Brock: A Bad Boy Romance

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A Bad Boy Romance






By: Amy Kyle

Table of Contents



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Chapter 1


“I want you to know that I’m always going to be in your corner. I asked you to put yourself in my hands and I promised that I would get you through this one way or another. I know that you’re scared and I understand that you’re apprehensive about going under the knife. I’ve done everything that I can, but I’m afraid that the surgery is your last resort.” Stephanie stood with her long reddish blond hair and 5’6 frame making for quite the sight. Her lab coat was snugly around her very attractive and gym worthy body. In any other circumstance, this man sitting across from her would be drooling over the prospect of being with her. “
I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes I have to tell them the truth. I can work miracles and I was hoping that I could do that for him, but it appears that his condition has gotten worse. The spot on his brain scan has grown considerably. The medication that I prescribed was not working.

I don’t know why you just didn’t tell me this over the phone.” Arnold Julius was an up and coming PGA star that had the accolades and the sponsors clamoring for the chance to sign him on the dotted line. An unforgiving accident driving drunk had caused him to not only to lose his livelihood, but now his life was in jeopardy. “This can’t be happening. I need some time to think about this.” He was distraught and felt like the universe was closing in on him. He knew that going underneath the knife meant possible brain damage or even death. If he had his choice, he would rather die on the table than to live, as some sort of vegetable.

Stephanie put her hand on his shoulder. This momentary comfort gave him a license to cry on her shoulder. She tried to talk to him, but he was inconsolable. This was the part of the job that she didn’t enjoy at all. She was getting burned out and she needed time to recharge her batteries someplace tropical with some bronzed bodies and tropical drinks. She could already feel the warmth of the sand underneath her toes and the baking sun bronzing her skin and turning her into a desirable creature of the night. “
I have basically given him a death sentence. His only hope is a surgeon that is worth his salt. I’ve given him my two best recommendations. The rest is in the hands of him and god. I can’t

get emotionally involved. If I do, I will only lose myself and that is not something I’m going to allow to happen.

Arnold wasn’t happy by this prognosis, but he didn’t really expect for himself to break down. Her warm hand on his shoulder made it necessary to show his grief and mistrust of the medical profession. He would go under the knife and hope for the best. “I know that you have done everything that you can, Dr. Wallace. There’s been nobody like you. Everybody told me that it was a lost cause, but you said that there was hope. Hopefully that was not an error in judgment on your part. I’m grateful for the time that I have been given. I wish that it could be longer and maybe it can. Only time will tell.” Arnold didn’t feel like he was living up to his reputation as a strong and confident black man.

Stephanie watched him go out of the office and then he smiled back meekly. She wanted to run to him and tell him that things were going to work out, but she wasn’t sure she believed it herself. She heard her nurse, but mostly it was coming through a tunnel. She was more concerned with Arnold and what his state of mind was like. She wasn’t sure if he could truly understand that it wasn’t a lost cause.

“I don’t mean to interrupt your thoughts. I’m sure that you have a lot on your mind, but I believe you will want to hear this. Your father Coach Avery has asked me to tell you to look at your messages. I’ve never heard him sound so worried. I hope that there hasn’t been anything that is going to prevent him from winning the championship for the town.” Jennifer Belle was a consummate professional, but when it came to college football she was a fanatic. “If there’s anything that you can do to make sure that the cup comes home to this town, then I implore you to do whatever you can.” Jennifer was a diehard football fan and this town’s college team was on the cusp of doing something that would make this town proud.

Stephanie looked at Jennifer and her bubbly personality and she wanted to shake her. There didn’t seem to be anything that rattled her or made her feel like life was getting her down. She was always enthusiastic and the fact that she was the coach’s daughter had given Jennifer a reason to take the job out of hand. Jennifer had long dark hair and a body that was matched by an equal personality. She liked to play it fast and loose with the boys and this was not something that Stephanie had in common with her.

