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I heard them coming in my direction when they were over a hundred yards away.  I decided to lay there and pretend I was asleep to add to the game... if and when they found me.


“There's that campfire!” One said in a loud whisper.


“How many people do you see?”


“I think... just one.  Looks like they are sleeping at the base of a log.”


“It looks like a woman to me...”


I heard an evil chuckle from one.  “Tonight seems to be our lucky night, gentlemen.”


As I laid there with my face resting on the back of my hand, I tried to keep the smile I felt from crossing my lips.  I traced my tongue over the sharp points of my canines and could almost taste their blood.  Oh how they were wrong.  Tonight would be MY lucky night. 


As they approached, I couldn't decide if I wanted to wait until they were completely upon me or to sit there and act frightened.  I could feel the excited nervous energy start to pump through my body... it felt so good.  I loved a good cat and mouse game.


Just as they entered the clearing, their apparent leader made the decision for me when he opened his mouth.  “Well, what do we have here boys?”  He said in a loud tone, with the obvious intentions of waking me from my 'slumber'.


I quickly sat up right and masked my eager face with a look of sheer terror.  I even added a surprised squeak to make it more realistic.


“Are you all alone, missy?”  A tall, scrawny ugly fellow asked.


“Yeah, I's alone alright, aren't you bitch?”


Oh how I wanted to tear them all apart right now.  They more than deserved it.  Lord knows how many innocent women they terrorized...  Despite the growing hunger for their blood, I maintained my look of fright and my petrified demeanor.  “Don't... don't hurt me!”


The big guy, who I assumed was their leader, started laughing hard.  The other two soon followed.


“What do you say, boys?  Do we not hurt her?  Or do we HURT her?”


The other two looked at each other, then turned their gaze upon me with greedy and hungry eyes... but I know it wasn't food they were after. 


I backed up against the log and tried to make myself as small as possible.  “No, you can't!  My brothers will be back soon!”  I pleaded with them.


The leader looked around into the pitch black of night and smiled.  “No, I don't think so.  I think you are here alone.”  He looked around once more and focused his beady black eyes upon me.  “That makes you one stupid bitch... as if you are asking for this...”


The tall thin one darted around the fire and grabbed me by my wrists, jerking me to my feet.  I pretended to struggle a bit.  “No!  Leave me alone!”


Apparently, he wasn't very strong.  “She’s a feisty one, Gabe!” The thin one addressed their leader.


Gabe, who was about 6' tall and was as stout as a tree trunk, came to look down upon me.  He was missing teeth and smelled as if he hadn't bathed in months.  “I like 'em feisty, don't you Craig?”


Craig was standing on the other side of the fire.  His eagerness to participate in my rape seemed to wane.  “Maybe this isn't such a good idea.”


Gabe smiled at me, showing me that what little teeth he had were rotten and black.  In one quick motion, he ripped my shirt down the middle, exposing my bra and what it covered to their greedy eyes.  “Oh, yeah.  This will be fun...”


“Please stop!  I beg of you!”


The filthy bastard back handed me across the face.  “Quiet, Bitch!”


The pain was minimal but I pretty much had enough at that point.  No one hits me.  “I will bath in your blood....” I hissed at him but did not move... yet.


My words and change in demeanor caught both Gabe and the skinny guy by surprise.  I smiled, glad that I now had their attention.


“Let the woman go,” a new voice demanded.


All four of us looked up to watch another man stroll into the campsite.  Taller and more athletic than Gabe, and much more attractive, he showed not one ounce of fear.  Course, he was holding a sawed-off 12 gauge.


No one moved.


“I said,
let her go!
”  The tall man's voice boomed.  Where did he come from... and why was he trying to help... me?


Gabe quickly rounded me, grabbing me by a shoulder and pulled a knife to hold against my throat, using me as a shield.  “What's she to you, pretty boy?”


I brought my hand up to my mouth to cover my yawn.  “Alright, time to wrap this up.”  I decided that the new guy would live, so I couldn't let him know what I was.  Every motion I made had to seem... human.  In a few quick movements, I had Gabe on the ground, spouting blood from his neck and chest.  Next was skinny guy.  I broke both of his knees before I pulled his trachea out of his neck.  Last was Craig... since he didn't attack me, I thought he might have use as food on the road.  “Come here.”  I beckoned him with my finger.


He came to me, wide eyed.  “Please don't kill me...” he whispered.


“Turn around.”


Trembling, he turned around as I commanded.  I secured his hands behind him with part of my torn shirt and forced him to the ground.  I brought my mouth close to his ear.  “I'm not going to kill you, but you'll probably wish I had in the next few days...”


“How did you...” the new guy stammered.


I turned to him and let my eyes linger over his athletic physic.  Short dark hair, trim facial hair, piercing green eyes and a body that I had only seen on guys that were too vain to think of anyone else... what on earth was he doing out here.  “I was a bartender before the meteor shower.  A girl hasta know how to defend herself,” I smiled coyly.


“I guess so...  Krav Maga?”


I laughed.  “Mostly... I improvised some.”  Ole handsome here had no idea what I had in store for him.  He may have been chivalrous, but he was still a human.


