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Authors: Arla Coopa

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Chair Game: Story 3 of The Wife Games

BOOK: Chair Game: Story 3 of The Wife Games
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Chair Game

Story 3 of The Wife Games

By Arla Coopa

Copyright 2012 Arla Coopa

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to
any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Chair Game


It was one of his favorite sounds in the
world. Caleb’s wife, Kendra, was short. She was petite on top, with
small breasts. But she widened at the hips and had a big round
butt. She had the kind of butt that, before the Centurions took
over the world and changed everything, rappers rapped about and
most men loved. And right now, Caleb enjoyed the sound of skin
smacking into skin as he banged his wife from behind. He especially
liked that they’d been at it so long that they were sweating and
the sweat altered the acoustics a bit. And the acoustics were
awesome anyway in this huge suite. Caleb knew that he and Kendra,
from the masses of people who the Centurions ruled, never would
have seen anything like this suite, much less stayed in one, had
Kendra not gone so far in the games. She’d beaten out nine other
wives in round one and then in round two to advance to the third
round. With each round she advanced they were allowed more
privileges. They no longer ate the powder rations the masses ate.
Their son was now in Centurion schools and even had a private
tutor. Their living station was much nicer than it used to be, but
not as nice as the suite they’d been brought to in preparation for
the next round of games.

“So have they told you what you’re going to
do?” he asked through his labored breath, not slowing his pumping a

“No.” She too spoke through her breath and
her voice was higher than normal. “You know they don’t tell us

He did know. But he liked sparking up the
conversation. They’d never discussed what they felt about her
participation in the games. But their sex life, which had already
been good, had gotten much better since she’d been in them. And
he’d noticed that her nipples had been hard during the last

“Hmm,” he said. “Do you think you’ll have to
get naked in front of one of the Centurion men again?”

She hesitated. He noticed she’d stop pressing
her butt backward as fast. “Well,” she said. “I would assume so. I
mean, they escaladed from round one to round two.” There was a
question in her voice. He kind of knew what the question was, but
he wasn’t about to answer it. It was more fun this way, as much as
that shamed him. “And I was naked then.” Her voice had changed. It
had gotten higher again. This was about the most they’d talked
about it, the very day before the games.

“Hmm,” he said, feeling a little awkward, but
also feeling his cock swell tighter. “I wonder if they’ll put more
in you this time. I mean, last time, you just got naked. The first
time you weren’t naked at all, but you sucked his cock.”

He heard her breath pick up more. “Yeah,” she
squeaked out.

“And you’ve done so well. I’m so proud of
you. Maybe you’ll get a chance to really use this bare ass this
time.” He smacked the aforementioned bare ass. “Then you’ll move on
further. You may even win.”

He felt the walls around his cock tighten.
She sometimes did that before a big one. And the orgasm that seemed
to rock her whole body was a big one. She squeaked as she breathed
hard and shook.

And then there was the thought. The thought
of all she’d done in the games had done that to her. It had at
least hastened it. And though he thought that should shame him, it
pretty much caused the same reaction his wife was having. He pulled
out his cock and shot his wad up and down the crack of her
incredible ass.

What would tomorrow bring?


Twelve husbands of twelve women who’d made it
to the third round sat in a balcony of plush seats before the
biggest screen yet. At the first two games, they’d been allowed
foods and drinks from their old world. At this round, they were
allowed Centurion food. And Caleb had to admit, it tasted better
than anything he’d ever tasted. He didn’t know how they did it. Of
course, who knew how the Centurions did anything. The small island
had managed to take over the world. He tasted meat that actually
fizzled and melted in his mouth. The vegetables were so tender and
the cheese so tangy that they had to have been altered in some lab
somewhere. The drinks were sweet and delicious, but were at the
same time somehow so light that the husbands could just keep on
drinking and drinking as they waited for the competition.

The screen finally came on to reveal twelve
women standing in front of the twelve doors of a building. These
women were all beautiful. None acted like the women from the first
round at all. No, these were all winners in these games. They
looked poised and ready to go. Each woman wore the colors of where
they came from. Kendra and a red head she’d competed against since
round one wore the blue of their region. None of the other girls
wore the exact same color. The clothes they wore now were like a
man’s long pajamas, not sexy at all. Caleb knew that would

A voice came from speakers in the balcony,
but from a source they couldn’t see where the women stood. “Welcome
once more to the Centurion Games. Today’s game will feature three
finalists from each state of a four state district.” The announcer
paused. Caleb supposed that somewhere else, Centurions watching
wherever Centurions watched from, cheered and clapped. “The top
three contestants will proceed to one of the three National
Regional Finals. Our judges would like to remind all contestants
that they and their families are in no danger unless they cannot
finish the competition or refuse to participate.”

That warning was given at every game. So far,
no one Caleb had seen had failed and had to die.

“Without further delay . . . Let the game

The doors sprung open. Not a one woman
hesitated to rush inside. The screen in front of the husbands
became twelve smaller screens, but still showed the details of the
women better than what could be seen in daylight from five feet
away. Music now played. It was Centurion music, very techno, but it
had another quality to it. It was like something you’d hear from a
very old time, at a burlesque show, but with techno mixed in.

