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Caroline's Seduction (Montgomery Family and Friends)


Montgomery Family and Friends

Book 4

Iris Abbott

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Copyright © 2011 by Iris Abbott

First E-book publication: February 2011

Cover design by Iris Abbott

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Illustration by Danielle Bonardelle


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Dear Reader, 


CAROLINE’S SEDUCTION is the fourth book in the Montgomery Family and Friends series.  It is a contemporary romance with a strong sense of secondary characters and a happily-ever-after ending.  It features a sexy hero who makes his living as a corporate raider, a feisty redhead prepared to protect her heart from a hostile takeover, and what could be the most important merger of both their lives!

Caroline Johnson who was introduced in A MONTGOMERY MARRIAGE had her heart shredded by Kyle Wakefield four years earlier.  She eventually moved out of state to put more miles between her and his memory.  Now through a twist of fate their paths have crossed once more.  Caroline discovers that the quiet girl in the back of her classroom is Kyle’s daughter.  Despite a fast growing friendship with Sarah Wakefield, Caroline continues to keep Kyle at a distance. 

An attempted kidnapping of Caroline and Sarah from the school parking lot is thwarted, but an injury to Caroline results in amnesia.  Kyle has been fighting his attraction to Caroline ever since she’s walked back into his life.  He assumes responsibility for Caroline’s safety and moves her into his house.  He won’t be happy though until she’s back in his bed thus Caroline’s seduction begins.

I hope that you have as much fun reading about Caroline and Kyle as I did writing their story.  Please visit my website to check out upcoming releases.  Readers’ comments are always appreciated.  I can be reached at [email protected]

Enjoy, and thank you for reading.

Iris Abbott



IRIS ABBOTT has always enjoyed reading.  She especially enjoys romances.  So it was no surprise she would eventually pursue a career as a romance writer.  She grew up in North Carolina and has also lived in California and Georgia.  She travels extensively throughout the United States and enjoys sharing the ambiance of some of her favorite places through her stories.

When she’s not writing emotion packed romances with a happily-ever-after ending, this former high school science teacher is traveling with her husband, taking photos of any animal she can find, watching the birds in her backyard, or taking care of two very spoiled and demanding cats.


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To Anna P. for her never-ending words of support and encouragement, two pairs of eyes are definitely better than one! 


To my wonderful husband Mike for his love, support, and unending faith in my abilities!

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Caroline Johnson nervously fidgeted with the too short hem of her borrowed skirt.  It was the college senior’s twenty-second birthday and her friends had taken her to a local bar in downtown Atlanta to celebrate.  They’d planned to celebrate her twenty-first birthday the year before, but her Aunt Lucinda had just died and Caroline hadn’t felt much like celebrating.  She had refused to accompany her friends to the bar.  The bar scene wasn’t her usual hangout anyway.  She certainly didn’t need it while she was grieving. 

She was never one to disappoint her friends however, so when they decided to make her twenty-second birthday a blowout celebration she didn’t have the heart to argue.  She let them fuss over her hair, makeup, and clothes without protest.  Now she was glad.  She had to admit that the end result was spectacular.  She hardly recognized herself in the mirror.  If the sultry reflection staring back hadn’t shared her auburn colored hair and wide blue eyes she would have never recognized herself.  Caroline was modest and gorgeous was never a word she would use to describe herself.  Tonight however she might be tempted to use just that word.  It was amazing what a little fashion know-how and makeup sense could do for a woman!

She had been orphaned at the age of nine after her parents were killed in a car accident.  Her father’s older sister had taken her in and raised her.  Her Aunt Lucinda had been the stereotypical buttoned up old maid.  She didn’t use makeup and she hadn’t cared about the latest hair and clothes fashions.  Caroline had been left to her own devices when it came to that kind of stuff.  A home perm gone awry during her early high school years had effectively put an end to her experiments.  She had walked around with her very kinky orange hair sticking out all over the place.  It looked like she’d had a run in with an electrical socket and the socket won. 

Caroline suppressed a laugh at the difference in her hair from then to now.  The color had darkened and mellowed over the years and that helped a lot.  Her roommates had straightened the shoulder length auburn hair until it was sleek and shiny.  The hairstyle made Caroline look so much more elegant and sophisticated than she really was.  She looked like a cool twenty-five year old instead of a shy and nervous twenty-two year old.  A blend of smoky blue and brown eye shadow enhanced her bright blue eyes making them seem impossibly large in her delicate oval shaped face.   She loved the look and planned to keep it for a while.  She’d never looked better and the many stares she was receiving from the male population of the bar seemed to prove that.  It was too bad self-confidence wasn’t as easily applied as a new hairstyle and makeup.