“I’m sure that I’m not taking anything that you say seriously at the moment, Jennifer. I had to give Arnold some bad news. I know

that I shouldn’t let it weigh heavily on my mind, but sometimes I can’t help it. There are those that get underneath my skin. I try not to personalize my practice, but I can’t help it. I’ve always been a people person.” “
I wish that I could say the same thing for my love life. It’s been on life support from the moment that my ex boyfriend decided to take a job overseas. I thought that it was his way of telling me that we needed to see other people. I mistakenly thought at the moment of his declaration that he wanted me to join him. It became painfully obvious that he had no interest in securing this relationship.”

“I don’t think that you should get caught up with other people’s problems. You’ve told me from the moment that you hired me that we should never take our job home with us. With that being said, maybe it would be best to dedicate your time to something that will be more worth your while. Coach Avery has all the hopes and dreams of this town on his shoulders.” Jennifer was using this as a way to give Stephanie some time away from the office. “Go and talk to your father and see what he wants. It will do you good to get some perspective. Stop and buy yourself something nice and put a smile on that face.” In a past life, Jennifer was a motivational speaker. She’d gone to several high schools to put people on the straight and narrow. She had left that and went to nursing school after one of those kids decided that a life of crime was where the money was at. She felt responsible, but what she didn’t realize was that this kid was on the downward slope from the moment that he was old enough.

“I don’t have any pressing engagements for the rest of the day. I was planning to leave the office early. I could swing by and see what my father wants. I’m not promising anything. I’m surely not going to throw a team member underneath the bus for the chance at the championship. I will conduct myself with my Hippocratic Oath intact. I will do no harm to others.” Stephanie grabbed her short black leather jacket. She had those lives in the palm of her hand. This led to her buying something a couple of months ago on a whim. “
I’m really looking forward to strapping into my Harley Davidson and hitting the open road. I need that adrenaline rush and the feeling of freedom running through my veins.”

She went down to the parking garage and saw her black and red motorcycle creation staring her back. It was a beautiful design with blue lightning bolts and flaming fire that made her quite the conversation piece. She’d taken it to a custom shop and had paid an extravagant amount of money to get them to make it exactly to her specifications.

“I see that look in your eyes. Believe me; I have that same look on the weekends. That is a beautiful piece of hardware. I don’t suppose that you know anything about motorcycles. Is this a hobby, or is this a lifelong dream that you have made a reality?” This was one of the new doctors in the office. His name was Jeremy Nicholson. He had liked Stephanie from the moment that he had come on board, but he had sensed that there was something painful in her past.

“I think that I bought it out of a knee jerk reaction to rebel against my parents. My mother is no longer around, but my father is always constantly on my back. The first day that I bought this thing, I made it my mission to drive over to his home and rev the motor. He came screaming out of the house and I only smiled. I turned and drove away with him shaking his fist in disbelief that I would put my life in danger like this.”
My father had sent me an attachment on my phone. There were no names mentioned. He was worried that this was going to get out to the public and wasn’t taking any chances even with his daughter. The results of the scans were a little disturbing. That knee would need major rehabilitation. He was asking for a miracle and I wasn’t sure that I was gonna be able to give him what he wanted.”

“I know what it’s like to have a domineering father and believe me it’s not easy to get their approval. They expect so much from you that they don’t realize that you have your own mind and your own ideas about where your life is going to go. I did go into medicine for my parents, but I didn’t exactly make them proud by taking a lucrative role in sports medicine. They wanted me to be a surgeon, but for me it was all about those dreams that had yet to be fulfilled. I lost my chance to play professionally when I blew out my knee and my shoulder at the same time. Not to mention that I had a heart condition that needs to be monitored each and every day for the rest of my life.”

“I guess we do have something in common. My father has always stressed the importance of family, but mostly he has the team on his mind. He wants to project that family man persona, but it’s not exactly the truth. I believe that my mother died of a broken heart. He was never able to give her the kind of time and dedication that a family deserves. He had his eye on the prize. That is not more evident than today and this weekend. If he can make it through to the finals, then that elusive cup will be right there for the taking. He’s looking to secure his position on the football team.”
“I had dated Jeremy for one night of complete boredom that made me

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