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About the Book


Rising stars in the cage fighting circuit, Cage and Tripp Garrett are as close as two brothers can be. Fiercely competitive and smoldering with intensity, neither has ever lost a fight. Until they face their toughest opponent yet: Lily.

They both want her. But neither can have her. Lily is as off-limits as they come. They make a pact that the tough-as-nails daughter of their trainer will never come between them.

Until one of them begins to fall in love. Then all is fair in love and war.

Caged is a sexy, fast-paced love story with a punch

Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content. Please read at your own risk.

Chapter 1



Watching them spar gets me every time.

Accelerated heart rate.

Shallow breathing.

Skin broken out in chill bumps.

Wet panties.

Of course I act uninterested, like seeing them together in the ring is of little interest to me. Just part of the job. But in reality, my entire being is tuned into Cage and Tripp Garrett. They’re brothers – called Irish twins – because they’re only eleven months apart in age. Tripp, the younger of the two is lean and tone with slightly longer brownish-blonde hair that falls into his crystal blue eyes. He’s every bit as tall as his big brother Cage’s six-foot-two frame.

My eyes, as they often do travel to appraise Cage next. His hair is cropped closer, like he can’t be bothered to style it. He’s hard and lean and perfect. Firm sculpted pectorals, defined abs that I’ve counted on more than one occasion – there are eight of them. I think he must shave his chest and any happy trail that might have been, because even though his hair is thick and his jaw boasts a light covering of dark stubble, his body is completely smooth. It’s almost too much to handle. His smooth, sleek torso evokes memories of the slip-n-slide I enjoyed as a child. And something tells me he’d be every bit as much fun.

I feel my face growing flush as the naughty, dark fantasies rip through my brain.

“Lily – line two has been ringing for five minutes.” My dad, and the gym’s owner and head trainer appears from his office around the corner. “Are you going to answer it or what?” he barks.

. “Strike Fitness, this is Lily. Can I help you?” I say, breathless from my Garrett -brother inspired reverie.

“Hey Lily, its Dane. Are my idiot brothers still there?”

I glance over at the guys again. Cage’s eyes flash to mine for just a second and I feel my nipples tighten in my sports bra. The spilt-second distraction is all Tripp needs to land a punishing blow against the side of Cage’s temple.

I flinch. It’s the same hit that left my older brother in a hospital bed two years ago. “Yeah, they’re still here,” I say, remembering Dane is waiting on my response.

He releases a heavy sigh, but we both know there’s no pulling them away while they’re training. They’re here every day, seven days a week for about three to four hours working out, training, fighting, stretching, and my favorite part of the day, showering – when my daydreams turn far less innocent. I imagine rivulets of hot soapy water streaming over firm muscles and sauntering back into the locker room under the guise of restocking the towels. I’d find them both under the spray of hot water, and that’s where my fantasy stops, because in reality, I have no idea what I’d do with two big men. But something tells me they’d be in charge. Two hot cocks pressed into me, and two sets of hands. My lips would be on Cage’s though, because I’ve been fantasizing about kissing him for at least a year now.

As fun as it is to fantasize, I know I’d never do anything about it. Being in this business, watching what happened to my brother, knowing the risks every time one of these guys walks into the ring, I’d never in a million years date a fighter. Besides, deciding between Cage and Tripp would be damn near impossible anyways.

“Once they’re through, will you remind them I have a date tonight and they need to be home for Luke?”

“Aww, Dane has a date?” I tease.

He suddenly goes quiet, but I’d guess he’s smiling. “Hey, I’ve got to find a mom for all these boys.”

Dane is twenty-six, Cage twenty-one, Tripp twenty and Luke just turned eighteen, but he’s serious. Dane takes his role as caregiver seriously. He’s been their legal guardian for the last five years and works hard to take care of them all, even though they’re all adults now.

“I’ll tell them for you. Have fun tonight.”

“Thanks Lils.”

When I hang up, I realize that Cage and Tripp have finished their match and have moved to the mats at the far end of the room. I silently approach, appreciating the way their powerful back muscles flex when they move.

Where Cage is hard angles, frown lines creasing his brow and intense dark blue eyes, Tripp is the lighter of the two – always a lopsided grin and smiling light blue eyes.

I see the ghost of a smile twitch on Cage’s mouth as I approach and my heart kicks up in my chest.

Chapter 2



I carefully watch Lily approach from the reflection she casts in the mirror behind her. She doesn’t know it, but the way her ass fills out a pair of jeans should be a crime. It’s downright sinful and kicks up the testosterone in my veins like nothing else. More than once I’ve had to practice deep breathing to get rid of an unwanted erection inspired by her curves. I resume stretching, but can’t help but notice that Tripp is every bit as enthralled with the view as I am. He’s more of a breast man, and Lily has those assets in spades too. Lucky girl.

“What’s up, champ?” I joke as she gets closer. I rarely call her by her name, I’m not sure why…like it’d be too intimate coming from my mouth.

“Dane called. You two idiots are supposed to be home tonight for Luke.”

I roll my eyes. Dane is an over-protective mother hen on crack most times. “Luke’s balls dropped about eighteen years ago. Dane needs to get the fucking memo. He doesn’t need a babysitter,” I growl.

Lily shifts her weight, cocking one hip out and planting her hand there. “I’m just the messenger.”