Inside the rooms, assigned Centurion men—the
lucky bastards—sat in chairs with their hands tied behind their
backs. These chairs were different from the chairs they usually sat
the men in. These were not unlike the chairs the husbands sat in
now, except they looked as if they would recline further. Some of
the women went right to the handles on the sides and reclined their
respective men. Some sat down on the man’s lap, forward or
backward. A couple, Kendra included, stood in front of the men to
make their move. He’d seen Kendra use this basic strategy before.
She liked to take it slow, let things build up. She stood in front
of her assigned man and shook her body, especially her caboose when
she turned to him. Caleb thought the strategy looked good. At
least, her assigned man, a tall black haired fellow, responded. His
eyes grew big and so did his grin. Kendra’s big bubble butt was

Caleb found the redheaded girl from their
region. She was tall, but also had a nice round ass. Of course,
with the pajamas on, neither one could really show off. Red was
sitting on her assigned man’s lap, grinding her butt into his cock.
Caleb didn’t think her man was as into it as Kendra’s was. He noted
that none of the men’s mouths were moving. That had to be a rule.
None of them could say what they wanted the women to do, at least
not now. Otherwise, at least one of the twelve would be talking,
Caleb thought. He noted none of the other men who had women on top
of them looked super thrilled. He supposed they must know what was
to come, which would dwarf what was happening now. Kendra’s
strategy of just showing at this point was probably a good idea.
Let the man just sit back with his imagination for now.

The song ended and another came on. Last
round, the song had picked up the pace each time. This time, there
wasn’t a noticeable pace change. The song, of what sounded like the
same mixed genre, was just a different song.

The twelve wives, some having to get off
their assigned men to do it, all removed the top layer of

They were still all dressed similar. They all
wore short dresses, each with different color patterns but of
similar design. They made Caleb think of something from an earlier
era, something a housewife might wear in the 1950s, with sashes and
flared ends down to just above their knees. They were a bit more
costume-like, though, a bit more sexy.

Kendra went to the side of her chair and
reclined her assigned man. She then hopped up on him and turned
around like she was getting into reverse cowgirl position. She went
down and rubbed her face over the top of his pants, while giving
him an up-skirt view. The camera view shifted in the room to show
what the man was seeing. The skirt was naturally moving up her,
rubbing against his clothing. Her entire ass wasn’t showing, but
part of those lobes were, so he was able to see how big and sexy
they were on this small woman. It was hard to tell if she was
wearing a thong or nothing under the dress at this point. Still,
Caleb’s cock went from hard to harder seeing the man look at his
wife’s ass. Then, he felt like he’d have to hold back the cum, when
the camera showed his wife nestling her head up to the outline of a
hardened cock.

The rules were clear here. No more clothes
could be taken off, and the women couldn’t take off the clothes of
the Centurions. It also seemed like the women could not use their
mouths or hands to pleasure the men.

Red had a good strategy, Caleb thought. The
tall girl had her assigned man reclined and was dancing over the
top of him on his chair, so he could look up her skirt and watch
the goods shake. And Red had really nice goods.

In the last game, the men whacked themselves.
This time, their hands were tied, of course. The women would have
to work harder to get the men there. And the women were working
hard. One woman, a black woman who’d been the first place finisher
with Kendra and Red in the last round, was turned around and
bouncing on her man, her tits bouncing, her ample but flopping. She
was very rhythmic and very athletic, but her assigned man didn’t
look as pleased as Red’s or Kendra’s.

Other women used other strategies. A skinny
blonde had turned so her back was on her man’s front and her crotch
facing him as she slide her crotch toward his face. The camera
showed up under her skirt and Caleb saw this woman was wearing
underwear, which meant the others would be too. He couldn’t help
but stare at the outline of her little pussy for a minute, before
returning to something far sexier to him when he looked at Kendra’s
screen. Her skirt had crawled up a lot and now her butt was inches
from the man’s face. She bounced up and down to make it wiggle for
him. The man’s face was awestruck. He looked as if he could cum
already. Caleb found himself torn. The part of him that could think
into the future wanted the man to cum now. But his cock, the part
of him he was learning more and more about as of late, wanted his
wife to move onto the next songs and show the man more, do more for
the man.

Caleb glanced around the room he was in. He
thought he saw several more faces that must feel like he felt.
Maybe that had something to do with why this group of men were
where they were. They approved or maybe liked it a little, making
their wives try harder. Not all the faces were like that, but there
wasn’t one face in the room that looked devastated or humiliated.
One man had puked in the first round. At least one had cried.

The song ended and another started. All
twelve women removed their dresses. Some had on long stockings, but
they were sheer and ended before the goods started. Some didn’t
have the stockings. All wore a pair of thong panties and a bra. The
colors varied, but none of the bras displayed a nipple, other than
an outline of it.

BOOK: Chair Game: Story 3 of The Wife Games
2.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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