Bush League: New Adult Sports Romance

BOOK: Bush League: New Adult Sports Romance
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Bush League

New Adult Sports Romance




by Pfeiffer Jayst













2016 Pfeiffer Jayst 

All Rights Reserved



No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping or by any information storage retrieval system without the written permission of the publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.


This is a work of fiction. All names, places, events and characters are purely fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or any actual events is coincidental. All characters in the following story are consenting adults over the age of eighteen.




Warning: There are several erotic and sensual passages in this book that may not be for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution, 18+ only.



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Bush League

New Adult Sports Romance






All I have to do is study and pass my classes so I can have a career after college.


All I have to do is give up singing and forget all about it.


All I have to do is stay far away from distracting boys, especially anyone on my father's team.


All I have to do is pretend I don't hear Beau when he flirts with me, ignore the looks we share when we think no one is looking, forget the way it feels when the star pitcher touches me.


Or I could forget all of that and follow my heart for once.




As the star pitcher on my college team, everyone wants a piece of me. When the majors come calling, I'm forced to find time to set myself up for the draft without letting down my team. I'm only human so the girls throwing themselves at me are hard to deflect, at least until I see her. The moment Quinn enters my life, no other girl matters. It doesn't help that Coach has specifically forbidden us from even talking to each other...


But I've never been one to back away from a challenge.






















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To SW, CS, LC and BR – your love, friendship, guidance and support make me who I am today. I am so lucky to have each of you in my life.

To NP – I'm still working on a time machine to go back and change all of my mistakes. Until then, I truly hope you have an excellent and happy life, even if we can't be together.













Bush League




The engine in my truck purrs like sex as I wait for the girl to magically appear. The unlit street doesn't give me any clues as to if she's even out there and I almost jump out of my skin when the door on the far side suddenly flies open.


"Go," she demands before her sweet ass even lands in the chair, "Now!"


I follow instruction, driving without a destination as Quinn twists around in the seat. My truck almost veers off the road when out of the corner of my eye I see her pull her sweatshirt up, off of her head. Just a small, white camisole covers her two large melons and she pulls the seatbelt down between them, begging even more attention.


"If my father even saw me getting into Beau Tillman's car..." she warns.


"Where do you want to go?" I ask her, my eyes unabashedly ogling her fine form.


"Away from here," she says in a whisper that's tagged by a sideways smile. Knowing better than to press my luck, I aim to drive far away from her father's house to find somewhere where nobody will know who we are.


When we pass a dimly lit parking lot, Quinn points it out. "There. So we can talk." My hands delicately turn the wheel into the empty lot, thinking of anything but talking. She looks so damned hot, her beauty, brains and body combine together to form the woman who has been in my dreams for so long. I felt it the first moment I ever saw her and swore Quinn was the only girl I had eyes for. Her penchant for toying with me and making me chase was something I wasn't used to but couldn't help myself from becoming a party to.


Raiders' ace pitcher Beau Tillman has left the Braves hitless, fanning three to get through the first inning. Now he's set to face the biggest and baddest hitter in the league, Christian Moreland. It's always a treat when we get to see these two face each other, they have been very clear in their dislike of each other.


You've got two sides of the coin here, Moreland is an absolute monster at the plate, demolishing balls that most hitters can't even make contact with. He's also known for his humble demeanor and support in the clubhouse. Tillman on the other hand, an absolutely surgical pitcher, making balls move like magic. He's got a reputation as a bit of a hothead too, a wild one, loose cannon some people say. Whatever it is, he seems to get it under control as soon as he steps up on that mound.


Moreland steps into the box and we're ready to go. Tillman sets, delivers and wow, it's a wonder the catcher Enzo Ross could hold onto that ball. Tillman threw a perfect strike that was absolutely on fire all the way down. That may have very well hit 95 miles-an-hour. How is anyone supposed to hit that? Moreland isn't sure and can only shake his head as he waits for the second pitch.


When I put the truck in park, I turn off the engine and turn my body towards her in preparation of what I had been waiting for.


"Do you know how many girls would kill to be here with me, alone in my truck on a
Friday night
?" I ask. She's not unnerved.


"If you want to drop me off and go get one of them instead," she asks while writhing around like a naughty kitten intent on trapping some pray. Her shoulder blades push together behind her back and those barely covered jugs shoot out, sending all of the blood in my body to rush below. “I don't want to waste your time,” she says.


I reposition myself to be even closer to her, close enough to smell her beauty's aroma, and place my confident, strong hands on either side of the girl. "But I only want you," I tell her, showing my cards. Quinn takes the info and turns herself so that her back is to me. The shiny white straps of her camisole and bra all that cover her back once she moves her hair to one side of her long neck. She doesn't ask but the invitation is there for my hands to rub her bare skin, an invitation I take. Quinn moans seductively as my hands knead her soreness away, my cock throbbing at the first real, intimate contact I've had with her.


