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BOOK: Cabin FURvor (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 16)
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Just then, Craig walked in and hugged his wife. “How’d you ladies sleep all partnered up with each other on those couches?” he asked, chuckling.

Savannah made eye contact with Margaret, who was now helping her fold the blankets. “Better than I thought. I haven’t slept feet-to-feet on a sofa since my sister and I used to sleep together at our grandmother’s house.” She laughed. “Auntie only kicked me a few times.”

“Uh-uh,” Margaret said. She looked at Iris. “How’d you girls do on that other lumpy sofa? I didn’t hear any skirmishes going on over there.”

“Oh, I think we were all too tired to move last night,” Colbi said. “How about you guys, Craig? Did you and Ernie have a peaceful night in the cage room?”

He pursed his lips. “I thought you said things would be quiet in there since Lawrence Baker was in jail.”

Savannah looked puzzled. “Why? What happened?”

“Where do I start? Well, there was a rattling sound and a sort of a rumble…” When Ernie joined them, Craig asked, “Did you hear all that noise last night?”

Ernie’s eyes widened. “You mean that scratching sound and clattering? Yeah, what was that? A wild animal?”

Savannah laughed. “Probably the cats.”

“Or spirits,” Iris said. “I’ll bet Amos’s spirit hangs out here. I mean, where else would he go?”

“We don’t even know if he’s dead, do we?” Colbi asked while pouring apple juice into small jelly glasses. “I still think he’s living homeless somewhere.”

“Oh, he’d never survive on his own, do you think?” Savannah suggested.

“Is the coffee ready?” Craig asked.

“In a minute,” Iris told him impatiently.

“Who built the fire?” Craig asked, looking around.

“Iris and I,” Savannah said, smiling.

Craig gave them an approving look. “Good job.”

“Yeah, Vannie was a Girl Scout,” Margaret said as she joined the others in the kitchen.

“And she can row a boat,” Colbi added.

Craig put his arm around Savannah’s shoulders. “She’s a Jill-of-all-trades, that’s for sure. I keep trying to hire her…and her cat.”

“Where are the cats, anyway?” Savannah asked, looking around. She then noticed Maribelle emerging from the main bedroom. “Good morning. Did you sleep okay?”

Before she could answer, Craig asked, “Where’s Ann?”

“She’s up,” Maribelle said. “She’ll be here in a minute.” She then walked toward the living room window. “I feel a draft. Didn’t notice it last night.” Pushing a drape panel aside, she said, “Uh-oh, your patching job’s coming apart.”

“What?” Craig walked into the living room. When he opened the drapes, he said, “Damn. Water leaked in. The wind must have been blowing in this direction. Iris,” he called, “can you get me some towels to mop this up with?”

Savannah moved toward the window to get a better look. “Oh, my gosh. That whole piece of wood broke out. Oh no, the cats!” She turned to Colbi. “Do you think they’d…?”

Colbi winced and raced toward the window. “God, I hope not.” She then began walking through the cabin. “Dolly!” she called. “Rags! Where are you guys?”

At the same time, Savannah headed toward the basement. When the two women returned to the living room after their search, Savannah said, “Get your coat, Colbi. We’d better go out and look for them.”

“Oh my gosh, why would they go out…it’s muddy out there… Dolly has never done anything like that before.”

Margaret grinned. “That’s what happens when you let her run with riff-raff.” “Auntie, what a thing to say,” Savannah scolded.

Seconds later, the two women stepped out the front door. Craig followed with repair materials for the window and proceeded around to the other side of the porch.

“Someone’s coming,” Savannah noticed. And the threesome watched as a Jeep pulled into the driveway.

“It’s Ranger Hawkins,” Colbi observed. “He’s out early. I wonder if this means the roads are clear.”

“Oh, I sure hope so,” Savannah said. “I want to go home,” she whined pathetically. She stood waiting for the ranger to step out of the car, then greeted him. “What brings you out so early?”

