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“You don’t know what a sweet temptation you are, Maya.” He hooked his finger beneath the hem and tugged, exposing more of her abundant flesh and nipples to the cool air.

She whimpered, aching and needing more of his pleasurable touch. “Alex…”

Yes, she had a good chance of winning the “Slut of the Year” award this time around. No doubt. But as far as she knew, one-nighters were supposed to be all about the quick fuck. So yeah, she probably was doing something right.

Another pull and she thought she heard the tearing of cloth, but then he cupped one of her bare breasts, thumb tracing her hard nubbin’, and she couldn’t give a flying fuck if he’d ripped her dress. She’d steal a club t-shirt before she left if need be. Plus, there were other dresses in the world to be had, but there was only one Alex, and only this night to be with him. She was quite sure of that.

Here kitty, kitty…

Chapter Two

Alex knew he should let her go, shove her out the front door and maybe hunt her down later…when his beast wasn’t riding him so hard, demanding that he claim the female in his arms, and produce lots of little cubs for him to protect. But he simply couldn’t.

Just because her lush body and intoxicating scent called to his lion and him like no other had before, it didn’t mean he could do as he pleased and munch on an unsuspecting human. Yeah, shifters were known about, but the world didn’t know everything… Didn’t know about their mating, the moon, the turning of people…none of it.

But all his cat wanted to do was roll around in her scent, and make sure they stayed tangled until they smelled as one. Fuck, the idea made his cock throb in his jeans, and just as it did, her tiny hand squeezed between his legs again, immediately eliciting a moan from him.

“Maya…” He shifted his hold, pinched and rolled her nipple, absorbing every whimper from her lips and reveling in her satisfying response.

She arched into his touch, as if pressing her lush tit into his possession. “Please…”

Oh, fuck. He couldn’t resist a begging woman, especially not one his beast ached to claim as its own. At the thought of claiming, pain lanced through his gums, his canines extending within his mouth, while a deep, bestial growl formed in his chest. Shit, the beast within badly wanted her. Good thing the man did, too.

With a groan he dropped to his knees, his mouth at the perfect height to suckle her nipples. She was such a pretty thing, and all he wanted to do was wrap her in cotton and keep her safe for…ever. She would be his. She just didn’t know it yet. It was only now that he was beginning to see it for himself.

Alex wasted no time in capturing a nipple, sucking the nub into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. With his other hand he kneaded the other heavy mound, pinching gently on the firm nubbin’.

In moments the heady scent of her arousal surrounded him, wrapped around his cock like a living thing, jerking the hard shaft aching between his thighs. He kissed his way to her other nipple, treated it with the same attention as he did the first, scraping one of his canines over her sensitive skin, growling when she sifted her fingers through his hair. Lion wanted to sink its teeth into the softness of her skin, claiming Maya while passion rode them hard. It’d never heard of a mating mark being placed on a woman’s breast, but his lion didn’t seem to give a damn, either.

She pulled him against her chest, forced more of her flesh into his mouth, and in turn, he gave her what she seemed to be demanding. The beast wanted to please its mate, wanted to provide whatever she desired.

The man ignored the “mate” part of his lion’s thoughts. Alex wanted her just as much as his inner cat, but letting those thoughts linger would only snag his attention away from controlling the snarls roaring inside his head.

The impatient beast was not happy. It wanted her. And now.

Alex let her nipple drop from his mouth with a pop, and raised his gaze to meet hers. A satisfied smile split his lips when he saw her passion, her heavy-lidded eyes and blatant need dancing over her beautiful features. Arousal made her skin flushed, and those well-loved breasts had pinked from his heated attention. He wanted to bite every inch of her ivory skin, leave his mark to show the other males that this female belonged to him.

The musky scent of her cream taunted him, lured him closer and closer to the juncture of her thighs. While he’d toyed with her lush breasts she’d widened her stance, the bottom part of her dress stretched taut between her thick thighs.

Squatting down he leaned forward, bending his head, pressing his chin just above her mound, rubbing it back and forth. His gaze focused on her, Alex intently watched for her reaction. The fabric kept them separated, but he knew the pressure would still give her some pleasure.

Maya gasped and shuddered, rocked her hips against his touch. “Oh, Alex…”

Keeping his chin in place, he taunted, “What do you need, sweet? I’ll give you anything, just say the words.”

“Please…” She bit her lip, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, and she tensed against him once more. “Will you…lick me? There?”