"Ooh, right there," she purrs as I fixate on the area just inside her shoulders. Going for broke, I slide my hands a little lower to her sides and upon not hearing an objection, reposition to the front until I am holding her firm tits inside the palms of my hands. Her head rolls back onto my chest and she hoists her body up until she's sitting on my lap. Quinn wiggles her lower half on my fully erect cock which feels as though  it is ready to burst right out of my pants.


"Beau...we can't," she whispers into the air but her body defies her words by continuing to grind against my hardness. "Shhhh," I beg of her but she continues. "My father, he made us promise not to," she says though her dad is the furthest person from my mind. My hands slip under her camisole and underneath her bra, moving around until her pert nipples are against the skin on my athletic, manly hands. She's pushing down harder now, getting my cock ready for what I've wanted for so long.


"It can be our secret," I whisper into her ear, unable to prevent myself from kissing the soft skin just below. My hands reluctantly leave her chest and focus on her hips, taking control and guiding her back and forth.


Tillman can't seem to hide his emotions, letting everybody know how proud he is of his last pitch. He's openly shouting towards the more reserved Moreland who is doing his best to ignore the cocky pitcher. Ump Lou Davis settles things down and we're ready for pitch number two. Tillman and Moreland stare each other down for a few extra moments, clearly neither is afraid of the other. Tillman sets, his leg kicks out and he delivers another blazing fast pitch, faster than the first one . Love him or hate him you can't help but be impressed by the talent of this young pitcher, he's throwing like we've never seen before. Moreland shakes his head again and steps out of the box to readjust his gloves, trying to save face here as Tillman continues to shout in his direction. Someone has to get this kid some discipline before he torpedoes his own career. He's got the stuff but really needs to get it under control.


Things are finally settling down and Tillman takes his position on the mound. He's one strike away from setting down one of the most feared batters in the league. Moreland takes a few practice swings and steps in to the box, intent on shutting Tillman up. Tillman gets into position...


"I should really be studying," she tells me breathlessly as she's getting caught up in the fun we're having. "You're no good for me, Beau Tillman. A bad influence."


The thumb and middle finger on my pitching hand skillfully undo the button on her jeans, exposing just a tiny triangle of her lacy panties. My hand moves masterfully as she continues to dry hump me, toying with the fringe of lace to find where she wants me the most.


"Beau..." she says in a half-song. "We just supposed to be just talking," she says as the tips of my fingers dive inside those panties and feel the beginnings of the smooth skin in her absolutely forbidden zone. With self-assurance I move lower, feeling the heat from between her legs as my fingers move down to where her hips are gyrating me towards.


All Tillman needs is another scorching fastball and he can put down the dangerous Moreland. Knowing Tillman though, he'll be looking to do the unexpected, something to keep everyone on their toes. He likes toying with his pray before killing it, a little demented if you ask me but that's his way. Count is 0-2, Tillman and Moreland staring each other down as we wait. Tillman's leg kicks out, the ball released and... it hits Moreland! Beau Tillman has directed his powerful fastball right at Moreland's backside. That has got to hurt. Moreland is in disbelief, removing his gloves and sending a few words Tillman's way. Tillman of course sends his own right back and the two inch closer and closer to each other as Moreland is supposed to be heading to first. Both dugouts have now emptied, intent on stopping the fight that seems imminent. No use though as Moreland has just started to charge at the pitcher who hit him. We've got a brawl folks.


Moreland's impressive 200lb plus body doesn't scare Tillman though, the pitcher isn't one to back down. Somehow, and if I wasn't witnessing this myself I wouldn't believe it, Tillman is able to get the much larger Christian Moreland in a headlock and is just drilling the top of his head with haymakers. Both sides work to pull them apart but Tillman isn't done, continuing to punish the top of the batter's head as though he was trying to end him for good.


This is ugly, folks; someone needs to get this young firecracker Tillman under control. Things have started to settle down and Tillman is heavily restrained though continues to jaw towards Moreland. All he needed was one more strike, something he was completely capable of, but instead he chose to plunk the batter. It doesn't make sense, he's now tossed from the game he was completely in control of and may even find himself suspended. Someone, whether it be Coach Steele or one of the other coaches, someone needs to get this young hothead under control before he destroys any of the promise he clearly has.


"Beau," she says again and turns her face back towards me. Our lips meet and press together, her tongue entering my mouth first in search of my own. Just as my finger finds the seductive folds I've dreamt of, a pair of headlights illuminates the cab of my truck. Quinn jumps quickly off of my lap, with good reason. She fixes her clothes so we can explain to the officer that we were just talking. When the car pulls up alongside the passenger side of the truck, I see that it's not a cop but instead a small sedan. Quinn smiles at the girl behind the wheel and turns back to me.


"We had a deal," is all she says before jumping out and slamming my door closed. She quickly gets into this car with this girl and they're gone before I can figure out what happened. Her scent lingers in my truck as I try to figure out how I just let myself get played so easily. With a throbbing hard-on that hasn't yet got the message, I drive myself out of there with ideas of revenge.



BOOK: Bush League: New Adult Sports Romance
4.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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