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Authors: Katelyn Skye

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Broken Submission: Surrendering Softly (Contemporary Submissive Romance)

BOOK: Broken Submission: Surrendering Softly (Contemporary Submissive Romance)
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Submission: Surrendering Softly (Contemporary Submissive


Published by
Katelyn Skye


Copyright ©
2013 Katelyn Skye

This book is a
work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are
products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously
and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons,
living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely

All rights

No part of this
book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any manner
whatsoever without written permission from the author except in the
case of brief quotation embodied in critical articles and


Lily moaned
deeply as the fiery kiss seemed to go on endlessly. It always felt
like heaven when he kissed her. And his touch…sweet lord. His
large, sure hands scanned her quivering frame and set her on

He broke the
kiss with a final nibble on her bottom lip and Lily shuddered,
watching his head descend to suckle each nipple. She absolutely
loved the way he handled her breasts, with a blend of rough and
gentle. He scooped them in his palms and fondled them passionately,
lavishing the tips with just as much ardent attention. Aroused
beyond belief, Lily couldn’t lie still, writhing with ecstasy. When
he pulled away from her, she whimpered loudly in protest.

But he was
sliding down her trembling naked frame to rest his face between her
spread thighs. Oh. She stared down at him as his tongue snaked out
for one first, carnal lick. The sensation of his tongue connecting
with that delicate bundle of tissues made Lily see stars for a

“Maxwell!” Lily
cried out, blinking away the mist of bliss clouding her senses as
she shot off the bed, coming awake suddenly.

Lily was
breathing hard and fast, staring around at the empty bedroom. The
covers had pooled at her waist and she glanced down at her
sweat-soaked night shirt. Shoving her hands through her damp auburn
hair, she let out a frustrated groan.

Her whole body
tingled from yet another night dreaming of a lust-induced encounter
with a man she didn’t even know. She’d barely ever spoken ten words
to him even though she saw him regularly. And yet each night he
colored her dreams. Each night, when she lay in the dimness it was
his face she pictured as she imagined being ravished by her
demanding lover.

What an idiot
she was.

And yet she
couldn’t help a slight tremor passing through her as she let
herself for a second think what it would be like to have a man like
him. There was no doubt he was the sexiest man she’d ever met. He
looked like sin personified: handsome, dark and devilish. The kind
of man whose one glance could send the moistness spilling from
secret places. Even with all her common sense Lily couldn’t help
but be physically attracted to a man known to have no morals when
it came to the opposite sex. Oh, she knew all about his reputation
thanks to the tabloids that followed his every escapade with almost
religious interest. Lily wanted to hate herself for even being
drawn to a man like that. She needed her head examined.

But then what
was the harm in a little fantasy? Not like her real life was
anything to write home about. No gorgeous lover making her nights
sizzle and no excitement to lift the dullness of the lonely hours
when she wasn’t working or with friends. Lily had zero respect for
women who felt they needed the presence of a man in their life to
validate their worth as a female. She wasn’t like that at all but
dammit she was human; she had needs. And though to the outside
world she might put up a façade that nothing was missing in her
perfect little world, Lily Armstrong knew the whole truth. There
was a whole chunk of something lacking in her life and she didn’t
know for sure what that was.

She sighed
deeply and put those depressing thoughts behind her. Checking the
bedside clock she could tell she still had several more hours of
sleep before she needed to get ready for work. Hopefully this time
her dreams wouldn’t be filled with having filthy, sweaty sex with
the hottest male on the planet…


Warm, soft
lips…wrapped around his throbbing shaft. Another pair of eager,
sweet lips, pressed against his in a steamy, shameless kiss. Their
three bodies sensuously entwined on the luxuriant sheets. Moans and
groans filled the expansive room and turned it into a universe of
wicked delight.

Maxwell grabbed
a fistful of the blonde locks of the woman who kissed him
enthusiastically and tugged her head back so he could trail his
mouth down to her proudly tilted breast. The brunette sucking so
ravenously on his cock now cupped his balls in her small, soft
hands and tugged. He groaned against the blonde’s thick, pink
nipple right before he bit into it with a male’s ferocious

screeched the blonde, arching her back as Maxwell’s teeth sank in
deeper, even as he pulled with his lips. This time his hand sank
into the brunette’s hair while she stayed kneeling between his
thighs, and he pushed her head lower so that his tip jabbed right
up her throat. He felt her throat muscles ripple around his cap,
sounds of her gagging reaching him and making him even harder,

Maxwell reached
out his other hand to play it down the blonde’s concave stomach
till he was stroking her smooth-shaven pussy. She was so wet he
slid easily into her snug, pulpy sheathe. A rumble of approval
echoed in his chest.

Pleasure was a
thick, hot mist surrounding his senses. Primal lust overtook him as
he hooked into that sopping cunt and finger-fucked it till the
blonde was screeching in wanton submission. He could feel his cock
swelling to granite-hard proportions beneath the brunette’s expert
oral ministrations.

There was no
time to waste. Pulling out of that sucking mouth, he withdrew his
fingers from the blonde’s pussy and tugged her by her hair to
position her on her knees in front of him. She purred with delight,
wriggling her rounded ass in the air as she propped down on her

Maxwell ripped
a condom open and rolled it onto his stiff, raging cock. The
brunette crawled over to the head of the bed and settled on her
back, spreading her legs in a wide ‘V’ right in front of the
blonde’s face. In no time, the blonde had her lips fused to the
brunette’s equally smooth pussy.

Maxwell took in
the erotic sight and groaned thickly. Bloody hell. He couldn’t wait
to fuck them both – in succession. He’d take all night if he had
to, pounding one pussy and then the other. He was more than up for
it and no doubt these two were as well. They sure had better be –
because that’s the only reason they were there. To be fucked, hard,
by him.