Alex leaned back and brought his hands to her knees, slid his palms along the outside of her thick legs, bringing the silky, barely-there material with him. Within moments the tops of her thighs were revealed to him. So plump and curvy that he couldn’t wait to have them wrapped around his waist, holding him close while he buried his dick into her tight heat.

But first…

“Lick you where, Maya?” The cat knew. Lion wanted to lap at her cream, gather up every drop of her juices into its mouth. He could see her arousal creeping through her silken panties. Saw the damp spot grow larger before his eyes. “Do you want me to eat this pretty little pussy of yours? Hm?”

She whimpered and nodded, her lip tucked between her teeth.

“Say the words for me.” Alex leaned forward and tested his resolve. He licked at the wet bit of cloth and let his eyes drift closed while he savored her taste. Her essence held the flavors of vanilla, musk, and an aromatic sweetness his inner cat just wanted to drown in.

Alex agreed. He repeated the action, brushed the fabric just hard enough to yank a groan from her.

“Lick my…pussy. Pretty please, Alex?





Maya froze for a moment, surprised by her own audacious behavior. Those thoughts, those words, typically lived in her mind. Deep inside. Like a subterranean mole rooted in the back of her brain. She’d always fantasized about talking dirty, about directing her lover, but Henry had always preferred her to be quiet.

But with Alex on the other hand… Oh, god, it felt wonderful, talking and begging something awful to the man at her feet, watching his eyes darken with each syllable she spoke. His thumbs teased the outsides of her hips and inner thighs, dancing along the edge of her panties, so close to where she needed him, yet so far.

The delicate touch aroused her even further, her clit aching, hurting with the desire to be stroked and licked. Her pussy felt empty, desperate to be filled with his cock, over and over again.

This is what Gina had promised she would find here, and Maya was damned thankful that Genesis had delivered.

From the look on Alex’s face, Maya figured cats had a real thing for cream. No, she’d never dated or had sex with a shifter, but she had no doubt the man at her feet was all cat. His amber eyes had turned into a fiery gold, and she could’ve sworn his arms were sporting a bit more golden hair than before.

Good. From the gossip she’d heard, that meant this guy was really into her. But all she wanted was for him to be

Alex didn’t make her ask again, didn’t make her repeat the words. No, he slid his hands further up her thighs until he could grasp the waist of her panties again, and then tugged them down her legs, helped her kick them aside.

The cool air of the room wafted over her soaking pussy, causing goose bumps to rise on her legs. She turned her focus to him, watched while he stroked the juncture of her thighs with his thumbs.

Oh, she’d never seen a man look so hungry, so intent on her before. No…never like this. His eyes practically shone in the dim room, licking his lips as if he were being presented with a feast.

” Maya had never thought she’d beg a man for his touch, but she’d obviously been wrong.

He spared her a glance, gifted her with a smirk and a wink, just before he repositioned his hold, carefully spreading her lower lips. “Damn, sweet. You’re so fucking pink and hot for me, aren’t you? Fuck, I need to taste you. “

Alex leaned forward and she couldn’t have torn her attention away if she’d wanted to. His tongue snaked out and touched the very top of her slit, lapped and pet the sensitive bit of her mons, and she automatically whimpered in response, letting the sofa fully take her weight.

“Mm…you taste so good.” His voice was deep, a near growl, but she didn’t care. Not when he came back for more, not when the flat of his coarse tongue rubbed over her aching clit, sending another burst of pleasure through her body.

He took his time, licking, tasting, laving her pussy with expert strokes. When he wasn’t gathering her cream around her opening and swallowing it down, he was nibbling the aroused flesh, tiny bites of her labia, a scrape of a tooth against her clit. And yeah, it was a big fucking tooth.

Here kitty, kitty…

“Yes, Alex…just like that.” She curled her fingers into his hair, holding on while he gave her the most pleasure she’d ever experienced.

Henry had been…adequate. Alex was extraordinary.

He brought his tongue from the top of her slit and down to her heat before going back again, moaning and growling deep against her flesh. Each of his animalistic sounds sent vibrations through her pussy, and a shiver of ecstasy along her spine.

Maya brought her free hand to her breast, kneaded the plump flesh and tugged on her hardened nipple.

Alex turned his attention from her soaking cunt and focused on her, their gazes clashing, locking into one. “Want you to come on my face, sweet. Can you do that for me?”