She nursed the one drink she’d ordered almost an hour ago.  Even if it was her birthday she was not going to go wild and beg for a hangover.  One maybe two drinks were enough for her.  She glanced back at the tall well-built man with short-cropped wavy black hair.  She’d noticed him almost as soon as she and her friends had walked into the bar.  He was the sexiest man she’d ever laid eyes on.  He looked her way and warm golden-brown eyes clashed with her more sedate blue eyes.  His tawny eyes held her blue ones captive for several seconds before he lifted an alcohol and ice filled glass to her in a mock toast.

Caroline blushed and hurriedly turned away.  She was mortified at being caught staring.  She looked around the dance floor for her friends.  She found all three of them happily dancing with their hunks of the moment.  At least it kept them preoccupied with something other than her.  Suddenly Caroline shuddered.  She felt rather than saw the overwhelming presence at her side right before he spoke.

“I’d offer to buy you another drink,” the whisky smooth voice offered, “but you’ve been holding onto that one ever since you got here.   I take it you’re not much of a drinker.”

Caroline felt herself become tongue-tied in the presence of such a sexy male.  Her senses were in overload and she found it hard to speak.  The boys at her university couldn’t even begin to compare with the man now standing just inches away from her.  She had enough brainpower left to flash him a seductive smile, at least what she hoped passed as a seductive smile.  She held up her still half-filled glass. “Umm, well…. You caught me there.  I’m definitely not much of a drinker,” she finally admitted.

“Well in that case, would you care to dance?  I saw you eyeing the dance floor earlier.”

As if on cue the music switched to a slow song.  Caroline only hesitated for a second.  She couldn’t wait to see what it felt like to be in this man’s arms, even if it was just one dance.  She held a hand toward him in acceptance of his invitation.  “I’d love to dance with you,” she managed to get out in a husky whisper.

Kyle Wakefield, CEO of Wakefield INC. based in Atlanta had decided to grab a drink after a fifteen-hour workday.  He was celebrating the successful completion of the company’s latest takeover and turn around.  He endured the long commute from a suburb northeast of Atlanta everyday because he didn’t want to raise his child in Atlanta.  After his divorce a fresh start had been needed for everyone involved, but especially his daughter.  He couldn’t just pick up a large corporation and move it so he’d moved his personal address instead and now he commuted the twenty plus miles to work five times a week.  The rest of the time he worked from home via his smartphone and laptop.    

The redhead had arrived not long after he had and he hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of her.  Now he led the enticing woman he’d been watching most of the night onto the dance floor with great anticipation.  He was a self-proclaimed workaholic who had suffered from a lackluster marriage and bitter divorce just two years before.  That didn’t stop him from admiring a beautiful woman when he saw one and the woman now in his arms was indeed beautiful.  Her apparent nervousness made her that much more endearing. 

The gorgeous self-made millionaire would be the first to admit he had little trouble finding a willing woman when he needed one, but it had been a long time since he’d held a woman on the dance floor.  He pulled her close and relished the feel of her soft feminine curves as they swayed together on the dance floor.  He felt her tense and try to put space between their tightly melded bodies.  He didn’t yield and she gave in and rested her head on his shoulder.  He felt his own body relax and his mind joined in as he let himself enjoy the feel of her in his arms. 

“My name is Kyle,” he whispered into her ear.   He hated to break the seductive silence that had weaved its way around them, but he didn’t want the dance to end without learning her name.  Introductions were a must.   

She lifted her head from his shoulder and looked into his eyes.  “Nice to meet you Kyle, I’m Caroline.”

“Caroline.  I like that.  It suits you somehow, sexy and feminine all in one breath.”  He brushed his stubble-covered jaw across her check and felt her tremble in his arms.  He didn’t know anything about this woman, but he found himself wanting to change that.  He had to know more. 

The music ended and Caroline finally found the strength to put much needed space between her and Kyle.  Being so close to him was enough to make her brain stop working. “Thanks for the dance, but I see my friends waving to me.  I think they might be ready to go.”  Caroline had no idea if that was true or not.  What she did know is that she needed to regain her equilibrium and the only way to do that was to put major space between her and the ultra-sexy Kyle. 

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