He pulled the zipper on his jacket. “I’m on a special mission.”


In the meantime, Colbi began scouring the area with her eyes calling, “Kitty, kitty…”

That’s when Savannah spotted something in the ranger’s Jeep. “Rags!” she shouted.

“Where?” Colbi asked.

Savannah pointed, then looked at the ranger, who had a grin on his face. “Where did you find him?” When she saw Dolly peering through the windshield, she said, “I mean, them. Oh my gosh, Colbi, they’re in his car.” She turned back to the ranger. “How? Where?”

“Well, I had a call early this morning about a couple of stowaways.”


“Yeah. I guess they wanted to go for a boat ride.”

Savannah looked at the cats and back at the ranger. “What?”

Continuing to grin, he explained, “It seems a fisherman was rowing one of Skip’s skiffs across the lake to meet his buddy for a day of fishing. He said he was nearly halfway across when the big one there bobbed his head up and looked at him.” The ranger laughed. “The guy says he darn near jumped overboard, he was so startled. When he spotted the other cat and saw how friendly they were, he decided he’d better let someone know where they were and he called us. He texted a picture of them. Of course, I recognized them as your cats and I figured you’d want them back.”

Savannah started to laugh. “Oh my gosh, that’s a first! I mean, Rags has escaped before—he’s a real escape artist, as a matter-of-fact. He’s been catnapped, he’s burglarized the neighborhood, he’s ridden a horse, and he’s even ridden a bus by himself, but he’s never taken a boat out for a cruise.”

Colbi rushed to the car and opened the door, grabbing Dolly and cradling her in her arms. “Oh, my poor baby,” she crooned. “Did Rags try to lead you astray?”

“Hey,” Savannah said, reaching in and picking up Rags, “what makes you think it was his idea? Maybe Dolly wanted to go out on the town.”

“Oh, where’d you find them?” Craig asked returning to where the trio stood with the cats. By then the others had navigated to the front porch.

“They went across the lake in a boat,” Colbi announced.

“What?” Margaret said. “Did they row or motor?”

“A fisherman rowed them to the north shore.”

Amidst many comments, chuckles, and head-shaking, Savannah and Colbi invited the ranger in and offered him a cup of coffee.

“There will be hot cinnamon rolls in a few minutes,” Maribelle announced from the kitchen.

The ranger removed his jacket and draped it over the back of a chair. “Sounds great.” “So anything new?” Craig asked. “We’re kinda out of the loop over here, you know.”

Before Ranger Hawkins could respond, Ann walked into the room, still wearing Maribelle’s sweats. He stood stunned, staring at her. “Ann Schultz?” he asked.

She nodded. He pulled something out of his pocket and looked at it. “What’s your middle name, miss?” he asked.


After studying the copy of the woman’s driver’s license again, he asked, “What’s your address? Can you recite your address for me?”

“Yes, 294 Dover Way, Apartment Four.”

“Where have you been?” he asked, using a more compassionate tone. “And how did you get here?”

“It’s a long story,” she said, plopping down next to Margaret on the green sofa.

“I have all the time in the world.”

“How about giving us the scoop on the Baker case first,” Craig said. “I know these gals want to head home soon.”

The ranger hesitated before saying, “Well, we found the underwater burial ground.” He peered into his coffee mug. “It was the strangest thing. That lunatic had chained his victims under the dock of his parents’ former home. But lately, some of them have been breaking loose and showing up downriver partially decomposed.” He peered at Craig. “We don’t know if this is his intention or not. He could be trying to get rid of evidence.”

“How many were there?” Colbi asked.

“I believe the final tally was nine. There may have been some that got away from us—that washed on downstream. But we’ve accounted for nine.”

“Was my…” Craig started. He coughed. “Did you find evidence of Amos Sledge?”

The ranger shook his head. “It’s too early to be certain, but I’m pretty sure he was among them. There’s a long list of missing persons we have to go through to try matching with these bodies.”