Without further
ado, he lined the head of his dick at the entrance of the blonde’s
puffy pussy, gripping her hip in one hand and guiding himself into
her with the other. Inch by inch, he pushed into her drenched

And just when
she least expected it, Maxwell plunged totally in with a punishing
thrust that made her cry out in a mixture of agony and bliss…


Maxwell left
the two women sleeping prone in the bed, and headed for the
bathroom. Under the stinging hot spray, he shook his head and
wished in that same way, he could shake off the afterimage of all
that had happened last night.

He shoved his
wet hair back off his face which he raised to meet the needling
drops cascading down. He tried not to think about what a wild night
it had been. The women, the booze, the rough, kinky threesome sex;
ending up with two females now lying replete in his bed. What were
their names again, he wondered then let out a groan at the tragedy
of it all.

He huffed to
himself thinking that at least he should be thankful he still
recalled his own name despite all the alcohol he’d imbibed the
night before. Maxwell Craig. Partying like a rock star and hating
it. Especially since he wasn’t even a rock star. Just a
self-indulged, too-rich-for-his-own-good heir to the Craig billions
with nothing better to do than party his life away.

Shit. He
dreaded going back in there and facing those two. One blonde, one
brunette - both with two of the most beautiful bodies he’d ever
seen. The brunette slender almost to the point of being waiflike
yet sexy as hell, and the blonde packing mouth-watering curves to
make even a monk question his vows of chastity. Women who knew the
deal and understood that this was just for the here and now –
no-strings red-hot passion which in the overcast light of dawn,
ended in a fizzle. He dearly wished they’d be gone before he got
out of the thankfully reviving shower.

Lucky for him
he had no sapping traces of a hangover but he did have a
figuratively sour taste in his mouth thanks to how things had been
going all week. Or make that a few months or so of the same thing
happening night after night. Partying, clubbing, staying out until
the early hours of the morning. This life of dissipation had become
far too familiar to him for a long while and yet no matter how many
women tumbled into his bed or how many rounds of alcohol he
consumed, he still couldn’t stem the emptiness inside.

Why was he
doing this to himself?

Hours later,
that was the same thing his best friend James Ransom asked as they
faced each other across the desk in James’s spacious high rise
office. James and Maxwell had been friends since their days at
Harvard, even playing on the same college baseball team. Their
friendship had endured even years after as both had reached their
thirty-fifth year. James was as single as Maxwell but didn’t have
the same wild proclivity for women.

A renowned
attorney with whole corporations and celebrities on his client
list, James was attractive and dark-haired while Maxwell was just
as handsome but with a thick mop of golden curls he tried taming
with severe cuts that only drew more attention to the almost
beautiful edge to his good looks. Maxwell topped many ‘eligible
bachelor’ lists though James always teased that Maxwell went
through so many women it was a wonder anyone considered him fit for
marriage at all.

“You’re the
quintessential bad boy, Max,” James noted with a slant in his white
smile. “Wasting your very expensive and accomplished education and
silver-spoon background on this path to debauchery.”

“Stop, James.
Jesus,” Maxwell groaned playfully, placing his hand to his head
with a grimace. “You’ll start sounding too much like my father.
Maybe like him you think I should take more of a dedicated role in
his mighty conglomerate.”

James shrugged
his broad shoulders. “As your best friend and lawyer I can honestly
say you’re one of the most intelligent men I know. You can excel at
anything you set your mind on. It’s a shame you can’t dedicate it
to more worthy pursuits than attempting to run through the city’s
adult female population.”

“Now you’re
beginning to sound like my mother,” mocked Maxwell, but James
merely chuckled and shook his head just as there came a buzzing
from his desk.

“Yes, Amelia?”
James asked, depressing the button to speak to his secretary.

“It’s Lily, Mr.
Ransome. Should I send her in?”

James told her
yes and sat back with an almost apologetic grin directed at
Maxwell. “Some of us have to work, buddy,” he murmured.

Not budging,
Maxwell spread out his hands. “I’ll try not to be too much of a
distraction,” he replied just as a knock sounded briefly on the
door and at James’ command, a woman entered, holding a file to her

Maxwell’s eyes
sharpened as they fell on the employee. She greeted her boss with a
smile which faltered somewhat when she turned and noticed

“Oh I’m sorry,
Mr. Ransom. I thought you were alone; you did ask me to see you at
eleven to discuss the Chase Foxworth case file. Good morning, Mr.

Maxwell merely
nodded though his gaze remained speculative as he ran it
deliberately over the shapely woman from head to foot. He noted the
blush staining her cheek and smiled secretly. Maxwell hardly ever
switched off his wolfish mode; he was always on the look-out for
conquests and the lovely Lily had caught his eye the minute she
joined James’ firm as a paralegal.

She was a bit
curvy and much too sedate for his tastes but then Maxwell could
tell there was great potential beneath her dowdy skirt suits and
frumpy heels. Her dark auburn hair was luxurious and thick even in
its austere chignon and her eyes behind her black simple frames
were a bright, captivating green. There was something about her
that called to the dominant and the ravisher in him. She looked
very young; they probably had at least ten years between them but
he could tell he made her flustered. It amused him to notice the
effect he had on women. With the money he represented as well as
his good looks, it was always a breeze getting any woman he desired
to spread her legs for him. Just imagining Lily’s generously curved
thighs parting willingly in readiness for his claiming made a
stirring begin in Maxwell’s groin.

BOOK: Broken Submission: Surrendering Softly (Contemporary Submissive Romance)
7.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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