Oh, god, she was a slut of epic proportions. At least, she knew his name and where he worked. That had to diminish her chances for receiving the “Slut of the Year” award, right? Maybe make her a runner-up?

She nodded, watched while he brushed her clit with his thumb, and she couldn’t hold back her responses to his delicate touch. Her whole body twitched and spasmed, back arching and trembling with the fierce shot of lightning-laced pleasure that stimulated her nerves.

“Oh, someone likes that, don’t they?” He chuckled, bringing his mouth back to her pussy, but leaving his thumb in place.

That wonderfully torturous digit of his…

He circled her clit, round and round and round again, teased her with his strokes while he lapped at her hole. With each pass of his tongue her pussy clenched and released more cream, bathing his face in her juices.

And Alex seemed to love it. He growled, pressed closer, tongue fucking her hole as if he were hell-bent on sending her over the edge. Wondrous sounds continued to travel from his mouth to her aroused heat, ratcheting her need higher and higher with each passing second.

He growled, she twitched. He moaned, she gasped.

The hottest man she knew in her life was between her thighs, eating her like she was a buffet, and she couldn’t get enough of him.

Alex quit his gentle teasing, the circling of her pussy with his tongue, and slipped a finger into her sopping cunt.

“Fuck!” Maya grasped the edge of the couch for support.

“Yeah, sweet. In due time. Just as soon as you come for me.”

She trembled, rocked her hips against his delightful invasion. Alex kept that talented thumb circling her clit, a nice and steady rhythm that promised to deliver on his demand. “T-Two.”

“Hm? Oh…got it.” He pulled the single finger free and replaced it with two, the thick invasion stretching her pussy the tiniest bit.

“Yes!” Her pussy clamped down, thankful to be filled with more of him, even if it wasn’t his cock.

Fuck, she wanted. Wanted him to slam those fingers in and out of her pussy, make her come and cream all over him, before he bent her over the couch and took her fast and hard.

As if he’d read her mind, he did exactly that.

Alex pumped in and out of her hole, nice and slow at first, and then his tempo changed, his fingers moved faster, pushed deeper, and his thumb mirrored the pace as it massaged her clit. God, the man knew how to get a woman to come. Ladies didn’t need fancy tricks. No, all they needed was a nice consistent fucking, with no random movements. Slow and steady won the race.

Maya shifted her hips, worked to meet each thrust, trying desperately to increase her pleasure. Her orgasm was rapidly approaching, dancing and running closer to the edge with each brush of his thumb, each press of his fingers into her wet heat.

And then…

And then he changed his penetration, did something with his fingers and touched a sweet spot inside her pussy that yanked a scream from her throat. “Alex!”

“Found it, didn’t I?” She felt his breath fan over her sopping pussy.

She pried her eyes open, watched him plunge his fingers in and out of her slick heat, a predatory smile on his face the entire time he finger fucked her.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck…” Maya pinched her nipples, tugged and gave herself a bit of pain to mingle with the pleasure coursing throughout her stimulated body.

Her orgasm gathered strength, twirling, twisting, turning inside her, breezing over her singing nerves and lighting them with her burning arousal. Mouth barely open she panted, turned-on by his fingers plundering her cunt, and the lewd display he presented for her to watch.

Alex’s lips and chin shone with her juices, while his eyes turned into the darkest color of gold. She thought she saw the hard line of his dick in his pants, like it was more than ready to delve deep inside her. The sprinkles of fur that she’d glimpsed before now coated his forearms, glowing and glittering in the low light.

God, she’d never experienced anything so decadent, so thrilling. A man, more beast than anything, desired her above the other gorgeous women in the club. He drooled over her curvy body. Again, did cats drool?

Apparently, they did.

“Give it to me, Maya.” His voice had dipped inexplicably deeper, almost an animalistic growl that echoed throughout the empty room.

Maya couldn’t deny him, couldn’t hold back her body’s response to his demand. She arched, dropped her head back and let her orgasm gather, the bubble of pleasure growing larger with every breath she took, each press of his fingers and rub of his thumb over her clit egging her climax along. It formed like a balloon within her body, increasing in size with each quick beat of her pounding heart. Her pussy clenched and milked his intrusion, body shuddering and twitching with each circle over her clit.

God, she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t think past the building pleasure that skipped and danced along her spine, then centering on her pussy, sending tendrils of bliss through her arms and legs. She was a giant ball of fire, blazing uncontrollably higher and bigger, reacting every bit to Alex’s touch.