“Don’t be an asshole,” Tripp gives me a playful shove. Even he knows that Dane takes this shit too far.

“Fine, we’ll shower and get home.” I raise my hands up in front of me in surrender. I know Dane means well. He doesn’t want Luke left alone at night – something about keeping him out of trouble. But Luke’s a good kid for the most part.

“Do you need a hand?” Lily’s eyes fall to my hands that are still taped up. I could remove it in the dark with just my teeth, but there’s no way I’d pass up an opportunity to have her touch me.

“Sure. I’m all yours.” I shift so there’s room for her to join me on the mat.

She lowers herself to her knees….a sight I like way too much, and crawls towards me. When she takes my hands and places them in her lap, she’s none too gentle about it. She begins peeling back the tape, ripping it and any hair from my skin as she unwinds it.

I growl and pull back a little. “Damn girl.”

“Sorry,” she mouths with fake concern.

It’s always like this between us. This banter, the back and forth, sort of like a brother and sister – always at odds trying to poke at the other. But more and more lately, I find myself wanting more. Which is dangerous territory. Not only does my brother like her too, but we train with her dad. He would kick our asses if we touched his daughter. I guess I’ll have to get used to a permanent painful erection.

The problem is, it’s not just her body I want – it’s her. I watch her bite her lip as she unwinds the tape more carefully. She’s adorable, feisty, and tough. She’s everything I could ever hope to want in a woman. Too bad she’s off limits.

“Done,” she says, satisfied.

I blink as she holds up the unraveled tape in front of me. Then she’s standing up and the moment is over way too fast.

“Do you have any plans for tonight?” I’m already kicking myself for asking, but I don’t want her to walk away.

Lily tilts her head like she’s considering whether to answer me or not. “Yeah. I’m going to see my brother.”

Her brother has been in the hospital for two years. I can see how much his accident tears her up inside. For me it’s just the price of being a fighter. When you burn brighter and harder than ordinary people, you burn out faster. Being inside the ring, though, it’s all worth it. I feel alive inside the ring. It’s just me and my opponent, and all my skill and training gets put to the ultimate test. That rush of adrenaline I crave is what makes me train so hard every day. 

“I’ll go with you.” I need to learn to think before I talk. I just want to get that sad look off her face. If I go with her, I can hold her hand to comfort her while she sees her brother. The thought is so cheesy I want to punch myself in the face. Tripp will make fun of me for going soft if he finds out I’m thinking about hand holding instead of tapping that ass.

“Okay,” Lily says. “I’ve got to grab some stuff first. Be back in a sec.” She walks away, fantastic ass swaying. Plump and round, and just begging to be swatted.

“Dude.” Tripp whacks me in the back of the head.

I rub my head and glare. “Nothing’s going on. We’re going to the hospital together.”

“Uh-huh.” He raises an eyebrow. I’ve heard women call Tripp sweet before, but I think it’s only because they’ve never faced him in the ring.

“Alright, alright. I’m making a move. I want her.” I’m still worried that Tripp might think I’m ready to doodle bluebirds and hearts, so I lift my chin to look more macho. “I want to fuck her. She’s hot. I’ve wanted it for too long now. Who cares if her dad whoops my ass for it? I can take the old man, and it’ll be worth it.”

“Right. That’s all this is about.” He rolls his eyes at me.

I glare. I know how to make him buy it. We’ve shared women from time to time, and if I let him in on this, he’ll believe I’m not interested in more than a good night of fucking. “You in?” I smirk, a wicked gleam in my eyes.

“Hell yeah, I’m in.” Tripp grins.

My heart lurches, but I won’t let anyone find out that I want Lily all to myself. I can share her for one night to prove to everyone that Cage Garrett won’t give in to wussy things like feelings.

The sterile hospital waiting room makes me uncomfortable. I’m used to action, and chaos. This place is too quiet. It’s like everyone here is holding their breath as they wait for bad news. I hate the thought of Lily being here alone.

Lily keeps wiping off her cheeks, but I can tell from the puffiness of her eyes that she’s been crying. She hates seeing her brother this way. He was one of the best fighters around before he was taken down by a single punch. I know that could be me someday, but I’ve never seen much point to thinking ahead. I prefer living in the moment, responding to each problem as it punches me in the face. I’m tough. I can take a few hits before I strike back.

Tripp sits on the other side of Lily. He wraps an arm around her shoulder. “Hey. Let’s clear our minds of all this for a little while.”

Lilly sniffles and nods.

Red hot fury clouds my vision. He knows I want her, and he’s the one holding her and asking her out? I jump to my feet and storm down the hallway. Tripp catches up to me and grabs my arm.

“The fuck was that?” I ask him. “What the fuck are you doing asking her out?”

“It’s called being considerate.” Tripp crosses his arm. “You should try it some time. Let her cry on your shoulder for a little while. Might get you farther than this pushing her away shit.”

I grit my teeth. “You know I’m interested in her. Back off.”

“Yeah, well, maybe I’m interested in her, too.”

I seriously consider punching my brother in the face in the middle of a hospital. “What game are you playing?”

“Not everything is a game, Cage. I’ve asked her out for drinks and she’s said yes, so we’re all going out for drinks. Is that okay with you?”

I can tell he’s being more sarcastic than considerate, which proves my point that Tripp’s chivalry doesn’t extend beyond members of the opposite sex.

“Fine,” I say. “We’ll go out for drinks.”

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