In the meantime, Savannah noticed that Maribelle and Ernie were standing just inside the kitchen, listening. Ernie had his arm around his mother. She walked over to them and said quietly, “This must be painful for you to hear.”

As Maribelle fought back a barrage of emotion, Ernie said, “Yeah, painful, but not a total surprise.” Savannah remained quiet, and he continued, “We knew something wasn’t right with Father. He’d have spells, then things would level out and we’d think everything was okay, right Mother?”

She nodded and wiped a tear from her cheek. “But we didn’t know how bad it really was. We didn’t know he was actually harming people. We thought he was just playing those roles—we had no idea how far he was going with them.” She took a deep breath, turned, and said, “I think the cinnamon buns are ready.”


By eleven that morning, everyone was packed and ready to leave the mountain cabin. Ann had ridden down the hill with the ranger, who’d arranged to have her family meet them at the nearest sheriff’s office.

Ann’s abductors were arrested that morning while driving the mountain roads looking for her. Unbeknownst to them, she’d had the foresight to memorize their license plate number as she made her escape.

Maribelle and Ernie left the mountain, probably for good. They planned to settle in Southern California and open a restaurant together.

As the four friends carried their belongings to Savannah’s car, they noticed Craig putting the finishing touches on the boarded-up window. Once he’d finished, he announced, “The generator’s off, water pipes are drained. Everyone got everything?”

“Everything but the cats,” Savannah said. She stopped Iris as they headed back toward the cabin and wrapped her arms around her. “Girlfriend, I don’t know what to say. This has been…” When she noticed her aunt standing nearby grinning at her, she asked, “What, Auntie?”

“Oh, I’m just interested in what you’re going to say—how you’re going to describe the experience.”

Savannah grinned sheepishly. “Uh…well, yeah, what can I say?” When she noticed Iris’s rather sullen look, she said, “Iris, I’m so glad we got to spend your birthday with you.” She giggled a little. “It sure is one to remember.”

Colbi joined them. “Yeah, I won’t be forgetting it anytime soon.”

“You do know how to throw a party, Iris,” Margaret added.

“Well, it isn’t what I expected,” Iris admitted, “but I’m so glad you were all with me. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend my birthday with. Even if things did get a little crazy at times.” She smiled. “I had fun. But next year, maybe let’s do something a little more tame.”

“Yeah, like volunteer to fight a forest fire,” Margaret said.

“Or land in a war zone to deliver supplies,” Savannah suggested.

Colbi looked wide-eyed at the others. “How about we streak naked across the field at a Super Bowl game?”

Everyone looked at Craig when they heard him chuckle. “You gals are too much. Now next year when you come up here to party, remember…”

Savannah was first to interrupt. She waved her hand in Craig’s direction as she headed up the porch steps. “Oh no,” she said loudly. “Not me. Count me out.”

“Yeah, I’ve had enough of this rustic living to last me a lifetime,” Margaret grumbled.

Colbi rushed past Savannah toward the front door. “I’m not coming up here again, either. I’m done with the mountain-cabin thing.” She turned and looked at Craig. “I guess I’m a flatland girl at heart.”

Once they’d corralled the cats and loaded them into the SUV, Savannah asked, “Hey Iris, are you coming with us or are you going with Craig?”

Iris brushed a red curl off her forehead with one hand, looked at Craig, then at the women who were climbing into Savannah’s car. “Wait, I’m going with you guys. I don’t want to miss a moment of my birthday weekend with my BFFs.”

“Come on and get in, then,” Savannah called as she stepped into the driver’s seat. “All aboard who’s coming aboard,” she quipped.

“Oh, don’t even talk that boat language,” Margaret said, fastening her seatbelt.

As Craig watched Savannah pull the car out of the driveway and head down the mountain road, he was sure he heard a lively round of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat…” coming from inside the SUV.

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BOOK: Cabin FURvor (A Klepto Cat Mystery Book 16)
11.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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