“I used to be a seal.  Spent some time in Israel with their special forces, I’ve seen it a few times.”


That actually impressed me a bit.  It explained how he knew my form and got that body of his.  Definitely a toy I was going to have some fun with.  “I'm Sky.  Sky Miller.”  I held out my hand to him.


“Trevor Caldwell,” he smiled and shook my hand.  “It’s a Pleasure to meet you, Sky.”  His hand was warm, soft, firm.  I felt tingles in my stomach and between my thighs.  It had been too long since a man had been inside of me.


“Oh no, the pleasure is all mine, Trevor,” I smiled back mischievously.  In a heartbeat, I had his arm twisted behind his back.


“What are you doing?!”


I grabbed his other hand and secured both behind his back with another scrap of my torn shirt.  I was actually surprised he didn't fight more.  “Keeping you safe.”  I pulled him back slowly to lower him to sit on the ground.  I pulled the remaining bit of my shirt off, tore it in have.  One covered Trevor's eyes, the other gagged him.  “Now, no peeking...”


I didn't care if Craig saw what I was about to do... the same would happen to him later.  But I did care if he called out what he saw.  I gagged him as well.


I found Gabe's wrist and held it to my nose.  Despite his lack of cleanliness, I could still smell the blood in the veins below his dirty skin.  I bit down, my canines finding their mark.  I would have to suck some to pull the blood from these veins now that the heart wouldn't be pumping it into my waiting mouth.


Craig whimpered eyes wide in terror.  I smiled at him with Gabe's wrist still in my mouth.  I hated humans.  I hated all that they were.  Amazing, it took being mutated into a vampire to change me into what most humans were.  Greedy.  Thoughtless. Selfish.  Cold.  Evil.


Once I drained Gabe of as much blood as possible, I dragged him out into bushes just beyond the light of the fire.


The tall thin guy still lay in camp, blood no longer flowing from his neck.  I either needed to dump him in the weeds with his buddy or drain him as well.  It had been a while since I last ate.  It looked like I'd be draining him as well.


Craig was beyond sound now.  He sat there watching me with wide eyes instead.  I looked to Trevor while I ate.  He sat on the ground with his knees up and didn't move.  Back before the meteor shower, a guy like that wouldn't have given me the time of day.  Not that I was ugly, at least I didn't think I was.  Long raven hair, big blue eyes, full lips and a fairly decent body, I just wasn't the flirty sort of girl.  Meh, who was I kidding?  I've always felt a bit plain.  If I stood still long enough, guys could see right through me.  I certainly didn't feel that way now.  I guess mutation becomes me.


When I was done with the skinny guy, I dragged him out to the bushes to lay next to Gabe.


Tonight had been a rather exciting night to end such a boring day.  I knew of a couple more silos that had not popped yet to go sit on and wait for the people to come out of them in the next few days.


I found another shirt to wear.  The one they had torn off of me was a favorite of mine... only one of two shirts I had.  I was now down to one shirt.  I needed to find some people in my size soon or I'd have to go naked.


As I sat by the fire, I looked again to Trevor.  He was still sitting in the same position as before.  I went over to him and removed the shred of shirt from his eyes.  His emerald orbs stared furiously at me.  Smiling, I brought my face close to his so as to see how deeply I could peer into his eyes.  Trevor sat quietly and stared back.  I could tell this man was not used to backing down.  My smile widened.


I pulled the gag gently from his mouth and helped him to his feet.  “Come sit by the fire.”  He sat down with no fight but his eyes never left me.


I watched the fire crackle after kicking one of the logs further into the flames, sending tiny little orange embers into the black sky.  Reminded me of fireflies back home.  I sighed.  I'd never see home again.  Things would never be the same.




Trevor's voice caught me off guard.  “What?”


His eyes were hard.  “Why am I bound?  I tried to help you.”


“Obviously, I didn't need help.”


“Obviously.  But that doesn't explain why I'm tied up.”


“I don't trust people.”  My eyes lifted from the flickering light of the fire to look at him.  If it were possible for someone to stare a hole into another, he'd be doing that to me.  Might as well tell him the truth, for the most part.  “and I needed a... toy.”


He blinked.  “A toy.” His voice held his confusion.


I nodded.


Trevor was silent for a moment.  “What sort of toy?”


I turned my head to the side and sighed.  “For sex.”  I watched his face for a reaction but he just continued to stare at me.


“A sex toy.”  Trevor clarified.


I nodded and looked back into the fire while he let it sink in.  I don't know why I was expecting a look of disgust from him, but I was.  Too many years of being the shrinking violet, I guess.


“Seriously?”  Trevor was still staring at me. 


I continued to watch the flames hungrily lick at the logs.  “Does it sound like I'm joking?”  I could only imagine how horrified he was at the prospect of having sex with me, but who cares.  My prisoner, I make the rules. 


After staring at me for a minute longer, he started laughing.  His smile lit his whole face, making him even more attractive than before.


Irritation starting rising in me.  What the hell was so funny?


“You don't have to force me to do that.”


I glared at him.  “What... you're good with fucking some random stranger... after she killed two men with her bare hands and tied you up?”

BOOK: Burning Sky (Burning Sky Series)
9.88Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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