything in the world. After completing her education, she decided to take a break and went to Europe.

She backpacked her way through entire Europe and stayed at different places for almost two years. In those two years, she would work part-time in a few cafes or serving places too. She would stay in a city for a few weeks, explore it as much as she could and earn a little while doing a job. She would meet new people and create some everlasting memories. When her work is done, she would pick some other location and go back.

After spending two years in Europe, she came back home to San Francisco, but the traveler in her wanted to explore more. She again took a break and decided to explore Asia, which changed her perspective. As she visited the Himalayas, everything that she had ever believed in changed entirely. She became an entirely new person when she came back and her priorities were completely changed.

People around her called it as a reverse culture shock. Some people said that she was enlightened, but whatever the reason was – she knew that she was an entirely new person. Things like money, makeup or having rich jewels didn’t attract her anymore. She would stay happy with her cream-colored lounge pants and her favorite long faded tee. She started finding peace in the little things around her – in the laughter of a child, watching the sunset and listening to her favorite music.

Nothing else mattered to her anymore. She was a free spirit and she knew there was no one in the whole wide world or the universe who could bind her again. She was limitless.

She smiled a little that morning and thanked the universe for providing such a beautiful day. She looked at the sun and the perfectly lit yellowish ways brought out the best of her hazel eyes. She had short brown curly hair and she would often leave them untied, hanging and be carefree. She never thought of getting married or finding a partner. She tried several times, but it never worked out. Finally, after interacting with several people who had an entirely different set of priorities in their life, she gave up on the idea of love at all. She believed in the existence of love, as she considered it to be the purest form of our emotions – something which binds the entire universe together, but she also knew that it was not the right time for her. She stopped searching for love and decided that love would find her instead when the time would be right. Little did she know that love already started to approach towards her from a distant land!

She heard Blackie, her pet barking and decided to take her out for a morning jog. They both hit the beach and found it surprisingly empty. It was a weekday morning and everyone was busy getting ready for their work. Eva used to work too, but her idea of work was different. She had an extensive travel blog that had thousands of subscribers and she would earn a decent livelihood from her travel posts and articles. She was an exceptional photographer and would also sell her pictures that she had taken while traveling. All that provided her everything that she needed to live her life in peace. With limited requirements in life and a simple lifestyle, she didn’t have anything to crave for. She was a very simple girl who was about to have the most special story.

Eva never liked to keep Blackie on a leash. She looked around and realized that the beach was empty, devoid of anyone and decided to let Blackie go. As she unleashed Blackie, it ran towards the opposite direction in joy. The blue ocean waves were hitting Eva’s feet and making love to them in their own mysterious ways. Eva was wearing a light blue top and a pair of beige shorts that looked perfect, just like the amalgamation of ocean waves and sand in a beach. She closed her eyes and decided to live the moment. She felt the ocean waves and inhaled the wind that was both mild and cold at the same time and heard Blackie barking furiously.

She realized that something was wrong and opened her hazel eyes. She saw Blackie running towards a stranger who looked lost. Blackie was furious and wanted to attack the strangers. Eva realized that it was not a nice idea to unleash her and ran towards the stranger to protect him.

The stranger was wearing a tight suit that looked like a surfer’s spring suit. It was dark black in color which was tightly worn. Eva ran faster than ever towards the stranger but was a little late. Blackie was already on the stranger, licking his cheeks.

He looked at Blackie with a strange expression on his face and didn’t realize what happened. He felt ticklish and started laughing. Eva realized that Blackie found a new friend and broke into a series of loud laughter too. After she realized that he could be feeling a little awkward, she put Blackie on a leash and helped the stranger to get up.

She looked at him and was completely blown away by his looks. She had always found herself getting attracted to tall and muscular men, but that guy was different. He was wearing a black spring suit that brought out each and every curve of his body perfectly. It was flawless and she wouldn’t stop admiring how beautifully his body was handcrafted by God himself. He had crystal white skin that reflected the sun’s rays and she had to look closely to realize that his skin was a little different from hers. His eyes, entire black in color was perfectly complimenting his light brown hair and luscious red lips. She had never encountered such a perfect man and realized that there was something about him which was making her heart skips numerous beats.

“I am really sorry about Blackie. I hope you are fine now,” she said and checked the stranger who was staring in front of her. He looked perfectly fine with a body that she could stare for the rest of her life, without even a single blink.

He looked at her with an emotionless face and had no idea what she said. He couldn’t understand her language or any gesture. He had no idea what to call the huge black creature that licked his face. He was completely devoid of any expression.

“Are you alright?” Eva asked him, as she realized that something was wrong with the man. He looked at her with a puzzled look in his eyes. Eva couldn’t stop staring at his eyes that looked mysterious and profound. She was almost hypnotized for a moment and as she looked deeper, she could see the reflection of the entire universe in his eyes. She could see some thousands of galaxies, all residing at once. She could see so many planets, perfect stars and a blinding amount of light. In his beautiful eyes, she could see the starting of time.

He took her hand and touched it for the first time. She was still hypnotized by his amazing perfection and didn’t realize when he took her hand and placed it on his chest. As he placed her hand right at the center of his being, she felt an electric pulse that went straight from her fingers to her heart and traveled to her brain. She felt each and every cell of her brain turning active and the pulse returning back to her heart and her fingers, finding their salvation in his being.