The word left her lips a mere second before she felt like she’d shattered, splintered into a million pieces as she came around his fingers, milking him, pussy spasming, each twitch shooting yet another burst of pleasure through her tensing body. She thrashed and jerked while wave after wave of rapture ignited every one of her nerves.

The orgasm slipped and slithered through her, her muscles tensing while Alex gradually slowed his masterful movements. He brought her down in tiny increments, until her legs could barely hold her weight, her knees nearly jelly-like.

Through slitted eyes she watched her shifter lover pull his fingers free of her cunt, and then slip them into his mouth, moaning almost joyfully around his digits. With a pop he released them, and rolled to his feet.

“Damn, sweet. You’re delicious.”

Before she could respond he captured her lips and thrust his tongue into her mouth, tangling his with hers. She stiffened at his initial invasion, but then melted into him, savored the taste of her cream mixed with his masculine flavor, her musk mingling with the naturally occurring citrus and cinnamon that marked him.

He notched his dick against her still exposed pussy, rubbed the ridge of his cock along her sensitive slit as she clung to his shoulders, before wrapping her legs around his waist, pulling him flush against her needy cunt.

He growled and then moaned at the contact, ground his hips over her, yanking a whimper from deep within. Her channel clenched on air, practically begging to be filled with him, his fingers, his cock, anything that was an extension of him.

Large hands slid over her hips, then reached around to cup and knead her ass. God she needed this, needed the touch of a man who wanted her for who exactly who she was. Alex, this stranger of all people, seemed to be the one to do just that. Suddenly, Maya was lifted from the back of the couch, and in a split-second, her world began to spin.

“Alex!” She struggled against his hold. The man was strong, but she was…fluffy. “I’m too heavy. Put me down!”

He paused a moment to glare at her, and she could’ve sworn his eyes flashed bright, before returning to a fiery amber. Okay. She now knew that dark gold meant hotness, and bright amber meant anger. Well, if this was going to be more than a one-night fling, then at least, she’d always know where she stood with him. Not that she’d probably ever be around him again. And definitely not six months from now. Nope. Nu-uh.

“You’re the perfect size, Maya. You’ve got a body just made for loving, and if you say that again, I’m gonna spank this lush ass of yours until it’s shining red for me.”

That should’ve made her cautious, but it didn’t. Instead, her cunt tightened, silently screaming to be stuffed full of his cock, and spanked until she cried and begged for relief…in the form of an even harder fuck.

He tightened his hold on her rear, fingers digging into her ass cheeks. “Would you like to get spanked, Maya?”

She didn’t answer him, but god, would she ever.

The man had to be stronger than an ox. Then again, he was a lion, one of the fiercest beasts in the world. Grrr.

Maya knew she was heavy, yet there he stood, supporting all of her weight as if she were nothing but a feather in the palm of his hand.

Biting her lip she finally nodded her answer to his question.

“Maybe after I take the edge off.” Again, his eyes flashed a deep yellow. He was definitely turned-on.

Alex carried her a half-dozen steps through a door, and then dropped her in the middle of a bed. She didn’t want to know why he had a bed in his office. Really, she didn’t. And she definitely didn’t want to know how many other women he’d banged on the very same mattress.

Maya lay sprawled before him, legs spread wide, showing off her well-loved pussy soaked in her cream, her breasts still bared from his mistreatment of her dress.

She should just have the word “slut” tattooed across her forehead.

She’d come to the club looking for action, but now, she had a hard time imagining being with anyone but Alex at the present. Not when he looked at her like she was the second coming of Aphrodite.

Maya watched, gaze transfixed, as her one-night lover began to strip before her eyes.

Alex whipped his near skin-tight shirt over his head and tossed it aside, revealing all of those lovely muscles she’d imagined beneath his clothes. God help her. His biceps were thick and heavily muscled, pecs were rock-hard, and those abs of his… She nearly moaned in delight at the beautiful sight of his perfectly sculpted stomach.

One, two, three…she kept counting the ripples until she stopped at eight. Then, there were those lovely lines at his hips that appeared to point down to the promise land. She wanted to lick and trace them with her tongue, follow them down beneath the cloth of his jeans.

His hands went to the button on his pants, readily gaining her full attention. She didn’t spare a glance at his face. No, all she wanted right now was to see Mr. O’Connell’s package. In a blink the pants were unsnapped, the zipper lowered. Good lord, the man wasn’t wearing anything beneath the woven cotton.

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