He opened his eyes and was able to download each and everything that Eva had seen or witnessed both consciously and unconsciously. “It is really fascinating the amount of things you have seen in just a few years of your small human life!” he said and opened his mouth for the first time.

Eva couldn’t comprehend what the man said. Yes, she heard his words and she knew how right he was and what exactly he meant by those, but she couldn’t decide how or when did she tell the stranger about her life.

“What do you mean?” she asked. “You know exactly what I mean!” he said and passed a beautiful smile that felt warm and peaceful.

“Who are you?” Eva realized that there was something about the man that wasn’t real. He was not like any other men she has ever met. He was different. He was too good and mysterious to be real.

“I am sorry - I forgot to give my introduction. I am Yev and I have come from Yalvok.”

“Where is it? Yalvok? I have never heard of this place!” she passed an honest concern. The place sounded different and she wanted to visit it already.

“It is some three hundred light years away from where we are standing,” as Eva heard his reply, her mouth stayed wide open.

“Do you think it was funny? No! It wasn’t. Tell me where this place is and where are you from?”

“No, it’s not funny. But I am not lying. I am from Yalvok, a planet which is five thousand years old from Earth. I am a Taltic, one of the most powerful races of the universe!” he tried to speak as slowly as possible to make Eva realize that everything he was saying was true.

“I don’t believe you!” was the first thing that came out of Eva’s mouth. She couldn’t believe that she was standing in front of someone who came from the outer space.

“If you think that you are from the outer space, then how did you come to Earth? Where is your spaceship?”

“We are the master of teleporting. I teleported from Yalvok to Earth and can go back to my home whenever I want, and that too in less than a second!” he replied honestly.

“I don’t believe you! This is too much for a Sunday morning. I believe this is all a dream. I am going to wake up anytime, only to find myself sleeping on my couch, passed out after having too many tequila shots!” she said and laughed out at the idea of it.

“Trust me, Eva!” he said and came closer. He was standing right in front of Eva and they both could hear their hearts beating wildly. Eva realized that she never told him her name. Nevertheless, there was a part in Yev that knew her existence. He knew the roadmaps of her body better than her and wanted to kiss her hard on that beach.

“Make me trust you then!” Eva came closer and felt a strange attraction towards Yev. It was something divine and she couldn’t explain herself the reason behind it.

Yev brought his lips close to Eva and gave her a sensation. She felt an electric impulse that came from his lips as they touched her. Their lips were locked in unison and with that, their soul became one entity, as if they both were the lost pieces of the same puzzle floating separately in the whole wide universe. But they met again, after a long passage of time, only to find their home in each other.

Yev changed the color of his skin, which astonished Eva. Right in front of her eyes, the spring suit that he was wearing was gone and he stood in front of Eva, completely devoid of anything.

“I am sorry. It is a Taltic thing. It happens automatically for our ease when we want to make love!” he explained and was embarrassed by what he just said.

“Don’t be sorry, but do you want to make love to me right here, in the middle of this wide open beach?” she asked and wanted him to say yes. She looked at his wide chest and perfect skin that looked like an emerald.

“There is nothing in this whole universe except you that can make me stop!” he didn’t allow Eva to answer anything in words and kissed her hard. Eva couldn’t stop tasting him and locked her tongue together in his mouth.

As they kept kissing each other, Eva felt electric sparks coming from Yev that were going straight to her being. She could get the glimpse of the entire universe and how Yalvok came into existence.

He undressed her and her light blue top was thrown on the beach and he laid her down. She would feel the find sand of the beach filling her curls and her back. Yev wanted to embrace her beauty and kissed her bosom. Every time Yev would touch Eva, she got a glimpse of his world and how things in Yalvok work.

Yev touched her breasts with his masculine hands and squeezed them hard. Eva screamed a little in pain, but her pain subsided by the amount of pleasure and relief that Yev imparted on her body. He bit her nipples and took them in his mouth. He started sucking her left breast and imparted some thousand memories of his land.

He took her shorts away from her body and was amazed by the perfection. He didn’t want to do anything. He just wanted to make love to Eva all his life and was aroused by her beauty. Eva was already finding it hard to think of anything and was at a floating state. She was already in outer space, with her eyes closed, waiting for Yev to take her to the places that were unexplored by her.

Eva felt a sensation on her genitalia and could feel Yev going inside her. She didn’t stop. She wanted Yev to penetrate her and make her see a whole new vision. There was an electric sensation, as Yev started to penetrate her. He locked both of her hands and their fingers were engraved in each other’s wrist. He continued biting her other breasts and they both were erected. She was at the peak of her orgasm, or so she thought. But Yev decided to let her know that the peak was yet to come, as he hit the right spot while penetrating her hard.

She screamed out loud, as he hit the right spot and her sound echoed the entire beach, the whole wide world, the galaxy, Yalvok, the entire universe and came back to Yev. Yev started penetrating her and with each time gave her a new memory of his life at Yalvok. With her eyes closed, she could see a part of Yalvok through Yev’s eyes. It was anything but darkness. She could see the beauty of the amazing planet, the natural wonders, and the artificial architecture.

Yev paced up and began to penetrate her harder than the last time. Her breasts melted in his warm mouth and she couldn’t hold herself together. She could see the Taltic’s society, their God, and the religion they follow. She would see it all through his eyes and realized that the person with whom she was making love to was not a human. He was a part of the most advanced race that has ever existed in the universe. He was indeed from outer space.

BOOK: Bringing Home an Alien
3.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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